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She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to find in Amherst; she wasn’t even a hundred percent sure what she wanted. Earlier that morning, she had pulled a dare from the bulletin board. It was an impulsive thing to do, given that she didn’t have the supplies to perform the task, but she wanted to get involved. Sapient was a pack that constantly challenged its members. Usually, she wasn’t too keen on getting involved with dumb things like dares, but this time she pushed herself towards that common goal.

Never being a seamstress or knowing anyone that was, Lithia didn’t know how to make dye. She didn’t know the first thing about it. Perhaps she could’ve used blood, but that’d give the clothes more of a brownish tint once they dried – and they would smell. And she wasn’t trying to make it seem like someone was murdered.

Taking a few things with her, Lithia aimed for Amherst hoping to find someone that could either point her in the right direction or trade her the items she needed. So far, the city looked very empty and Lithia began to doubt her spontaneous efforts. She thought of last resort solutions that she could still do to achieve a pink effect… Perhaps she could find some dried up ink in the city and give it some water and some life… Perhaps she could find a flower that bled pink when one squeezed it… Perhaps she could figure out which bug it was others used to make these things. Something would have to give.

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She had never come to Amherst before with the viking pack being so near. She had wanted to avoid them with all she had, if only because she knew little about their gods and their ways, having never really met or reacted to their members. With them gone, however, the area was a sanctuary for looting and pruning out the valuables that had been left behind. The witch cared little for most trinkets she found. Jewelry was sought after, but only those that held green, pink, or blue gems. Or unless they had a butterfly shape, or something close to the necklace she wore around her neck even now when she was outside of Salsola. The only other valuables she sought were seeds, books, the occasional bit of cloth or blade that could be used to make something better for herself back home.

She stood at the corner of one of the broken down streets, her eyes locked on the dark, shattered glass that had once been a jewelry store. Beside her, Aube grunted and shifted about but did not move in fear of leaving Calla behind or Calla walking away and leaving her here to follow as Calla had only done once when the horse was in an uncontrollable mood. Tied to the horses saddle were several bags that were already filled with items scoured from the stores and local shops that had been left behind by travelers. Other times were personal, like the dyes she brought along from her roses, like the crushed berries that could have been used for the very same, even the food that she had no desire, at this precise moment, to feed upon.

She did not hear the steps behind her, notice the scent of a stranger approaching. It wasn't till they were awfully close that she finally heard movement, the shuffle of feet. However, when she turned around, they weren't there. The next street over, she supposed, and quietly, she spurred the horse into movement while her hands took hold of the reigns, quietly steering Aube in the direction of the sound. If they were dangerous, her knives were attached to her garter belt, hidden beneath the earthy brown of her shorter than average skirt and the baggy drape of her white and pink blouse.

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