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POSTED: Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:17 pm

Arlen Stryder
WC: 366| OOC: CdC sickness thread for Acacia and Teagan dated April 25th

In the beginning, the rains had been fun. Welcome even, for the first few days. After the first week though Arlen had had enough. He was tired of always feeling wet and gross. Don't even get him started on how difficult it was to clean the mud off of himself after several days worth of exposure. At first, when they had been all let off of their regular chores and duties, Arlen had been one of the many youths to take advantage and go out to play in the foul weather. Now, there was very little that could convince him to go out in to the muck.

Yet here he was, miles from home, on his way to a foreign pack. He glanced back momentarily to check that his sister was still following him. Sure enough, she was. Part of him was thrilled to be a part of this expedition to another pack and another part was terrified. This wasn't a social call. Their own pack was getting dangerously ill dangerously fast and it wasn't clear just how widespread this illness was or how to stop it. His father was among the first ill and didn't seem to be getting any better anytime soon.

"So when we get there... Do we just call for someone to show up?" He looked to his older sister for guidance and comfort during these trying times, though it didn't always seem it. Unfortunately for Teagan, Arlen had the role of annoying little brother down pat and even this simple, genuine question, somehow managed to seem antagonizing. Oh the wonders of siblings. Once he got his answer, he nodded and picked up the pace on all fours. "Alrighty then."

When they finally arrived on the borders, Arlen hesitated, again looking to the woman for guidance. He'd never done this before, what if he did it wrong? After a few more seconds of indecision, the red Stryder lifted his lips to the sky and cried out. Hopefully, Acacia would be the one to answer. Arlen felt more comfortable with the idea of a familiar face coming to greet them. "And now we just wait? That's lame..."

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Sorry for the late reply >_____<

Teagan had started to become very much done with the rains. More than a few Cavaliers had suffered since they had started, and there was only a marginal show of improvement in those effected by the illness. The Stryders had been lucky enough to avoid catching it for the most part, and, even better, so too seemed Teagan’s companion animals. Perhaps being away from the pack as much as possible had paid off after all. It had been one of the reasons she had volunteered to check and see how the surrounding packs were doing.

At first, the older-sibling part of her had moaned at thought of having to drag her little brother along with her. It would have been quicker to just ride out to the Court atop Apollo. It would have been quicker if the whole ordeal had been as straightforward as she had had in mind. Arlen had proven more than capable of keeping up though, and, that had, perhaps, put him in her good graces for a repeated event—though, she hoped it would be for different reasons if there was a next time.

Their visit wouldn’t be a social one. They were there to see how bad and widespread the damage of the rains really was. Hopefully, for their sake, the Court had fared better than the Cavaliers.

She let Arlen pace ahead of her as they neared the borders. He appeared eager as ever, and while Teagan was curious too to see how the weather had affected Cour des Miracles, she didn’t want to appear hasty or on edge. It wouldn’t do if they gave off the appearance of the knights being in dire need of help.

Arlen turned and asked a rather rhetorical question, one made obvious by Teagan’s unamused exhale of air. No, we stand there and they’ll magically know that there’s someone on their borders,” she grumbled sarcastically, having had enough of his annoying, obvious questions since they’d left the Fort’s gates. He’s new to this, she had to remind herself, and she let out a sigh after a moment, deciding to be kind. She clarified, “Yes.”

Once at the borders, she was thankful his initial pause didn’t lead to another “dumb” question to be asked. He turned up his head and let out a summoning howl, and, quietly, the older Stryder nodded in approval. She moved to stand beside her brother. Her canary eyes roved over the landscape beyond the invisible border, searching for any signs of a Courtier moving to receive them. One of her ears flickered when Arlen asked yet another question and offered commentary.

