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BCII : Scouting Mission; BD Jan 25

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Optime | Black River Reserve | Backdated: December 25th, Late afternoon | NPCs: Wind, Eidolon, Chestnut (Mirte) (+1,058)

Boreas Conflict II.

cNPCs: Bronx (IF), Mirte (SL; Borrowed from Heine)
pNPC (IF): Bayard

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I made a few assumptions for speed purposes.

Per their leaders’ discretion, a mixed group of Salsolans and Infernians had been drawn up to find the menace’s camp. The hope was that history would repeat itself, and the reveal of the invaders’ base of operation would be found with the scouting party’s bold venture out into the northern territories. The joint task force of scouts had been paired off to help cover more ground as well as allow both packs to gain the same information overall.

Shikoba steered Wind along at a slow pace, not wanting to accidentally overlook anything that might have led to their shared enemy’s hideout. Sure, there were tracks here and there that indicated activity in the area, but, nothing had led to anything conclusive thus far. Multiple scents and signs of hunting had also been a promising sign that perhaps they were close.

When Vesper had been returned to them, there had been many assumptions and questions thrown about. Those that had found her had given the scouting group a good basis to start searching from, and the area that the coyote leader had been tortured at had been found sometime earlier with help from Shikoba’s hawk. All that remained was to figure out where Boreas’ actual base camp was.

His wasabi eyes scanned the snow-covered world, and his nostrils flared as he tried comb the frigid air of any stench of a foreign wolf in the area. Some distance away from him rode the red-furred setter from Salsola. Shikoba had held a bit of disdain for the older woman for the belittling look that had been in her eyes upon seeing Bronx. In a time of war though, the Nizhoni coymutt had thought better of stirring up trouble.

Their focus had been to find Boreas, not pass insults to each other.

And for all her quiet judgement on the non-Luperci boy, the Associate, Mirte, had proven to be someone of use to the scouting party. She’d found hints and clues that had helped narrow down the pair’s once wide search area.

It had been late into the afternoon by the time the duo had made their way to the rendezvous point: a fat, partially frozen-over river that cut through the sparse forest. A little ways up, there was a small waterfall—no taller than maybe a few feet—that provided ambient noise where the water was fast enough that it hadn’t become incased in ice.

Mirte and Shikoba dismounted and waited on the rest of the scouting party to arrive. The checkpoints were more for headcounts and passing along information than they were for much of anything else. Not long after their arrival, another group appeared, and another, until finally just about everyone had arrived.

It looked like everyone was there save for Bronx and his Salsolan companion. It was a bit of an unsettling detail for Shikoba, mostly given the young coydog’s lack of experience. He tried to not let this outward worry show though, not wanting to jump to conclusions. The pair could be brought up to speed afterwards, so, Shikoba decided to get on with the reports. Bronx and his partner had probably just been running a bit late. It was nothing new, as multiple groups had done it throughout the day at various checkpoints.

“Did anyone find anything?” Shikoba asked.

“We found a few trails and scents; too many for just a few passing loners. Nothing that was a hard lead though,” Mirte offered up for their group.

The floor was opened for everyone to speak of their findings. Nothing had been conclusive.

Shikoba had felt his lips press into a grim line. Their search wasn’t looking good so far, and the Sciens hated to think that they might have to return home empty-handed. After what Boreas had done to Vesper…

They had to find this forward operating base.

The hefty figure of Bronx suddenly burst through the tree line with his partner.

“Shikoba!” The dark Infernian announced in a loud, hushed whisper, his tail waving proudly behind him as he paced up to his friend. “We found one! We found a camp!” Bronx announced, his chest brimming with pride at him and his partner’s accomplishment.

The coymutt grinned. “‘Atta boy, Bronx!” With a quick tussle of the Quintus’ ears, Shikoba mounted up. Mirte and the others got ready to move out as well. “Take us to it.”

Bronx nodded, and he and his partner led the way. A bit of weaving through the woods and traversing over one small creek led the scouting party to the fringes of a relatively flat, open area. The young Infernian looked up at Shikoba, happy to have finally be of some use to the clan.

