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Finale - Pack Summer Plot

POSTED: Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:14 am

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

It seemed like so long ago that they gang members had come into their territory reeking havoc and yet Luca could not bring himself to fully relax. The group had not been small for loners but from his understanding the Syndicate was not just a group of loners, as they had previously assumed. Although he wasn’t sure how far he could trust Tessa and Darius, they had been honest and open about the Syndicate and how they had come to fight against them that night. The pair had been taken in as prisoners of Casa, interrogated for the first few days of their stay in the Fort, but now they were permitted to stay in the Fort, where Luca was sure that many curious eyes would report any strange behaviour.

The pair had informed the Leadership that the Syndicate was a pack in Portland area, and the more aggressive canines had defected from it years ago. The gang collected loners into their debts, creating a web of canines who stole and fought for the core group, who in return bribed their old pack mates into treason. According to Tessa, they had gone to Halifax to investigate and try to convince some of the members to return home, but their loyalties were gone. It seemed as though the Halifax gang were preaching that the Cavaliers were nosey and did not want peace, but control. In the Halifax Syndicates eyes Casa was a bully wanting the best resources for themselves. A foolish misrepresentation. Everyone needed an enemy to rally troops again, and these manipulative defects had named Casa it.

There was no telling what the syndicate was up to now. Darius had mentioned the possibility of them falling back to a new base, or even going to Portland to recruit fresh faces, but it was all guess work. They were the blind leading the blind and that made Luca nervous. Those that had been killed were not the best, they were new recruits testing his pack for the others and they had failed. What that meant, no one knew, but he did not like it one bit. Upon Ulrich’s back the Knight King exited the Fort, giving a nod to a grumpy Howland who was staring down Theo, who was currently napping against the Fort wall. The boy talked back too much but Josephine seemed to be able to control his tongue, being unafraid to put him in his place. They would do well here in Casa, and time would tell if the Portland spies would as well.

As the Lune made his way into the forest he was pleased to be greeted by the calm sounds of nature. Briefly into his journey towards the border he paused, bringing Ulrich to a halt and listening to the birds chirping in a nearby tree. Their song was interrupted by the song of another, a warning call from the border, and from a voice that he did not recognize. It had to be them, it had to be! His own voice called out, commanding all able to the border. With a kick of his heel the red gelding was off, charging without fear towards the unknown.

At the border a male dressed in fancy clothes waved him down, his eyes filled with anxiety. “Leoris Steinmeister, Sir.” he greeted in a firm but hurried voice. “I’m afraid you have company. I can lend you my mace, you see these…” He trailed off as the sound of many marching paws on the soil neared, and bodies began to emerge from the trees. Fortunately for them, Cavaliers arrived as well. Luca held a hand up, holding his forces at the ready, and Leoris, mace wielded, took a defensive stance beside him.

It was hard to tell through the thick of the trees how many there were on either side. Familiar and unfamiliar scents mixed, making it hard for Luca to tell the odds. Around him he could see some of the Cavaliers, eagerly taking a stand beside him. A large male with soft grey fur took a step forward into clear sight, his sly grin and acid green eyes staring up at the Lune. “We are here to ask you kindly, on behalf of the loners of this area, to leave these lands Cavaliers.” He spoke with a silver tongue, the words laced with charm. “The masses see you for what you really are, a pack of bullies.” A mix of growls and cheers erupted from behind him. ”I am here to see that you adhere to the will of those I serve.”

“Liar!” A low feminine snarl escaped from behind him and in the moment it took him to twist his body around the figure of Tessa stomped forward in a rather ungraceful manner. “Shame on you Laurent you manipulative bastard.” Luca hesitated, thinking it was a rather bad idea to entice the small army they now faced, but decided to hear her out. “These people follow you out of fear that if they don’t you and your men will hurt them. You pretend to me such a good guy but really you only help others to trap them in your filthy claws.”

“Tessa.” Her name was spoken with an edge of shock to it, his eyes giving away that he did not expect to see her. Recovering he shook his head, “Tessa, Tessa, Tessa. You could have done so well with us. It’s too bad you put in your loyalty with these scum.” Turning his green eyes up to Luca he spoke to him directly, “You harbor treasonous snakes in your numbers my friend. I’m sure you are more intelligent than this riff raff. Leave now and we no harm will come to you and yours.”

Luca’s lip curled up in response and he spat back, “Whisper Beach and it’s surrounding area is Casa's. It has been since my Grandfather laid claim to it in the Knight name before I was born. The only way I’m letting you have it is under my dead…” Before he could finish his sentence and arrow pierced his shoulder. Talking time was over.

OOC: Dated August 21st mid-day. No killing this round. This group consists of 10 Syndicate varying in combat skill. This fight will feel more difficult for your character and this should be reflected in effort and injury. Please list the NPCs used by numbering them 1 to 10 as you match up with an gang member. All members are welcome to use our new and old pNPCs to assist in the battle but do mention their use in your OOC section. There are no set weapons or appearances for the 10 syndicate so be creative but realistic! 1000+ words


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Optime | Backdated: August 21st; Midday | pNPC: Clara Bates, NPC: Apollo and Agrona (+1,631)

Teagan is going after NPC #1.

Clara rode to the border with Teagan. Teagan loses sight of her once the fighting starts (i.e. feel free to bring her up in one of y’all’s posts xD)

Syndicate’s Revenge Plot

Also, I’m terribly sorry that I write so much, y’all >____<

“How’s this?” The coydog woman asked, smiling almost knowingly as she handed the finished material over to Teagan for further inspection. She’d done a few commissions for the warrior princess in the past, and had learned of the Stryder’s particular preferences. Practicality, durability, bland. She was nothing like her brother or her littermate in regards to taste.

