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Travis Barron

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The atmosphere was way too gloomy for Travis's preferences. The sickness must've hit much harder here than it did for his and Mira's band. And so, an idea on how to bring this place back to life formed in his devious mind.

He enlisted the help of Amala to gather as many frogs from the marshlands as the two could. "Remember," he had told the wildcat. "A dead frog is no good for making noise." Most people would probably find his idea disgusting in the very least, but Travis didn't care. He just wanted to brighten the mansion up a little.

Once Travis and Amala had collected enough of the green, slimy creatures, the coyote man began to walk around the mansion with a very non-suspicious bag that seemed to be croaking in his hands. Placing frogs around the main room first, making sure to hide them enough so that no one could tell where they were but not enough to muffle their obnoxious sounds. He then went to the library, which was surprisingly empty, and also put frogs up high on bookshelves and under tables and in flower pots.

When the communal rooms would be filled with frogs, he would then move on to unoccupied rooms within the mansion. He had no wish to intrude on anyone, and so stuck to the rooms that didn't have much of a scent to them.

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Shine Bright

Very little could dampen Magpie's spirits like being called a liar, and so she was still steaming over the altercation with Redtooth in the sickbay that had once been the ballroom of the manor she called home. With her mood out of sorts, she found it hard to do much in the way of things she considered enjoyable – no, she had to make the obnoxious older coyote take back what he said. This brought on a bought of wandering the rooms, avoiding the hallway that led to Redtooth's room, while contemplating how to prove to him that he was utterly, one hundred percent, absolutely wrong about her.

That was the most important part of this plan, to prove that Redtooth was wrong.

These thoughts were scattered like leaves on the wind when she entered the library, though, to find another clan member doing something ... well, suspicious, to say the least. He was carrying a questionable bag that was making noise and reaching into places that Magpie wouldn't be able to reach herself. It didn't really click in her brain until she heard the croaking of the frogs. Croak. Ribbit. Croak.

Are those frogs?! demanded the noisy darkling female, her multi-colored eyes and shiny accessories standing prominent on her monochromatic pelt. Who would bring frogs into the manor? For what purpose? Why? How, even? She could barely catch one frog, let alone a bag full of frogs.

Curiosity spiked. She had to know. She had to know, and then she had to put frogs places herself.

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Travis made sure the library was empty before he came in, but unfortunately he was idiotically unaware that he was in a public place and other coyotes could come and leave as they pleased. So when the unknown voice rang out, he jumped a lot more than he probably should have. His emerald gaze darted over to the source of the demanding voice, to find a younger dark brown...hybrid, looking to be coyote and dog, with a dark brown coat, wild curly hair, and mismatched eyes. He raised an eyebrow at her appearance int eh room, and then remembered that he was, in fact, in a public place.

"Hmm, these?" he asked, feigning innocence and holding said animal in one paw. "Oh, yeah, these are frogs," he answered, then positioned the frog between two books and leaning one over so that it covered the animal, but not its noise. Letting a grin slide across his features, he turned back to the female.

"I'm setting up frogs all over the mansion," he explained, moving his hands away slowly and carefully to make sure his arrangement stayed. "The noise is going to drive everyone nuts. You want to help?" He asked, taking another frog out of the bag that was getting lighter and lighter with every placement and held it out to her. He didn't really know if touching such an animal was something she enjoyed, but at least he was courteous enough to offer. "my name's Travis, by the way," he introduced.

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