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Optime | Backdated: Jan 12th; Night (+660)

Boreas Conflict II.

    Jarah*, Boreas NPC – on foot & fighting feral
    Brita, Boreas NPC – riding bay gelding, using bow and arrow
    Costa, Boreas NPC – on foot & fighting feral

Threw an M tag just in case we go crazy xD

Trouble, trouble, trouble with a capital “T.”

If he’d been less of a caring man, had been like he once was in his younger days when he despised his owners, he might have left the Young Master gallivant off into the night. He could have pretended to be asleep, to not have been working late on preparing furs, and happened to notice the dark figure of Bane and Basilaris’ sooty-furred son sneaking off into the wilderness beyond.

He’d grown attached to the boy though, particularly, after having helped him through his first shift. It was an attachment any family slave might have after seeing their master’s children grown from being a helpless pup and into the individual they were. He felt a need to ensure that they didn’t hurt themselves, which meant keeping an eye out for suspicious, child-like ventures such as the one Scourge had set upon. No good could have come from sneaking off into the night. Even on a full moon, dangers still lurked, and Winter was unkind to those that did not respect her.

Heine grabbed his bow and quiver and set out, following the obvious footprints in the snow left by the young Salsolan. If worse came to worse, Heine could protect the D’Angelo better with his marksmanship than he could in a close-range fight. If the sneaking out turned out to be nothing more than a foolish teenage jaunt, the least he could do was cover for the Young Master and make it seem like they were doing something purposeful like hunting or scouting.

Being a hunter that had provided many of the family’s meals, it didn’t take much work to track down the dark child. “Master Scourge!” He barked as he spotted the familiar, dark back of the young Salsolan. The beckon was done more so to get his attention than it was to get onto the Bambino. Even if Scourge shouldn’t have been out on his own, Heine knew better than to reprimand the ranking member.

He opened his mouth to question the younger male when an arrow suddenly whizzed between them. There was an audible thunk as it embedded into a nearby tree, sending pieces of dried, brittle bark flying at its impact.

A sudden surge of energy jolted Heine’s system. His slate eyes snapped to the direction the projectile had flown from, and found three figures weaving their way through the wood towards them. One was on horseback, and two lumbered towards them at an alarming speed. Außenseiter!

Heine readied his bow, ducking as another arrow was lobbed towards them. He reached out to smack Scourge with the flat edge of his weapon. Lauf! Hilfe bekommen! Ich halte sie ab! The Trell snarled, not caring for rank now that the Young Master’s life was in danger. Three adult intruders, and they were but a slave with a bow and a Bambino with likely very little notable fighting ability. Heine didn’t need to be a privileged individual to know how their odds stood.

He turned his attention back to the steadily approaching Luperci. It was obvious that, whatever their intent was, they meant to kill.

Another arrow flew towards the pair, landing in the snow at their feet. With a fluid motion, Heine recycled it, and sent it back. He struck right where one of the Lupus Outsiders—wolves he realized as they drew ever closer—had been about to plant their forepaws, causing the individual to have to rapidly change course in order to avoid being hit. Another volley of arrows were exchanged, this time, Heine managed to spook the horse into rearing. The trio continued to advance though, and the distance between them and the Salsolans decreased by the second.

If he could only buy them time…

A thought struck him, and he turned to follow Scourge. Die Fallen! Lead them through the traps!

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(1002) oh god. I’m sorry about the book guys. Tl;dr, he is being a dweeb, and then runs towards the traps, getting hit twice by arrows once as a skim on his left shoulder, and then he got hit in his right calf- more than likely it is still stuck in there. He doesn’t know it yet though aha. Oh, and he gets tackled by someone, we can assume it’s Jarah? And he is trying to currently gain his breath xD

No way in hell was the D’Angelo boy going to stay inside.

