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Mandatory pack meeting.

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Word Count → 332 :: Dated 16th April. Mandatory - all characters must reply once to this thread, before the 1st May.
Headache throbbing with a persistence that deserved an award, he made his way through the Estate, settling on the lounge, letting loose a howl, summing the pack, before collapsing into one of the chairs. Dealing with the endless rain was bad enough, but the rising humidity, combined with the extensive rat population making their home in the estate seemed to have resulted in some sort of disease spreading around the livestock; so far only the calf, born to the cow that had been gifted to them from Midnight Shores after their disbandment.

Whilst he wasn't going to weep over the loss of a cow; truth be told, he was border line celebrating the death, having never wanted the damn animals in the first place. Unfortunately it didn't seem to be restricted to the cattle, with a few of the older feral cats around the estate and kittens also showing symptoms: lacking knowledge of just how far this disease would spread, counter measures needed to be implemented to control it.

One thing the did know was that the surplus of rats seemed to be too much of a coincidence, leaving them to be the prime suspect of the spread of disease.

Allowing for some time to pass, watching as the room filled up with bodies, he waved a hand for everyone to settle down, speaking up only when silence was achieved.

“I'll keep this short and sweet. There is a disease spreading around and with the rat population out of control, it seems likely they are the cause. Counter measures, including poison usage, are going to be implemented to kill them off,” pausing to allow to that to sink in, he sighed, feeling weary oer this entire situation already.

“Do not touch the bodies, keep kids and pets away from the poison. If you, or your pets start to show symptoms, go to a medic. We're setting up a quarantine to try and isolate the spread of the disease. Any questions?”

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Optime | Governement Estate; Lounge | Backdated: April 16th | NPCs: Vepar, Sully (+457)

Spring Sickness plot.

1of 2 from me, gdi, Kitty xD

When the rains had first started, Skana had thought nothing of it. It was spring, and as the saying went, April showers bring May flowers. She’d seen her fair share of inclement weather, and could recall of a more turbulent time two years prior. Her owl, Thanos, had all but made himself a permanent fixture in the Creo family’s Estate room. The last time the land had received so much rain, he had lost his mate and had nearly died himself. Skana didn’t mind, but the obvious change in his nature had concerned her children and mate who had not been privy to how the owl had come to be part of their little family.

So, while the weather was rather mild in comparison to the previous year’s disasters, it did not come without its own issues. The nasty, warm, muggy weather made the world uncomfortable and have a constant feeling of dampness. On top of that, a noticeable increase in rats around the territory—particularly the Estate—didn’t help sooth Skana’s worries that this year’s spring would go by as harmlessly as she had previously hoped. The nasty vermin had eaten their way into some of the herbs the Creo had set out to dry, and, apparently, had found their way into some of Keir’s stash as well.

As if the rats weren’t enough, Keir had informed her that some of the communal animals had started to show signs of illness as well. Illness in the new calf, in some of the cats, a possible likelihood that it might spread to the horses or other livestock? Spring was supposed to be a time of birth, not of death! Their concerns were brought to Nivosus, and it appeared the result of their conversation was one the reasons for the rallying howl.

Skana filed into the lounge with her brother and husband not far behind her. Both of the dark males flanked either side of her like shadowy bodyguards. Her children, she was sure, would arrive promptly enough. The trio settled near the edge of the room, as had been their norm for pack gatherings since the Creo siblings’ Anathema days. They spoke in hushed tones as they waited for the rest of the pack to show up, quieting when Nivosus finally motioned for everyone’s attention.

News of the strange illness spreading around the pack was addressed, along with ways to—hopefully—contain it and keep it from further spreading. Skana hoped that the infected few would be all that would suffer, but, already, her mind had started to worry if what they had in the stores would be enough if the disease became a pack-wide epidemic.

Skana Creo
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Optime | Governement Estate; Lounge | Backdated: April 16th | NPCs: Saleos (yNPC of Skana) (+322)

Spring Sickness plot.

2 of 2 from me! Probably first and only posts from my two!

Skana had noticed the signs a lot faster than Asura had, and it was a reminder that the yearling had a lot to learn before she could even hold a candle to her mother’s skill level. A little rain, and bit of warm weather, a rise in the rat population, the Creo daughter hadn’t seen the connection of it all until she’d overheard her mother and Keir talking about the strange anomalies combined with the odd symptoms seen in the livestock and a few of their fellow packmates.

Her mother had reassured her that, in time, Asura would be able to recognize things like that quicker. The art of medicine wasn’t something that was learned within a few months of apprenticeship. The fact of the matter still remained in the youth’s thoughts though, and she’d tried to distract herself with practicing fighting techniques with her brother. Saleos had been about to gain the upper hand in their little spar when the Sagax called for a meeting.