Shikoba could only stare in quiet alarm though. There were multiple tents set up in the area, too many for the number of wolves that had raided Salsola and Inferni so many nights ago. There were fires that were still burning, and the whole area reeked of these foreign wolves. Large bodies of the packs’ shared foe lumbered throughout the area. The clang of metal against metal as individuals sparred and the murmur of distant conversations could be heard.

There were more of them left than he’d thought.

He pulled back on Wind’s reigns, making the mustang carefully back further into the protective cover of the tree line. It was perhaps their luck that the trees were pine in these parts, and their thick, green branches stayed full even in the dead of winter. It would give the scouting party enough time to gather the information they needed so long as they weren’t spot—


Shikoba’s head snapped to attention at the sudden noise, too close to have been one of the wolves milling about.

“Bayard, no!” Bronx cried out in a harsh whisper, moving to follow after the Infernian before someone grabbed the youth by his scruff.

The stout form of Bayard continued his fool’s charge, his golden eyes fixated on a particular wolf, likely, one that he’d recognized from one of the many raids and border skirmishes.

Their cover was blown as the whole camp was alerted to the painful yelp of one of their comrades being sucker punched from behind.

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Having seriously underestimated the gravity of the situation they had entered, Hubert hoped only that the payoff would be worth it. He recognized that the had gotten something like a free pass in bringing nothing with them, but for all this scouting and running around they were doing it sure felt like they were having a trial by fire. It was the most work Hubert had done in a long time, but he was glad to have a purpose again.

He became very aware that he had a whole lot less compared to many people in Salsola, even other Associates. There were options for them to borrow, of course, but Hubert was nervous about horses and Hermenegild didn't take to his Optime form enough to make this an issue for him. They had talked about how to best go about their patrols and settled for what they had been doing all along – Hermenegild on four legs, making use of his larger Secui form just in case, while Hubert brought his bow and arrows. He had borrowed a piece of leather armor to protect his chest, though it was a little big on him.

Hubert though he looked very dashing, and hoped this might impress the pretty she-dog from his new pack.

The two had arrived after others, and Hubert examined his bow while Hermenegild rested on the cold ground. He looked suited for winter, and the snow helped to hide him when they were out. Hubert's own fur, splotched and mottled by his dog heritage, was ideal in dappled woodland and the rocky ground where snow did not fully cover the dirt or stones beneath it. Most of the terrain out here was forested, though not all of the trees were pine and provided ample openings for light to get in.

Working with the coyotes was a new thing. Neither Hermenegild nor Hubert had much to report either.

They were mulling over this when a big coyote returned with promising news. Eager to see what it was, he and the pale-coated wolf followed the rest of their party through the forest.

Crouched under a tree, Hubert wondered at the sight. This was a good and proper camp, he thought, like the people there had been living in such a place for a while. He could smell a great coalition of scents, all wolfish, and smoke and horse too. The fur along his spine prickled – he sure hadn't signed up to deal with an army on his own—

That was when one of the coyotes shouted and started running.

Hubert's jaw dropped open.

The campsite burst into motion. A bird rose into the air, and voices were shouting. While the coyote engaged with the man he had struck, another appeared behind them – gray, skinny – and pointed towards their hiding place.

Hey—! was all he managed to get out before Hubert's arrow caught him in the leg. He went down screaming, but it was a non-fatal wound.

The trees! Someone else shouted.


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Dorado dragged Daeva along~ [ 630 ]

Those Boreas assholes had crossed the line long before they grew the balls to kidnap and torture Inferni's leader, long before they had the gall to invade their territory in the dead of night, and long before they even began toying with their border skulls and harassing any coyote who even dared go near the edge of their own claim. Enough was enough, it was time to push back, and Dorado was tired of playing with these well organized idiots with a grudge against his packmates and their neighbors across the valley.