Afterall, why should he have to? It wasn’t fair to him to have to stay inside just because it was dangerous at night without an escort, not like the D’Angelo boy hadn’t heard that before. Of course his mother was going to worry about him and say it was dangerous, that’s what mother’s did. Everything was dangerous if you gave it a chance to be dangerous, he thought to himself as he snuck out of his parents’ house, careful not to wake his siblings or his mother or father. Especially not his father.

While the black D’Angelo blended in with the night, one thing did stick out. His hair. White as snow, it was shining brighter than anything in the moonlight. The rather large and lanky boy made his way towards the borders, as he often did on many wintery nights- like tonight. Scourge enjoyed the feel of the crisp air that burned his lungs as he ran along the borders, making sure there weren’t any trespassers, and scaring any unsuspecting birds, elk, and small critters. He hadn’t given a thought to the slave that their family owned as someone who might have followed, but maybe he should have.

As he slunk closer towards the outer borders, he heard a voice that touched the back of his mind, and he spun on his heel at the reveal of Heine. Fuck. The young boy thought to himself, feeling a prickle in his spine at the finding of his sneaking out. While the D’Angelo wasn’t too sure on if the male was going to tell his parents or not about his finding, he figured he would distract him. Flickering his dark ears; Scourge raised a black hand to tussle with the unruly mess of white, which was atop his head. Heine… he started, as he approached the brown male. However, before he could lie to the brown male or give some sort of excuse about what was going on, two things happened, the male felt a sharp stink in his left arm of which out-stretched towards the family slave- and two, he saw out of the corner of his eyes the whizzing of an arrow. The loud thunk surprised him, and left him completely speechless.

Mouth hanging open, the D’Angelo turned to give the Slave a rather cruel look, only to discover that his bow was still sheathed. Then, as if he had asked what was going on, he received his answer- and Heine was hurrying to the boys side, his words loud in the boys ears in German. He was so thankful he paid attention when his mother and father spoke in German. Outsiders? He wondered in his mind, eyes trailing over the Brown Slave, as if in disbelief, before more arrows came inches from his face. Refocusing his gaze to the outsiders who were approaching, something deep in his gut told him he should run. Perhaps this was just a dream. Or maybe, it was the words that the Slave was screaming at him as he thumped him on his head with the hilt of his weapon. Scourge- having snapped out of his daze- looked up at the Slave rather annoyed, his brows furrowing, instead of screaming at the Slave, Scourge realized what was going on and that indeed it was not a dream.

Well, shit. He thought to himself. Get help? But leave Heine? No. Scourge could not find himself to leave the side of the slave whom had been there for him and helped him through his first shift, he was his only friend that tolerated him. And while it might have been because he technically had to, there was no way in hell Scourge was letting the brown male out of site. Shaking his head, and letting out an irritated growl; he crouched down, and watched as the Slave acted as a tough warrior normally would. Impressive.

Rising to stand on two legs, right when the words left the Slave’s mouth- Scourge was running towards them and veering quickly to the left- towards the traps. He felt another sharp pain in his right calf, which he wrote off as a calf-cramp. Because he couldn’t’ get touched by arrows. Or so he thought. As much adrenaline that was pumping through the boys veins, he could get pushed into a trap, and not even notice it right now. Traps. Right, he needed to lead them towards the traps! The borders were lined with them, and the D’Angelo boy had- on many occasions- remembered where they were on this side of the lands, so he could venture out at night. In a commotion, he could hear some grunts, groans, growls, and footsteps. While his lungs burned, he figured it wasn’t the worst of it. He had normally taken this run, but not this fast. His legs ached, especially his right leg in the calf.

Assuming that Heine was right behind him, he took it upon himself to skid to a halt and looked for a way around the first trap, which was a larger bear trap- he figured anyways- that was submerged in a hole, of which was buried with leaves. Heine! He should have been there, but Scourge instead found himself being tackled to the ground by a force, that not only made his eyes water from the force, but also caused the D’Angelo boy to loose site of his vision for a few minutes.