Sheathing their weapons, the sibling pair debated on who the winner would have been as they made their way to the meeting area. It appeared to be the lounge this time versus the main entrance as the last had been. Asura and Saleos crossed the threshold with a few other pack mates. They spotted their parents and uncle easily enough. The wolf-dominate adults stood on the taller side, as well, they stood on the edges of those gathered versus being in the thick of it.

The siblings made their way over to stand with the rest of their family up until Nivosus began the meeting. Asura’s onyx ears pricked as the Sagax spoke of the issue at hand. Her turquoise eyes slid to her mother when he mentioned medics and a quarantine area. No doubt, her mother and Keir would have their hands full if things got worse.

Asura Creo

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is fearr rith maith ná drochsheasamh

It was no secret that there was a sickness spreading. It was not the sole motivator for their travels, but definitely a significant factor influencing the Irish mutts to abandon their life as loners and find a community.
Being the hospitable canine that he was, Kofei felt it was partly his responsibility as an older relative to at least look out for his newly arrived younger cousin.
That, and he knew his mother would skin him alive if she was to find out he refused to assist his kin.

She seemed ridden with something, but for the time being the Celtic hybrid didn't assume that it was anything more severe than a simple cold. The weather was changing, she was in a new land, and Kofei wasn't quick to rule out that the youth hadn't gotten into something she shouldn't have.
Still, it was better safe than sorry, and there was no reason to knowingly risk either of them fall to failing health.

The Novus himself felt fine. A bit weary and minor aches here and there, but that wasn't completely uncommon for anybody.

So, he was aware of something causing sniffles and sneezes.
But it wasn't until he'd heard it was suspected of taking the life of a calf that the foreign male worried over the seriousness of the disease.

When the meeting was called, he was sure to hurry out and see for himself what actions were being taken to prevent further devastation.
He took notice of the rats upon joining and touring the Government Estate for a room, though it was initially no red flag for the Irishman. Rodents were everywhere back home, as well as throughout the crumbling city of Halifax where he spent most of his time as a loner. It hadn't crossed his mind that they could be connected to something worth calling a meeting over.

As the male before them spoke (new to the pack, he was still learning names and faces), it was clear a logical plan was being implemented to keep the disease from dispersing through the pack. Poison seemed extreme, but it necessary if they were to save possible food sources as well as the lives of pups much more disabled by a sickness of any sort.
Kofei gave a soft sigh and a nod in understanding.

It was back to being better safe than sorry.

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Word Count → 381 :: --
The call carried through the air beckoning her back to the estate. Feet instantly fell into line as she followed her way along a familiar path that lead from the borders. Whatever the call was about it had sounded serious and thus the Nemain warrior wasted no time in her retreat home.

The rain pelted her frame as she picked her way home, mud splashing up and coating her feet as she made her way through the forest. This time of year was known for its mess of rain storms, but she did not remember the relentless downpour that lasted days. Usually the weather was broken up by sun if not overcast days, but the miserable drizzle carried on threatening to flood them out. That had been the biggest fear on her mind until she made her way into the estate.

Inky muzzle gave a good shake when she passed quietly through the entrance and into where Niv's voice traveled along. Hands moved up to her hood to peel it off her body as it was soaking wet. Kadir made a mental note to start a fire later on to help dry out her clothing as she did not need to get sick with this miserable weather. After drying herself as best she could the Sodalis made her way through the house and towards the large gathering of the entire pack, eyes lifted as she looked to pick out her mother and brothers. Olive eyes turned to Nivosus as he began to speak arms crossing around her rib cage as she took in what he had to say.

Kadir had already been aware of the growing rat population, which is why she had adopted the stray feral kitten from the forest. They needed better rat control as some of their current mousers appeared to be getting lazy. Perhaps laziness was not the reason though and a sickness was starting to spread through them. Disgusted the girls lips lifted in a snarl annoyed with the pests previously and her hatred for them growing stronger. She would be sure to offer her help in ridding the estate and all of Sapient of the disease infested creatures. One calf is all she hoped they would loose as her mind wandered to worry about Isolt.

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Word Count → 250 :: Out of Character text
Sleep seemed to be eluding him of late; between the rain pelting down on his rooms windows and the humidity, it felt like forever since he'd actually gotten enough sleep to consider himself well rested. Drained of energy, each day was quickly becoming a haze, thought process disoriented and his attention span shot to hell; if asked, he couldn't really give any details as to what, exactly, he'd been up to lately, other than thinking about how damp everything was.

Oh, and the rats. There was no way he could forget about them.

Twice now he'd found one of the vermin in his rooms, killing the pests and throwing them out to scavengers or one of the resident cats, who for whatever reason seemed to be slacking more and more each day, allowing for the rodents population to flourish and drive him nuts. Their very presence alone made him feel dirty, made his environment dirty. Although unless the cats started doing their jobs, he couldn't think of a way to get rid of such a large scale population growth.