Teagan accepted the offered item, holding it up to the light and stretching the fabric as far as it would go so she could fully scrutinize it in its entirety. Her canary eyes roved over it in a manner that might have made a novice seamstress nervous. Clara had dealt with the unreadable Stryder before though. She’d learned when to truly be nervous about Teagan’s opinion.

“I like it,” Teagan finally answered, nodding approvingly as she took a few hard yanks and ran her fingers over the material.

“It won’t stand a chance against a sharp blade,” Clara reminded the young woman almost hesitantly. A hole in Teagan’s last tunic had been the reason for why Teagan had commissioned the seamstress in the first place. After the pack’s last run in with Syndicate, Teagan had realized she had had a frustratingly small selection of alternative clothing to wear.

“Most things don’t,” the warrior princess grunted, offering a small smile in the smaller woman’s direction. “When would you like me to—”

A call to arms put a sudden halt to their conversation. It was the Lune.

Teagan’s lips curled and Clara put a hand over her mouth. “You don’t think…”

“If he’s calling for fighters, it couldn’t be anyone else.” After going weeks without a second attack or border skirmish since the one made on the Fort, the thought that Casa di Cavalieri had “won” had been a tantalizing thought. It seemed Syndicate had just taken time to regroup though. Teagan gathered up her things quickly. “I’ll meet you outside the stable. Apollo’s strong enough to take two on his back.”

Clara offered a quick nod in agreement before the Second Officer made a quick dash to her house to retrieve her sword. Chaos had already erupted in the Fort as other Cavaliers quickly gathered their metal and hastily prepared for the battle they were being summoned for. Hopefully, this would be the last they saw of this annoyance.

It didn’t take long for Teagan to gather what she needed; hair up, sword and its sheath, belt, and her already ripped tunic. She prepared on the go, moving through her house like a whirlwind before she was out the door and sprinting to the stables. Her falcon, Agrona gave a high-pitched shrill as she saw Teagan pass. The birds and horses had been excited by the noise and clamor that had suddenly erupted in the Fort.

She ignored the raptor for now though, making a beeline for Apollo’s stall. The stallion tossed his head and rumbled, as if to ask the Luperci what was going on. Teagan fitted him quickly with his tack, opened his stall door, and led him down to the birds’ cage. Agrona was summoned to the door, and the falcon heeded it before Teagan could even finish the call. With bird and horse ready, Teagan led them out into the open.

Clara stood outside, her rope dart looped readily in one hand with a shield taken from the pack’s armory in the other. “Just in case,” she explained when Teagan gave her a flash of a questionable look.

It was enough to satisfy the younger woman. Teagan sent Agrona to the skies before she knelt to one knee, her hands cupped; a stance that indicated for the smaller coydog to mount up first. Once Clara was up, Teagan swung up herself, taking the shield from the seamstress so Clara could wrap her arms around the wolfdog’s waist. Teagan dug her heels sharply into Apollo’s side and the pair were off towards the border.

Atop the powerful stallion, they made good time to the location where Luca had summoned the pack to. Along the way, they’d spotted other Cavaliers. Whoever threatened the pack at the end of the Lune’s call, they would regret it soon enough. When her father came into sight, Teagan slowed her horse. An unfamiliar individual stood across from the Knight; a man of monochrome fur and armed in metal and leathers. Not far behind them lingered more unknown Luperci.

Once Apollo came to a stop, Teagan dismounted, her hand on the pommel of her sword and her lips curled. Luca held up a hand though, staying his troops from action against the unfamiliar male and the growing number of outsiders. Clara’s soft footfalls behind her told Teagan that, she too, had dismounted.

When the small coydog stood beside her, Teagan turned and pointed Apollo back towards home and slapped his flank. The stallion was in motion, retreating back quite a ways from what would likely be a battleground. The sound of wingbeats told Teagan that her bird had landed somewhere in the interwoven mess of tree limbs above them. Assured that both of her companions were safe, Teagan turned her full attention to the intruders on Casa di Cavalieri’s borders.

From the forest, a large male emerged and spoke, his words slick and slimy as they slid off of his foul tongue. She had no idea what he was talking about. Them? Bullies? They were sorely mistaken. Who had attacked who? Who had taken hostages? The Cavaliers had done nothing but defend themselves, and the captives that Syndicate had had had come running to the pack for safety. It was obvious who the true villains were here.

Tessa spoke, addressing the Syndicate leader—for, he had to be with how he spoke and stood before his followers—by name. The gruff coydog spoke of Laurent’s wrongdoings, and, of course, the man denied it. Her father let both sides speak before he stated where he and the pack stood.

Agrona let out a sharp, piercing cry just as an arrow firmly lodging itself into Luca’s shoulder. “Father!” Teagan yelled, her canary eyes turning sharply on the Syndicate number.

That’s. It! Her sword was drawn before she could think, the warrior princess charging towards the one responsible for sending the projectile into her father . Nobody, nobody attacked her family. She didn’t care if it was hasty. She would make sure the ground here became soaked in their blood!

A vicious snarl ruptured from her maw. The scrawny, darkly-furred male turned sharply at the sound of a fight and an angry individual barreling towards him. Quickly, he drew a second arrow, but, just as he had started to take aim for the shot, he was blindsided by claws and feathers.

He yelped, his equilibrium thrown as his head was jerked with the momentum of his airborne attacker. Agrona let out a victorious cry as she climbed back into the safety of the branches above to avoid being shot at. In the falcon’s wake, Teagan was able to cross the distance of her long-ranged attacker. Her sword arced and came down as she came within range, aiming to either cut the man down from shoulder to hip or force him to use his bow to protect himself.

