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[AW; Amherst; Cluckingham Palace]

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Ved himmelens ende

Stjarna might have known nothing at all about construction but she did know how to find things. It was this part of the task that she had chosen to undertake. She had been given a list of things to look for and bring back with her. Because of that she had brought Hvitr, a satchel, and some rope with her. She figured that the bigger items she could tie on her horse and the smaller stuff she could carry in the bag. She didn't know if she would manage to get everything on the list but she certainly was going to try.

The wolfdog woman had decided to start at closest remnants of a human city and would branch out from there should she have to. She was hoping that most of the items on the list would be able to be found nearby. After all the bad things that had been happening lately she really didn't want to travel too far if she didn't have to. But if she had to then she would because these things were needed no matter what.

She walked down the cracked and broken street with her horse following along behind, though he did pause to graze on the weedy grass that grew up from the asphalt where he could. "So we got to get a lot of wood and nails and wire and paints and other things." She couldn't remember the entire list but she knew most of it. "Need some sort of chicken stuff too." While she couldn't read she figured that if she could find things with the image of a chicken on it then she would know that is what she needed to get. There was no way that she could go wrong if it had a chicken on it, right?

Prompt: With allowances from the Mafiosi, Katinka has put out word that she needs supplies for her project. You may have as many individual threads in which your character gathers supplies as you want - there is no set group thread for this stage. Supplies needed are: Wood, chicken wire, more wood, nesting materials, probably hinges and nails, paint pigments, etc; | [wc — 301]
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[ 000 ] » Hayy ~ hope you don't mind I pop in with Szenne & her bad intentions xD

Amherst hadn’t been her turf per say, but it all was her turf in one way. Szenne walked around like the world owed her something – no matter who it was or if they had nothing to do with Anathema. She had been kept a slave for too long, and it morphed her already angry personality into one that was ruthless and cold. Before, she used to respect others’ hustles and if they didn’t bother her, she didn’t bother them, but now she bothered everyone because everyone owed her. Someone else’s hustle was her hustle now, if she could help it.

She had been meandering along the cracked concrete streets of Amherst, scarcely scavenging when she came upon a few places that she thought she could get some good stuff in. However, anything of blatant value was gone and all that remained was garbage. If she wanted to build something with her bare hands, she would have been in luck – but wood and nails and discarded debris held no value to her at this point. She wanted diamonds, books, or weapons. Anything she could use or trade for something bigger – like a horse.

The clip-clop sound of hooves piqued her interest as she heard them down one of the side streets. Szenne stopped, listening to the sounds, pinpointing where they came from. Then she moved – toward the sound, toward the person. Their horse trailed behind them as they walked toward the shopping district of Amherst. Szenne gauged how easy it would be too take the horse off the woman’s hands, but figured maybe it would be best to get a sense of what she was working with first.

She followed the two of them – the Luperci and the horse – across the street, eyeing their every move. She had a plan up her sleeve, but wouldn’t know how well it would fair in a city that she knew barely anything about.

”Ya here for somethin’ specific?” she asked, calling to them from across the street. There were at least ten feet between the two parties, though Szenne’s voice was pretty loud. ”Anythin’ ya need help with?” Maybe it was presumptuous to assume they were there to find something, but what did their kind go to these cities for if it was not to take something away from it?

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