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For San! Midday in the swamp.

Salome watched Arnaque creep across the tin roof and position himself to pounce at the sparrows along the further edge, and she wondered whether to do something about it. The witch glanced the gravel around the firepit where a pot was boiling, found a twig, and tossed it gingerly at the roof to scatter the birds. Second and third cats she hadn’t seen among the nearby branches spooked just the same, and it was in that moment Salome de la Croix realized she had a pest problem.

Arnaque leered over the roof’s lip. ”Are you serious?”

”Stop hunting my birds.”

”They aren’t your birds. They’re birds.”

”And you and your friends are freeloaders.” Except for Myrtle, of course. Salome had named several of the cats if only to keep track of them and send them back to the barn due south where they belonged, but she would never send Myrtle away. ”This is my property, so those are my birds. The swamp is full of them. Take your claws somewhere that isn't my house.”

Livid, Arnaque eyed the crane walking the swamp shallows, but seemed to change his mind when Salome began to laugh at his gall. Brooding, the tomcat sprawled on the tin and basked in the sun-warmed roof, plotting his next move. At the firepit, Salome dropped into the boils of her pot a sprig of dried lavender pulled from a knot in her hair, considered the bubbles, and shuffled inside the shack amongst a chorus of chiming bones and bells strung about her person.

Seeing his opportunity, Arnaque scrambled from the tin roof and in a number of graceful bounds, carried himself into the trees and over the swampwater. He leapt for the crane only to lose her to her wings and lose himself to the tar-like water, from which he dragged himself back ashore a miserable, sopping mess moments later.

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i was taller than the rafters, but that's all gone with the wind
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She had put off returning to Fiskebyn from the cabin in the mountains for a great long time, and she hadn't anticipated doing this except for the quiet feeling Lotan had left with her. She recalled the sadness behind his eyes when she'd told him 'soon' - soon she would go home, soon all would be normal again. He'd looked at her then, and she believed he saw some truth in her that perhaps Tiamat had taught him to see, one every child must see of their parents eventually. It was really only after he had gone, really gone, that an effort materialized to return to her rightful home in Krokar.

She was lucky to have her boys after this, for they engulfed her life. As their awareness of the world grew, her own honed to a fine point, and they were at the center of it. They were beautiful to her, elegant and robust and infinitely engaging as only the merging of two vastly different people could be. Born of love and raised by two loving and overly doting parents, they did not want for emotional fulfillment but each, in their own way, reached for the choicest bits of life that they had to offer.

They were old enough now to know many meanings behind the sounds they made, and learned much earlier the ideas of 'do not' and 'danger'. Most importantly, they learned how it was fun to do whatever it was they weren't supposed to do. Naturally, when the Navigator learned of the witch in the Swamp (a peculiar woman and a dangerous place), visiting was all they wanted to do.

Semini hadn't known what to think about another magic maker joining the ranks (a decision she might have protested, or at least waffled about had she been around to offer her voice), and she was still bitter from the last witch to take residence in her heart. But she reminded herself that Salome was a completely unique individual, and the de la Croixs, as far as she knew, had no relationship to the Baroness of Onuba or any other place from her past. In any case, it was worth meeting her before making any judgments, and she was hard-pressed to deny her boys anything.

It still made her fur prickle to trudge into the muddy wilds, with Malik nestled protectively in her arms while his brother bounded excitedly ahead. They came into what she believed was the witch's settlement - a small, strange looking shack and a firepit abandoned temporarily, or so she thought by the boiling pot. She came before it and leaned over curiously. Malik poked his nose forward for a sniff himself, and then thinking better of it, shrank back against his mother.

Bird! Calrian cried. He ran forward, as fast as his little over-sized paws would take him. At the same moment, a great splash resounded through the trees. Semini turned sharply at the noise and saw as the boy stamped his feet into the mud and skid to a halt. Out from the water slunk a muddy creature that looked more swamp than cat. Before she could do or say anything, Calrian wiggled his whole body and pounced at the tom.

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One could not fault the cat for emerging from the mud unprepared for an assault by a child, and the tom reacted defensively as a very small and momentarily disabled creature would. It screeched some mixture of hiss and yowl and, as the shack door creaked and Salome shouted the cat was not friendly, Arnaque retaliated with both claws, swiping at the boy only as long as it took to put space between them. He darted up the nearest tree at his next opportunity and disappeared over the roof.

Accessories clacking and jingling, Salome stopped herself sort at end of the porch. She could not determine whether Arnaque had drawn blood but she knew not to get between a mother and her potentially wounded child (or so Salome assumed of them, anyway). She thundered out to the lawn to glare up at the rooftop and ensure the cat was long gone and shouted a brief but crass curse after him.

She turned to address the mother. "Any blood? Come, bring him inside."

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