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Mentorship Ceremony

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The sun was just beginning to sink below the horizon when Luca began to groom himself back into decent presentation for the Lune. In light of the emotional events as of late it was nice to have something in his control that was good. The future, it was a good thing. He had sent out word of the ceremony early in the morning to his brother and his mate, and broken the news to his own pups to a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Clara had been sent to spread word to the rest of the pack throughout the day and he had spotted her happy face chatting to more than a few of the members in passing. This, this was something he could do to make others happy. The promise of education, of a stronger future was always good enough to put a smile on the faces of hopeful adults and what more, there were six healthy and promising young minds ready to be molded.

With freshly washed fur, combed hair, and his cloak pulled over his shoulders the Lune started the march from his quaint yellow tinted home to the large walls of the Courthouse. As he stepped through the door he noticed a few members already waiting, eager for the announcements to begin. With little hesitation, he called through the hall, his voice echoing along the walls and up to the ceiling. Finding his place where all would be able to see him he waited for the others to arrive. Gold eyes waiting, ever watching, for his own sons and daughters to arrive with Lyris herding the small family. His heart pounded, remembering Teagan and Indi’s mentorship ceremony. It was an important milestone, the first step towards becoming an adult. Why did they always grow up so fast?

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Lyris + her flufflies in tow are hereee (+568)

Her hair was a little longer now.

In the shard of a mirror that remained in the old, useless bathroom of the Knight and Stryder house, she tipped her head at her reflection. The scars that unkindly worked their art on her face were still and dark and sharp as ever, but the severeness of her appearance was ever so vaguely softened with the new growth of her once jaggedly-short hair. It no longer stood spiked and striking but swept to one side, still chopped but with enough length to fall past her ear and threaten the seamlessness of her sight. The archer ran her slender fingers through the length of it to muss it, curious. She could not remember, those years ago, when she had worn it so long. It had been her useless shield- a veil for marks that defined her as much as the marred her. She would need to cut it, soon. Back to its boyish and unyielding sharpness, where it could not speak of her weakness. Lyris finished pulling her fingers through her hair and instead chose to strap on her armband, knife, and then cougar-lined cloak around her throat, effectively concealing the weapon. She would have no reason to use it, but it was a comforting weight against her muscle. With a billow of the blue garment that now trained her tall form, she returned to her puppies and their rambunctious talk of excitement and curiosity, ever so similar to the chatter of Indi and Teagan on their own day of mentorship. Luca spoke to her briefly before departing with an affectionate brush of her arm, off to prepare for what would be his monolog of appointment. Lyris returned to urging the children into a vague washing-up to remove the dirt that was caked occasionally among their small forms, ever-present due to their adventuring. When Myra, Arlen and Remus were all cleaned, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Lyris gave them the rundown. It was simple: they would walk to Luca once called, and remain there until a worthy Cavalier was named as their mentor for the next several months of their lives. Once she managed to get each puppy to acknowledge her explanation, the mother told them to pipe down and then follow her. With another sweep of her cloak she left the house, her children herded just behind her, babbling ceaselessly (though at least in hushed whispers) around her feet.

Luca's call was sounded as they were en route to the Courtroom, so they arrived promptly, though still found themselves not to be the first ones there. Lyris brought her charge to stand near the front lines of the quickly gathering Cavaliers, of which she scanned with her gaze. She would force a friendly nod when required, but really she was looking for a particular pair of faces. Indi and Teagan did arrive in due time, and Lyris met their eyes briefly, her expression somehow unreadable yet unmoving. She watched them for only a moment before her jade gaze was drawn to the arrival of Veyra and Callum's children, of which bounced just as eagerly to the front to stand amongst their cousins. The Courtroom filled in due time, and when it appeared all of the kingdom had arrived for the ceremony, Lyris flicked her eyes back up to the golden of the Lune's, watching her mate carefully as he began the formalities.

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Optime (+546)

Let me know if anything needs changing, Alex!