Something would break, Teagan’s fierce, protective anger would be sure of it.

The wolf chose to fire a hasty shot instead. The arrow tore through the thin fabric of her tunic, tumbling through the air as it quickly lost its momentum from cutting through flesh and cotton. Teagan’s attack didn’t waiver in its direction though, and the Syndicate male was forced to quickly sacrifice his primary weapon in order to spare him the full bite of her metal.

Adrenaline kept her going, but she knew the male’s earlier projectile had cut through the meat of her shoulder without even looking.


The bow ate up the brunt of the energy behind her attack, and it was the male’s quick reflexes that allowed him to dodge the blade as it cut through the once-durable wood. He slinked sideways, dropping the ends of his bow and undoing the fastens to his twin daggers in one swift motion. Like a cat to an elusive mouse, Teagan’s eyes never left him.

Her wrist twisted, her sword following the male to where he’d scurried off to. The edge of her sword kissed the skin of his right shoulder, making them one for one. Crimson oozed from their injuries, but neither seemed to notice; their attention focused solely on each other. Teagan drew her sword back, preparing for another wave of attacks.

When it came down, it struck opposite than before. By such time, however, the male had drawn his daggers. He brought them up to catch her sword where they crisscrossed, the sound of their metal meeting one another echoing out and adding to the din of the battle. Teagan pushed down, the Syndicate member pushed back.

“If my father dies today, rest assured I will make sure you die a hundred times over,” she spat, promising torture upon the man before her.

“Hnn. Just like you knights to say that,” he grunted, his sharp teeth bared.

He put his all of his weight into shoving her from him, putting both distance and separating their blades. Without missing a beat, he lunged forward, twisting his daggers in a position meant for rapid strikes and cutting his opponent. Teagan was quick to raise the shield Clara had had the foresight to give her. The daggers’ blades sparked across the metal.

Teagan Stryder

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Iorek is fighting NPC 2 (With dark amber eyes)500+

Iorek had been sitting down in a flower field not far from the Fort when the Lune's call reached his ears. Birdflower squawked, Leave me! The beast placed the bird on a perch so that he didn't get trampled or hurt. The magpie would be safe and out of harm's way and then the boy turned towards the noise. The Syndicate returned after weeks of peace, the peace that allowed the youngster to heal. A sense of dread filled the hybrid as he got to his feet. The last time the group of loners had attacked, it had been quite ugly. The beast had seen a lot of death on that day and he didn't want to see more. But, he had to protect his pack no matter the cost. He wore another daisy chain and had some flowers woven into his mane. The wolfdog bounded towards the sound of the call.

The brown behemoth arrived as the battle started. He didn't know what to do since there was no one for him to help. He saw Teagan fighting a dark-hued male. She looked like she could handle him, she seemed like she could handle anyone. He was quite the sight with his flower crown, his feral posture, and looking around in slight confusion. That made him a target and there one one that noticed the chocolate-saddled brute.

A massive black wolf caught a glimpse of the massive yearling. The boy looked big but stared around stupidly, figures. He would make an easy target for the man's revenge. The black wolf was in Optime form and was well over seven feet tall, easily taller than the carmine-eyed creature. His dark amber eyes gleamed as he held his dagger in his hands and his claws unsheathed. The man didn't think he even needed a knife for the stupid Cavalier. The loner ran towards the hybrid, tackling him from the side. The bear boy was on his back and the man loomed over him.

The red-eyed Recruit didn't notice the attacker on his left until it was too late. His breath was knocked out of him as he was tackled by the male. The boy found himself looking into the dark amber eyes of a black wolf. His breath caught in his throat as a sadistic grin spread across the man's face. He remembered the demon's attack, the assault that almost broke him. And now he was pinned by a large dark wolf, almost mirroring the situation. He froze, unable to fight back as the memories washed over him. The crimson-eyed Cavalier couldn't fight back.

The dark wolf smiled as the boy didn't even try to fight back. This was just too easy! He slashed out with his claws and the hybrid beast had enough sense to hold his forearm up to block the blow. Claws ripped through the fur leaving scarlet in its wake. The boy whimpered spurring another strike from the man. The youngster blocked the blow with his other arm and blood was left in its wake. The man decided to make the boy suffer. So, he continued the attacks, leaving the boy's arms torn by ribbons of wounds.


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If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies

It was different this time. Everything was different this time. It had been almost a full month since the battle with the Syndicate following his ambush. His body had healed, but his mind... it only grew worse. Night after night, the boy was tormented with harsh pseudo-memories. At least, that's what he thought of them as. They couldn't have been real... Surely, they weren't real.

Arlen had searched high and low to find his missing memories. He'd tried hypnotism, drugs, but nothing had worked so far. He was simply left to his own devices. Being a stupid teenager, he did what he thought was best: rather than fight it at the source, he would combat the system. Breaking in to places he shouldn't go had never been difficult for the boy; stealing was second nature. It became a quick habit to filch out whatever liquor he desired from the adults in the area. Some even gave it to him without question. He didn't drink enough to get sick. He didn't get drunk during the day. He just... wanted to sleep.

Last night had actually been one of the good nights and he'd risen almost well rested and without the sent of alcohol lingering on his breath. He'd managed to wake up at a decent hour, do his chores and training all on schedule... the day seemed almost perfect, almost like it used to be. Then his father's call sounded through the territory.

The Stryder boy's heart stopped in his chest, mouth dropping into a perfect 'o' shape. It was a call to battle. Again. Arlen stalled, a knot forming in his throat and his mouth drying swiftly. The screams of the last battle, the sight of blood flying everywhere and a knife against his cheek, it all came flooding back to him.

