And the water was different but my head went quiet again

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OOC wrote:All Welcome. Lupus.

Thread Prompt:Hoping to allow the larger prey animals time to recover, and under the advice of the pack's hunters, members are encouraged to make the most of smaller meals. Team up with another Salsolan member and make an attempt at gathering small wild game.

Hunting was a matter that his sister had teased him about frequently.

Silas was always a “proper” gentleman, and perhaps some immature part of him felt above supplying food for the other soldiers, not when his talents lay in combat and reconnaissance. Sometimes he chased bighorns along the mountain, dirtying his halberd with prey’s blood, but most of the time he balked at being asked to run along an animal on all fours and get his fur tousled. Even when his sister was pregnant, when he’d finally worked until his paws were calloused to track down food in the Badlands to ensure she ate, she was a better hunter than he was, and when he returned empty-handed she was often grinning smugly over a dead piglet.

He didn’t have the luxury of eating her scraps anymore, or for that matter hunting with any team that he trusted.

Hunger had driven him to one of the small ponds within Salsola’s marshes, shrunken after the fateful rains. Sleek and lean in his Lupus form, Silas looked like one of the wolves of old; only a glint of gold off his nostrils betrayed his allegiance. He paced along the shore, sniffing in hopes of picking up a trail from elk or waterfowl, his eyes thin and gait restless.

A ripple out on the water caught his eye, a brown shape hauling itself onto a floating tangle of logs. A long, scaly tail draped over a branch as the muskrat began to groom itself, unaware of the wolf on the shore.

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Ved himmelens ende

Stjarna was a hundr, a hunter. She had learned the patterns of prey and therefore knew what tactics to use in order to take down game. She wasn't ranked as such within Salsola though. She wasn't anything special in Salsola, not that she had been anything special back in the Hearg either. But at least her family had been special there and here she was a no one at all. The only thing remarkable about her was her relationship with the Crone but she didn't see that lasting. She had failed at the task of carrying his young so why should he wish to remain with her when he had more viable options.

It wasn't hunger that drew her out, as it had in the earlier weeks of her pregnancy, but just for the act of movement. She figured she could replenish the stores of Salsola as the sickness and the Supper had likely caused them to diminish. She hadn't checked but figured that anything extra to be added wouldn't be turned away. Maybe she could even give what she caught to Ondine, she had a puppy and therefor would be a better fit for Loki. She had already thought that he needed to be with the Seer anyways.

The Lupus shifted wolfdog wasn't after anything in particular and had just been wandering around. She eventually came towards a pond and was about to pause and drink when she saw someone else there. The slave wasn't looking at her but staring at something in the water instead. "I wouldn't try it." She quietly suggested as she watched the antsy male. "He would be gone and back in the water before you even got close." Her gaze shifted to the muskrat as she tried to come up with a plan. "Can you swim?"

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