Dragging himself through the halls, he waltzed into the lounge, scanning the space and spying his sister already there, along with an unfamiliar face. Sticking his tongue out at Kadir and making a rude hand gesture, he found a space along the wall, leaning there and listening to what Nivosus and the others had to say.

Well, at least now he had an idea on what to do with the rats.

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Word Count → 294 :: Out of Character text
Taking to the borders to enforce the new claim more, she'd only been back for an hour, sitting by the small fire in her room and changing into dry clothes, scrubbing her hair and patting it down to try and drain some of the water out of the mess. Brushing it through was near mission impossible, fingers combing through it and hitting knot after knot; resigned to her fate, she sought out her bone brush, sitting on her bed with a resigned sigh and beginning the horrid task of working the knots out from the bottom up.

Then the summons went up.

Throwing the brush, she heard it crash against something, then clatter to the ground, Growling low, she rummaged around for a leather tie, pulling the mass up and shoving it all into a messy bun; not the kind that looked good, but the kind that was honestly an unflattering mess. At least it was out of the way.

Heading out of her room, she made her way down the stairs and into the lounge, scanning the crowd and spying her youngest two. Pausing in the doorway, a hand on her shoulder had her turning to find Ruari, who looked over at the youngest, snickering and shaking his head.

“Well that's a surprise, in attendance and behaving,” he commented, earning a raised brow from her.

“Pot meet kettle,” she muttered, stepping in and clearing the doorway. Settling against one of the walls, it wasn't long before the meeting was underway and didn't come as much as a surprise. Finally something was being done about the rats, although it was somewhat worrisome that the disease was versatile enough to infect both cats and the cattle; she'd have to check on Killian later.

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Word Count → 239 :: Out of Character text
There were certain states of mind that came with parent hood that he'd forgotten, after all he'd had his kids young and had not expected to have any more in his life. Now though, he was becoming all to familiar with the desire to grab his children and throw them out the window – oh he wouldn't, but the mental picture was very much enjoyable, given that they were being absolute nightmares. His head was killing him, he was exhausted and to top it all off, his leg was hurting more than normal today just to spite him.

Of course, that was when the children decided they wanted to eat something that gave them extra energy, the two running around at full speed, chewing at everything within their grasp, eating things they really shouldn't. They weren't even doing it in one space, but on opposite sides of the room, just to ensure he had to dart between one and the other.

And then there was the call for a pack meeting.

Ready to rip his hair out, he scooped up one, then the other, not pausing to let them wiggle free, marching down the stairs and into the lounge, releasing the hell spawns once inside. The rest of the pack could deal with them; at least he was here to hear the meeting.

Poison. Yet another thing he'd have to try and stop the terrors from eating. Just great.

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Word Count → 215 :: Out of Character text
Yawning wide, he took his sweet time making his way to the communal lounge where the meeting had been called, stepping inside the room and eyeing those that had gathered, before spying an empty ledge by one of the windows, moving over to there and perching upon it. Curling his ponytail around his fingers, he waited for the meeting to her under way, still half asleep from his afternoon nap – between morning practice with swords, patrolling and managing the paper work for his trades, he'd quickly run out of motivation and energy, needing that nap to be able to make it through the remainder of the day.

When everyone who could come seemed to have gathered, Nivosus began to fill everyone in on what this was about; disease spreading, with the heightened populace of rats seeming to be the cause. With the local feral cats being infected, that would seem to explain how the rats had manage to flourish as they had, although certainly concerning if it could infect cows, Neptune may be at risk.

As much as the horse was a colossal pain in his backside, he couldn't afford to lose the stallion – that and it was one of the few belongings he still had that his mother had gifted to him.

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She slipped into the lounge as silently as she could, seeing by the amount of canines that she was a bit late. She settled into the corner, letting out a quiet sniff; the pack had an illness running through it, and she was beginning to see the signs of the first symptoms, as well. She furrowed her brows at her runny nose, lifting her arm to wipe a smattering of stray snot on her sleeve.

She turned her attention towards Nivosus as he began to speak. She nodded when he spoke of the disease, but stopped in her tracks when he mentioned the rats being the likely cause. You know. The rats. The ones that she'd made jerky out of just a few days ago. Well, damn, she chided herself, shaking her head. Oh, well. Live and learn. Better throw the rest of it out...

Idle chatter blossomed in the hall, and Brandy scratched behind her ear, sniffing - a sound which resembled an elephant with a trumpet stuck in its trunk more than anything else. She scanned the crowd, hoping that none of them found the sound 'distasteful', a word that she still wasn't really certain of the meaning of.

201 words

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