Song of Time

POSTED: Sun May 28, 2017 12:12 am

Set immediately before this thread. Uses pNPCs Isaac and Morty. Arlen PP approved by Kris. (700+)

When Arlen had shown up on the day of Asuilaak's yearling celebration to drag him away from the Fort, he'd been hesitant. Asuilaak wanted to find Shtiya, who was absent when he'd woken up. In and of itself, that wasn't unusual. Arlen waking him up before noon to go explore Wolfville and Berwick was, though the golden Prova played along. While the smell of cooking meat briefly caught his attention, Arlen's insistence that they keep moving spurred him onward.

The Fort fell quiet, briefly, as the boys' chatter faded away. Then, as soon as the coast was clear, Shtiya burst out of the Fort's kitchen and into the dining hall with two, large bags of hare meat hoisted over her shoulders. She then bustled into the main hall and out the front door. Isaac followed more leisurely, an amused grin on his face as he carried out two more bags of meat.

Isaac placed his bags beside the fountain in the middle of the town square, dusted off his hands, and turned to get more supplies from within the Courthouse. As he moved to do so, he noticed Shtiya's apparent predicament; she stood—stock-still and leaning dangerously forward—off to his right. Raising a brow and tilting his head quizzically, he asked, "You need some help, kid?"

"... I'm not sure I know how to put these down without dropping them," she admitted, face hot under her fur. Isaac belly-laughed, but dutifully lifted the bags off of her shoulders.

A medium-sized, wooden bowl caught Asuilaak's eye. It was in the back of a sturdy cabinet, hidden away from the decay of the surrounding house. Presently, his various trinkets were stored haphazardly in the chest of drawers in their room; it would be nice to have a dedicated place for them, even if it was just an old bowl.

Shtiya and Isaac darted to and fro as they continued their preparations. Isaac carried Shtiya's drum—though it wasn't like any drum he'd ever seen—atop the small table from the yearlings' room as Shtiya enlisting Morty to help her collect wildflowers from the gardens.

"You must really care about your friend to be doing all this, love," Morty said, a curious quirk to her smile; Morty had gotten to know the young wolfdog during the spring sickness and it was clear that Shtiya and Asuilaak were practically attached at the hip.

"Well, he's my best friend. Always has been," Shtiya said, mulling over Morty's words. "Do you think it's too much?" she asked nervously.

The medic snorted, shook her head, and said, "Nah, I don't think so. I'm sure he'll love it." Morty looked like she wanted to say something else, but bit her tongue on the matter. Shtiya, too busy tying the wildflowers she'd collected into loose bouquets, didn't notice.

Asuilaak, half-listening to Arlen's chatter behind him, looked through a small chest of drawers. He sifted through old, dusty clothes in the hope of finding something interesting; thus far, this trip had proved informative, but lacking in interesting trinkets. Reaching toward the back, left corner of the drawer, he felt something smooth shift under his fingers. Pulling it out into the light, he stared down at the golden ring with its empty, tarnished setting. Huh.

As Arlen came over to investigate, Asuilaak quickly stuffed the ring in his pocket and suggested they try another house; this one didn't have anything cool in it.

Arms full of small, brightly-colored bouquets, Shtiya and Morty walked back from the gardens. While they were gone, Isaac had borrowed a small deer pelt from Clara and laid it over the equally small table; Isaac figured it looked alright, even if its edges trailed on the floor. He glanced up at their arrival and flashed a knowing at Morty, which she returned. Then, he opened the bags and let the smell of cooked rabbit waft into the open air.

Shtiya and Morty placed the bouquets around the fountain's base, with Morty following Shtiya's lead. Once they finished, Shtiya glanced skyward while shading her eyes with her hands; Asuilaak and Arlen were going to be back soon. She hoped he—and anyone else who decided to attend—enjoyed the festivities.

"So, have you told Luca yet?" Morty asked.

"Told Luca what?" Shtiya questioned, confused.

"About your impending mateship," Isaac chimed in.



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