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Remus and Aldora

POSTED: Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:31 am

OOC: Night and Remus find Hartt's blood and fur in a trap near the border

Night had spent the night with Remus and it had already begun approaching midday when she started to worry. The dark furred girl hadn't thought her mother would be gone so long. It had already been more than a few days. Sure, she was doing just fine on her own, aside from getting caught in a trap the day before, but still, her mother should have been back by now.

Time seemed to move slowly within the little house Remus had brought her to the night before and the girl was quickly becoming restless. Once she got it in her mind that she wanted to see if her mother was on her way back, it didn't take too terribly much to convince Remus to tag along. He was a little apprehensive at first, but when she suggested him coming along, he certainly seemed all for it, even offered to carry her on his back so she wouldn't have to walk with a crutch. Night didn't mind being carried, seemed like a better option rather than hobbling along on her injured leg.

True to his word, Remus carried the younger girl all the way to the border where she hoped to see her mother approaching. She hadn't ever taken trips this long to try to find her father before, so it seemed perfectly logical that she was already on her way back home. At least Night wasn't too heavy for her slightly older companion. After all, she was still young and had quite a bit of growing to do still. That meant her small stature was easy to carry at least.

The pair traveled along the border, keeping an eye out for traps at the same time, even if Night wasn't too sure how exactly to look for traps. As the breeze shifted, it brought a scent that was both familiar yet foreign to the young girl. Remus seemed to recognize it too since his pace quickened and headed straight towards the source of the scent. Night quickly became excited, hoping they were going towards her mother, after all, it was her scent they had picked up.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the white mother the young pair found, but a scene that made them both freeze up for a moment. Red stained the ground, covering a large patch of grass that left them unable to even see any green there. A bit of rope hung directly above the blood stained ground, hanging from the closest tree. It was a trap just like the one she had been caught in. Something on the rope stuck out to Night though, making her quickly get off of Remus' back and attempt to stumble her way towards it. Looking up, she could see the bits of white stuck to the rope. Her ankle gave way beneath her after just a few steps and she just stared wide eyed at the scene before her. This was the source of her mothers scent, her fur was here, but there was also a great amount of blood. The foreign scent still clung to the air there as well, the scent of another canine. It wasn't anyone she knew though. Night couldn't move, couldn't say anything. Her form was in a state of shock, leaving her unaware she had even started crying as she stared a the pool of her mothers blood.

So much changed in an instant for the young girl. In the blink of an eye, she went from hoping to meet her mother on her way home, to hoping she would be able to see her again at all. With that one moment, her father had disappeared, both sisters left to search for him, and now her mother was gone as well. Even someone as young as Night could understand that if there was that much blood that had been shed, there was more than likely a lifeless body.
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Ever since Night had been a tiny little pup, even before then, before the girl had even been born, Remus had cared about her. She was young, and vibrant, and so full of life from the moment she'd stepped into the world, and Remus had wanted to protect her from everything that he could, despite the fact that he was not even an adult himself by Casa standards, he looked after her to the best of his ability. Only a day prior, when Remus had heard Night's call for help and had rushed out of the fort to find her, he'd been terrified of losing her, he knew what loss felt like, and he didn't want to experience it again, little did he know that the very girl he wanted to protect would be feeling that very loss that Remus had wanted to prevent himself from feeling, all too soon.

The grey furred male had brought Night back into the empty house that the boy himself had been using to practice his herbalist skills and medicine making. He'd cared for the girl's injured leg on his own, tended to her wounds and even carried her around the house so that she would not have to walk anywhere while she was still injured, and yet it had quickly grown apparent that the girl was restless. Remus knew that Hartt had not been within the fort for the last couple days, but he wasn't worried for the woman, he saw her as capable and practical, he didn't think anything bad could have happened to her, yet it was plain to see that his young companion was worried about her mother.

She wanted to go find Hartt, and Remus couldn't have been more apprehensive of the dark furred girl going out, especially in this injured state that she had been in. What if she fell into another trap? What if she ran into a loner? No, Remus wanted to go with her if she was to be going anywhere at all outside the fort, he felt that she was his responsibility, he'd watched her many times as she was growing up in the absence of her mother and now felt no different to the male, well, perhaps just a bit different, Night had shifted after all. The male had agreed readily to go with the girl however, and he insisted that he carry her as well. Remus didn't want the girl further injuring her leg by trying to walk on it.