Lost in his own world, Cavaliers pushed around him. They knocked into him in their rush to aid their leader, they shoved him towards the gate. Before he knew it, he was running amongst his people with his rapier smacking against his leg in time to his stride. Was he ready for battle again? Probably not, but he'd fight alongside his family anyway.

Just as he was anticipating the crippling loneliness of battle, a voice called out to him. Arlen turned to look over his shoulder at a massive black and white horse bearing down on him. A gray hand outstretched, firmly grasped by red, and the brothers were together again. Momentarily reassured, Arlen wrapped his arms around his brother, almost forgetting the situation in the familiarity of the action.

They arrived just in time to see negotiations turn sour and an arrow sprout from his father's chest. His voice grew hoarse before he ever registered that he was yelling. And running. How did he get off Vito? He was running so fast that friend and foe alike blurred in his sight. A sharp pain lit up in his calf, forcing him to slow. One by one, faces returned to him. The one that came into focus was inches from his own, light and familiar. "Are you alright?" Silently he nodded, looking down at his bloodstained pants. Whatever had hit him, it was gone now. "I can still fight!" Clara pursed her lips, uncertain of the truth. "I'm fine, I promise." He patted her on the shoulder reassuringly before ducking away from her concern and plunging into the battle. The tailor was left behind, watching the boy she'd seen grow up grow even more before her very eyes.

The battle flew by in a rush, all noise and light. There was very little for his mind to catch on to. The voices ran together into one huge scream, the fur all became dark and dirtied. Who was who anymore?

Sparks flew and caught his gaze, different in all that was the same. Though he couldn't hear the words tossed between them, the fierce determination in his sister's face fueled the steady adrenaline that coursed through his veins. Arlen circled around them, sticking low to the ground. Though his leg protested the action, muscles born of endless repetition knew just what to do. Slowly he drew nearer in the Syndicate's blind spot. Far enough to the right that Teagan would see him, but far enough behind to remain out of the villain's sight, Arlen approached with a dancer's light step. Nearer and nearer he drew until he was just within reach. With the speed of a scorpion, he struck. The thin tip of his blade sank into his foe's unguarded him and a strangled cry warned him of his short lived victory.

While his foe stumbled away from them both, Arlen closed the distance between his sister and himself. "Did ya miss me, sis?"

I'm sorry I also gave you a book to read. Arlen's fighting NPC 1 with Teagan | [wc — 796] template by hilli

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Aniki is fighting NPC#3 (Artemis). Also, if anyone would like to fight with me, I'll be happy to oblige.1300+

Aniki listened to the call for a couple seconds. She was standing in her room, weapons and armor stacked on the floor. All her instinct told her to grab her daggers and run to fight, but the logic in her head fought it. I need armor to protect me. That is what armor is for. Why are you telling me to go and fight without armor? That's stupid! She snapped out of it when she heard the other members of her pack running to fight. She shook herself violently and started putting on her leather. She pulled on the boiled leather shirt, buckled her weapons belt, and clicked on her arm braces (ribbed with thin knives). Quickly she shoved her feet in boots and grabbed the leather sheets that would attach to her belt and protect her legs from the weaker hits while she was on horseback. Then she ran to the stables.

Getting there took a while. She had to fight against a rush of fighters, messengers, and those running to their separate posts to get to the stable. When she did get there, she breathed in the smell of hay, animals, and muck. She glanced at the horses still in their stalls. They were shifting their weight nervously, eyes rolling due to the thunder of paws hitting the ground at a run. She ran to Peachblossom and jumped into his stall. He stared at her, unimpressed. Aniki brushed her paw against his jawline, then rubbed his neck fiercely before tying on armor. He shifted slightly, and turned his head so he could look at her. "We're going to battle Peachblossom! Now look back so I can put on your armor right." He did as she told him, whether by coincidence or because he understood her meaning, she didn't know. But she finished tying the knots on the worn leather quickly, grabbed her weapons and headed out. A long lance to ride down her attackers, a large, long-handled axe that split heads effectively no matter whether you were a master of a beginner, and her standard daggers in case Peachblossom was killed and she had to fight on the ground. When they were outside the stable she mounted him and rode out to the battle. The courtyard was much clearer now and those who were still there got the message to run when they heard the thundering hoofbeats close behind them. Several had to dive out of the way, but didn't protest when they saw her huge form and weapons. And, finally, she burst through the front gates.

Carnage. That was the first word that came to mind. Wolves, dogs, and coyotes lay dead on both sides, their comrades fighting viciously. It wasn't a clean line of us versus them. Everyone was mixed up, fighting enemies on all sides, getting stabbed in the back, retreating and advancing like some huge dance. She clicked and Peachblossom charged. She lowered her lance and went strait to a big wolf (that looked like trouble) that was fighting a dog on our side. They both looked up when she got close enough that Peachblossom's hoofs reached them over the clamor of the battlefield. The wolf's eyes widened and scrambled to disengage from the dog. He dodged just in time. Her lance ricochet of his shoulder and he howled in pain. She grimaced and put the lance in it's cup, then pulled out her axe. She felt a thud from a sword that had glanced off her leg, protected by the boiled leather. Thank the lords for armor, that might have taken me out of battle right there. She spun to face her attacker. It was the wolf, tall, almost as tall as she was when she stood in Optime form. She slammed her axe down to strike the wolf's upraised sword, which shuddered and buckled. Then she lunged her body to the side, punching the spike on the top of the axe into the wolf's arm. He shuddered in pain, but lunged back anyway, she settled back onto Peachblossom too. He pranced and kicked out at those who got too near, biting those he could. The wolf charged and struck, she locked blades, his caught on her axe. "Tell me your name, loner. You are a Warrior, I will be sure to mark your grave with it when my pack buries your rag-tag bunch." Aniki told him. He spat at her face, and it hit her stomach.

