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R/O | Halifax | FD to Apr 08

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[ 000 ] » Set in Halifax, on Apr 08. Szenne's first encounter with Azalea

Halifax was often quiet on nice, sunny days like this. The only thing heard through the city was the occasional crumbling stone or brick and the flapping of birds’ wings as they took off from way high up. Szenne knew the dangers of the city. She knew there were other vagabonds out there like her and Ronan, but she also didn’t feel the need to fear them. They were all trying to get by, and so was she.

Even after four months of living and breathing Halifax, Szenne never could say she met another canine in the same predicament as herself. She had never met the other gangs that called the city their home. Of course, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly wasn’t good because that meant that they were being watched and it was only a matter of time…

”Looks like ya took a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere, sweetheart.”


”Looks like ya don’t know who the fuck ya talkin’ to, sweetheart.” Szenne growled, dropping her knapsack on the ground and unsheathing the dagger from her belt. She walked towards the woman who had been sitting calmly on a broken brick ledge, swinging her scarred, white leg.

”Don’t waste no time, do ya? Care to tell me what you’re doing so close to my turf?” The white femme lowered her lilac eyes to her black nails, which she examined uninterestedly.

Szenne laughed. ”What turf? Where was you the last three months I been livin’ out here? Who da fuck ya think ya are?”

”Who I think I am is not the problem here. It’s who you think you are. Where’d ya come from anyway?”

”Why’s it even matter?”

”Because it does. Would ya just answer the question?”


This seemed to pique the white wolf’s interest. ”Oh, really? Ya know a woman named Axelle?”

”Yeah, my buddy almost took her out.” Szenne stopped to chuckle and reminisce. ”Weak, if ya ask me. Just like the rest of ‘em.”

Weak? Ya must not know Axelle that well.”

”What’s it to ya?” Szenne growled, growing impatient.

”Anathema do something to ya? Why the hate? Ya seem like ya would fit right in.”

The white wolf’s answer made Szenne chuckle again. The mere insinuation brought her blood to a rapid boil. ”Nah, I would never join ‘em bastards willingly. They took my boys and me hostage and made us slaves. Again, bitch, what’s it to ya?”

The white wolf just chuckled, slowly rising from the brick wall she sat upon. Her black armor stood out strikingly brilliant against her pallid fur. There they stood, spewing unnecessary questions at each other when they should’ve just been defending what was theirs. Luckily, Halifax wasn’t where Szenne called home, only Thornhill was. Though, she didn’t like knowing there was another crew so close by. And she didn’t need to see that she was surrounding by five grunts to know there was a crew somewhere nearby. The woman’s confidence told her all she needed to know.

”Looks like we’re not so different after all. Would ya believe it if I told ya that’s how my relationship with Anathema started?” The white femme chuckled, looking over her shoulder down the street. ”Yeah, they took me and another member of my gang – sorry son of a bitch – back with them in hopes of turning us into laborers… Only that didn’t happen for me. This Axelle I spoke of, she actually helped me out. It’s a shame she couldn’t do the same for you.”

”And why do I care again?” Szenne spat back, rolling her eyes. ”Look, ya gonna do somethin’ about me for movin’ on ya turf or what? I’m hungry. I don’t got all day to reminisce about Axelle wit ya.”

”Ya look like ya got something good going for yourself. I’ve been watching ya come through this city a couple times now. Ya always bringing back some goods. Ya need some extra muscle?” the white wolf offered, unsheathing her own dagger in the process.

”Are ya tryna distract me wit a proposal? ‘Cause that’s what it looks like.”

Distract? Nah, not that, but it’s good that ya recognized the proposal because that’s all it is. If ya deny it, I’ll go back to living on my own and defending my turf now.”

”Eat shit, bitch.” And then the white wolf did what she had to do to defend her turf. The fight was quick, only needing to be, before she got Szenne on the ground, and made off with her knapsack.

Szenne returned to Thornhill later that night with a few new slices and bruises, and with one less knapsack.

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