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Portland Outpost Visit

POSTED: Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:47 pm

The woman had asked him to come with her to the Outpost, and while Till had been a bit more cautious about escorting another outside of SL (months back he had witnessed horrors that would have affected others differently than he, yet he still was nervous about this trip because of the betrayal of his best friend towards his family) he gratefully accepted that the woman wanted his help, and he wanted to help her in whatever way he could. With the rising of her child to the Family rank, she and her small family had headed out to the Outpost about a week prior, leaving Lillith and her belongings behind to come when she pleased. Lillith did not want to be away from her mate, and she didn't plan on staying as long as she did, but she had other things that she needed to take care of before she left, and part of this was what business that she had with the bastard, for the boy was as much as her family now as her own family was.

They spent much of the morning parking up Lillith's things into rolls and bags, delicate hands twisting and turning the objects to fit into their perfect space so that they did not harm them nor the horses in which the objects would be placed. They gathered only half of Lillith's plethora of fabrics and skins before they realized that they would need a cart to make everything go in one trip. Till did not mind doing this, and he was quick to get Korosk and Maschine readied for a cart. Nephele joined them around this time, having brought the cart to Lillith's home and helping Till hook the stallions up before helping load things onto the cart. Nephele would not accompany them on this trip, but Till knew that his son would be less likely to sit home while Till and Lillith went off on their adventure. Coax thought he was old enough to go out of Salsola now, and truth was that he was ready and able. Till just hadn't allowed the boy out of the pack because of what he thought others would think if they saw a kid without an arm traveling with the ghost-faced bastard. The weakness made the bastard a target and he was determined to make an illusion of strength come from their auras.

Their movements were unified as they prepared for departure, and once they were close enough Till had sent Nephele to get Coaxoch from his slumber and get him ready while they finished packing on the things that they needed. Nephele silently disappeared just as she had arrived, and only about an hour went by before she had come back with Coaxoch. In that short hour the two finished packing the cart and were waiting for the Tripod to arrive. They bid their farewells, and Till handed the silent woman a note to let Elody know where he and their son were for the extended time in which they would be gone. Till could have cared less than to leave the note, for Elody was insufferable lately, but he did out of courtesy, because his mother taught him this way of politeness. Maybe that was what attracted her to him in the first place.

"I've been wanting to speak to you about some things, Till." The witch whispered to the bastard, her tone calm and soothing, always keeping the Watcher on his toes. Till gave a polite smile, one that was wider than the resting curve of his pink lips that was typical in his expressions. He twitched his ears lightly and turned them towards her along with his pink nose, and bright cosmic eyes.
"We have a lot of time for that now. This trip will take a few days, so we have plenty of it." the man spoke, his smile holding true on his maw, all while Coaxoch sat in the back of the cart, guarding their back from sneak attacks. Coax tilted an ear towards them, curious to know what they were talking about, but also doing the job he was supposed to.
"But please, m'lady, speak what is on your mind." the Warden purred to her.
"I still have a lot to teach you, you know? This move was unexpected for me, but Isabella...needs a change of scenery. It was for the best of us." her voice was still low, almost gravely, like she had something she was hiding, something precious. She also had a tilt to tone, some indication that she had gotten pleasure from hiding truths from him. Truth was, she hid many things from him, just as he did from her and she knew.
"This one shall never cease to learn" he told her, smile persisting.
"You will come to me every few weeks, and stay with me for a few days. I need to teach you and Coax the things you must know about your spirit." she spoke to him, a hiss spilling from her maw at the end of her words. She still kept her tone low.
"I'd love nothing more." Till was quick to agree to this, but one could easily tell that he was not done speaking. He, too had things on his mind. He held his tongue, for the man believed that there was a time and a place. There had been things he needed to think over and he wanted to use all the time he had with her to negotiate and think about their future as trading partners and figure models.
"I look forward to it. We will still be able to trade, Warden, so do not be saddened by my departure from Salsola Main." she told him, promising him her wares that always had him best dressed and always smelling good.
"I cannot promise that I will not have sorrow, for I shall have no mother to care for me and my own. You are Family to me, Lillith." he spoke to her, his voice actually growing somber for a moment even though his resting curve was still on his lips.
"You will see me and mine often, boy. You will not rid of me that easily." she spoke, actually being sarcastic at him and egging the boy on. This was uncommon, but banter between good friends always was.
"Get rid of ya? I'd keep ya if I could convince you to stay!" he playfully retorted, chuckling after he finished talking and his wide smile staying for a good minute after. Lillith scoffed at his proclamation and gave a shake of her copper head.

They rode in silence for some time then, Till only making a sound if he grew bored, and this is when he would sing a little bit, though never too loudly, for he did not want to attract the creatures of the night. They rode through the night and rested on the morn after, again only packing up their camping gear to keep a move on their journey.


It was the end of the third night when Till spoke to her with a serious tone, "Lillith...I have a proposition for you. Almost a request if you will..."
Lillith never knew for Till to be serious, and this made her cock her ears towards him and let her hazel eyes rest on him with an intensity that only she had. "It must be serious if you are taking that tone with me." the witch easily spoke with such a smooth chuckle, not unlike if a snake were to laugh at him.
"It is serious, but it would be a gift to my mate. To replace something that I lost of hers." there was a ping of guilt in his voice, but this only sparked the interest of the woman more.
"Go on?" she replied, her curiosity mad, for the man was being purposely vague with her, and she had little patience for it.

(1342)OOC: This thread is backdated for when Lillith went to the Outpost, roughly two-three weeks ago..

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