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Wayne is by Nat!

Most of his pack mates were still drifting down from the high the tournament had left them all in, but Wayne could not afford to chatter and reminisce with the others. There was always plenty of work to be done at the stables -- but it kept him from going crazy, in all truth. His life was highly structured, a balance of duties to do with little time for socialization, but he didn't mind. He knew that, left alone, he'd probably fail at even making use of his time by socializing with anyone. Though he'd made jokes and spoke with some of the Courtiers who'd come over for the tournament, he found himself very much alone now. Hadley and Adelle were gone, anyway, one missing and the other gone off to fight for good -- and really, they were the only canines he spoke to on a day-to-day basis. Even Lowry, the coyote whelp who'd been a spark of humor in his life as of late, was gone.

But Wayne spent enough time moping. He had his horses, and they were never going anywhere -- even though Medley might try to snap and squirm away as he tried to clean her hooves. He had to practically wrestle the dark paint filly, bringing her hoof up and clamping her leg between his thighs as he scraped with the pick, removing the dirty bedding and soil and snow packed there. She tried to jerk her leg, but a growl from the Labrador mongrel had her going silent, with the additional encouragement of her mother. Gypsy looked very much amused about the whole deal.

Hold still, I ain't killin' you, Wayne muttered as the foal fidgeted again, but he finally released her hoof and gave her a nudge, and she trotted over to her mother with a shrill whinny of disapproval. He shook his head, knowing that he'd have to exercise even more control over her so she didn't grow up to be a monster. A fiery temperament was good for the warhorses of Casa di Cavalieri, but not if Medley grew up too large before he could reign her in. He didn't want her to turn out as unsociable as Saul's brood mare.

Wayne tossed the pick into the bucket of brushes and other grooming tools, before dusting his hands off against each other and staring critically at the horses meandering about the ring near the barn. He tried to figure out what else to do -- but faltered, and guessed there really wasn't much left unless he wanted to be more critical about some of the communal horses' tail hairs being tangled. Frowning tiredly, he rubbed his hand against his face and neck, and let it rest there as he stood in silence, musing.

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Katya had been wandering around Casa, fully aware that she was in heat. Now that Malakai had taken her innocence, she no longer cared is she waited for her mate. There was no point now that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy her first time with a mate, not in her mind at least. To her, she was already ruined, so why shouldn’t she have a little fun? It didn’t help that this was her first heat around males. Before, she was just traveling on her own with no one else around. With everyone else here, it was a little harder to control her urges.

She had already been with Rurik but she already wanted more. As she neared the stables, Katya heard a bit of a commotion. She found Wayne there with his mare Gypsy and a young filly, watching as he attempted to clean the filly’s hooves. She stood in the doorway and chuckled lightly. That little girl giving you a bit of trouble there Wayne?

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Wayne is by Nat!

There really was no shortage of things for Wayne to worry about as he stood watching over the hoofed beasts. He knew that a Mentorship ceremony would be coming up soon, with the Knight puppies growing rapidly, and he wondered if he would have the honor to mentor another child -- and do a better job of it, this time. He knew he hadn't been as good as he could have with Adelle, though she'd turned out well enough to be off on her own. And Lowry -- he still worried about the kid, knowing what he'd very narrowly saved him from. He really wanted to go see him, and had gone to Cercatori d'Arte to drop in, but...

Imagery and smells flashed in his mind, and Wayne cleared his throat before reaching down to grab the grooming bucket, deciding he'd just put his stuff up and go back to the Courthouse. It was evening, nearing night, and an early bedtime would only mean he was ready to wake before dawn to complete the rest of his tasks. Sleep would help keep his mind off things, both actual worries and other thoughts that had trickled in ever since the interesting encounter with the cowgirl. He started to reach for Gypsy to lead her back into the stall proper, though he daydreamed as he walked -- he could still smell Kenna --

There was a snort from the paint mare, and Wayne realized that the smell was in the present. He flinched and turned, only to see one of his newer pack mates -- Katya -- standing in the doorway of the barn. She chuckled at him, teasing him, and Wayne had to take a few moments to answer, his brown eyes darting quickly over her short form and her breasts constricted by the corset-like top.

She's a lil' devil, Wayne said, but his voice was rather flat, and he turned abruptly to put Gypsy and her foal up in the broader stall. It wouldn't be long before the man separated the two in their stalls, but Medley would certainly protest, and he didn't want to deal with that on top of everything else now. He frowned and shut the door behind Medley, pausing with his hand on the stall wall.

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