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Set December 25 // WORDS // The Caves
They say shes a demon,

Winter was proving ever more taxing on the aging woman. She no longer had a desire to be out patrolling borders or training with members. She wanted to sit and watch her grand children and even great grand children grow. She wanted relaxation and time by a warm fire. This led the woman to where she stood now. the last several days had been spent talking to four members and sorting out what was going to happen to the mountain pack. She could physically no longer defend her home taking two body guards with her everywhere she went. It was laughable in honesty she even chuckled at herself.

The decision had been made and now Aeron had no choice but to call the dark clan together and make it known. She stood out side the caves bear fur hung over her for warmth as she called out. All must heed her call those who missed this meeting no longer fell under her gentle graces. Aeron made her way into the caves calling once again alerting the members who lived within to gather in the meeting area. The cool stone walls radiated with heat from fires stoked by members. The caves felt like home and it was odd since the woman had never enjoyed them before.

Slowly faces crept from the shadows, Aeron smiled as she looked about waiting for every face she knew to appear. As members settled in she glanced about to spot her four chosen. She took a breath as she felt a bit tense making this sort of announcement. Being over thrown was easy she need not say a thing just sit quietly. here though she was handing it over. Though these four they had smarts about them she knew they would do good.

"Good evening my children. I know winter is rather cold to be out this late but we have much to discuss and celebrate." She spoke her tone steady and guiding. "We have survived another year our pack grows ever older. But we have so many new faces and so many puppies we will continue to grow and age as a pack. I know the last few years have been tough but brighter days are to come." She glanced about the room as she saw Evangeline step towards her. "Tonight I stand before everyone for the last time as Angela of Anathema. Tonight also marks the first time in years we will have all our leadership ranks filled. " Aeron made a motion as Evangeline stood beside her. The small girl was dressed in reds and golds and stood out next to the aging woman. "My granddaughter Evangeline will be taking my place as Angela. She has proven her worth exploring the outer packs and trying to build friends and ties. She has a good head on her. Lelouch Amarok will be filling our rank of Rakeeb, a good man he is. Smart he'll help guide us. Nyx our tiny warrior will be taking the Malphas rank. Any warrior would be luck to train under her. Lastly Lukos has stood by Anathema for years he's smart and knows the land well. He will be taking the Atheed rank." Aeron stepped back a bit so the four could speak.

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A pair of shapes stepped out out from their home in Thackary Village. At the lead was a dark-hued female with lighter grey stockings and tipped tail. She stood in Optime form, dressed in an lilac hooded tunic and leggings. Her mismatched amethyst eyes shone from the dark background and on her arm was a beautiful black falcon. Behind her was an even shorter Luperci with bright silver fur and a darker saddle. She stood in a two-legged form, her ensemble consisting of a long-sleeved silver mini-dress with a hood and a pair of leggings. On her arm was a large corvid, complementing her raven hair. She was skinny and a pair of mismatched forest eyes stared brokenly from the pale background.

Adrian and Avinalora had heard a familiar call. It was the Angela, Aeron Ganesa calling them together. The pair were still new to Anathema, but were already settling into a home. The younger sister was the first one to begin towards the door, calling her sister to accompany her, which the tiny creature had no choice but to go. The dark vixen told Eclipse to watch the kits and the pair called the birds over. Branwen and Onyx complied, knowing that if needed, they would relay a message back to the other household members.

The jackal sisters walked towards the direction of the call, walking into the caves. The jackal medic took the lead, tracking the Angela's scent into a large room where many other Anatheman's gathered. The two sisters weaved their was up to the front and looked up at the woman.

They listened to the Ganesa woman's speech. The woman was stepping down from the rank of leader which wasn't surprising to the healer. The woman seemed old, and the Zepar knew that she wouldn't stay leader for long. She called up a woman named Evangeline, a small monochrome-hued woman who was dressed in reds and golds. This woman would be their new leader. And then called a man named Lelouch Amarok who would be their "Rakeeb". Since Aeron had said that they were having their leadership ranks filled, the jackal mutt guessed that a Rakeeb was a sort of leader, perhaps a sub-leader. Nyx also became a subleader, a Malphas. The green-eyed female was still numb, but tried to smile. And then another man named Lukos was named as Atheed.

