gentleness clears the soul, love cleans the mind

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Even if she rarely got out (a ridiculous expression in her opinion, implying that one needed to run around when it was often best to conserve energy) there was very little that Versace Inferni did not know about. It helped that she had a habit for listening even when she wasn't supposed to, but she was something of a priest and considered it a sacred duty to listen to confessions. A person didn't even need to know if they were confessing, really – sometimes people were more honest when they thought no one was listening. Her role was not as formal as she had long-considered making it, dissuaded by thoughts of her own afflictions, but she kept the gospel and she offered wisdom to those who would listen.

Her sense of smell wasn't particularly good, but she saw things easily enough, and people were easy to read if one spent a lifetime observing.

She shifted one of the straps around her chest. Though she sensed her puppies would not need milk much longer, her breasts had not shrunk and become cumbersome things to do much of anything that required anything physical like running. Her looser maternity clothes felt more comfortable, especially when her figure had not shrunk like it had after her last birth. Versace still preened like a handsome bird and admired herself in the dirty mirror in her room, but she felt changed.

War did that, she supposed. Inferni had suffered many conflicts, and its most recent had struck her family's fragile new growth – but Omar had survived, and they continued to grow, and this was the way of things. The Clan provided everything one needed, and this made her proud.

So seeing a coyote who failed to take advantage of this – or worse, as she suspected secretly, deny it outright – woke the sort of holy righteousness in her that demanded action.

Oh Dove! Versace called, hailing the younger woman. She urged her towards the kitchen as she spoke, turning her head every so often to address her puppies: Are you – hey! Stay here! – able to help me for a little while? I sent my bird to get Antioch but – No! That's too hard! – I could use some help until he gets here.

She swept over to her children, hoisting them up from the ground in one motion. They yapped and squirmed, while she turned back to the silvery coyote.

These are my youngest, Adina and Jethro.

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