While he loved the idea of finally taking the fight to Boreas and hunting them down like prey, he was quite vocal about not wanting to collaborate with the Salsolans - with wolves - and chose instead to pair up with a very familiar ally. After the conflict with Cour des Miracles the coy-jack hybrid had been adamant about staying out of another war and chose to stick close to Inferni throughout most of the earlier skirmishes, but when Vesper was kidnapped all bets were off and Daeva had been just about as gung-ho to track down the Boreas invaders as Dorado was.

It also helped that she was a much better tracker than he was, and had eyes in the sky as well as on the ground. Her kite Kali rode the updrafts above them as the duo made their sweep through a designated area, one that overlapped with that of other groups on purpose, so they all covered as much ground as possible. The signs were here and there, faint traces, no real solid leads to follow, but it was something, and they could only hope the other little groups did much better.

When they arrived Shikoba and the Salsolan he had partnered with had already been waiting and before long more came filtering out of the trees. Both Dorado and Daeva remained seated astride their horses, but the wilder Whiplash made a point to bring his rowdy stallion close to his brother, punching the other male hard on the shoulder in greeting. Daeva shook her head annoyedly and listened as the others shared their findings before offering theirs.

"Nothing noteworthy on our search. Signs of hunting and travel but nothing else."

When Bronx came bursting from the trees and bursting with pride with the news he quickly delivered, Dorado sat up excitedly in his saddle, eager to get going. He had already made a kill in the name of Inferni and was not afraid to do it again, not afraid to die if he had to, and it was that wild recklessness that made him dangerous. The desert desperado was not a foe to be underestimated, especially not on sight alone, as just beyond his lean and lanky form was a vicious and unpredictable mind.

The group wound through the trees and were lead to a sprawling camp teeming with the enemy, the base a sight to behold for many, but Dorado was well beyond first impressions. He was itching to do something, anything, and before he could make a stupid decision himself one of their own was already charging ahead. Bayard's battle-cry was the only warning they got before he raced off headlong into the camp and Dorado could only grit his teeth and growl.

"That asshole's gonna get himself killed!"

The warrior was already sliding off his horse to rush in after his packmate as he barked a gruff cover me! at Daeva and sprang forward, the huntress plucking her bow from her back and quickly nocking an arrow and firing to cover her comrades, spraying arrows strategically ahead of them to keep the most reckless and least decisive of their enemies at bay.

The trees! someone else shouted; and then the return fire began.

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Here comes a thought, that might alarm you.
What someone said, and how it harmed me.

Teaming up with the members of Inferni seemed like the best choice considering the threat all of them were up against. She had already been along the borders and to check on the horses the two packs shared with Brocade, so now they were being sent out to scout out the situation. Delphinium didn't consider herself a scout, but a spy. Still, this was an order from the Boss herself, so off they were to take care of it. With further thinking on the matter, in a way this was a mission in regards to spying rather than scouting. It wasn't like they were just looking for the location, but the more they could learn, then the better it would be.

The light woman was not the only Associate that was coming along on this mission either. The male with them had only just come to the kingdom. He was rather new, but hopefully he would carry his own, though having his eyes on the brown female that had also come along with them from the kingdom didn't hold too many promises.

Keeping herself straight along the back of her horse, she moved along with the others, meeting up with the coyotes. They looked like the ones from the information that was given to them. She followed along behind them until they came to the location they were led to by the trail that had been put out before them. When in range, she dismounted from her horse, tieing him to one of the nearby trees. The animal would only prove to get in the way when all of them were trying to be quiet, or at least that was her opinion on the matter.

Moving along the lines of the trees and over the water, keeping her body lowered and her hands resting along at her sides. She knew that with the pelt she had, it would be easier to spot her in the darkness, so she needed to use not only the others with her, but the area around her to blend into the background. They soon came to the campsite, Delphinium's green gaze moving about the area. She could see there were those resting and moving about in camp, but something seemed wrong. Why was this?

Without much warning came the calls from the coyote and soon other members. They were being overrun. So this was what it was. Her head turned back to the camp as now they had all been alerted to the presence of those watching them. Her fingers traced along the grip of her daggers, bringing them up as she prepared for the oncoming attack.