The monochrome fox remembered the Arcurus, Esmeralda who had greeted them when Jarix and her came to Midnight Shores. Everything reminded her of the island pack, she couldn't stop the memories burning the wound in her heart like alcohol. There was no way she could forget her old pack. Therefore, she had became numb to everything but the pain in her heat, a cloak of grief suffocating her and a pit of despair she had been dragged into. Despite the pain, her eyes remained broken

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Lux was in his home resting, smiling idly as he thought of his house-mate and lover. He was laying back in the bed that he had crafted himself; it was very sturdy, and very large, built to hold the dark giants immense mass without buckling or breaking or having some part of him hanging off the edge like it would be in any normal sized bed that the charcoal furred Anatheman had slept in, the black furred male stretched and gave a silly grin, relaxing into bed before the dark giant heard the call of Aeron sounding out across the territory.

"Ugh, what's all this about, I was just falling asleep." The bear-like wolf-dog complained as he sat his heavy frame up with a groan and crawled his way out of bed, doing well to stretch before he stood up, seeing as the ceiling was too low for the male to even stand up straight beneath. Making his way out of his front door, passing the stone wall that he'd begun to build around the outskirts of his yard, the dark male glanced back and saw a cat sitting atop the stone, idly wondering if it was one of Athos' feline friends, seeing as he couldn't quite remember exactly what they'd looked like.

Taking up a jogging pace, the dark giant made his way over to the direction of the call as it sounded once more. It sounded as though this time the coyote's howl had come from within the caverns, so Lux ran to the entrance, slipping his way inside and seating himself atop one of the logs in the back, not wanting his broad form to block the view of anyone forced to sit behind him. Lux wondered what this night time meeting was all about. As people continued to trickle into the caverns, Aeron seemed to be waiting for everyone to show up before she commenced to announce whatever was so important it couldn't wait til the morning.

Perking his folded ears, Lux seemed a bit shocked as the Angela announced that she would be retiring, though he supposed she was old, so it shouldn't have come as a shock to the male. As the gold and silver coyote announced the four who would be taking up the positions of leadership, Lux smiled with pride as he saw the grey nutcase make his way up to the front, as well as the tiny white furred girl and two others that the Seere was as of yet unfamiliar with, waiting to see what each of them had to say about their generous promotions.

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Evangeline spared no time getting ready today. She had spent much of her day bouncing between fear and excitement. She had a hard time deciding which feeling was over taking her. Red cloth hung to her small frame in a toga like fashion gold jewelry clung to her chains jingled at her neck. She looked to Ash who smiled as he opened the door for her. The pair headed out into the night heading the call of the matriarch.

The room slowly filled as members came in from the cold. The few who knew this was coming seemed to all be a bit wary. She herself was torn between hiding in the back or standing closer to Aeron. Ash prodded her forward though and the dark girl heeded his judgment. Aeron began to speak and Eva watched her intensely she could feel her heart speeding up.

Aeron called her and the others and she stood amoung them and glanced at each. She took a deep breath before she spoke. "I'd like to welcome all our new members. I haven't had the chance to meet everyone yet but I will do my best in the coming weeks to get to know everyone." She spoke as she looked out to them all. "The coming months will bring great change for all. Our home unified as a family again." She finished
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Lelouch stared long and hard at the his father's robes. He had carefully laid the dark grey cloth on top of his bed so that the full length of the robes were clearly visible. It was a long sleeved garb that had fallen down to Kohaku's knees. A hood with a thick black strip that fell into a beak once obscured his father's face from his enemies. A black trip decorated the bottom edges of the cloak. Across the waist was a blood red sash where his sword belts used to hang. His father hand worn it for missions and during more formal events. The garb itself was modeled after an old training robe he had received from Aeron back when he was her pupil.

Lying next to his father's robe was a larger robe cut in an identical style. However, the colors were vastly different. Where there was grey on his father's robes, Lelouch's robes were white. The black and red sections to his father's robes were gold on Lelouch's. Most importantly, the Amaroks crescent moon and feather sigil had been embroidered on the left side of the chest. Lelouch had always seen his father's robes as a tool of war and had locked them away after his father had passed. In fact, Anathema had once been a lot like his father. A cruel place. It was why Lelouch had asked Amorette to model his own robes after his father's garb. Lelouch wanted to show Anathema and the rest of the packs that a symbol of war could become something else. Something softer.

Lelouch dawn the robes, leaving the hood down so that his face would not be obscured. He stepped out of his bedroom and found Bertolt waiting for him in the front. Bertolt was wearing pants and a collared shirt. While not the most formal thing, it was a far cry from Bertolt's normal naked attire. Bertolt's wasabi gaze caught his. For a moment they stood in silence. Lelouch broke first. He rushed forward and wrapped his arms around his mate, burying his head into Bertolt's nape. Bertolt's arms wrapped around him and help him close. Lelouch took a deep breath, trying to steady his trembling body. It was several minutes before he had calmed down. "Ready?" Bertolt asked without pulling away. Lelouch squeezed his mate and mumbled, "Never." With a deep breath, Lelouch forced himself to part from his mate and head out the door. Together they arrived at the pack meeting.

