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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Word Count → 532 :: Open for one or two coyotes of IF who want to turn away this stalkerish, wolfish coywolf.. Lurking around the borders, grabbing skulls. Causing mischief.

It had not been so warm in recent days. In fact, only just recently, he'd faced a snowstorm, despite how careful he was to remain out of its reaches. The lands here were cold, far colder than they were back home. The cold water hurt his feet, soaked his paws and had kept him on two legs most of the time he'd traveled within the borders of this god forsaken place. He swore she would pay when he got his hands on her, for the long weeks of injustice done to his body. No one could have her. Not the shit for brains back in Ceniza Valley, not those friends of hers he'd cut down with his own hands, no coyote that roamed the plains of Nova Scotia.

Willowy hands pushed back the slate colored hair that fell into his face, his fingers curling in a stray strand that remained in place as he willingly pinned the most of it back against the fur of his ears. The overcast sky did little to melt away at the snow that crunched beneath his large feet, the bi-pedaled coy-wolf inching slowly across the tree line that led in the direction of a scent that he knew all too well. Orange eyes landed on the skull bound border of the coyote pack with more than a little apprehension, the curl of his lip against yellowed fangs drawing forth a quiet, but assured growl that held firm in his throat as his steps brought him, willingly, closer to the borders that held her behind them.

He knew she was here, at least her scent had led in this direction and the word of the two strangers a few hours walk away he'd crossed paths with having painted such a vivid picture of the woman who had managed to slip passed their line of sight as they were trading. It was easy to get such things out of strangers who were only out for the right price. He let himself get close enough that he could have reached out to touch at one of the skulls but made no move to actually do so. It wouldn't take long for him to stalk passed the borders, to inch further into the pack lands. Before he did that, though, he wanted to make sure this was where she was.

Instead, he wandered over the scented line, inching forward a few feet at a time, his arms crossed over his chest. It was only when he crossed paths with a large tree, standing beneath the umbra plane of the large branches, covered and slicked with ice and snow, large sickles curling and pointing at the ground and where he stood. He took the plunge of moving closer to the borders, grabbing one wolvish skull stained red by paint, he assumed, or dye.

He couldn't help but let a grin curl at his lips. She had evaded him back at Ceniza Valley, forced him into an unethical situation with one of their herdsmen. He'd been forced to fight against his will while she got away. She needed to be punished. Perhaps this time, she needed to have everything taken from her.

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I figured this thread could use a reply? I don't think anyone dibsed it, and it's been idle long enough. I present to you double trouble, spear-headed by Rialu:



Together they had been walking, if “together” had been meant in more of a looser term; Rialu was always several steps ahead when they went on walks, this only being their third outing. The tall woman always walked briskly, impatiently, as if Virue wasn't quite fast enough with his constant limp. Virue didn't mind being alone however, sauntering along behind her and occasionally calling out to her to say something. Most of the time she ignored him.

Now Rialu’s loud voice broke the silence between them abruptly, causing Virue to stop in his tracks and blink a few times in her direction. “Wh-what?” He asked in confusion.

“I said there's someone at the fucking borders, I can smell ‘em.”

“No, I-I don't think so, th-they would've called.” Virue replied quietly, unsure that anyone would approach without warning, which was merely wishful thinking. Anyone could approach—and attack—as the Boreas contingent had justly shown him.

“What, you can't smell that?! Come on you idiot, it's this way.” With that, she darted off in the direction which she believed the smell was coming from. All Virue could think of, was the decent speed Rialu could obtain in her two-legged form. “Y-yeah, just-” He mumbled, already summoning his own speed to catch up. He neglected to say anything further.

Virue hadn't told Rialu about his anosmia out of fear she might reject him, or bully him as his father had done when he was a child. Virue was simply scared about what she might do or say, as if she were Walker. For some reason, Rialu just seemed to resemble his father; brash, easily-angered, and highly opinionated. It was for this reason he'd kept his lack of smell a secret, although it was only a matter of time before she found out.

