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Szenne Jan 10th

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It had been a while now since the pair of Abdiel had snuck out of Anathema to the city of Halifax to collect their goods. On the return trip the pair had dug a hole in the ground outside the border in the woods and buried the goods that they had collected from the store house after they'd taken care of that old lady and her son. It wasn't a whole lot, but Ronan considered it a good haul based on the amount of possessions the slaves had owned prior, which would be none. They would leave soon, yes, very soon, but first the pair needed to stock up. Meat, weapons, poisons, whatever the pack had to offer in it's storage, Ronan felt that it owed to them.

Ronan and Szenne had met recently and decided that they would meet at the storage shed in the village, a spot that would be rather inconspicuous for the pair to meet up, unlike one going to the other's place of residence, that might seem a bit alarming to the members of this pack and tip them off to the fact that the pair of slaves had been working together this whole time. Crunching off through the snow, Ronan thought about how he hadn't even seen Nyx is quite a while, but he couldn't give less of a damn about the pale albino girl. She was a nuisance to him, and he wouldn't be bothered to go looking for her. Paws crunching through the snow on his way from the caverns to the storage shed in the village, Ronan had already packed a bag that contained a good supply of meet and two deer pelts that the odd pair of runaway slaves could sleep on in their travels.

But it wasn't enough. Ronan had dug up another empty bag and he brought it into the storage shed with him now after having walked the other out to their hiding place in the woods. Rummaging through the shelves of the storage shed, the grey and brown wolf thought to himself that he'd hit the jackpot as he found his old throwing knives as well as some vials of poisonous plants and herbs that he would be able to utilize for poisoning the tips of his weapons. Ronan knew that Szenne had picked up three bows during their trip to Halifax, and so the dust colored wolf took a bundle of arrows as well and left the pack just inside the door as he waited for Szenne to show up, peering out and tasting the air to be sure that he had not been followed to this place.

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It wasn’t much of a hike between Lukos’ house and the storage shed, and there wasn’t much cover outside of it – so it was a relief to find that Ronan had already gone inside when she got there. With her own bag in hand and stopping to look around once, Szenne ducked into the storage shed and closed the door behind her, finding herself in an awkward face-to-face position in front of her comrade in the small space.

”Hey,” she began, whispering. ”What’d ya take so far?” She moved around him and grabbed about five sheets of leather from a shelf and tried stuffing them into her bag, and then took a flat-sided mallet from her tool belt and threw that in, too. Kneeling on the floor, she looked around, scanning the shelves situated around her and Ronan, looking for something that could come to use for them later.

”Take as much dried food as ya can… Ya don’t know how long it’ll be until we’re settled. And I ain’t about to live off of rats – I dunno boutchu.” She eyed the arrows he had stuffed into his pack, but did not outwardly commend him. She looked around for anything else she could take to do her leather-working. She needed some string to sew the pieces together, but she didn’t see anything like that in there.

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