Got a Question? Check here first!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Got a Question? Check Here First!

Always check the FAQ before asking a question! Check the table of contents to the right to see categories of questions. Use the FIND command (CTRL + F) -- e.g., if you're looking for a question related to how old your character is, you can try to search for age or years. If you're looking for information about ranks, you can search for that word or "packs" since ranks are a part of being in a pack.

Something We Missed?

You can ask your questions in the Questions and Help forum. As this is an open, public forum, you will likely receive the fastest answer this way. You can receive great feedback from posting in this forum, so that's where we suggest you post!

If you're not comfortable asking in public, you can always private message a staff member. If you want to ask a question anonymously, the Tumblr is the place to go. We prefer for members to ask their questions in public or via PM, however, as this allows for further discussion if there is confusion or a lack of clarity!

Remember, pack leaders are the ones to best address questions related to their pack! The administration does not have a hand in pack policy and generally cannot answer relevant questions with the same certainty as that pack's leader.

Registering a Forum Account

  1. What should I make my username, and can I change it later?
  2. I registered, but I didn't get an email, and I can't post. How can I fix this?
  3. How old do I have to be to join 'Souls? Why?
  4. What are the rules on multiple accounts?
  5. Can I make an account for my auxiliary character before I pick it up to set up the profile?


  1. I'm confused about joining. What should I do?
  2. How long do the profile sections have to be?
  3. Where do I post my joining form?
  4. Can I start posting elsewhere right away?
  5. I'm new to roleplaying. How should I join?
  6. What is the recommended skill level for joining 'Souls?
  7. Why do you recommend joining as a pack character?
  8. Can I join as a lone wolf and then join a pack after?
  9. I want to join a pack. Which pack is right for me?
  10. How should my character act when I am joining a pack?
  11. Why are there multiple ways to join?
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'Souls Assemblage

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  1. Someone has a character with the name I want. What do I do?
  2. What are the naming conventions at 'Souls?

  3. How many characters can I have?

  4. How do character ages work? How young can my character be? How old can they be?
  5. Can my character be born in _____ country?

  6. How long will it take to get from ______ to 'Souls?

  7. How does my character talk? Can my character talk to non-canines?

  8. Can my character have a disability?

  9. Can my character have wings, a mutation, or abnormal or unusual features?

  10. What if I'm not sure my character idea is acceptable? What if I want someone to evaluate my character?


  1. What kind of creature can I roleplay?

  2. Can I roleplay a human?


  1. What species can my character be if I want to play a Luperci?

  2. ... so, are Maned Wolves okay?

  3. Will the 'SA ever allow other sorts of Luperci -- for example, non Canis canines within the Canidae family (e.g., foxes, maned wolves, dholes, etc.) or even felines, bears, or other large predators?

  4. Do all Luperci shift?

  5. How long does it take for a Luperci to shift?

  6. When would my Luperci puppy begin to shift?

  7. How do I turn my character into a Luperci?

  8. Can a canine of the Canis genus be immune to the Luperci virus?
  9. Are Luperci bodies more adaptable/hardier than non-Luperci? Do they heal faster?


NOTE: This is about NPC companions. For NPC types, see NPCs.

  1. What are companion NPCs?

  2. Do I have to do anything before giving my character a companion NPC?

  3. Are we allowed to play or control our NPC companions?

  4. How many NPCs can I have?


  1. Can I roleplay or interact with a ghost?

  2. Can my canine character be a vegetarian?

  3. Are albino characters okay?

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'Souls Assemblage

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  1. What is the game setting?
  2. How does time flow In Character?
  3. Is there a dominant religion in 'Souls?
  4. Is there some kind of trading economy in 'Souls, both within it and internationally?
  5. What kind of government systems exist for luperci?
  6. Do Luperci have currency?
  7. Are all characters at 'Souls Luperci?
  8. How long does it take my character to travel from one place to another?
  9. I know how the name 'Souls came about OOCly, but how do the characters explain the name? Do they just call the area Nova Scotia?


  1. How realistic is 'Souls?
  2. What if I feel someone's character is unrealistic, history-wise?
  3. If a member makes an unrealistic thread (for example, featuring their character trespassing deep into packlands and harming a member without being noticed), and many people reply before the person can be contacted or the thread locked, what happens?
  4. How would we handle canine illnesses in roleplay?
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'Souls Assemblage

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  1. How can I plot things out for my character?
  2. How many threads can I participate in at once?
  3. ... but doesn't that mean my character is in two places at once?
  4. Am I allowed to roleplay a thread with myself, if I have two characters?
  5. What's a read only thread?


  1. I made a thread, but my partner hasn't replied once! Can I use this thread for someone else?
  2. I’m in a thread with two or more people, how do I know whose turn it is?
  3. I am halfway through a thread, but my partner stopped replying. What can I do now?
  4. Someone's not replying to my threads as [fast/slow] as I'd like. What do I do?

Thread Tags

  1. What does 'aw', 'aw+' and 'p' mean?
  2. Someone joined my thread, but the thread was private for someone else. What should I do?
  3. I had an AW thread and only wanted one person, but two people joined. What should I do?
  4. Can I jump into any thread marked AW?
  5. How can I get more replies to my open thread?