Sorry I am a bit late. Let me know if I need to change anything. +400 words.

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938 → Sorry about the lil wait. Also Coaxoch has Korosk, which is a horse because i didn't plan on bringing any NPCs, whoops.

He did not think that his training had been more important until now. Coax would be using every skill that the Cerberus had taught him over the last few weeks, everyday having been full to the brim with ideas of how to track, hunt, sneak and fight with his one arm, and little mercy with the rough training that he had been going through. The Family member had been tired of being useless though, and he had been training harder because of this. He had been promoted to the adult ranks, despite being under a year old, for he had given Salvia a satisfactory answer, but was equally warned that he had it much harder then any other Salsolan that had ever existed. This was merely a reminder, for his mother and father told him this too, many times over and over, as if Coax did not know this with the difficulties of his daily life. The Boss had put great faith in him to scout out the situation and his father put a greater faith in him, for the man had let him take Korosk out on this stead. Coax was nervous, but his steed's calmness did seem to have him less on edge. Korosk, too knew the disability that his rider had, and because of this the horse knew that he could not rely on his rider to direct him with his hands, but instead his feet. Coax was not used to riding without the reigns being in his hand and this was probably why he was so nervous.

Luckily, when he and fellow Salsolans had reached the rendezvous, he found himself in the presence of others, none of which he had known until before the moment they all came together - even the ones that were in Salsola. He had introduced himself quietly, and unconsciously pulling his cape over his stump that was so obviously missing something but he was sure that the Salsolan faction already knew of his problems, for it was not like it was a normal thing for Salsola to have a boy with a missing arm. The boy did not wear any armor though, but had been gifted with a larger cape/cloak from his father that draped around his shoulders - albeit slightly too big - it easily covered his shame and made it look as of he had another arm. He held a spear with his one arm, having known that he might be forced into combat. He kept low on the large stallion though, and his spear was held along side the beast, making him seeming to be unarmed because of the matching black stained metal and wood that the spear was made from.
As the Salsolans split up to follow a few scents Coax found himself to be searching alone, and he actually slipped from the Stallion's back to walk closer to the ground and dip through the shadows as his "uncle" had taught him. The scent he followed had come to and end rather quickly as it led him to a river, and it proceeded to go over the river. Coaxoch was not inclined to follow for he was not stupid enough to go through the freezing cold river by himself. Not with one arm he wouldn't. He turned back and found Korosk and remounted the stallion, and urging him to go back towards the rendezvous. The others returned too, fruitless as he had been until the very last one had come back with news.

Coaxoch smiled and followed along behind the others as they led the way. Coax gripped his spear, knowing that he had the biggest disadvantage than the others who had two arms to control their horses and hold their weapons. He was not jealous though, for he knew that he just needed to prove to the others that he could do it. He pulled his hood over his head again, letting his ears lay flat underneath the dark cloak that did well to hide himself and his stallion in the shadows of the thick forests that they traversed.

They all filtered through and once they came upon the camp, it was barely seconds that went by before someone charged forward into battle. This had not been their objective, and Coax frowned at the other as they foolishly ran off basically to their death. While Coaxoch had been eager he was far from being as stupid as to throw his life away by charging into battle when on a scouting mission. "What a fucking idiot! He's going to get us all killed!" snarled the Family member, having been the highest rank among the Salsolans, and he was not surprised that it had been an Infernian who lost their cool. He had every right to turn his stallion around and to run home, but he didn't want to look as if he was a coward.

They had been spotted, and an alert had been sent up across the camp that had them scrambling to their feet. Korosk snorted heavily then and danced in place, anxiously, while Coaxoch readied his weapon again. Coax didn't want to rush off into the fray, but as the other Inferni warriors launched their attack, the Family member found that his horse had started to charge after them and into the camp.

The sound of his pounding heart flooded his ears and matched the beat of the horse's hooves as they struck the ground like a rolling thunder. Coax's spear was held low and readied, aiming to skewer whatever Boreas wolves got in his path.

