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POSTED: Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:52 pm

This is the AW greeting for the Casa spectators and champions. Free post and also non mandatory. I have assumed that Jazper and Aly is already up there with him.

Silvano stood in the amphitheater that someone had so lovingly constructed for their kingdom. He did not much remember who, but he knew it had involved the Dauphin and some of the Catori family. So, this was, in truth, a very fitting place to greet the visitors, even if it was a little bit deep into their territory. But, after all, for the duration of this event, travel between the two was unlimited and they had the freedom to move across the borders if they hailed from one pack or the other. So, Silvano had decided that the amphitheater, with ample space for not only his pack but maybe even a good pack and a half of equal size, and that was what Casa was. All of their people could fit comfortable in the open air amphitheater, with its wooden stage and log seats - felled trees cut in half the long way or even just rolled into ditches to make the seating.

As everyone filtered in, and the man was pleased to beam at his family as he stood in the same regalia that he had worn on the first day of the tournament in Casa. The cloak was definitely helpful with the wind coming off the eastern sea, and he was happy to be snug in it. The blue and white scarf his mother had woven him ages past was wrapped over the crimson cloak and around his neck, snug against his jaws. The sword he now carried everywhere was at his hip but hidden by the cloak as he stood at the very center of the stage. His uncle and his mate stood next to him and waited.

This was his pack, his home, and he knew that many of his members had a flair for the pagentry. Plenty had before him and he would continue the tradition, though it was a much duller, much more diluted pagantry than previously. Silvano was not the type to play pretend anymore; once he began to shift, those imaginings ended. As soon as he became the Constable half a year ago, the dreams of becoming a Knight ended as it had come true, more or less. These were his subjects and he was their King, and he was here to bring them entertainment. Someone had once said, give them circuses and bread. Panem et circenses.

"Welcome members of Casa di Cavalieri! As you welcomed us to your home, we welcome you to ours for the rest of the Tournament," the King began, hands firmly on his waist as the cloak billowed out to accomodate his jutting elbows, the material cascading heavily around the shape. "We saw some marvelous performances the past couple of days and we hope to see our Champions doing their best." He smiled at the crowed, feeling the nervous flutters dying down. It seemed this public speaking thing got better the more he did it, especially with so many people.

"At the end of this Tournament, we will be hosting a ball at the Chien Hotel, in our ballroom. It's a great chance to show off your best clothes and dance, and food and music will be provided for. If you need any help in our Court, asking a member and they will be able to help you with finding where to go." He touched his uncle's shoulder in a friendly manner, supporting his once-relative with a grin. "Anyone staying here will be accommodated in the Hotel; there are plenty of rooms for all."

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Trent had heard about the competition, though he didn't enter himself. He'd probably just give someone else a free ticket to win if he would, so Trent decided to not even bother. He was excited to see the new wolves in the pack, though, just for the tournament, and figured that just by watching he would be able to learn a lot. Trent had never done archery or fighting much -- though he was practising on the latter, to live up to his rank -- and he looked forward to watch the matches and see how the Casa and Cour des Miracles did. And, of course, cheer on the Court wolves.

Trent didn't visit the amphitheatre often, but it reminded him of the former Dauphin. He hadn't forgotten the last night they spent together at his room, and truthfully wished there had been more. But he hadn't looked the Dauphin up again and before he knew it, his death was announced... Such a pity.

Silvano stood on the stage with other wolves, from the knight pack, and Trent watched them curiously as Silvano spoke.

Trent searched for older in the crowd, but he couldn't see the stable master presently. Maybe it was for the best. Trent really wanted to see Alder, because -- he never thought he would when they last saw each other and fought, but it was true -- he really missed talking to Alder and being with him, but upon various visits to the stables he hadn't showed his face, and maybe it was a sign that Alder didn't want to see him at all...

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POSTED: Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:38 pm

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All the hustle and bustle of the tournament had not gone unheard of by Roselle, who had been informed, several times over, of it by her golden knight-in-training. Skoll had been bursting at the seams with excitement and he was, if nothing else, infectious. It had given her something to look forward to, and while she was hardly a fighter herself, she found the concept one that brought up fantasies of fair ladies and their champions, and even gone so far as to scrub the musk and remnants of dirt from her colorful poncho and gloves. Satisfied with this, she had cleaned herself appropriately well and even gone so far as to wash her hair with the excess milk left behind from Orin’s delivery.

That had conditioned her hair to the point it did not simply shine, but glow like well polished wood. She was not a creature immune to ego or flattery, and had indeed spent many a waking moment admiring the way it looked in the broken and tarnished mirror within her home. Even the necklace she had never taken off looked somehow brighter and cleaner, though she had begun to think of dark things each time she saw it. Still, under her blue and green patterned wool, the old thing was well hidden.

There were an immense number of people, and Roselle hung back, uncertain of herself. She was peaked by the mention of a ball, and oh, how she imagined what that might entail. Most of her clothes were made for these heavy winters, but she did have one thing, hidden away, that would bring out the Entertainer she had once been. Thinking of this, and smiling as she did so, Roselle looked over the strangers and wondered at their home. Knights and Kings all of these mythical ideas were almost unreal, but here they were.