  1. What's LASKY and what can I play there?
  2. Can a LASKY thread be considered canonical to a character's history? Can you play dream sequences in LASKY?
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  1. I am a member of a pack and someone has replied to a joining thread in my pack. Can I reply, too?
  2. Where is the best place to ask a pack-related question?
  3. What do pack ranks mean? How often do pack leaders update ranks? How do I get a better rank in a pack? I've been demoted in my rank! Why did that happen?
  4. I earned pack points in one pack, but I am moving to another. Can I transfer my points?
  5. My character is changing packs. Do I need to tell my old leader?
  6. Do the different packs get along?
  7. I earned enough points for a title from my pack game. Who do I contact to get the title on my account?
  8. I have a plot idea, but it might affect pack relations. Do I need permission?
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'Souls Assemblage

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  1. How do I get into the 'Souls community and make friends?
  2. What kind of off-board services do you use?
  3. What kinds of questions are inappropriate for the Tumblr?
  4. Someone I met through 'Souls is harassing me or being mean to me. What do I do?
  5. I don't get along with a particular player, but they haven't broken the rules. What do I do?
  6. Where do I get news from? Everyone else seems on top of things, and I feel out of the loop.
  7. I see a new account on the board -- can I send a PM, welcoming them to the game, and offering assistance?

'Souls Discord Chat

  1. What is the 'Soulschat?
  2. Can guests use the 'Soulschat?
  3. Are there rules to the chat?
  4. Can I roleplay in the chat?
  5. Why is the chat down?
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'Souls Assemblage

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  1. I want to have a puppy litter. When can I request? How do I request?
  2. I want to have a puppy litter. How active do I need to be?
  3. My puppy litter requested was denied. What do I do now?
  4. My puppy litter was approved. What do I do now? What if I can't find any roleplayers for my puppies?
  5. Do stillborns count toward puppy points?
  6. If Coyote mates with both Wolf and Dog, and all three players want to submit their three puppy points would that then raise the litter size allowable to nine?
  7. Can NPCs have puppies?
  8. If you're requesting puppies for an auxiliary character, does the character's non-primary status factor into the decision?
  9. Do puppies require the consent of both players?

Open Characters

  1. When can I post an ad for an open character?
  2. No one wants to adopt my character. Why is that?
  3. Someone adopted one of my characters, but now they are inactive. Can I take the character back?
  4. The previous roleplayer made x number of posts. Can you clear them for me?
  5. I am adopting a character currently NPC'ed in a pack. Do I have to post a joining post for them, too?
  6. Can I make an account for my open character before it has been adopted?
  7. What do I do if I disagree with how someone is playing my adopted open character?
  8. I adopted a character but left or quit as that character, why is that character not mine anymore?
  9. Why are only characters 7+ months of age allowed on the Open Characters list?
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  1. How can I get graphics for myself? How can I make stuff?
  2. What kind of filetypes should you use for graphics?
  3. What is a table? Do I have to use a table?
  4. Why did someone ask me to change my table?
  5. What are some things I should avoid when making tables? How can I make my table readable? How thin/wide should my tables be?
  6. What's a post log or graphics log?
  7. What's a signature? What can go in a signature? How big should my signature be?
  8. What is an avatar and how do I update mine?
  9. Can I use artwork for avatars, tables, or other graphics?


  1. How do you win Spotlight Soul or Community Soul?
  2. If you participate in a Catacombs-relevant thread but it dies before it is properly finished, can you still collect the Catacomb?
  3. What are the Catacombs?
  4. What is the the Word of the Day game? Where can I find the Word of the Day?
  5. If you buy a title using points collected by Wolf in his pack, can you buy the title for a different character's account?
  6. Why is there no "pack game" for loners or creatures?
  7. What's the 'Souls yearbook?
  8. I have an idea for a pack game. Who should I contact?
  9. How often are there boardwide contests and games?
  10. I have an idea for a boardwide game. Who should I contact?
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General Staff Questions

  1. Can someone be a leader and 'SA, or a leader and mod, at the same time?
  2. How do I get to be a leader/moderator/administrator/staff?
  3. Do staff accept their own requests and characters?


  1. If a leader is found unsuitable for leading, does the pack have to disband? Does a member of the SA take over the pack? What happens?
  2. How come leaders can be NPC'd? Don't they have more responsibilities?
  3. How big a deal is becoming a leader?
  4. Do leaders have to be active? Are leaders subject to the same activity standards as regular members?


  1. How does the SA decide to make someone a mod?
  2. If someone is instated a mod or even an SA person and they are deemed unsuitable for it what happens?

Maintenance Aides

  1. How does the SA decide to make someone a maintenance aide?

The 'Souls Assemblage

  1. I sent the 'SA a PM. Why haven't I received a response?
  2. Why aren't there any administrators visible on the forum?
  3. Do all administrators read the PMs sent to the 'SA account?
  4. What do I do if I feel the 'SA has been rude?
  5. How does the 'Souls Assemblage organization work?
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'Souls Assemblage

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  1. I did something I wasn't supposed to do (e.g., posted in the wrong character account, accidentally replied to a thread, etc.). What do I do?
  2. I've found a bug -- what do I do?
  3. I've found an error on a pack website -- what do I do?
  4. I got a MAX_USER_CONNECTIONS error -- what do I do?
  5. I got a MAIL_ERROR error -- what do I do?


  1. I have a question that was not covered. Where can I ask it?
  2. How do I help 'Souls?
  3. Can we implement [suggestion/board feature/other request]?
  4. Does 'Souls have different forum skins? How do I change my forum skin?
  5. What's a custom icon? What's a custom title? How do I get this stuff? Do they have certain specifications? If a title goes over the three word limit, but by using a small for like 'the','of' or 'a', does that matter?


  1. Is there a word count or post length for posts?
  2. I'm not writing enough for my posts. How can I make them longer?
  3. How can I get rid of my writer's block?
  4. I'm writing too much for my posts. How can I write less? What can I cut out?

'Souls Wiki

See the 'Souls Wiki FAQ.

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