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Your characters' precise species and species percentages: Hybrid (50% coyote, 32.5% dog, 17.5% wolf)
Your desired Immunes rank(s), if known: Mercatura
Your characters' cNPC, if applicable: N/A
Your characters' animal NPCs, if applicable: N/A
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By morning, the waters of the bay had receded sufficiently that she was able to wade out into the shallows without getting her too skirts wet. It was a hot, breezy day, and the wind floated in slow whirls as she ambled across the damp sand, causing the fabric to billow. Sunlight dazzled the water, reflecting off the little multicolor ripples at her feet.

Aurelia was returning from her stroll, and could see her belongings piled a little ways away on a dry spot by the bank. She made for them, the tide tugging at her heels as she stepped out from the water and onto the gritty, sun-baked earth. The feeling on her pads was unpleasant, and she gathered up her blanket as quickly as she could, folded it back into her pack, slung the thing over her shoulder, and kicked sand over what remained of her camp. Then, she set off in the direction of their borders.

Judging based off smell alone, the distance between her campsite and Infernian territory didn't seem so far, yet it was nearly midday when she came across her first skull marker.

She had heard the stories, of course, but the sight still came as a bit of shock; what remained of the head was perched precariously atop a wooden pike, decorated with smears of paint and trinkets of all sorts. Aurelia stuck her tongue out at it, which seemed like the right thing to do, and then gave a call to alert to alert the clan of her presence.

Idly, she wondered who it'd be that would greet her; whether the Reverie siblings had truly made it there at all.

No, she thought suddenly, it was the only place they would have gone — at least if they intended to stay.

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In a way, Dove had forgotten what strength felt like. The months since the war felt no more than a fog, a blurry gray ache, a feeling constant and that could only be described by the sound of snapping sinew or clattering bones. In April, that fog had turned to shadows, and those shadows had turned to inky black; welcoming, yet chaotic and silent all at once. Dove mentioned it to no one, not even Salvador. She was certain it was death. She was certain that in that welcoming darkness she had looked death in its eyes and thought twice about whether to turn it away.

Come May, and soon June, the world had blossomed into a sunny and colorful sanctuary, all despite the reputation of war and racism Inferni held. Her disposition did not change rapidly, and too subtly for most to take note, but her limbs had begun to fill out with muscle and weight long since lost at the end of winter. She thought of River Lark often, her missing brother, and spent many a night walking the borders—she on one side of the skulls, and the insistent loner Salvador on the other—talking about what to do next about his absence. Was he dead, or was he freed?

Was he home? Dove had no way to find out. No Junipers had come calling with news, or come to bring her home.

Until that day, anyway. She heard a sound no more than a mile further down the borders from her typical scouting and thought it strangely familiar. Salvador asked why and followed her, but Dove did not respond; he struggled to keep up with her pace, her dress billowing in the breeze.

"Aurelia," said Dove, baffled, when she saw her. There was no mistaking those curls, that telltale patch of auburn on the snout. They had not been so close that Dove would break icy reputation to scream and embrace her, but the Reverie walked fast to her fellow Juniper blinking away tears. "What in the world are you doing here? Are you okay? Did—did something happen at home?"

Salvador, enthralled by this never-seen shift in the young Reverie's demeanor, pulled from his cigarette and watched with raised brows.

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