They spotted a man lurking around the borders, currently handling one of many wolf skulls which surrounded Inferni. It seemed brazen, and this sort of behaviour unsettled Virue because this was his home. The pair came to a stop, and while Virue thought about what he wished to say, Rialu had her own plans: “What the fuck do you want buddy? Are you lost? We don't do handouts.” She said, stepping forward, her arms crossed with a defiant glare of her dark-red eyes.

Virue stood a few timid steps behind her, watching aghast as Rialu effortlessly escalated the situation. His eyes wandered, following the smooth curve of her bow on her back, along with the quiver he'd brought her. Slowly, he drew over to her side, cautiously eyeing the stranger before letting his own voice into the air. “These are the borders of Inferni, and w-w-” Virue began his usual hesitative stutter, and Rialu intervened. “And we don't appreciate people dicking around our borders without permission,” For a moment the woman's teeth were bared; a fleeting glimpse of aggression to perhaps instill fear, or at least wariness. “so what the fuck is it that you think you're doing exactly?” Rialu questioned accusingly, void of the neutrality which Virue had attempted to maintain previously.
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In the short time they'd known each other Pilot had learned fast her wariness of strangers. He knew not the story of Saffron and Mistral de l'Or, but his observations of Winter Dove during the climax of the religious war against the Boreas had been more than enough. And now, with her brother missing, she strayed often from Infernian borders and sharply interrogated every wayward face she found beyond them. The raven, quiet and wise with age, started to regard and follow her if only out of curiosity and intrigue. Perhaps he wanted to help.

Rarely Pilot spoke, but he cawed a word akin to trespasser in low speech as he drifted by on wind and greying feathers, knowing she would have wanted to know. From her scouting near northern borders Dove followed him, silent, back to the offender.

Dove maintained a distance when she happened upon the stuttering Infernian she scarcely recognized, his companion, and the trespasser in question. In her mind there was no mistake when passing the visible threshold of Infernian borders or touching at them. It was a deliberate act. Standing a number of yards behind Virue, Dove touched an arrow to bowstring and drew it back, poised to shoot, a numbness in her eyes that spoke neither of patience nor neutrality, but viciously unfeeling intent.

Sweeping circles above them, Pilot cawed.

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Word Count → 464 :: ooc goes here

Fidel was not in a position to really back down from what he desired. And that was his sister. Calm, quiet, at least for the most part, he waited earnestly, studious gaze cutting over the skull until finally, he heard something coming at him, saw a flicker of a shadow at the side of his vision. It was only then that he looked up to spot the duo coming at him. A male and a female. Tsk. The male looked weak, the girl less so, but it was hard to really imagine. Women were all the same. This one should have stayed home, watching after the homestead. At least then she wouldn't have crossed paths with him...

It was not his intention to call forth the presence of the local pack. No, if that had been his pension, he'd have already gone in, in search of his sister. The presence that came to find him was made up of at least two canines, one who hugged the ground on all fours, the other who seemed brazen enough to contemplate words that drew the line somewhere between hostile and circumstantial. His yellow gaze cut to them both, ignoring the female before they settled on the male. A hitched grin slowly took place of whatever had been there before. He let the skull drop from his hands without thought, not because he was told to but because they were much more interesting.

His arms crossed over his chest, his tail weaving a quiet, diligent pattern behind him. There was no fear writ over this stranger's face as he drew closer to the border. "Do you always let your bitch speak for you?" he asked Virue, his voice a rich blend of accented words.

His eyes drew to the sky as a bird circled above, his vision cutting a path toward the wooded area around them. Perhaps there was food nearby that the raven sensed. Or death was on the horizon. Perhaps it mattered very little. "You lot have something of mine," he started.. He finally settled a gaze at Virue, ignoring the archer behind the boy who stood with an arrow notched and ready to fly.

"A coyote recently joined your pack. A del Bosque or something like that," he answered quietly, turning his back to the three. "Unfortunately, it was not her place to run along and join a pack. Where we come from, you do not simply leave your family without asking for a blessing. My blessing was not sought and then she had the audacity to leave me again after I caught up with her in Ceniza Valley. Do you know which one I'm talking about? I believe she calls herself Joanna- no, that's wrong... Joaquina."

"I would like her returned to me."

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