The pair had set out and Remus brought the young girl straight to the border, where the male surprisingly did catch the scent of Night's missing mother. Traveling down the scent trail, the hairs on the back of Remus' neck began to stand on end as he caught another scent. It was a heavy scent, coppery, and disgustingly familiar as it hung thickly in the air, and the boy quickened his pace, not saying anything aloud but silently hoping that it was a mistake, that the smell of blood had come from some prey animal or a loner that Hartt had defeated, but upon arriving at the scene, the pair found nothing that would raise their hopes of either of these possibilities being true. "Oh gods..." The boy muttered under his breath as he let the black furred girl slip gently from his back.

He watched as Night hobbled forwards, only to fall to her knees and begin to quietly cry, and Remus for once was more worried about the mother than he was for the child, though his worry for Night's well-being was through the roof regardless. Stepping towards her, Remus dropped to his own knees and pulled the small girls form into his chest protectively as he stared at the blood that was pooled all around them. Holding the girl closely to him, Remus couldn't think of anything to do but to call for help, and so he did. Raising his grey toned head up, the males lupine call rang out for anyone to come to where they were and try and make some sort of sense of this.

Hartt could not be dead... could she?
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Aldora Knight
Death is a cold wind blowing down from the mountaintops

Aldora had been on edge, all of the pack had been. She found it more and more difficult to stay concentrated on her daily tasks, her comfortable routines. Her bow training had taken on a sharp edge to it; she did not even find pleasure in working with Cinzia, her new horse.

There was an ongoing siege against their borders by an unknown assailant; they had laid traps, which had only been a nuisance until the other day when Night had gotten snared it one. It was obvious now that whoever they were, they weren’t here to just poach their prey animals, but to assault Casa’s members as well.

Aldora had stayed vigilant, but close to her family; she felt the need to protect them, despite her mother, father and brother being completely capable to defending themselves. She had not ventured out much, not after having stumbled across a rope trap that had wrenched a rabbit in half; she had dismantled it but that vision still haunted her. Many of her pack-mates were out near the borders, they surely would be able to clean it up, mark it well, and defend it without her. And, as always, she was ready to help if needed.

This day the young warrior had gotten up early to perform her chores and now was sitting outside her home in The Fort. She crouched near the stone façade, her trusty bow in her hand, the quiver strapped to her side. She could barely sleep the night before and the fatigue was starting to come over her; she sighed and shielded her eyes against the high sun before finally standing and stretching; perhaps a nice nap may be in order. But before she could open the worn door to enter the home, a shrill call carried itself over the wind. It was Remus, she recognized his voice, and it was a call for help. Pin-pricks raced up her spine and neck and she flicked her lavender gaze over to Cinzia who was grazing nearby. She quickly shouldered her bow and ran to the mare, jumping up onto her bare back and grabbing hold of the loose lead tied to her halter. The still green horse balked at the sudden movement and weight of her owner, but with urgency Aldora quickly tamed her and with a sharp kick of her heel was off.

The Candid was still getting used to riding, so along with the lead rope she also clung to the horse’s mane. Cinzia was like a snake under her, all sinewy muscles and quick movements. It did not take them long to span the distance from The Fort to where Aldora had heard the call, and as she neared she smelled something in the air that made her stomach roll; blood.

After a small amount of time tracking, she finally found Remus; with him was Night kneeling on the ground, that’s when Aldora saw the blood. She dismounted Cinzia before fully stopping her and the mare reared slightly, off-put by the strange behavior of her rider, and cantered away once she was free from Aldora’s weight. She rushed to her cousin; she and he had not yet made amends from their fight, and it had only been the week before that the cut on her lip from where he had struck her had healed; it would leave a scar. She glanced at him briefly with an indiscernible look before going to Night’s side; it was then she saw the whole picture; the blood, the rope with fur, the smell of Hartt. Eyes wide, she looked at the younger girl, What happened? Where’s your mother? She asked, her voice hoarse; she feared the answer.

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