This was definitely how he was going to die. The D’Angelo felt an arm around his throat and he couldn’t breathe still, his legs kicking outwards, and his maw releasing a few helpless barks. His claws dug into the arm that was around his throat. Scourge pushed backwards on the ground with his heels. If the boy was lucky, he would be able to flip him back onto the trap, but his vision was still cloudy, and his senses were over-powered by a perfume.

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Scourge did manage to sneak out without waking anyone – but that didn't mean his absence wasn't noted when his brother, roused by bodily need, smelt his conspicuous trail. Once his bladder was empty and he traced the route away from their home, Grievous turned around and did exactly what he had been been instructed to do – tell. He normally didn't like tattling, but with the raised wariness of his pack he understood there was some importance to the matter of all the warnings his parents repeated. Grievous didn't mind that they were under restrictions; he could sleep well through the night if allowed.

After rousing Basilaris and convincing him of the matter at hand, the young man insisted that he would accompany his still-drowsy father out to find his brother. Basilaris acquiesced, thinking it was an easier solution than sending Grievous back to complain to his siblings and turn the lot into a squabbling mess before they returned.

The boy was doing a fine job leading the way, and pointed out things Basilaris recognized as well. Heine's presence did not go unnoticed and this reassured the Paladin that someone was looking after his adventurous son.

Both pale wolves came to abrupt, quivering halts as shouting began. Basilaris was the first to react, snarling in challenge, and charged forward. It was more instinct that active thought that spurred Grievous into motion, though he was faster than his father and did not struggle to keep up.

There was a man atop his son, and another emerging from the forest.

The noise that came out of the Paladin's mouth was a bellowing thing, cut off when he slammed into the white wolf pinning Scourge down. Carried by his momentum the pair flew backwards – Basilaris could smell blood – and fell into the snow.

Grievous, overcome by a desperate need to protect his family, cut off the earthy-colored wolf's attack by snapping at the man's throat. He was rewarded with teeth lashing out towards his face, and released his grip to make a hasty retreat from these.

Hey! You! Shouted another voice, and the rider veered towards it – and one of the hidden traps.

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TL;DR for damage: Heine shot once at Brita, nicked her cheek. Heine and Brita shot each other, he got her bow arm and she got his side. Help arrives. Heine shoots Costa (who was attacking Grievous) in the shoulder.

Damn it, why couldn’t the boy just listen?! Heine knew better than to blame the young D’Angelo though. He was still a boy, and Scourge had never seen danger such as this before. If he was lucky, this would be the last Scourge saw of death’s face for a while.

The scent of blood stood out sharply in the winter air, and Heine mentally cursed. He hadn’t struck one of their attackers, and had not maintained a hit either, leading the source to be none other than the Bambino he was supposed to be protecting…

It had been after his last command that the teenager finally heeded his words. The pair turned to flee, and, as fate would have it, the minute their backs were to their enemy, one of the Outsider’s arrows lodged itself into the back of Scourge’s leg. The boy didn’t even flinch though, and kept running.

Heine snarled as he saw the arrow make its mark, turning and returning the volley with one of his own. In his haste though, his shot had not been as true as he’d hoped, and instead of catching the rider’s face, he clipped her cheek.

He cursed once more, but there was little more he could do than try to help Scourge put some distance between them. Turning back around, he ran after the dark Bambino. The Huntsman was thankful that the Young Master had enough will power to either ignore the painful injury or had enough adrenaline running through him that he hadn’t noticed.

After all, it wasn’t like they had any other choice. Their odds three adults—and one on horseback—against a kid and a slave, Heine wouldn’t have been able to keep all of their attention on him. The obvious, and easier, target would have been Scourge.

The wolf snarled as Heine’s arrow cut her cheek, and readied another shot at the fleeing Salsolans. The arrow whizzed overhead, and as it sunk deeply into the bark of another tree, Heine finally decided something had to be done with the archer. He readied another arrow, and when he saw the telltale signs of Scourge heading for one of the traps, he turned on his heel.