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Like this? asked Zacchaeus, and swung the halberd around so hard that Silas ducked, cursing, before he stepped forward to stop the boy before he could deal any damage.

The dark, pretty Selah laughed at this. You're better off stickin' with your sword, kid, she teased Zacchi, who grimaced. The boy's pout was enough to make the woman laugh again, and she hung out the bit of rabbit she'd been dining on, coaxing him like she would her falcon. C'mon, let's see if you can wrestle this from me, she mocked, and Zacchaeus growled and wagged his tail as he flung himself at her, only to be stopped by a stealthy kick.

The two soldiers struggled over the meat, growling in play, and Silas rolled his eyes before picking up his halberd and testing it.

He could feel some of the restlessness from his comrades as of late, or those that were left after the fatal raids. The dynamic of the contingent had changed after Bethelehem was killed, and while they looked to Amund for further commands, the man did not give them. Instead, he seemed deep in contemplation most nights, and sent out small patrols (fewer and fewer could be spared from guarding camp), and planned with those higher in rank than Silas. But the Kasper man could feel that tension brewing, and knew that something would need to be done soon.

Perhaps his nephew would get his wish, and Boreas would march on their enemies and destroy them with all their strength.

He flexed his fingers along the staff and ran his other hand through scraggly, longish hair. The aroma of campfire smoke and pine calmed him, as did the sound of his nephew laughing. He might be able to sleep tonight.

Then a yowl erupted from the trees, and Silas stiffened.

A stout coyote mongrel ran out, lunging for the wolf on guard—Bjorn—who barely managed to heft his axe in time to block a blow from his fist. Selah got to her feet and whistled, and her falcon spiraled upward from his perch, shrieking. Somewhere Tollak screamed.

Zacchi! shouted Silas, but the silver wolf had drawn his sword. He barely dodged an arrow whizzing by his head, side-stepping this, and rushed toward a pale wolf in the woods.

Amund emerged from his tent, eyes blazing with an anger that Silas wasn't used to seeing. The soldier looked at his commander an instant before he rushed into the trees, thrusting the point of his halberd ahead of him.

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    Fear not Child of the Lord, for there is a time for everything under heaven. A season that will inevitably pass into another. A time for life, a time for death. Methuselah had felt the weight of the losses on his heart, each death the Boreas contingent endured only serving to form the figure of martyrs for the cause. Some might call them zealots, and perhaps that was true enough. The soldier wholehearted believed in what they were doing. Those heathens, they would feel the wrath of those righteous warriors. But it seemed that some had taken the losses to heart, seemingly becoming disillusioned or verging in the other direction towards maniacal ire. The Capello man remained largely neutral, a notion particularly amusing given he was rather zealous at the best of times. Keep your zeal for the works of Lord strong! Stoke the fire daily! Do not rest, for there is no rest for the wicked. So, in the last few days, when he hadn’t been out on solitary roams, the large brute had taking to the paradoxical action of prayer and training. For we shall not live on bread alone. The Word of the Lord had given him hope that the victory would still be theirs, if only they would remain vigilant.

    The soldier kneeled now, away from where most of the rest of Boreas had gathered for some personal vespers. His hands clasped before him, the manic warrior made a quiet, introspective shape as he took to his prayers with fervour. “Give me the strength, Lord. Let these hands bring you glory. Let me not grow weary, but renew my strength. Let me rise up on the wings of eagles,” he murmured, his voice torn away in the breeze. The Most High takes delight in the attention of his Chosen. Speak and be heard, child of the Lord. Methuselah breathed out a low sigh, his eyes closed while he envisioned all they could achieve in these lands. But the man’s quiet time was interrupted by the baying shout of something close by. Beware the Destroyer! Eyes fluttering open, the soldier leaped to his feet, a loud snarl being emitted from his black lips. Methuselah’s gaze travelled towards where his brothers and sisters of Boreas were roused by intruders. “Lord Almighty, give me strength,” the soldier said one more time before reaching to grab his club which he had laid at his feet. He noticed Amund in his peripherals, and other wolves from Zion swiftly reacting to this unexpected intrusion.

