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~~ That chill you felt I felt it too ~~

The world turned and turned and daylight woke him again, stabbing into his eyes until the giant awoke and ran a hand over his face. He groaned and waved halfheartedly at the window, as though he could shoo the sun back into sleep with a gesture. The behemoth rolled over instead and grabbed hold of the warm body next to him, pulling her close and tucking her into his chest.

His duties could not be delayed forever though and with a grudging effort he pulled himself from bed despite her grasping hands. He planted a wet kiss on her muzzle, causing her to squeal and slap him instead before rolling back over and dragging all of the covers around herself. Such warmth and tenderness welled up inside him, he was almost overcome to crawl back with her. But ahh, he resisted this time and left their rooms with a smile.

Outside the day was crisp and cold as winter often was, the Fort was frozen and covered in snow and yet still there was life. The Knights of Casa bustled and hustled, going about their morning tasks and duties. Occasionally someone would stop to favor him with a word, a greeting or a nod and he returned it in likewise fashion. Stopping briefly to chat with Issac, who was still plagued by his brothers death. There was an unspoken knowledge though, for each and every one of them knew that the Knight son was dying too. Could scent it in him as he drew near. Lorenzo chose to ignore the sadness he saw in their eyes and hold his princely head tall.

The man made it to the wall of the Fort and looked back, the great house rising above him. With a flick of his tail he was gone, shrinking down and down and yet still remaining of a monstrous size. Four paws carried his immense bulk better than two. And if any should come to their borders with ideas of evil and dreams of devastation and mischief they would see the Beast of Casa there to greet them with bared fang and claws. For who would want to fight a demon that stood almost as tall in his secui as many did in optime and outweighed all by a threefold easily.

To the borders his feet carried him, to patrol and seek out any misdeeds.

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Optime --> Lupus (+480)

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Teagan was, as per the norm since coming off of light-detail, busy that morning. She’d woken with the rise of the sun and had slipped out into the dimly lit world to begin her usual routine. Even after having been away from the pack for two months, the Stryder child had easily slipped back into her old habits as if she’d never left. There were a few changes though, such as occasionally scouring the Fort for one of her wayward younger siblings.

She had no idea how her parents did it. She and Indi had been pretty bad as kids—and still managed to get into trouble even after their First Blood Ceremony—but now the mated pair had three to deal with? Seeing their antics and knowing of the crazy stunts and “adventures” she and Indi had done as pups, there was no greater birth control for the Bracciante.

The younger siblings had yet to cause any damage thus far on that day though, so, Teagan had been free to go about her work; taking care of the horses, seeing to Apollo and Agrona’s training. With the morning chores finished, Teagan had made her way to the shops in hopes of finding a fresh handout from Issac. The butcher was good with a knife, and knew just the right seasonings to make any jerky delicious.

Upon arriving though, the wolfdog had appeared a little off. After a bit of prodding, Teagan came to find out that her Great Uncle Lorenzo had stopped by some time before. News and worry of the large Knight’s health had been nothing new to Teagan. Ever since she was little, she’d known her relative to have been not in the best of health. Like every Knight though, Lorenzo was strong, and the Corpo had shown little in ways of a growing state of decline…at least, not in the public eye.

Still, Issac had seemed worried enough about her Great Uncle that Teagan assured him that she’d make sure the large wolf didn’t find trouble before high noon. A quick detour back to her and Indi’s dorm room allowed the proud Stryder to shift down into her Lupus without having to worry about anyone seeing the prominent scars on her chest. Her thick, winter coat allowed the injury to be less obvious in the primitive state.

Shifted, Teagan went about searching for her sister’s old mentor. His scent hadn’t been too hard to follow. There was a distinctness about it that made it largely unique from any others within the pack. Her paws hastened as she spied his hulking figure up a head. “Uncle Lorenzo!” She beckoned as she trotted after him. Judging from his heading, the Stryder had an inkling of where the Knight might be going. “You going on a patrol?”

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~~ That chill you felt I felt it too ~~

He was almost always moving, he suspected it was what had kept him ging for so long, that he had never stopped. Well that and spending half his younger life chasing around after his brother's sons and his father's younger children. It had been an exhausting life but Lorenzo wouldn't have changed any of it for the world. He yawned widely, feeling tired today. Sleep had been hard to come to him the night before and it had been broken and filled with strange dreams that had him waking with a jerk. He was sleeping less these days and found he was getting more tire which made sense but he still didn't know why his brain would not turn off and let him sleep.

The voice made him turn and he smiled his jovial smile, wagging his tail. Teagan was a whole different ball game than her sister. Where Indi was wild and free and spirited, Teagan was more like her mother. Whom Lorenzo greatly respected. She was fierce and serious and dependable. As she drew up besides him Lorenzo would reach over and butt his head against hers gently in a simple display of affection. He knew she was not like Indi who loved to be touched and afforded her her own personal space. He nodded as she asked if he were going on patrol,

"Aye, never a rest fur tha wicked." He chuckled. His good green eye looked over her, she was resplendent in her winter pelt this year, "Wuld yah like tah come with?" He kind of guessed that it was why she was there, but he never liked to assume. He walked along for a few moments, hoping that she'd agree to come with him, sometimes patrolling was lonely business.

He knew from the feel of the air and the knowing inside of him from his years of life that winter would soon be giving way to spring. This made him glad, he loved to see the flowers as they pushed their heads up and bloomed. He looked to his niece, "Ave yah given any thoughts to tha Brotherhood rank yer were wanting?" He looked at her seriously now, he knew that Indi was kind of still finding her place but Teagan took after Lyris and he doubted she would be content to languish with the bracciante and provas. She would be keen to prove herself,

"Yer jest gotta make sure though, thatb yah find something else that yah like tah do, dun't let yah life be all work and no fun, aye? Yah gota spread yourself out and enjoy yer youth while yer still got it, make some good times tah remember when you're old, like me." He winked at her, aware he was sounding like an old fuddy duddy but caring not, he didn't want his niece to spend her life working herself to the bone and waking up one day to realise she was old and hadn't spent any time doing things that she wanted to do, learning new skills or making good memories.

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