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P. Lucille, Gus, & Semini | Hazel's return + new NPCs!

POSTED: Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:58 pm

OOC: backdated to early January. Let me know if anything needs changing, loves! <3

"Oh, if you think Old Ironsides was something just wait until you see Krokar proper!" There was a visible bounce in her step as Hazel lead her four companions — two de la Croix cousins, a Cormier relative, and a young descendant from the Leomaris family — the last several feet of glittering snow towards her pack. Though she was always an excitable canine, it was obvious even to her new pack mates just how much more hyper the collie was the closer they came to Krokar. Obediently following after Hazel at a rolling walk, the dapple grey tobiano mare swiveled her ears and flared her nostrils when the distant scent of other horses trickled in. "Fiskebyn is wonderful — it's just the best little village, you'll see. I mean, the residences at Old Ironsides..." She made a face and shrugged. "Well, Old Ironsides is still new yet and there's lots left to do — the more Ty and them fix 'em up the nicer they'll be, of course. But Fiskebyn..."

While the Outrigger carried on chattering away, the words rolling off her tongue in such fast succession that Marla had long lost interest and Jonah was simply in awe, the group could scent that the pack was near. Salome de la Croix, a dark woman with pale eyes and all matters of plant material tied attractively to her mane and tail, was polite enough to at least appear as though she were following along. But when a whisper, followed by a snort, pricked her ears, the elder de la Croix flashed her troublesome cousin a warning of such intensity that silence was quick to befall them.

As far as Salome was concerned, Marla de la Croix was something of a delinquent and an instigator. But she really wasn't all bad. Following a spot of vandalism and a dare gone wrong, which had resulted in the series of unfortunate events that lead the three of them to end up at the Old Ironsides Depot in the first place, Marla had felt enough sense of guilt and remorse to join Salome and her detainee. After all, it had largely been her fault that the ruggedly handsome ex-sailor, Jonah Leomaris, was in his current predicament. After Salome had caught him, Jonah's shipmates had had no time to spare waiting on him to sort things out and had simply sailed on without him. He was landlocked, as they say. It was really the least Marla could do for him.

Granted, thanks to Salome's ridiculous response to having had her swamp house burned to cinders (Curses and hexes? Marla thought bitterly as she glowered at her cousin's warning. Really?), none of them could return to Portland. But whatever, she thought. Maybe a change of scenery would do them all some good. Especially Salome.

And the swamp witch was quick to agree (though certainly not to Marla's face). Quite frankly, her family simply didn't understand her and Salome was ready for a new beginning in a pack that had no preconceived notions or prejudiced ideas of her. After being relatively well received at the Old Ironsides Depot, joining Krokar proper seemed like a good idea. Besides, Hazel had told her that they even had a swamp!

It was perhaps only poor Jonah who wished he was on a different journey: one out at sea aboard a ship with his crew mates. But they had left him behind, more likely than not at his own family's behest, to face the consequences of his actions. Jonah had learned very quickly that day that trying to impress an attractive girl was not worth becoming landlocked for doing something stupid... like accidentally burning down someone's house.

Hazel's doggish howl pulled all three of the expatriates from their respective thoughts and, in unison, they swept their eyes in her direction. She smiled brightly at her companions and ushered them forward, past the threshold of Krokar's border and into the pack that they'd only heard about. Within moments, others approached them. "Milos!" Hazel yapped happily, trotting forward and giving the dark wolfdog an over-exuberant hug. The man appeared abundantly cheerful, though perhaps a bit uneasy with the collie's sudden and unbidden affection, and smiled broadly at the Outrigger. "Great t' see ya back, Hazel," he howled, giving his tail a broad wag. "Missed ya 'round here! Reckon th' animals have, too." He gave her a impish wink. "'Specially Honks."

Hazel laughed back and gave his arm a playful smack that elicited an exaggerated grimace from the darker man.

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Since Norah had been taking an interest in the day to day things that Lucille did, she decided to bring her along to patrol the border today. Lucille thought that a lot of the things she did were boring, and she could tell Norah thought the same of some of it but she was also old enough to see the necessity of the uninteresting tasks. Not everything that needed to be done could be fun, although there were ways to make things fun.

Today, for example, while they were doing the monotonous task that was patrolling the border, they could also do a parergon such as practice riding, which Lucille liked and Norah was quickly getting the hang of. Lucille had chosen Cavalier for Norah to ride since he was a strong horse, but not as large as Poppy or Petunia. He had also been with the pack for a long period of time and was used to the lands; this, she felt, made him a good choice for the relative beginning that Norah was.

While they were plodding along, Lucille and Norah heard the call from Hazel. Mother and daughter looked at each other, and one was clearly more excited about Hazel's return than the other. Lucille wondered why the woman was howling from the borders instead of simply waltzing on in since this was her home. Maybe she brought a bunch of things back that she needed help with, although she would have gotten them this far on her own, so further assistance probably was not necessary. Maybe she had someone with her; that would make more sense.

"Well, come on then," Lucille said to Norah and turned Tiro back around so they could headed towards the direction of her call. They traveled at a lope when the terrain allowed, and soon arrived at her location, only to find her already beyond the border. She again wondered what the point of the howl was until she saw the others with her, along with Milos. Lucille hopped down from Tiro and greeted Hazel first. Norah slid slowly from her horse's back, clearly more apprehensive of the whole dismounting process.

"Welcome home, Hazel," she said and then turned her attention to the newcomers. One looked vaguely familiar, and Lucille felt like they had met before, years earlier. "And hello to you four. I'm Lucille, one of the Captains - Leaders - of Krokar. Are you here to stay or to visit?" There was a warmth in her voice and she wanted to be sure of their purpose for being here so she knew whether to welcome them as new pack members or as visitors.

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The young caribou bull slowly plowed a path through the snowdrifts, the makeshift sled gliding behind him and laden with a variety of junkyard odds and ends. He followed after the brindle mutt that tugged him along by a lead rope while the ever chattering saw-whet took up roost on a low branch of the budding antlers that had begun to sprout upon Wren’s head. Gus spoke in soft tones, gently coaxing and urging the usually rambunctious youngster along. It seemed Wren had a taste for chores, or at least appeared to be enjoying being put to work, as he was often rewarded for it. Unlike his mother Magnolia, the young bull was able to and tolerated pulling and dragging heavier loads for longer distances. Today was another one of the Captain’s trial runs, and so far, Wren was doing an exceptional job.

The odd trio were nearing the woods that bordered Krokar when the familiar doggish howl rang out. Gus picked up the pace while a smile formed beneath his scraggly beard, the saw-whet released a high note of delight, Hazel was back.

They weren’t the first to greet the returned Outrigger, and that was alright. Milos, his mate, and Norah were already seeing to them as Gus and crew took up the rear. Wren was blowing steam and frothing slightly at the bit when he came to a stop, Squeaks had abandoned her post and proceeded to flap and hover about the newcomers and Hazel much like a curious humming bird, her constant chatter and beaky clicks becoming a bit of background noise while the brindle mutt took in the strangers.

Lucille had already proposed a question to the lot, so he left it at that, raising a calloused hand in greeting instead. Ya’ve already met my better half, the name’s Gus. The nosey bugger is Squeaks, don’t mind her none. Hazel, it sure is good ta’see ya again, after addressing the others he turned a smile on the collie girl.

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