The horseman had hung back, letting her two on-foot companions outpace the archer and her horse. She had an arrow notched, poised and trained onto the slave’s chest. Both archers loosed their projectiles. Heine’s managed to snag on the fabric of the Outsider’s clothes, cutting the other’s upper arm as the arrowhead ripped the through the material. The lucky catch was enough to alter the accuracy of the wolf’s shot, which cut though the slave’s side instead of imbedding in his heart.

Heine winced, moving to grab another arrow just as the female archer did much of the same.

He heard his name, and his slate eyes snapped to the Young Master, seeing him tackled down by a white wolf.

Snarls caused his attention to wane, realizing in his distraction that the brown wolf was nearly upon him too. In the threat of immediate danger, Heine’s aim adjusted, aiming for the wolf’s face as yellowed teeth were revealed in the spotted moonlight.

A white body suddenly raced between the two Luperci, and Heine managed only just to hold his fire. It was Grievous! What was he—?! Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Ghost tackling Scourge’s aggressor.

If Heine had believed in gods, he would have thanked every one of them for sending the Paladin. The tables had turned!

There was another shout, and as the rider’s attention was also turned on a new arrival, Heine focused on the Outsider fighting with Grievous. His string still taut, he merely needed to focus his aim and release. And once the Young Master was out of the way, Heine let go. The arrow sunk into the meat of the wolf’s shoulder, and the foul beast let out a startled, painful yelping-snarl.

The Outsider shuffled away, twisting and snapping at the arrow shaft protruding from his flesh. With the increased distance between Grievous and the Outsider at a clipped pace, another arrow drawn.

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I'm on my phone I apologize for the post guys! :/ Let me know if anything needs to be changed

Of course, it had come down to life or death for the dark D'Angelo male. His eyes shut gently and just as he gasped for more air, a deep growl- followed by a this- made him open his eyes widely. To his surprise, it was now a more even fight, four on three, and the two children who attended were siblings. Grevious and his father had shown up in the nick of time.

Perhaps it would have been smart for Scourge to gain his footing right away, but the blow his father delivered to the white male who had him pinned on the ground, hit him too. He fought for his breath coughing, all the while, and gently pulling himself up into a standing formation. Orange and yellow eyes stung with tears as he glanced around towards the fight that were persisting before him. His eyes trailed to his father who'd tackled Scourges attacker, and he made a mental note to thank his father later- after this was over.

There was so much white and brown around the dark boy, for a few moments he was unsure who was attacking who. His brother was tackling another brown wolf who was going after Heine, and that wolf recoiled with attacking his brother, of which was countered with Heine's arrow. Ouch, that's gonna hurt. his eyes traveled to his brother who was out of harm's way and Scourge decided to move towards his brother, in hopes to team up with him, because them one on one with a full grown adult wasn't really likely to be handled. But the two of them? They could accomplish this and so much more if they worked together.

After the tackling from his father; Scourge had mere seconds to recover from the non-breathing aspect of his crusade, as he ventured towards his brother, to be met head-on with a yellow smile from the white males Secui form. Where did he come from? He blocked the path to his brother, and Scourge stood almost dumbfounded, before recovering and cocking his head to the left and countering his attackers crouched position- except in Optime form. Basilias had hurt him, but obviously not enough. Although the white male seemed to be hurt, from the tackle, and blood was running down the front of his head, he stared at the dark boy with blood-thirsty eyes. Although it didn't bother Scourge- as it should have- he stared back. Orange and yellow orbs flickerd from the brute to his own hands that juggled a knife. While he spoke words to the D'Angelo boy, he was only focused on two things, his body posture, and the way he snapped his jowls at the young, inexperienced, male.

Scourge's black maw turned towards the ground and his eyes sought out his brothers orbs, in hopes he would understand that he wanted to attack him together. After all, the white boy must have gotten used to the dark boys' inaudible gestures by now. As the white adult made an attempting lunge, Scourge dodged it easily, not without suffering a cut to his face from his snapping jowls. The adult was toying with the young male, but the Dodge had put Scourge closer to his brother, as it was a triangle the white adult sitting as the point of the triangle.