It was rare that Teagan put much work into her appearance other than a quick once-over. She had never been vain, nor one to particularly care for what others saw in her—unless, of course, that image portrayed weakness. Today, however, was a special occasion, though, not one that had any particular sway on her personally.

She smoothed out the last of whatever tangles had remained in her dual-colored hair. The process had been in vain, as it would ultimately end up in a ponytail, but, the intent behind the grooming had been there. She’d made sure to wash her coat, just as she and Indi had been forced to the year prior.

The tunic that had become something of a necessity had been washed as well, and had been lain out to dry so that it would not be wrinkled on that day. Her belt had been looped around her waist, and her sword had been attached to its rightful place at her side. The dark, olive green that was her cloak had been wrapped around her powerful shoulder, and the rabbit fur that marked her as a Bracciante had been cleaned and assured it was dust free.

All in all, she looked like a proper knight all shiny and groomed. She might have sneered at the waste of time and vanity of it all had there not been a good reason for it.

She’d known that the event was to be held that morning, and as much as she’d wanted to busy herself with work, Indi had insisted that she not come to the ceremony smelling like the birds and livestock. So, the Bracciante had been forced to wait rather impatiently for their father’s summoning call. And, when it had echoed throughout the Courtroom, Teagan had been off like a shot, confident that Indi would not be far behind her.

The sisters had been one of the first few to arrive, and with good reason. Their siblings—along with more of their cousins—were gaining mentors that day. Needless to say, it all felt a bit strange, to be watching the ceremony this time around instead of being part of it as they had the year before. To think, not too long ago, it had been she and Indi that had been given their mentors. In the year to come, she wondered what trials and adventures might await her younger siblings. If Teagan and Indi’s year had meant anything, it’d be full of them.

She spied her mother amongst the growing crowd of Cavaliers. The look she gave the sisters though was not one of comfort or nostalgia, and it made the younger Stryder wonder what might have been going on in Lyris’ mind at that moment. Their contact broke as the more individuals filed in, and Teagan distracted herself with wherever Indi had chosen to be their seat for the ceremony.

This day was to be about the next line of Cavaliers.

Her cold, canary eyes moved to the youths, curious as to see where each would go for their next journey in life. Once everyone had gathered and the important members of the ceremony had all taken their places, her father began the event.

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Remus Knight
[392] Eager pup xD

The boy hadn't known precisely what all the commotion had been about lately, but he knew that he was involved, and it was something important. They would have a meeting that would be an important part of Remus, Myra, and Arlen's transition into adulthood. Remus looked down at himself as he waited with his siblings in the living room of the house they shared. He wasn't the stubby little pup that he had been previously. He had long lanky legs and big paws and a short thin body. His awkward form was typical of the beginning stages of adolescence, and his fur had grown in a bit longer and thicker, seemingly not as coarse and straight as that of a wolf, but a bit softer and wavier.

The thing that Remus was most looking forward to about this was the renewed ability to be able to explore again. His mother had held to her word and before now he had not been allowed to wander the fort without a babysitter after he had broken his only rule and left the fort what seemed like forever ago. Now that this ceremony was happening, Remus was hopeful and confident that he would be free to go about the fort by himself, and maybe even be allowed to leave with permission from time to time. After so many days of being trapped with constant supervision, the thought of being able to wander alone was a hope that seemed to good to be true.

Remus obeyed his mother and endured the cleaning of his dirty pelt, giving a simple groan of protest as he was subjected to his bath. The adolescent boy guessed he had to look presentable if he was to be acknowledged in front of the entire pack, and he, along with his two siblings, followed their white furred parent out of the house and into the fort, following the path to the courthouse at the summoning call of their golden furred father. Remus followed his mother up to the front of the room and sat by her, turning to Myra and Arlen and asking under his breath. "How do you think this will go? Who do you think we'll get as mentors?" The question was hushed but the earthen colored pup knew that he would probably be scolded for talking by his mother.