    Here comes the judgement! The fire of the Lord shall sanctify the lands. He shall protect his Chosen! With a yowl of pure anger, the soldier launched forwards, deciding to give aid to where Bjorn was attempting to fend off some putrid heathen who held no sense of abandon. Methuselah was not aware of the rest of the Infernian group that had come upon them, but from his many patrols, the soldier recognised their stench on the air. He loathed them. He wished to see their lives ended. “For the Lord shall guide my path, He makes my actions righteous!” he hollered, his long legs carrying him across the cold winter ground.

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      Form: Optime
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Boreas Conflict II.

Friendly reminder to not kill any of the Boreas wolfers, even if they may deserve it xD.

TL;DR: Chaos! Chaos everywhere! Seriously though, Mirte is in a knife fight with a random, unnamed NPC (Parris?). Bronx is attacked by Silas and tries to fight back. Bjorn and Bayard continue to fight it out. Shikoba tries to help Bronx but is stopped by a Edwige.

Shikoba could have killed Bayard himself for having given away their presence in the area. The scouting party was too far away from anyone to call for any reasonable backup, and they’d just stumbled upon the gold mine of enemy troops. They were not only out-numbered, they were stranded. This wasn’t familiar soil here. They hadn’t been geared and fleshed out for a fight. They had been given one directive: to find the Boreas camp.

And find they did. Whether they would make it back alive to tell anyone of its location, however, was another matter entirely.

The whole camp had come alive with Bayard’s foolhardy charge. The outcries of frustration at the Infernian’s sudden attack were mostly ignored by Shikoba in favor of taking in the mass of bodies and weaponry that was suddenly traded between the two groups. Bodies came pouring out of tents at the sound of alarm, and there was no mistake about it that the scouting party was grossly outnumbered.

“¡Maldita sea!” He cursed, thankful that the setter had grabbed Bronx before the kid could charge out after his clanmate. He hastily dismounted his horse, and a few of the other riders did the same. He smacked Wind’s flank to get her moving and to get her out of harm’s way as the battle began.

As intelligent as it might have been to call for a retreat, with Bayard out in the thick of things, Shikoba wasn’t about to leave any Infernian behind. There was a kinship to his clansman, even if the stout Tirones had been the cause of this whole mess. Shikoba spotted his fellow Whiplash dive into the amassing fray, and, with him, Daeva providing cover fire for her clansmen’s blind spots. Bayard continued to swing his fists at his lightly-furred opponent, dodging and weaving as the larger wolf swung his bladed weapon towards the enraged coyote.

Mirte had let go of Bronx when she realized the fight was upon them and there was no backing out of it. She readied her hidden knife, sidestepping and plunging the blade into the shoulder of a wolf that had charged at her with their own blade. The setter’s pretty features screwed up into a snarl at her opponent.

The other Salsolans moved about, defending themselves and engaging with their own attackers as the wolves swarmed. Blades and other weapons alike were drawn, and the sound of steel on steel rung out amidst the whistle of arrows. Battle cries and sharp yelps and howls were added into the mix as well.

Above, Eidolon traded talons with one of the wolves’ birds. They swooped and divebombed one another, trying to gain the upper hand. Each bird knew that any successful dive at each other’s wings could be a death sentence if hit just right. Thankfully, the two Infernian raptors were familiar with one another, and, Daeva’s kite, Kali, aided in harassing the enemy’s air support. The two birds of prey would ensure that relatively few of the birds ever got the chance to attack any of the scouting members below.

The once peaceful scene had turned into utter chaos.

Bronx managed to leap out of the way just in time as a dark, blue-ebony wolf charged him with an interesting weapon. There was a wildness to the young Quintus’ eyes he realized he had unwittingly joined the fight by simply being there. His initial reaction had been to run, but, with the sounds of battle all around him, a braver part of him told him to attack.