"The name's Artemis. But it'll be you who we bury, not me. Go to hell, wench." He said with loathing. Aniki pressed down on him, using leverage to her advantage. He disengaged and struck her other arm. The blade cut her right above her arm guards and her upper arm quickly became slick with blood. Cursing, she grabbed the axe with both hands and hit him multiple times. Peachblossom circled him, and his blocks became slower and slower. Finally, she broke through, cutting another cut deep in his sword arm. His sword clattered to the ground and he quickly followed, moaning in pain. While she checked her surroundings for a second to make sure that nobody was going to stab her in the back (Not that Peachblossom would allow it, but it was nice to be absolutely sure), Artemis got up again and stabbed Peachblossom. He screamed, kicking and rearing. Aniki clung to him, trying to take control. She glanced back and sighed a sigh of relief. He had hit the upper flank, not enough to put Peachblossom down, but enough to make sure that he had to go back to his stable.

When he finally settled, she jumped off and pulled the blade out. "Run Peachblossom. Go home and go the gate. Somebody will take care of the knife wound!" Peachblossom turned and cantered to the gate, limping slightly. Aniki turned back to her charge. She drew her daggers, grinning at the perfect shissing sound they made as they flew from their sheaths. Artemis dropped the sword and drew double daggers too. His here the same size, while she had one long dagger in her right hand, and a short one in her left. Artemis charged at her. His dagger flew out, and she sidestepped it easily, adding another cut to his arm. He grimaced, but spun and attacked again. The dagger was going to hit her waist, so she let it, slicing through the big muscle right next to his neck. Blood splattered all over her hand, and his arm went limp, the dagger dropping to the dirt. He howled in pain and ran away. She let him, knowing he wouldn't be able to fight without an arm, and turned to focus on the main battle.

She took a step forward and fell to her knees, hands on the ground. She assessed her injuries. A long cut on her arm, which she tied with a piece of cloth she carried to the battle. There was also a deep cut on her hip which burned. She looked at it and started. Blood soaked her pants under the leather. She unclipped the leather in disgust, throwing it at the edge of the battlefield. Her hand went to the cut and came back covered in wet blood. She cursed and pulled out another bandage and pressed it against the cut until it stopped bleeding so profusely. She wrung out some of the blood, then put it back on, tying it there with another cloth. There was also a minor cut under her arm that she hadn't noticed until now. Ignoring it, she stood, stopping for a second while the world spun. She shook her head, blood loss, she thought. The world righted itself and she started jogging to a hole in the battlefield.

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Aldora Knight
  • Word Count: [+4]
  • Aldora will be turning NPCs 4 and 5 into pin cushions (the ones running at Teagan and Arlen; killing one, injuring the other) and after NPC 6 sneaks up on her from behind, she'll clobber him to death, then retreat.

When Aldora heard her Lune's call from the border, her fur bristled. From outside her home, she could hear the many footfalls of members rushing out to defend the pack, for that call could only mean one thing; the Syndicate was attacking.

She peeked out a fogged window at the rushing figures, in one hand she gripped the string of her bow, which laid against her breast. She turned to see her father adorning his armor, and his mother stringing her bow as well; they all would not go to the border, but stay here and defend the Fort, in case it too was attacked. These Syndicate were crafty, she would not put it past them that they may attack Casa in a pincer move.

Once the rush outside had died down outside, the family left their home to go close the gates of the Fort, and to ascend the small towers on either side of it, to keep watch for any attack. But after the gate was latched, Aldora hesitated before ascending the tower after her father; he turned to look down at her from the ladder, Daddy… she began, but couldn’t get out what she needed to say. Her father’s eyes looked pained, but he smiled suddenly and said, "Go."

Like the wind, Aldora rushed to grab Cinzia, and her mother reopened the gates so she could gallop out. It did not take her long to find the fray, already beginning, in the distance. Her heart pounded like a drum as she pulled Cinzia to a halt just beyond the crest of a hill overlooking the battle. Aldora dismounted, not bothering to tie her horse down, and scrambled to ascend to the hill; she crouched the closer she got to the top, trying to keep from being seen; she looked down, eyes wide. Below, her pack mates faced off against their foes; blood already was staining the ground. It was a horrible sight, one that Aldora was not prepared for.

Her gaze darted from group to group, and that is when she noticed two Syndicate members, one with a staff and the other a short sword, rushing from the trees towards Teagan and Arlen, who were both occupied with another enemy. Aldora's breath caught in her lungs, but she moved with mechanical like precision as she knocked an arrow and fired, and then, only a split second later, loosed another.

Strength, Honor, Courage

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OOC: Rurik will be attempting to take on NPC 10. Why 10? Because numerical order is for normal people. 10 foot fella wearing metal armor across his chest and belly, shoulders, and thighs. He wields one to two cleavers. Also, Rurik is knocked TF out. Anyone feel like helping? edit: for anyone curious, big dude knows Cavalieri means knight, and knows knights rode horses, he's saying Rurik is less than a knight and is only what the knight's would ride. Is a clever insult cause dude's smart....or would it be a cleaver insult?! Alright, I'm done.
Crack! Crack! Crack! The sounds of wood striking wood echoed out through the trees. Rurik's staff was a blur in the air as he swung it around his body in tight arcs, fending off imaginary attacks from imaginary foes. The trees around him bore the marks of his practice up and down their trunks in the form of broken and splintered bark, bare wood showing in some places.