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Royalty of the heart

Aldora was like a fire-fly, all full of energy and buzzing about. She was so excited for what today brought, finally, the ceremony in which she would receive her mentor! She had been looking so forward to it ever since it had been explained to her; who would she end up with? She could not wait to find out!

Her mother had calmed her and her brother and Sian enough to groom them, and when the family arrived in the hall, the three of them were shined and fluffed up like gifts. She did not linger with her parents long, making her way up to the front of the gathered group to sit alongside her cousins. Once Rohan and Sian joined her, she sat between them, tail going a mile a minute, her chest fluffed out. The three of them were the largest among the youth here, all long, gangly limbs and paws still needing to be grown into. She had not yet even begun to fathom that soon she would shifting, and have thumbs! Childhood was fading fast, and she was swept up in the current.

She looked up at Luca with shining eyes; her uncle was such a formidable figure, but she felt only a loyal love for him, not fear. His mate, Lyris, was like a beautiful angel beside him. They seemed so stoic at times, especially since the passing of her great-grandfather. Everyone in Casa had been so down since that day, it made engaging in play more difficult than usual. But today, Aldora sensed a renewal of joy among those gathered, and it felt as she was basking in the warm sunlight of their positive affirmation.

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dream beneath the golden sun

Myra had been told what was going on today, which made her excited. Someone to teach her the ways of the adults! It was the best thing she could think of. If she were that much closer to being an adult, then she wouldn’t be treated so much like a little baby anymore. Everyone treated her like she couldn’t do much. Since she was so small, but with this, well hopefully the mentor she got wouldn’t treat her like this either. Or her life wouldn’t be too great. She still looked like she was only 3 months old, She was growing, but not like her brothers who were shooting up like stalks. She wondered if she was always going to look like a puppy for her whole life. Ugh it disgusted her thinking about that.

She was readied by her mother and she watched as her mother took care of herself, she saw the look in her face, though she couldn’t tell what it meant or what it was she was only slightly concerned. Her excitement was too much to think about why her mother would look so concerned, but she was too happy and once they were shown to their spot she was supposed to sit in and sat right in between her two brothers. Rem questioned about what was going on and she shrugged; “I dunno, but I hope mine is awesome.” She whispered back to her much taller brother. She didn’t let her eyes leave her father though. He seemed so powerful right at that moment, about to tell

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It was almost time to begin. As the crowd grew he had to remind himself not to fidget with his cloak. The once overconfident man had now grown into a nervous sole ruler of the Knights. Mentor ceremonies had always been one of his favorite times though, and he leaded on that when his mind began to wander. What if the children were not pleased with his choices for them? What is the mentors refused the children? Surely bad matches had been made before but Luca had never been the one calling the shots. He felt like he was wearing a mask of a proper King the entire time he had served under Alistair, happy to take his position of equality and play second in command instead. Without the snarky man there to tell him what was what he felt alone and frightened to be the Commander that failed.

Noticing that the group in front of him was growing antsy in anticipation he put aside his own emotions for the time being and cleared his throat. Putting his hands up he called attention to the front in a silent motion. Once the Cavaliers had settled he began to speak. “Welcome one and all to this celebration of life. In Casa we celebrate the lives of our members in many ways, from mateship, achievements, and even death.” He paused a moment, allowing the words to rattle recent emotions. “On this day we celebrate life beginning by welcoming our pups into the first stage of joining the Cavalier family. Today we grant each of our youths a mentor to guide them in choosing a path of their own, learning how to protect and serve for the betterment of the pack.”

