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Optime | Province House | Backdated: November 27th, morning (+880)

yNPCs: Asura, Saleos
NPCs: Malus, Vepar (with permission), Sully (with permission)

Tied to the pack’s disbandment plot. This will be my one and only post. All pNPCs not in the escort group are considered present.

Everyone else, feel free to reply and/or make search threads for the missing escort group! Remember though, your character will not find anything that will indicate where they have gone or what happened to them!

Skana had understood the reason for it, and had wholeheartedly encouraged the pack’s leaders to accompany the escort group. Jazper had been Skye’s mate and Esmeralda’s father, it would have been cruel and heartbreaking to see either one of them stay behind when their loved one had passed away. Arrangements had been made to take the ex-Cavalier’s body back to his home pack where he would be given a proper funeral for all that he’d done for everyone and his family. The mules had been hitched, and the escort group had left for the mainland.

The pack would survive without its mother-daughter leading pair for a few days.

But, those days had grown into a week. Skana had become worried.

She’d sent her owl, Thanos, to Casa di Cavalieri in hopes that, perhaps, Skye and Esmeralda had decided to stay a bit longer. Upon her feathered companion’s return though, she was faced with devastating news: the escort group had left days prior. Without Jazper’s remains to slow them down, the party should have, by all means, returned to the Shores by now. Skye and the others knew the territory between Casa di Cavalieri and the Shores well enough that there was no way they could have gotten lost. And, to make matters worse, winter was fast approaching…

The facts had eaten away at her all night. Once the sun had risen high enough into the sky that she knew everyone would be awake and able to hear her, Skana had made her way to the Province House. Her family had followed her there, but, they were just as in the dark as anyone else might have been. They had sensed her nervousness and anxiousness since Thanos’ return the previous night though, and, they knew, whatever Skana would say, it wouldn’t be good news.

Skana padded her way up the cold steps of the old legislature building. Snow fell softly in the morning air, and the Creo couldn’t think of a dimmer outlook on the situation at hand. She tossed her head up to the grey-lit sky. A loud, beckoning howl echoed out across the snow-covered, vacant streets of Charlottetown and into the territory beyond.

Bodies began to filter into the open street below her. The promoted Antares did her best to look neutral before them. She didn’t want to get everyone riled up, not when her worries could have been for nothing. With Skye and Esmeralda absent, she had to act as their foundation, and if she showed weakness or signs of crumbling, it would only spell disaster and chaos for the pack.

Still, that didn’t stop the curious, suspicious, and concerned glances she got as the pack gathered in the meeting area. They all knew—or at least should have known by now—that Skana had been placed in charge with Skye and Esmeralda absent. She was no leader though, and any that had their reservations about her would likely be hard-pressed to have faith in her with what she was about to reveal to them.

When everyone had gathered, Skana finally spoke up. “As you are all aware, Centauri Skye and Arcturus Esmeralda left with the group to escort Jazper’s body to Casa di Cavalieri,” she began, her voice loud and firm, “That was a week ago. Yesterday, I sent a message to the Cavaliers asking of their whereabouts. Their reply is the reason for why I have called you all here this morning.”

Her glacier gaze sweep over the Midnighters. “Skye, Esmeralda, and the escort group have gone missing.” She paused only long enough to let whatever reactions the members would have be expressed. “Somewhere between Casa di Cavalieri and here, something has happened that has prevented their return.” Skana put up a hand as someone loudly murmured about her being too hasty to jump to conclusions. “Now, you all know Skye, Emeralda, and Kenna know the lands between here and there far too well to get lost. And, as you can see—” She indicated to the snow around them. “—Winter is here. If they’re stuck somewhere and need our help, they will need it sooner rather than later, and before the snowdrifts become too deep for hasty passage. We need to act, and we need to do so now.”

Skana’s facial features turned stern, as if daring anyone to speak out against her now. “I need bodies for search parties.” It was not a request, it was an order, a demand. “We have a lot of ground to cover, and, the sooner we get out there, the better chance we have at finding them. Any that remain here will either be spread out to cover the workload of those gone, or will be resting before another search attempt.”

The Antares went on to discuss the technicalities and how the pack would go about searching for their missing members. Various members volunteered for certain duties, others were put into search rotations. They had a lot of work to do, and Mother Nature and Father Time were working against them.

Skana could only hope that they would find Skye, Emeralda, and the others before it was too late.

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Athena Graves
"Like a small boat on the ocean, sending big waves into motion"

The uneasiness was palpable in the air, that much was certain. With the leaders' absence recently, a wave of unrest had come over the pack, as brisk and cold as the winter's chill. The jackal could sense that something was wrong, even if she didn't know what it was, exactly.

Skana's call came over the island, and the hybrid pair rushed over as fast as they could to the Province House to see if there was any news that might quell their worries. Athena took a look at the grey wolf, pleading with blue and brown eyes that it was something comforting. The Creo female tried her best to remain neutral, but Athena's sharp eyes saw a faint glint of fear in the icy depths that made the golden jackal worry even more. Murmurs floated through the crowd of Midnighters who wondered what the subject of the meeting was. At last, Skana spoke.

She explained first the reason for the leaders' departure. Athena hadn't met Jazper directly, but he must've been once an important figure in both this pack and Casa di Cavalieri. Athena let out a small gasp and a glance down to Rocky when it was said that their beloved leaders had gone missing.

Skana went on to explain her proposition to search for the escort, and Athena nodded along, her expression also shifting to one of determination. When the command was called for search parties, the jackal-mix bravely came up before the rest, followed by an also-determined Rocky.

"We'll take a small team down by boat to search." She stated, looking up at the Antares with nothing but boldness and tenacity, the jackal-mix wanting nothing more than to find their leaders and have everything return to normal again.

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