“Hnn,” she snorted, only slightly amused, “Yeah. If we’re lucky, they’ll arrive quickly.” Her gaze shifted to the grey skies above them. “And hopefully, it’ll be before it starts raining again…”

Teagan Stryder

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POSTED: Tue May 30, 2017 3:18 pm

Word Count → 545 :: Sorry about the wait!
With the disease having began to slow down until it seemingly disappeared – of course, only after having ripped it's way through the land, wildlife and pack as a whole without any discrimination or mercy, the days that followed after the rain left him unsettled. There was no other way to describe what he was feeling: it was like each second he was waiting for the other foot to drop, holding his breath and expecting the disaster to come right back.

Snorting, he massaged the bridged of his muzzle and space between his eyes, of which rolled at the melodramatic way his thoughts were turning. Certainly he still concerned, but living life always wondering what would happen next was tiring, using energy up on absolutely nothing. It wasn't his place to worry about or deal with such things: he was a Lord, nothing more. Ranked just enough not to be bottom of the food chain, yet low enough not to have expectation or too much work.

Just the way he liked it.

Most of his morning had been spent in the library, curled up around the book and only fiction to keep him company. The solitude was what he sought just as much as the adventure on the pages: it wasn't just fiction that he read: anything really. Trivial knowledge was just as intriguing to him as the stories he found. He liked reading, liked knowing stuff; it gave him entertainment on a level actually interacting with others so rarely did.

There were exceptions of course, those that had so far offended or otherwise bored him less than others. That may not have been the most fair of judgements, given that everyone he knew was either family or crusty old pack mates who were elders, not friends.

Remaining in the comfort of the library, flipping page after page, the sound of approaching footsteps had him dropping his book and scrambling to get away. There was likely chores or something he was meant to be doing, but alas he really did not want to do it. Under his questionable logic, if no one ordered him to do it, there was no work to be done.

Just to play it safe though, he headed to the borders. Admittedly not something he was allowed to do on his own, everyone questioning his age and skill, despite his rank. It was better to walk them, then to potentially get caught and dragged to help, entertain or otherwise interact with his pack mates. Familiar to him now, he walked the borders in a daze: it was hardly his first rodeo on them and wouldn't be his last.

Everything was the same and boring, right up until a voice called out. Ears flicking back, pinning against his hair, he frowned, placing the voice: it took him awhile, for one encounter wasn't what he'd call a close association. Still, the male was a welcome presence, one he eagerly began to jog to, grinning wide (although a little winded) when he finally covered the distance, the male coming into sight, accompanied by an unfamiliar female.

“Now what brings you to our borders,” he called out as he swaggered his way over to them, a bit more sway to his hips than necessary.

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Arlen's older sister seemed unamused by his serious, if unnecessary, questions. Rolling his eyes at her sarcastic answers, he stuck out his tongue before calling out for someone to greet them. After, he turned to Teagan with a pleased look. "I'm not as stupid as you seem to think I am, you know." If there was a playful growl in his voice, he didn't acknowledge it. As she looked to the sky, he nodded though she likely couldn't see it. "I'm tired of the rains."

In a short(ish) amount of time, their summons was answered by none other than Acacia. His grin split from ear to ear and his tail wagged hard enough that his hips swung in time with it, occasionally whacking the other Stryder's side with his enthusiasm. "Hey, Acacia! It's great to see you." And the boy truly meant it. Based on a swift head to toe glance (and if his glance lingered a bit on the other boy's hips, who was to notice), the boy's friend seemed to be in good health, unaffected by illness.

He turned an ear to his sister before introducing her. "This is my sister, Teagan. Teagan, this is Acacia. I met him a..." His eyes widened as he realized his blunder. "... while back." Oh Fenris, Tea, please have mercy on me. Teagan was no dunce and it didn't take a genius to figure out that he'd been out of pack lands before he was supposed to. Mama's gonna kill me.

"Anyway, we're here to talk to you guys about the rains that have been going on nonstop." And their effects. He turned to the older girl for help in this, she was the more experienced in this matter. He smiled sheepishly at the dark boy, green eyes meeting blue eagerly. "We figured since we're allies, we should check up on you guys and everything." Fenris, he sounded so stupid. Hopefully Cia didn't notice, he thought, but Arlen didn't even consider the consequences of his sister's presence or what would happen if she noticed.

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