Lelouch made his way to the front when Aeron called for him. Aeron's speech only shot his nerves again and he reached into his pocket. His hand traced the edges of a piece of paper he had secreted away. It was his speech. One that he had been working on since Aeron told him about his promotion. At that moment, Lelouch had wanted more than anything to reject her request. He had never wanted to be promoted into the special forces. He wasn't ready. He didn't know what he was doing half the time. Yet, she wanted him to be Rakeeb. It was Izrian's question that stopped him from rejecting the offer. "Why do you remain?" At the time, he couldn't answer her very well. Now, he felt like he had a better idea.

When Evangeline finished her speech, it was his turn. Taking another deep breath, he addressed the crowd. "I've lived in Anathema since my father first brought me here as a young pup. I've stood besides its leaders in council meetings and I've lived among them, watching their triumphs and their failures. I hope... I hope that I have learned well enough to never repeat their mistakes and to emulate their best qualities. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly the most sociable wolf around but... This place is my home. I hope that I can do right by all of you."

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The small Anatheman stood there clutching her hands, trying to prevent them from shaking as she waited for the inevitable to come. Nyx knew that when the time came, she would meet her fate head on, but for now, the wait was like some sort of torture. The snow furred female had sent Lukos off to his house to prepare his own things, knowing that it was what had to be done at such an important time, even as she sat there alone in her den, ears pinned back against her skull as she pulled together whatever nice clothes she could find, brushing her hair with trembling hands, dressing slowly and shakily in a flowing grey tunic with golden thread trimming and black leggings, pulling her de-tangled white locks to one side and arranging them into a loose braid, a much tidier look than the girl had demonstrated in a long while.

Looking at her reflection in a shard of broken mirror that sat atop her table, the snow colored warrior took a deep breath and nodded. The young mother had told Nuri and her older two pups to take their younger siblings and go explore the caverns for the day while she prepared herself, having told the group to call her if they ran into any sort of trouble, but their call never came, instead, Nyx heard the call, signifying the start of a new chapter in Nyx's life and a few other of her fellow Anathemans. Closing her eyes momentarily and breathing deeply, the warrior moved to the point where her wing of the caverns converged with the meeting area and stood rigidly in place as Aeron began to speak.

It wasn't until the golden coyote woman called the names of the chosen few that the petite femme realized that she had been holding onto her breath, and she let it go shakily as she followed the first two up to the front, looking back to see Lukos behind her, the male who had been here to guide her from her first days in the pack over two years ago, and forwards to the black furred boy she had known as a pup and something of a brother, now standing tall before her, a completely different person than she'd known, and to Evangeline, who Nyx had seen grow and prosper since she was born into the pack that seemed to breed darkness and hate from the outside, but to Nyx, it was home.

Giving Aeron a small smile as she reached the front, Nyx listened intently to the first two speakers, the new Angela, and the Rakeeb after Mido's retirement. Once Lelouch finished his speech, it was suddenly time for Nyx to give hers and she nearly choked up as she looked out at the gathered crowd, but a glance to one of the tunnel entrances, seeing her pups sitting their with their usual smiling faces, Nyx knew that she could do this just as well as the others had managed. "H-hello everyone. I-I too came here at a v-very young age. I'd lost e-everything until A-Anathema took me in and I-I found a purpose, a-and a family... And so, I-I'll stand with all of you and aid h-however I can, t-to help Anathema become a home for all of you as it h-has been for me."

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Lukos ruffled through the hair on his head, with no particular style to it, unlike many others in Anathema. This was all starting to happen so fast, he wasn't sure on what he was doing to prepare. When Aeron first approached the grey wolf, he had automatically assumed that she mistook him for another packmate from a distance. Him, a leader? When just earlier in the year his, mental issues, had become public knowledge? But apparently the golden woman stood by her decision, and here he was. Standing hapless as he tried to decide on whether it was a good idea to bring a weapon or not.