Looking to the group he smiled. The youths had conveniently made their ways to the front of the group, tails and bums wagging as the stared up at him with large puppy eyes eager to find out which adult would be in charge of their education. “I am sure that you are all excited to hear your match so I won’t drag it out too much. Let us begin with Veyra and Callum’s brood. Aldora, Rohan, and Sian.” With a wave of his hand he motioned for his nephew, niece, and great niece to join him. Once three small bodies were near by he spoke again. “Sian, you are the oldest and full of curiosity for the world around you. For you I have chosen a mentor who has experienced the good and bad in this world. This is someone who will be able to teach you both the gentler arts as well as how to strike down any enemy you face through knowledge, not just strength. The member who will guide you into adulthood is Morty.” The healer beamed a toothy grin, dancing forward to join her new charge.

Once the pair was united and settled he moved on to the next. “Aldora, you are a strong young woman with a healthy appetite to learn, and I doubt anyone could stop you from becoming one of our most knowledgeable members. I have chosen for you a mentor that I believe will challenge you as much as you challenge them. This wolfess is dear to my heart and I know she will teach you all she knows. For you I have chosen our Labor Head, Lyris.” Not even his mate had been privy to the selections he had made so his golden eyes could not help but to look to her with a toothy grin. Since motherhood she had softened slightly, and he doubted she would refuse Aldora. The girl was as much her niece as she was his, he just hoped that she would not be hard on the poor girl.

Watching Lyris move from their children to Aldora he waited for her to greet the pup before moving on to the last apprentice of the group. “Rohan.” He said with a soft smile. “You are my brother’s youngest son and I see that you want to conquer the world. I see much of the same confidence in you that I had as a pup. As such I am honored to personally be taking responsibility for your education.” Confidence, he had learned, could be a blessing or a curse and Luca had learned the hard way. He hoped with his guidance Rohan would gain some humility.

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Rohan was practically buzzing with excitement that day long before Veyra had come to rouse her pups up to get them ready for the ceremony. He’d known this day was coming as soon as Clara had gone around, and the entire rest of the day was focused on one thing and one thing only – who would be his mentor. The Damaichu pup was excited to learn, and he hoped his mentor would teach him to be the glorious fighter and knight he knew he’d be one day. It was almost too much excitement – he hadn’t wanted lunch, hadn’t wanted anything except to pace about the home he shared with his family and try to imagine who it might be. This was the most exciting thing to have happened to him in his young life, and even though he knew better things awaited – shifting, training, etc. – there was nothing that captured his attention more.

The pup’s energy was matched by his sisters, Aldora and Sian, and the trio had probably driven Veyra and Callum crazy by now. When Veyra had come to groom them Rohan wasn’t at all interested and squirmed about as his mother cleaned and groomed and adjusted the growing mane of fur along his neck and shoulders. Then the race to the site of the ceremony was on and he ran with his sisters, paws pounding the earth until he settled in on one side of Aldora, his tail matching the pace of hers. When his uncle Luca stood up to speak, those bright blue Damaichu eyes were trained on him, his mouth hanging agape a bit as the man said he was going to start with Rohan and his siblings. A nervous, excited glance was thrown at Aldora and Sian, before he turned back to Luca.

His uncle called them forward and Rohan stood, moving on nervous paws which were doing their best to look confident to settle in right up in from of the Lune. He started with Sian and Aldora and Rohan’s tail swished from side to side as his sisters’ mentors were named, happy with the choices that had been made for them. He leaned in, giving Aldora a playful nudge when Luca spoke of her and named Lyris as her mentor. It made him swell with pride that his sister was going to have the Lune’s mate guiding her education as a Cavalier. Next, it was on to his turn, and dark ears pressed fully forward as Luca spoke about him – the youngest of a whole brood of brothers, definitely DEFINITELY wanting to conquer the world…- Rohan couldn’t help but grin sheepishly at that last bit.

Then Luca told him who his mentor would be, and his mouth hung open for a split second – he couldn’t believe it.

“YES!” he cried out happily, then ears flicked back as he realized he’d proclaimed in front of probably the entire pack, feeling his skin flush beneath his fur. “I…uhm…I mean thank you, Uncle,” he said, trying to recover and giving another grin up to the Lune, then over to his sisters.

