With winter beating at the door


POSTED: Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:52 pm

The snow wrapped around her feet and threatened to swallow her whole if she didn't mind where she stepped. But Ailie Morgan knew a thing or two about snow and though there appeared to be plenty, she had seen plenty more. Sparkling like sequins in sunlight filtered through a shade of clouds, the snow stretched out before her like a pockmarked canvas. The sounds of laughter and of industrious Luperci filled Fiskebyn and made her smile. But nothing filled her heart with more warmth or cheer than seeing a leggy puppy playing with what appeared to be a small herd of kittens.

She recognized the puppy as one of Liz and Milos' boys — Logan, she thought — and the kittens were surely the progeny of that tabby cat who always seemed capable of peering right into her very soul whenever she happened to make eye contact with her. The name of the kitten's mother escaped her but as she neared the playful youth, she caught sight of her sprawled on the stoop, her tail curling up and laying flat again in a lazy cadence. Though the queen appeared to have her eyes closed, Ailie was certain the cat was still watching her somehow and was on put on her best behavior.

"Ach, wha's this noo?" she asked the children, who stopped their play with such abruptness that one pudgy kitten smashed headlong into Logan and toppled over, surprised. Ailie laughed and Logan wagged his tail. "Playin' games aand not invitin' me?" She crossed her arms in mock disappointment but was grinning all the same. The puppy seemed to see through her facade and leaped into a play bow. "You can play wiv us, Ailie!" he yipped and the sound was chorused by mews and yowls of delight.

Meerclar, meanwhile, tucked her forepaws into her chest and watched the scene with half-closed eyes that hid her interest in the whole play of events.

OOC: Multiples welcome! Come play with Logan and the kittens and maybe take one home? But there's only one left! Act now! ;D

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