He had been practicing for the better part of the day, and the day before, and the day before that. From the moment Veri stopped hovering over him and told him he could get up and move around after recovering from his injury, which was a result of a run in with some rather unsavory character from the Syndicate, he had been training and re-honing his skills. That fight had made his realize how far he had let himself slip. The only reason he hadn't been hurt worse was because he'd managed to sneak up on the poor guy. That, coupled with the blinding rage he had felt that allowed him to chew off nearly all of the poor fellow's face. That point was, however, that he was severely behind the curve in terms of battle readiness when compared to the rest of the Casa warriors, and if he was going to help protect his pack, he needed to be in the best form he could manage.

He was midway through one of his strikes when the call to arms went up. His hackles immediately rose at the thought of yet another attack on his home. Before the call had fully died he had gathered his cloak and sword from their resting place against a tree and was printing towards his Lune. Fortunately he didn't have very far to travel thanks to the convenience of his chosen training spot. Unfortunately he wasn't the first on the scene on either side. He came to a halt next to a small grouping of saplings and watched as Cavaliers fought off the invaders. He spotted one seeming to have trouble and took a step forward to help, only to then jump back to avoid being cut open by the surprise cleaver that was swung at him.

He took a defensive stance and circled around the small bunch of trees to face his opponent, who seemed to have either heard or seen him coming and decided to wait. The behemoth stepped out from the shadow of a dead oak and leered down at Rurik, who's stance faltered only slightly. The giant was easily 10 feet tall and built like a castle wall, and seemed to be clad in armor across his shoulders and legs. His cloak kept anything else hidden. In his hand was the largest cleaver Rurik had ever seen.

"Hello little horse. I'm going to be wearing your pelt as a coat before the sun reaches the tree tops today." While his name-calling made no sense, as Rurik was very clearly not a horse, the threat was clear. Rurik shuffled forward, keeping his staff up to deflect any attacks, not that the wood would be much use against a blade as large as the one he was holding, it might at least slow him down.

As soon as Rurik shifted, his opposite stuck, swinging his cleaver in a large up stroke. Rurik dodged backward and then sprang forwards, swinging his staff for the male's midsection. Only to have his arms painfully jarred and his staff bounce off something very hard under the male's cloak with a muffled thunk.

"The bastards wearing armor there too!" Rurik realized his mistake too late. He was too close to someone as strong as this guy was. The male dropped his elbow across Rurik back, driving him to the ground. He followed up with a swift kick that sent Rurik rolling, taking away a little of it's force, but not nearly enough for it to not still hurt. The grey furred male tried to use his staff to get up, struggling to catch his breath, only to have it knocked from his hand by the brute.

His attacker wrapped a paw around Rurik's neck and hoisted him up, placing his cleaver at Rurik's midsection. "I told you little horse. You, and your pathetic pack, can not fight us. Your heads will be on spikes at your own gates before nightfall." Rurik struggled in vain against the brutes grip, gasping for air. The larger wolf sneered at him and drew back his arm to strike the 'little horse' across his gut.

Which was his third mistake. His first was showing up to fight Casa. His second was then threatening his friends and family. His third mistake was specifically giving Rurik somewhere to put his short sword.

As quick as a flash, Rurik had his sword out and thrust deep into the unarmored side of the larger male's fighting arm. The male let out a howl of pain as Rurik jerked his sword around, slicing at the muscles and tendons. The cleavers dropped uselessly to the ground. Rurik expected to be dropped next, and was rather surprised when everything went sideways. It took him a minuet to realized he had literally been thrown, and didn't have time to react before a tree came to say hello to his head.

The next thing he knew was darkness. He couldn't see the very angry Syndicate member drawing his second cleaver with his off hand, blooding dripping down his arm, stalking towards him with murder in his eyes.
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OOC Veri is helping Rurik out with #10. cNPC Seeker is used to get to the fight and helps a little before he's injured and sidelined. Feel free to reference an arrow hitting your selected target before Veri collides with #10. Sorry for the novel, hehe.

Things had eased up in the Medical Office since the Syndicate fight. Wounds had healed, and tensions, albeit still on a high, were gradually going down now that the threat was done with. Many members of Casa had used the arisen occasion to motivate themselves into more combat skills. It was great to see so many moved toward one purpose, to be better. If the circumstance hadn't of been so severe, it would have been cause for pride. Veri, however, could only manage to feel wariness about the whole thing. Maybe she was paranoid, but after the havoc the Syndicate had caused before the attack, it seemed too easy.

Not that the fight had been all that easy. Occasionally she'd wake from a dream of the first time this group had attempted to take down Casa two years prior. For the last few days she'd been especially jumpy and on alert, her hackles bristling each time a noise startled her. Something in the pit of her stomach squirmed with dread as the hours ticked by. Finally, the snake reared it's head to fruition at the sound of a call to arms. Teeth were instantly bared in an ugly grimace, mixed blue eyes flashing savagely. She knew it! But this was one of those times where she'd wished her intuition to be wrong. She'd already been outside, in her full leather armor, sharpening her sword to ease the itch under her fur, so all she had to do was sheath the weapon, grab her bow, her quiver of arrows, and whistle sharply for her mount.

Seeker's hooves pounded across the ground as he thundered toward her at a gallop. This time, she wasn't pregnant. This time, she'd make them regret coming to their doorstep again. Veri reached out an arm to hook around Seeker's neck, using the jolt of sudden momentum to swing herself onto his back and grip his mane in both hands. The maneuver had jerked on her shoulder a little, but nothing she hadn't trained to do before. Seeker shifted his direction toward the gates of the Fort, flying through them with the swiftness of his breed without a single command from his rider, so in sync from their constant training that he could anticipate her wants before she asked for them.

