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[ 448 ] » Daytime, vague. Eire is there with her, obv. :)

In the winter, the waves crashed violently against the rocks. Why was it violent in the winter instead of the summer? Well, that was unknown, really. It could have been the waters being stiff from the cold just like old joints on Luperci ached when the temperature dropped below a certain level. Or it could have been ice particles in the surf, breaking on each wave, hoping to suck a victim in with them.

Eire’s red eyes watched the waves with their constant pull and push, pull and push. There was a certain sparkle to the Lykoi’s eyes. A glitter behind all that blood. A twinkle behind the violence. The young Luperci wondered why Luperci never swam in the beautiful oceans around the Aelcrest Shores. Really, the view was breath-taking and the waters were so clean. She padded down to the edge of the shore, carefully using the wet rocks as stepping stones to get closer to the sea.

”Don’t fall in. The currents will suck you in and spit you out on the other side of the country somewhere.”

Eire’s ears perked at her mother’s words, but her intriguing face was angled downwards at the rocks. A wave broke on the rocks in front of her, and she teetered on the one as the spray sprinkled her coat with cold salt water. Once she regained her balance, Eire remained perched on that one slick rock and looked out towards the waters. She hadn’t made it too far out, but she seemed to be in line with where most of the waves started to break up as they rolled into shore. ”It’s soo pretty,” she mused, catching a few stray strands of hair in her eyes and brushing them back into her short mop.

”Pretty, but dangerous. Come back onto the shore before you fall in…” Axelle called, walking to the uttermost edge of the shore and held out her hand for the girl to stabilize herself with. The waves rolled in, and lapped at Axelle’s toes, sending a frigid shock up her legs that was the worst feeling she had felt in a while.

Eire had finally turned, and began making her way back towards the shore when a big wave crashed into the rocks, causing her to lose her balance and fall forward onto the rocks on her hands. Axelle had not been paying attention either and was slapped with it in full force. The waters crashed over her legs, causing her to stumble back. Luckily, the split woman hadn’t fallen down or else she might’ve been swept up in the riptide…

Fuck…” Eire mumbled, making it over the last of the rocks onto the shore.

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This life can be a bitter pill to swallow

She had left as soon as it was safe to do so. There was a numbness to her that spread until it reached every extremity she had. Even her billowing tail dragged on the floor behind her as the Lupus woman sought to simply leave Inferni behind. He was gone and it had broken her in a way she never expected. She had not bee the kindest to him but he had still almost worshiped her for setting him free. Now she was alone.

The mountains passed beneath her feet as she sought to escape, she saw the ocean before her and it was a siren's call. She could easily make her way south and find a boat to take her away from here and forget she had ever come here. Drown herself in sorrow with wine and willing partners.

There were scents on the breeze that might have called her to investigate at one point. Now she was filled with apathy, and simply lingered, wandering wherever the path was easiest. The waves crashed against the rocks and showered her in spray, the scent of salt was heavy in the air and she tasted it on her tongue. There was no sunshine today to reflect brightly from the swelling waters, just a dense cover of clouds and a slight drizzle of rain.

The rocks were slippery and covered in algae and there were slippery strands of seaweed caught in between crevices. Part way along the rocky beach she stopped and laid down out of reach of the spray. She sighed and rested her head against her paws. She was so far from comfortable that it was unreal but she hadn't the energy to move right now. She closed her eyes and hoped that maybe she could sleep with the white noise of the ocean.

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[ 448 ] » Sorry for my crappy wait!

When both mother and daughter recovered on the beach, Eire straightened, brushing off the salt and sand that clung to her fur. Axelle stomped far enough away from the surf, and sat down in the rocks. It wasn’t the best seating arrangement, but it beat being dragged into the surf kicking and screaming. She attempted to wring out the salt water from her drenched, rat tail, and grumbled to herself about how cold the ocean was.

Eire had been the first to notice the stranger. Axelle wasn’t quite paying attention to the girl, and when that happened, Eire tended to wander off. She spotted a rather hairy canine some ways down the beach and meandered towards them. The canine did not look very comfortable perched up on the rocks near the beach, and Eire wondered why they would choose such an uncomfortable place to sleep.

Eire wandered close – maybe even too close – and kneeled down beside the sleeping dog. There was some room left between them, but it was not much. ”Hey. You alright?” she asked softly. Expressions were sometimes hard to read on her stark black and white face, but her Lykoi-red eyes overflowed with emotion.

”Eire!” Axelle called from further down the beach, now just realizing what was happening. She scrambled to her feet in an arch of sand and hustled as quickly as she could towards the pair. ”Don’t get so close!” She whispered harshly, keeping her distance as well, but reaching for one of her daggers just in case. The smell of Inferni wafted from the female, and it didn’t put Axelle in a good place at all.

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