One's weapon of choice can always signify a protective stance, or a symbol of authority. But I don't want people to see me as an authoritarian, the last time we had that it didn't work out so well.. Trust me, I doubt anyone else will even know what that means. Pita had come out of his sulking momentarily to take a jab at the original mind. You know, people say that insufferable sarcasm actually doesn't help in all situations. Going back to his original train of thought, Lukos glanced between his blade and the outfit he had scavenged from Halifax. A black twill trench coat was the outermost layer, in relatively good condition too, with exception to it's sleeves. From the forearm down they were rather moldy, so the wolf decided to cut the fabric off from the elbow, giving the shortened arms a frayed end. Next was a brown wool vest, which was missing the bottom button, but it looked alright enough. And finally, underneath it all was a dark red button up shirt, with the collar slightly awry. As far as pants, the wolf was still wearing his faithful old jeans, worn from use over the years, the cuffs around his ankles ripped and torn from snagging plants. A bit of old to go with the new, as he liked to think of it.

A moan from inside his head disrupted his thoughts, causing the male to put a hand on his hip in annoyance. What. She threw us ouuuut. pouted the other half, leaving Lukos rubbing his eyes in frustration. With how big of a deal a promotion like this was, the father -as he was still getting used to the title- completely understood the need to be alone for the moment. Pita, however, didn't seem to register that same idea. Don't you think, I don't know, that Nyx just wanted to prepare by herself? he tried to reason, growing tired of all the whining. No, you just said something to upset her. It has to be. He stopped messaging his eyes to suddenly fling out a clawed hand in front of him in protest. I said some- Before he could finish even the word, the wolf was interrupted by a call to summon the pack. Letting out a hiss of resignation, he knew that Pita would bring this back up later to finish. For now, the male threw on the clothes that were still on his bed, giving a longing glance at his sword before turning away.

The Anatheman looked down at his clothes one more time. I can't believe you picked this out from that store for us to wear. Really, a fantastic first impression. Whaaat, it looks nice. You better hope everyone else thinks so too. He thought with an uncertain grimace. Having wasted enough of his own time, Lukos popped the collar of his coat and walked out of the house, letting the door creak shut behind him. Thankfully, he was able to arrive on time, with the unfortunate realization that he would be standing in the exact opposite of his usual spot up against a wall. Still, he tried to make the most of it, seeking out Nyx among the crowd.

Spotting her wearing garb the wolf has never seen before, he began to make his way towards the woman, noticing how lovely she looked. Before he could reach her though, Aeron began to deliver her speech, causing him to lock up without reason. Why did you stop. I don't know help. the two quickly shot between themselves, somewhat listening to the former Angela's words. When the time came for the four to take their place by Aeron, Lukos silently watched as the huntress moved towards the others, automatically following behind her. Whatever your deal is, better fix it fast. No longer acknowledging the voice for the time being, the wolf tried to mask the mechanical behavior in his stride, relaxing his shoulders a bit.

Looking out from his new place, Lukos discovered that being in front of an entire pack was actually a lot more nerve-wracking than originally anticipated. Hearing Eva begin, he looked down his right at the others beside him. Standing at the end of the line that would be his peers, the male thought to himself on how he had watched each and every one of the other three grow from an early age. Lukos also noticed that he was probably the most informally dressed of the quartet. Suddenly he felt very old, out of place. He wasn't cut out for this, or so the thought went. The wolf had acted behind the scenes over the years, never out in the spotlight. Awkwardly shifting his stance as Lelouch began to speak, the Anatheman looked to the new Malpas next to him, wondering how she was managing. But Nyx was staring off to the side, and as he followed her gaze he saw the pups silently cheering the two on. Cracking a slight smile, he looked back at their mother, glancing at her fondly from the corner of his eye before returning his attention to the crowd at the start of her own speech. Whether he debated if he was ready or not didn't matter. He was called upon to help his family continue to move forward, and he wasn't about to refuse such an offer.

The gracious thing about being the last to speak was he had the most time to devise a speech, which was pretty much ad lib for the wolf. With Nyx coming to her conclusion, Lukos put a hand behind his head, wincing his left eye as he struggled to find the words. "Evening. If you don't know who I am by this point, you're either new to the family as Evangeline reminded me, or have been living under a rock bigger than this one." he said humorously with a general brush of the hand, indicating their mountain home. Words started to flow now, and the wolf took them. "Unlike the others, I had come to Anathema with prior knowledge to the world around me, not quite young, although not as old as I am now." he said with a half-hearted chuckle, before donning a more serious expression. "I had the good fortune to arrive in this family early enough to witness our first Angela, and have served it ever since. And while I wasn't as close to many as I would've hoped, as well as having gone through some, regrettable developments of late, it is my privilege to stand before you all now, and to stand alongside such fine individuals and help lead our family ever forward."

