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POSTED: Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:47 am

Dismantle the dangerous traps that the loners have placed within Casa, or get caught in one.
[646] - 3rd Trap, July 7th

After his first two trips, the youngest Stryder had decided that he was done with going out on his own. He didn't care what the situation was, he wasn't going to humiliate himself like that again. He'd gotten in a trap not once but TWICE and even got a fellow packmate caught in the last one yesterday. No one had said anything to his face just yet about the incidents, but he knew they wouldn't be long in coming.

When the disheartened boy rose from his beauty sleep, he glared up at the ceiling above him before rolling out of bed. He went through his morning grooming routine, taking special care to fix up his hair. He wasn't leaving the fort today, so it was in his best interest to look good for his packmates. No one wanted an ugly sullen boy hanging around their house.

When he finally felt himself suitable for the outside world, Arlen already felt a thousand times better. Ah the miracle of a little self love every now and again. Of course, with all that self love came responsibilities. After taking so long, he found himself shackled with the morning chore of going to take care of the chickens. Oh joy oh joy, his absolute FAVORITE. He grabbed the basket with a forced contentment on his face as he made his way to the coop.

When he opened the door to let them out, he was met with a flurry of feathers and feet, attacked by a couple dozen birds all at once. They were frantically trying to escape from some unknown evil and they weren't afraid to trample anyone who got in their way. After staggering back a few feet and diminishing the bottleneck effect a little bit, the torrent of chickens lessened enough for the boy to finally step in the coop to gather the eggs.

A full basket weighed down his arm as he stooped to exit the coop, looking out at the chicken's yard... but there weren't any chickens. A sickening crack hit his ears as he fell to his knees and put his hands to his head. I left the gate open! Leaving the broken eggs to seep out into the ground, he ran out to try to fix what he could of the situation. He was blessed with the sight of Morty, Isaac, and Clara all chasing a large flock of chickens his way.

"Oh thank Fenris, you guys are life savers!" But they shook their heads. One was missing. After a quick search of the fort had them all empty handed, they ran to Howland who confirmed their worst suspicions. A chicken had escaped and he couldn't catch it.

It took him three hours, but gosh darn it, he tracked that chicken down and had her cornered against a tree near the edge of the territory. Winded, irritable, and out of patience, the young Stryder growled fiercely as he lunged at the offending hen. She squawked, evading his grasp, and he rolled onto the ground where she had stood just moments before. A sickening twang was the only warning he had before rope wrapped around his body and he was rudely hoisted into the air.

"Oh this is fan-fucking-tastic!" Below, the hen clucked maniacally and pecked at the ground as if she had orchestrated the whole ordeal. He wouldn't put it past her, the little hell bird.

With one arm yanked uncomfortably above his head, the other pinned beneath his body, and both knees firmly beneath his chin, the tall wolfdog had very, very little room to move. Sighing to himself, Arlen gritted his teeth in sudden resolve. "You know what?" I've started talking to chickens? "I'm not gonna call for anyone. Nope. No, I'm gonna let those jerks come find me so I can give them a piece of my mind!"

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POSTED: Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:30 pm

The disturbances at the border were beginning to worry the Lune. At first he had been convinced it was simply one or two loners playing a gag on them, or perhaps even Anathema or Inferni testing their patience, but as the days passed it became evident that was not the case. The traps were gradually getting more advanced, and more dangerous. Already he had cut down half a dozen along the borders since yesterday. Word had been sent around the pack to be more careful and a small group of Cavaliers had been asked to head into Halifax to see if they could find out what was going on.

With frustration the Lune traveled around the border. He had decided not to take Ulrich, concerned that his stead would prance right into a trap before he could spot it. Instead he traveled close to the ground, hunched over with all senses working over time. It was with these heightened senses that he heard a familiar voice swearing near by. Slowly he edged closer, his nose twitching as he tried to determine if there was any strangers near by.

Sure enough, only a faded scent remained. Standing up taller he moved towards the source of the swearing, arriving just in time to see his son, upside down and yelling at a hen clicking nearby. Clearing his voice the Lune spoke “I doubt you are going to give anyone a piece of mind in that state Arlen.” He snickered, giving the boy a push so that his tanged body began to swing from the tree.

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