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Ici on est tous des frères, dans la joie dans la misère

Hati had enjoyed his stay in Casa di Cavalieri more than he had expected to -- the majestic fortress, the warhorses and warriors, it all felt like a kingdom spun from a fairytale. The meals were generous and the lodgings comfortable, and he had not felt so out of place despite the emphasis on combat and competition. Had he possessed a braver soul, he could almost see himself taking a longer stay and getting a feel for their culture. But Hati was a homebody, and he had breathed an audible sigh of relief once Asagi's hooves carried him over the border of the Court. It was good to be back where he belonged. The scent of sea salt was crisp in the cold air, the familiar breeze carrying tidings of the rocky coast and the ever-present ocean at their backs. Those few nights were the longest he had ever been away from his birthplace, and he could admit to himself that it stirred a terrible homesickness, one that waned with every deep breath he inhaled.

He had broken off from the main party to ride swiftly to the stables, wanting to turn Asagi loose in the pasture and give her some time to cool down and rest before the day of the race. He hung up her tack and gave her a thorough rubdown, only letting her trot off once she passed his inspection. A quick check on the rest of the herd let him know that the barn had not burned down in his absence, and all the horses were quite all right without him. He tried to offer Luneth a greeting as he passed her stall, but the feral mare aimed a fierce kick at the little door separating them, and he scurried meekly back outdoors to attend the welcome speech at the amphitheater. He would reconnect with her later.

It was energizing to be on his home turf again, he mused as he walked along the snow. So much of it held meaning to him. The amphitheater was a place of nostalgia for Hati, one he attached a great deal of sentiment to. He and his mother had helped to build it all those seasons ago, working together with Asagi to till the earth and pull the logs into place. Of course, he wasn't sure how much help he could really have been, he was so young and shy at the time... but still, he had been included in something so integral to his home, and it was one of the memories he held dear when he thought of his late mother. She had been kind to let him tag along and feel wanted, when he was so easily overshadowed and forgotten about.

Hati had arrived while lost in thought, and glanced up to see Silvano in his regalia, flanked by the striking Cavalier leaders. He gave a respectful bow in case any of the rulers happened to catch sight of him, and chose to mingle at the outskirts of the gathering. He took his seat quietly so as not to disturb anyone, smiling sadly as he rubbed the cold surface of the log bench, wondering if it was one of the same pieces he had assisted with. The rich tones of his King's voice reverberated through the acoustics of the outdoor theatre, extending their hospitality to the visitors that had already shared their homes the same way. Hati was impressed with how Silvano had grown into the role -- the first time he had addressed their kingdom, there had been doubt whether or not the Sadira wolf was suited to lead. Now it was clear that he commanded respect, and Hati would dutifully obey him. It would always be strange, though, to call another man "King" after that had been his father's throne...

He straightened in his seat as the speech concluded, letting his pale eyes dart about the crowd. He would assist any Cavalier that needed directions or accommodations, they only needed to ask. They were honored guests, and he would be sure to show them that the Court was just as congenial and venerable as their own fort. He would even assist with the cooking, if his rudimentary skills were required. He was certain it was everything his mother would have done, had she still been with them.

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Here is the dress Orin is wearing... Word Count :: 637

News of the tournament between Cour des Miracles and Casa di Cavalieri had spread to most of the Court already, yet the air still buzzed when it finally came time for the King, Silvano, to announce the official kick off of the games. She was no competitor in these games – after all, the only thing she might be able to do was participate in the Archery competition, and surely they would not approve her to be a contestant for fear of her shooting someone’s eye out and likely starting a war between the peaceful packs – yet nonetheless, she was thrilled about the festivities. This would be a time to meet and mingle with new friends from a neighboring pack. She and Mars had worked diligently on the costume shop, so perhaps some new customers might patronize their store. Oh, and she had so many pretty things to wear and show off! Of course, today, on the first day, she kept it elegant and simple.

Keeping in tradition with her passion, as well as the vein of the two packs, Orin chose a simply cut light green medieval replica dress. The garment exposed her collar, whilst having long, dagged sleeves, an ornamental belt piece, and the slightest peek-a-boo sandy material showing between the opening of the outer skirt. She thought it was a fine dress to wear for the public gathering; she could move in it, yet it showed off Mars’s fine workmanship. If anyone asked her about the dress she would quickly and happily reply where they might find the tailor’s services, and their shop. And this was just a taste, to be sure, for the night of the ball would be exquisite.

Orin had already donned her dress by the time the gathering call resounded, and was affixing a copper circlet about the crown of her head to hold her hair back when the excitement of it all overcame her. She tossed the circlet aside and made her way to the Amphitheatre.

As many others before her, she arrived from the back of the theatre. Her amber eyes gazed down at the gathering with wonder, and the low murmur of the crowd made her heart pound with the pure joy of it all. She began to walk down the aisle to find herself a seat – oh, she wanted to sit right at the front! – and was a short ways down when she glanced over her shoulder and caught sight of the almond shaded dog woman, clad in the lovely shades of blues and greens.

“Roselle!” She squeaked, and began making her way upstream against the others on their way in. The French woman seemed to be lurking at the back of the theatre. Maybe she felt uncomfortable in such a big crowd, not knowing very many people here. Well, whether she liked it or not, she had a friend now.

Orin made her way back up to Roselle, beaming a sunny grin at her as she went. The excitement of the moment was written all over her features, even in the way she walked. “Eee… I’m so excited. It’s the beginning of the Tournament. I wonder what the King is going to say. Will he announce the champions?” She turned back to the stage and interlaced her fingers, then held her clasped hands to her breast, the picture of a lady waiting to watch an announcement from their gallant king.

She hushed and stopped fidgeting once the King stepped forward. The noblesse was already on stage, but when it was time for the King to speak the crowd hushed. His speech was short, sweet, and to the point, and Orin found herself ten times as riled up about the tournament than ever before. When he was finished, she couldn’t help but applaud for the upcoming festivities.

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