Trees proved to be an annoying obstacle, especially with no saddle, but soon they came upon the confrontation. The scene was mottled with canines of all colors, sizes, and breeds, some painted red from their wounds, others stained from the blood of the enemy. Seeker snorted and shifted back and forth, ready to go an any direction at the smallest twitch of her legs. Mixed blue eyes scanned the area for her mate, her gaze becoming more and more frenzied as she didn't see him amongst those who moved. At the same time as she attempted to find him, she'd drawn her bow and begun sending arrows flying at any body she could identify as non Syndicate.

It took her a few minutes of dancing around the edges of the battlefield to finally catch sight of him. Unfortunately, the sight she saw was of his body sailing through the air and colliding head first with a tree. Everything slowed to an absolute crawl from the moment she found him to when he slid down the tree trunk, utterly limp. He laid there for what felt like an eternity before she saw his chest move with a breath. All she could hear was her own heartbeat, everything else had faded away into nothingness. her gaze shifted to the gigantic hulk of a wolf that stalked toward her mate with cleaver in hand. In one moment she was looking at this beast from afar, in the next she was almost upon him as Seeker barreled toward him.

The equine skidded to a halt and reared, clawing the air with his deadly hooves to force the male to back off. The giant took one step back to clear his main body from damage, but struck out with the cleaver in hand toward Seeker's foreleg. The war horse screamed shrilly in pain and came down harder than anticipated, his injured leg buckling under his own weight. This threw Veri forward over his neck. Instead of trying to hang on, seeing as Seeker was wounded now, she rolled with the momentum and popped back onto her feet with her sword already drawn, her body firmly planted between Rurik and him. "Is the sweet little girl gonna save her sweetheart now? How adorable. I plan to claim his pelt as a cloak, maybe if you step aside I can find another use for you, show you how a real wolf gets down and dirty."

Another day she would have snorted in disgust at his blatant vulgarity. Right now, however, there was not a twitch of an expression on her face, she remained completely deadpan. The brute's muzzle broadened into a smile. "What's wrong dove, do you need permission to speak from your mate? Or are you speechless with envy?" For another moment she remained still, cool blue gaze fixed upon his, and then finally some emotion trickled back into her face; a smile stretched across her lips to match his. She leaned forward, her sword arm lowered just a tad, and she allowed two words to flow so sweetly over her tongue. "You're dead." her smile dropped a couple seconds after the last consonant fell from her lips and she launched into action.

No longer was she healer. No longer was she kind, or gentle. No longer was she a mother. The only thing she could comprehend at that moment was the limp body of her mate a few feet behind her, the very reason she breathed. Rurik expressed his rage through extreme violence. Veri, on the other hand, became a cold and precise killer. She ducked between the giant's legs, sliding and spinning in place to reduce the tendons at the back of his knees to ribbons. There was some armor there, but the impact of one piece caused the angle of her blade to slice even further into the second leg, but more in the calf rather than the tendons. The brute howled and whirled about cleaver first. Veri jumped back to avoid the weapon, forcing the large male to take a step onto his injured leg.

Like a snake she struck again, once more sliding between his legs (it really was too easy to use this trick, he was just so damn tall), but this time only using her blade to cut at his left ankle. She withdrew once more, placing herself between him and Rurik subconsciously. Menacingly large teeth were bared in a snarl as he went down onto one knee, his ankle unable to hold his weight any longer. In the back of her mind, somewhere, she taunted that that was for Seeker. For a moment he remained knelt there, almost as if in surrender, but seconds after this thought crossed her mind then he surged forward claws first. She deflected his hand with a slice across the palm, only to feel teeth close around one of her ears.

Stinging pain raced down her spine and she jerked back, swiping her own claws out instinctively to where his throat should have been. His size gifted his Optime form with a large amount of fur and skin around the area, however, so although her blow landed and blood welled from the marks, it was no where near critical. Veri danced backward out of reach once more, but far, far too close to Rurik for comfort. She stood her ground as the Brute stalked toward her slowly, still managing to look terrifying despite his limp. For the first time her lips pulled back in a snarl, her gaze never leaving his as he inched closer.

With no warning she charged forward, intent on sliding between his legs once more, this time aiming at the apex of his thighs to hopefully hit the jackpot. It was probably armored, but couldn't hurt to try. Except this time he expected this maneuver and cuffed her to the side, his claws carving a trail from the left juncture of her neck, across her collarbone, and tearing open her armor like butter to end at the top of her left breast. She slid across the ground from the impact, teeth clenched so tightly shut that her jaw hurt. Her body screamed at her as she picked herself up once again, blood staining all over her front, shoulder, and neck, but she would not let Rurik be harmed.
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Aniki is going to help Lorek.

Aniki glanced to her right to check that there were no wolves sneaking up on her and saw a giant wolf beating on lorek. What is he doing out here? He's a pacifist who never fights! Lorek was cowering on the ground, getting completely torn up. She glanced at his opponent, who stood taller even than her. She was unused to looking up at other wolves. She cursed herself and whistled for Peachblossom. When he came, trotting over to her, still limping slightly despite the fact that someone had pulled out the dagger and put a green poultice on the cut. She grimaced when she got on him. But she would need his height to fight the giant. She had him canter to the wolf, who had almost reached Rurik.

"Hey, leave him alone!" Aniki yelled at the wolf to get his attention. She reached him as he turned, and swung the axe down on him. He twisted away quickly, but he wasn't fast enough to escape without a cut. Her heavy axe cut a shallow cut down his lower neck to his shoulder. She passed him and marveled at his size and speed. His head reached her thigh even on horseback! And he dodged her so quickly, even though was so large. She turned Peachblossom around to charge him again. She charged and swung her axe down again. He deflected the axe with a knife almost as long as her arm. He couldn't block the force behind the axe with one arm. The passed him again, turning Peachblossom without stopping.