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Kassius Grim

Winter had a firm grasp on Anathema, but his cave den was warm, and cozy. He had acquired a small collection of borrowed furs to cuddle up in and most of his belongings had been retrieved in the days following his acceptance into the misfit pack. Despite having found a warm place to sleep, however, Kassius was not inclined to make himself known among his fellows. He isolated with his books and his bones.

The call rang out just as he, too, drifted off to sleep. His ears perked to Aeron's song, and for several moments he contemplated ignoring it. He was new blood, after all, not someone who would be dearly missed. But the boy eventually heeded his better judgement, grumbling as he got to his feet, shook himself awake, and made for the sound of soft conversation and the scent of gathered Anathemans.

Firelight flickered along the stone floor. The Grim boy slithered into the cavern where they were gathered and sat back on his narrow haunches in the very back of the chamber. In the front stood Aeron, and a woman who became known to him as her daughter and his new leader, Evangeline. He recognized Avinalora, Lux, and Nyx, finding himself glad to see three wolves he already knew. But his expression remained stoic and he said nothing, ears cupped forward to capture the words of the others, the promotions and pledges of loyalty. Still he could not find anything to say. Perhaps his presence would be enough.

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Despite not having seen much of the pack leader, Athos could recognize her call when it echoed throughout the territory. He instantly understood its meaning, come, and just like the good dog he was he came running. He abandoned his work, picking the muck from Blackie's hooves, and half jogged back toward the caves where the sound was coming from; ears perked forward betrayed his eagerness to find out whatever news the elderly female must have. Elderly. She was a bit old, he remembered, and wondered absently if perhaps she were giving control of the pack over to someone else so she might enjoy her twilight years. If it were him in the same position he knew that was what he would do, but the idea of the bi-colored wolfdog in charge of anybody was laughable.

He wasn't the first to arrive to the meeting place, and as he glanced around he saw several faces he did not recognize and only one that he did. Sidling up close to Lux, he didn't bother with formal greetings and instead kept his attention on their leader so as not to seem disrespectful. Fires flickered warmly around the gaping cavern, chasing the winter chill away, but it was a tad warm for Athos' liking anyway- he was always one to prefer the colder weather.

Soon after his arrival it seemed everyone was present, or at least everyone who didn't plan to be punished for not showing up, and Aeron began with her speech. It all meant little to Athos since he was still a newbie in the pack, but he listened and absorbed the information anyway. He always was one to brown nose the leadership just a little bit, and that trait shone through especially in situations such as this. It was just as he suspected anyway, the female was stepping down and giving control over to her grandchild, a female he hadn't met yet. She was dressed beautifully, perfectly decked out for the occasion. He gave a gentle wag of his tail without even thinking, a bit of a congratulations to the female even if she wouldn't notice it at all. The former leader then rattled off a few names of Luperci taking up new ranks, although he didn't recognize them yet either. Athos made a note to introduce himself someday.

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There were certain rituals that had to be followed, to ensure others that she was simple. It was beginning to feel like a dance really—the steps laid out before her in basic chronology. But Charlie Leishman could never fully and completely feign mental stability, fumbling through the prenuptial that oddly still seemed like second nature. She would never truly understand emotion, or social ethicality.

At first, she'd appeared uncomfortably happy to hear what Aeron had to say, smiling with an unmistakable overtness. Soon, Charlie abandoned this exterior altogether, and took to standing amongst the small group that had beat her to the call, rigid and unmoved in countenance.

Aeron talked about how it was cold, as if being cold was a horrible tragedy that should be avoided. Charlie liked the frigidness of winter, as it toyed with her nerves, and made her skin dance. It was an enjoyable pain, that proved that she was capable of feeling physically, even if not emotionally.

Things droned on, and Aeron explained she was stepping down. For a fleeting moment, Charlie thought that her brilliance had been recognized, and that she might be chosen to fill a higher rank within Anathema. But it wasn't the case. Disappointment waned through her mind, as dull as any emotion that confronted her. The thought was dismissed, as if brushing off a pestilent fly. She couldn't afford to be in the spotlight, no matter how much she longed for attention; everyone would see how crazy she was, and that was dangerous. Charlie watched as a group of four carried themselves to the front, and commanded everyone's attention. At this point, she'd completely lost interest as they all harped on about helping Anathema move forward in their own socially-beneficial ways. Charlie imagined her speech would be shorter, more precise, hold more truth, and of course—be better than everyone else's.

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