Grevious. he muttered to his brother, hoping he would help. They weren't kind to one another, but family was family. And this male already spilled blood. He needed to be taught a lesson. he needs to be killed. Scourge licked his lips at this thought. Now, he waited his form crouched, tail unmoving and gaze unwavering on the white male. He'd suck out his prey, now he would wait for the right time to hopefully kill.
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The feeling in his chest was one he had never felt – not even when Bane had been attacked by those Outsiders – and it was all-consuming. Rage was not a large enough word to encompass it, nor was hate, though he surely felt these things now.

Men had come to his home and assaulted his child. Outsiders had broken the peace and the security as to which he was responsible, and this threat of failure parried against other fears which sent his heart racing. Conflict was a part of the world, certainly, but his boys were just boys. He could not allow them to suffer as he had in his youth, ripped asunder from his family and his home, abandoned to cruelties beyond measure. Beyond their borders was wickedness, and terrible places high in mountains and deep forests.

A savage kick to his jaw dazed him, and Basilaris reeled back long enough for the other white wolf to squirm free and go after Scourge again.

Basilaris didn't have time to react, because by then the brown wolf had stumbled into his sights. Snarling ferociously, the Paladin lunged for him. This seemed to frighten the wounded figure off, and he crashed through the dark brush as noisily as the horse. There was a CRACK in the forest that sounded like a branch, but Nickodemus was yelling again – archer, here!, the accented Mountain-tongue cried, and Basilaris did not know if he was calling to Heine or trying to warn them of the rider.

He did not see Grievous, bristling and wide-eyed, staring down the white wolf that had attacked his brother. The young men had circled him well enough, and what lessons their father had taught now became matters of life and death.

With a low growl, the fog-colored wolf sprung forward. He caught the man by surprise and clamped down on his leg, yanking it out from under him. The white wolf snarled and turned his head, slashing Grievous's shoulder...forgetting, it seemed, about the dark figure who joined in this attack.

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Wasn’t sure what you had in mind with Brita, Mel? Since she was supposed to make it out alive, I made it so that she missed the trap x3 Hope that’s okay?

With the rate we’re going though, I’d say that we should be done in another round or two? :3

The brown wolf couldn’t have been having a worse day. He had been distracted by the pain that throbbed from the protruding arrow in his flesh, so much so, he hadn’t seen the behemoth of a wolf charging towards him. The snarl that had rumbled from the Ghost’s maw had sent the Outsider running, saving Heine from having to waste another arrow on the invader’s pathetic hide. It was a pity though, because it mean that the wolf had left with one of the Trell’s handiwork.

With one of the trespassers gone from the immediate scene—frightened off as the wolf might have been, there was no telling if he might find his courage again and try to ambush the Salsolans—Heine let his slate eyes sweep the area for the remainder. The white foot soldier appeared to be preoccupied by the Young Masters, and the other—the Kaiser’s attention snapped to the sudden, sharp cry of Nickodemus.

He curled a lip and adjusted fire to the summons.

The horse rider had managed to narrowly evade the trap that had been sprung, and had set a course around it towards the strange Associate. Heine fired another arrow, catching the meat of the same arm that he’d caught before. It was by sheer luck and a bit of skill that he’d managed to drive the arrow into the Outsider’s arm. If he had missed, the damage would have been mitigated by the woman’s leathers.

It had been what was needed to halt the horseman’s charge. She cursed loudly, jerking on the reins of her horse as pain suddenly erupted from her bow arm once more. Sending a nasty glare back in the direction the projectile had come from, the archers’ gazes met.

Heine readied another arrow.

The she-wolf appeared to have read the situation she was in, and had noted the lack of one of her raid members and the beginning of another one falling. Digging her heels sharply into her horse, the Outsider yanked the horse’s reins to retreat back the way she’d come.

Two arrows were shot at the Outsider’s retreating back, though, with the wildness of her retreat, both missed their intended target.

A foreign howl echoed out in the night.

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