"Well, well, well, I've got me a knight to kill." The giant said, licking the blade on his knife, eyes wide.

"That's the second time someone's told me that today, you brute. And guess what? He's lying in a ditch, bleeding out. He's probably dead, and if he isn't he'll be a cripple for life." Aniki told him, growling. She charged again, and the brute squatted, obviously aiming for Peachblossom's legs. She swerved, dodging his blade. She growled and replaced the axe in her hands for her lance. She lowered it while charging him. He went to deflect it with his knife, but she disengaged at the last possible moment and buried her lance in the wolf's upper thigh, not having the strength to pull it up in time to hit the stomach. She let go of the lance and passed the wolf for the fourth time. The wolf staggered and fell to one knee, the lance stuck in his leg still. He grabbed it with a roar, and ripped it out of his leg. He stood again, bad leg dragging his toes in the dirt. He chucked the long knife, quick as lightning, at her and it dug itself into her unprotected thigh. She yelped and whined, but grabbed the hilt and pulled it free, careful to pull it out at the same angle it went in. She held the cleaver in her hand, watching as he pulled a second one out of his belt. She whispered to Peachblossom, "Keep distance from him, don't let him get close.". She pulled a cloth from her belt and tied it around her injured leg tightly. She took a deep breath, held the cleaver in her hand, then replaced it with one of her throwing daggers. She feigned surprise while looking to her left, then chucked her dagger in the direction she had looked. The brute followed the dagger with his eyes, and she shoved his long knife into her throwing hand, then threw it at the beast's head as hard as she could. He looked at the knife flying at him, then caught it clean out of the air as easily as he would a stick. She gaped at him. "My, my, my, looks like we have a knife expert here. Luckily for you, I am also an expert. You shouldn't have thrown my knife back at me. Thanks for giving my knife back." And with that, he licked some of her blood off the blade before shoving it back into his belt. She felt shivers run down her spine like cold needles.

Aniki growled at the demon. He smiled cruelly at her. She charged again, hefting her axe up and bringing it down on him in one swift move. He dodged easily, but she pivoted and stabbed the pointy end into his shoulder. He roared as she passed him. She watched him as he grabbed another knife and chucked it at her. She turned her axe into a shield, protecting her from the knife. She deflected it easily and when she turned her axe again, he had almost reached her. Damn, he used the knife as a distraction to get closer to me! Shit, I can't move in time! Aniki's eyes widened when he reached her and grabbed her leg, squeezing it. She screamed in pain as the cut was squeezed. Eyes streaming, she pulled a knife out and went to stab him. Dark spots crossed her vision because of the pain and her hand stopped moving. He grabbed her and wrenched her off Peachblossom, who was trying to get her away from him. She heard the beast yelp because Peachblossom bit him, but the brute didn't move.

Suddenly she went flying and she landed, limply, with a thud. Her head cracked against the hard packed dirt and stone. Lightning cracked through her brain and across her vision. She lifted a hand to push herself up. She pulled her legs in and sat up. The world spun and stars dotted her vision. Suddenly she keeled forward and vomited. Her ears rang and she couldn't remember how to stand up. Aniki lifted her hand up and touched the side of her head, right next to her forehead. It was slick with blood and she collapsed back to the ground, her vision darkening and narrowing to a small circle in front of her. She heard yelling and neighing faintly over the endless ringing in her ears. She struggled to get up again, but she seemed to have forgotten how to move, because no matter how much she told herself he had to get up or the giant would kill her, she couldn't get up. Footsteps approached behind her and a hand grabbed her head, causing her to breathe in sharply. He lifted her head up and in her narrow field of view, his face loomed up and she winced at both the pain in her head and the look on his face. Then he bashed her head against the stone again. Lightning shook through her head again. He lifted her up and kneed her in the gut, making her gasp and curl up. He kicked her legs again. Then he dropped her, the shock making her un-curl. He slammed his foot into her gut again. She started coughing wetly, each cough hurting like a stab to the stomach. She lifted a hand to her mouth and realized she had bit her tongue, and it was bleeding profusely. Her arm went limp and it fell into the dirt. The beast kicked her leg, right where he had stabbed her just minutes earlier, and the world went dark.

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(Npcs 7,8,9)

War was on the horizon and had been for some time. Grynn never understood why these loners needed this land so bad. She huffed as she ran a cloth over her war hammer, such a large weapon for a delicate spy. Uryu walked in behind her patted her shoulder and tried to smile. "Fear not love good will always win." He spoke his tone casual as he picked up his bow. "I'm going to patrol the borders." He spoke just as both of them heard the call.

Grynn snatched up the war hammer and nearly busted her shop door off its hinges. Uryu behind her as their daughter called out racing past them on Uryus horse. Grynn was proud that her daughter was such a motivated young woman but she wished she could keep her from harm.

Standing with the other cavaliers Grynn, Uryu, and Armani waited. It was like a flash as soon as her brother was struck the Knights were on the move. Armani raced into battle ahead of her mother the warrior she was after seemed to know it too. The other braced herself before their weapons clashed. Grynn half focused on the battle around her didn't see the male coming her way as she was trying to get to Armani. The sound of a loud snarl caught her attention as the male yelped. An arrow stuck out of his arm as his attention turned to Uryu.

The male drew back another arrow "get to Armani" he called. Grynn nodded noticing a second fighter after her daughter. The handle on her hammer tight in her grasp. She aimed to smash his head in.
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