He moved to skirt around the weapon and bite at the wolf’s outstretched arms. The weapon the male held looked like it was a ranged tool given the pole the bladed edge was mounted on, and, if Bronx had learned anything from his training with Shikoba, ranged combat was his weakness. Unable to hold anything with his paws, Bronx had better luck getting in close and relying on his teeth, brute strength, and lower body mass to get the job done.

Shikoba bared his teeth as he saw Bronx engage into battle with one of the wolves. The Whiplash unsheathed his tomahawk and rushed to aide his younger, more inexperienced friend when he was suddenly forced to dodge an incoming arrow. And, when he’d recovered to his feet again, he found himself face to face with his own opponent.

It was a woman, and she brandished a hammer in a way that Shikoba was sure she’d crush his skull in if she managed to hit him. The wolf let out a cry of exertion as she swung, and the Sciens was forced into a retreat. His wasabi eyes flicked briefly back to Bronx and his attacker as one of the woman’s swings splintered the bark from a nearby tree.

Hang on, kid!

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Everything seemed to happen at once.

There were more people in the camp than Hubert expected. He had know they were looking for a group, but he had been told that they'd killed a bunch of that collective too. What now swarmed out from tents and other makeshift places of rest was a large group if he had ever seen one. Most of them were armed, and they all looked spitting mad.

Hubert readied another arrow but was forced to adjust his aim when the young man who had come with them went charging out on his big horse. His shot went wide, over the head of a white wolf who was moving behind the others—

He heard Hermenegild snarl, and heavy looking timber wolf completed his charge, diving for the other male's legs. The two began tussling, snapping and snarling, and Hubert began moving. He needed to get somewhere with a better view, with more options for where he could fire. Being small he moved fast, and he managed to get another shot off deeper into the camp, but it missed a body and instead hit one of the tent posts.

Hermenegild yelped as an arrow slammed into his shoulder. An inch closer would have made it a fatal wound. He staggered and the other wolf slashed his leg open.

Hubert turned to look for the archer, and another arrow flew – this one hit him in the chest, piercing the armor he was wearing. He felt the point when it entered and became lodged in one of his ribs.

High ground, he thought dumbly, and saw the white wolf aiming his bow. There was a smaller, dark-limbed woman next to him.

There's archers! He shouted, hoping someone would hear him. Look out, there's two—!

An arrow cut his throat almost as cleanly as a knife. He gagged, and then collapsed.

A second arrow struck Hermenegild, and then another. The wolf was was still valiantly holding off his opponent from reaching the group behind him. This was what he was doing when he died, unawares his friend had passed on before him.


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Dorado is scrapping with Tollak for now~ [ 308 ]

Bayard was just ahead when he came to blows with a pale wolf, miraculously dodging a swinging blade and coming back at him with his fists. He was a fool if he thought he could win against an army prepared for war, and with a drop and slide maneuver - akin to a baseball player skidding up to a base, if he knew what such a thing was - the desert desperado moved to intercept another wolf coming in from the side, his ax connecting with the darker wolf's weapon mere inches from striking his packmate.

The sword was barely a sword, short and wide it appeared more like an overgrown knife, and by the looks of it was taken up suddenly from where it was lying in a heap of other miscellaneous weapons. Nonetheless, the dark wolf swung and shoved the thing at him with evident anger behind his blows, and Dorado had to scramble to his feet between attacks to finally put himself into a position to turn defense into offense.

He met him blow for blow and the two males went on like that for a while until more arrows started flying. One of the Salsolans called out the location of the Boreas archers but was swiftly put down for all his efforts, his comrade falling not long thereafter. Daeva snarled and spurred her horse to a better vantage point before returning fire on the archers from the cover of some trees, hoping to distract them from peppering what was left of the scout group still caught in the fray.

"FALL BACK!" She called at the top of her lungs as she loosed another arrow at the archers - striking one in the arm - but she could only hope that the rest of their quickly diminishing band of Infernians and Salsolans had heard her.

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