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His niece and nephew both seemed pleased with their mentors, and why shouldn’t they be? Lune and mate to the Lune was not too shabby after all! Luca shook his head and chuckled at Rohan’s outburst, motioning for him to join his sister. “Okay, okay. Back in line, it’s the next litter's turn.” Once the pair was settled and happy he turned his gaze onto his own children. It seemed only a short time ago that they three pups could be carried in a single sling against his chest, and now they were wiggling away waiting to take their first steps out of puppyhood. It was a bittersweet day for the Knights. “Remus, Arlen, Myra.” He called. “Step forward.” The three pups bounded forward in a huddled group, eager to get the show on the road and learn who their mentors would be.

“Ladies first, Myra.” The fathered spoke with a smile, watching his little girl move slightly ahead of her brothers. “Your energy is boundless my little girl. You force us to not judge you by your size, but by your deeds. The mentor I have picked for you has performed many deeds for us, having been with us for quite some time now. For you, Myra, I have chosen Veri.” The healer was talented in many areas and he was certain that she would teach the pup. Myra’s size had always concerned the mated pair, who had watched her every movement for the first moon with baited breath. They now knew she was healthy and would be able to run and play with her siblings, but the concern was still there for how she would translate into adulthood in the pack. Veri had patience and wisdom beyond Luca and Lyris, surely she could guide the girl when they parents could not.

“Remus.” He spoke, allowing time for Myra to shuffle and meet with Veri while her brother moved forward. “You are a kind and gentle soul my son. You represent the sweeter side of a Cavalier by possessing a heart that some of us forget should come first. You need a mentor who will continue to remind you to be true to who you are, even when you are surrounded by the bold and brash. For you I have chosen Kira.” Luca has seen gentle souls come and go from Casa, some feeling lost among the bold knights and recruits. Kira had stayed, and so he hoped the man would help his son stay as well.

His gaze turned to land on his final child, whose red hues called back to Luca’s Aunt Sophia and Esme. “Arlen.” He began. “You are strong in body and heart, but sometimes you struggle to balance the two.” He had seen Arlen was slow to anger but he had snapped at his siblings on a few occasions, a habit Luca hoped he would lose as he moved into adulthood. “You follow your siblings with a loyal heart, but you must also learn to lead. For you I have chosen my own brother, Callum.” His brother had always been a steady presence in his life and someone he could trust, and now he trusted him with the education of his son. The Lune waited for the mentors and apprentices to gather together before finalizing the ceremony. “Congratulations to all of our new apprentices and mentors!” With the ceremony done he stepped away from the front to join his own apprentice and family.

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No doubt if there was no reason for me to put up a reply, but all things considering i just went with assuming it were better if i had.

Though there had only been a small handful of these such ceremonies over the recent years due to the influx of pup's naturally being born and coming of age seemingly just as fast, regardless of whether he'd had any form of interaction with any of the young adults or not there was just something about watching them be attached to an older and long standing member in order to learn more or something from a different perspective that would help them during their life either within Casa or where ever they chose to go. So if Kira were one of those who felt happy for both the youngsters and their parents for what were happening today he were - if nothing else - more than happy to simply stand back and watch all that were to take place.

Which after the call had gone out to bring everyone to gather was just what he had done, having found a quiet corner and subsequently tucked himself in it before turning green eyes towards the front as the Lune began to speak and began to direct both apprentices and mentors to each other. For the most part allowing a smile to form and remain upon his maw as the first trio of youngsters were called forward and directed to their corresponding adult, that was until a soft chuckle escaped him at hearign the outburst from Rohan ring out just that little too loudily. poor kid, that certainly had to be embarressing.

It were when Luca moved on to his own children that he had been to become rather - how should he say - distracted, to the point where it took both several moments and the od couple of strange yet urgent looks thrown his way for Kira to take note of the fact that he had been called forward. So with a flash of guilt and apology passing across his features did Kira finally and gradually move forward to join Remus at the front.
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