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POSTED: Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:41 pm

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Mere seasons ago, Vesper had sat upon the stone chairs in the mansion gardens and looked upon the haggard faces of her clanmates bloodied by the Boreas wolves. She remembered how her voice had lifted, severe and strong, because she had known that enemy and had known there was no alternative to war. Devils had fallen upon them and their only chance for survival was to fight.

And now…

She sucked in a deep breath and scraped her claws on the seat. Her throat was hoarse from howling to call her coyotes together, and she wasn’t sure if she could even find her voice to speak.

But she had to. They would have tried to fix this before it happened, but that was before someone’s son had died.

“You might have heard,” the Aquila began, rasped. She stopped and shook her head (it felt too light without the beads around her neck), and cleared her throat. “You might have heard what has happened. Two of your clanmates have been attacked. One… One of them is dead.

This time her cracked voice was from emotion, and she could not help but flick her eyes toward the empty space in the crowd. Her adoptive daughter had needed her solitude after what they had found, and Vesper had cried with her.

“The perpetrators,” Vesper continued, finding it hard to keep her voice at a steady volume. She sat upright a little more. “Salsola.”

There were murmurs. To her right, Vicira stood with narrowed eyes, her arms tight around the pudgy body of a puppy. Ves saw Conrad pick up his head and stare, and Laurel lean his head toward Canary’s, whispering faster than he usually talked. The quiet voices filled Vesper’s head until she thought it might burst.

“Salsola and Inferni have had a trade alliance for years. We fought alongside one another when the Boreas attacked us. But Salsola has always been a dark place for all its secrets. They maim non-shifters, infect them, enslave them and others.”

Her hackles were rising now, and her eyes grew heated. She saw one sandy-colored head flinch back; if anyone knew the truth of their cruelty, it was Molcaxitl, even if she no longer wore the ring in her nose.

“Salsola attacked Virue and Omar. I’ve no doubt that they will attack other coyotes they catch out in the wilds. They don’t balk at harming innocents. We cannot let this happen,” she growled, and raised her head. “We cannot let them hurt more of our children.” Vicira squeezed the puppy in her arms involuntarily, and Merari let out a protesting peep. “We have to send a message.”

We have to fight them, was left unspoken.

Vicira took a step toward her then, turning to look at the crowd. A Regulus, commander, she’d the right to speak now; Vesper had to fight to flatten her fur, and gave her daughter a sharp nod. Even holding a baby, her body soft with the weight, the soot-colored woman looked fierce.

“We need information first,” Vicira said. “What their strength is, whether they’re sending forces out, what they might be thinking. If we can deter attacks, we should focus on that—not rush headlong looking for a fight.” Her eyes flicked toward the Aquila briefly before alighting on the crowd. “But we have to be prepared if they bring the fight to us.” They had to be prepared for the worst.

They had to prepare for war.

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my heart was flawed, i knew my weakness

The heralding voice of the Aquila had always been one that boomed with a frightening authority, and severity weighed heavily on the young boy's shoulders after he had seen her that night. Bloodied. Furious.

She was the magnitued of the storm. She was war.

Nazario had not understood this - not yet, but it struck fear and unease into him, and he was quick to heed the call, to keep his eyes on Vicira, on her children, as he was one in the same. He was the clan. He was Inferni. Adrenaline drummed on his blood at the waver in Vesper's words, in the way Vicira clutched Merari, and he could feel his hands ball into fists, again and again - they branded him a child still, but nothing but determination gleamed in the fires of his eyes.

They went hollow, bleak - at the mention of Omar, and something leapt thick into his throat, his blood chilled, the hackles at his neck prickled. Dead.


The word sounded so out of place, and the weight of seemingly all things crushed inward into a compressed chest. For all his talk of family, of wanting to clutch onto it and discover and find, he had let someone slip through his grasp - more like blood than he would know, and lips drew wire-thin. Claws pricked the flesh of the pads of palms, and limbs trembled as Nazario backstepped, stealing away quietly with his thoughts.

Vicira groomed him for this.

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Antioch sat near the place where the Clan's leader spoke, gruff looking and silent. He did not know when the world had started moving again, only that it had come to a stop that did not last long enough. Time had become disjointed. How long had his son been dead? It was hard to say how long his body had been left there, with an arrow through his heart. Antioch had needed to bring him home, to bury him properly, even though he knew what seeing his body would do to Versace.

The noise she had made would haunt him for the rest of his life.

He could not reassure her of safety so he did the next best thing, and with their children and the birds she hid deep in the cave (because it still smelled like their dead son) and wept bitterly. Their friends (and when did that happen, Antioch wonder, when did those people become their friends and not merely associates) waited outside and watched to see that she was left alone.

They didn't talk about what had happened. He could recall very little of what he said to Vesper, screaming until it seemed like he might rip his throat, and knew only that she had promised him soon. Scout sat by his paws, head cocked to watch the crowd. The bird would not leave him alone, and had not let anyone get near the Bellator. Antioch was barely conscious of his presence, or of the individuals around him.

It was taking everything in his power to remain here, when every part of him demanded he run screaming to the west and set destruction upon their horde of devils.

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Yet now I'm standing here, my heart so full, I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say.

Faith had seen the gatherings of Inferni before when she was younger, and it was not like she had been a stranger to war. She and Hope had been victims of the previous war, stolen from their mother and were likely being taken off to their deaths.. and that was just as pups. Still.. she managed to take her kidnapping well.. so did Hope for that matter. Perhaps that was part of the driving force that made her desire to protect her mother. Knowing the pain she had gone through. There was no way she was going to have to go through that again. Now she had her little sister to protect. No one was going to lay one hand on her. As much as she hated to admit it, sometimes when she closed her eyes.. she could see him, the one that took her. He would steal her away again. It always made the back of her neck hurt...

Coming to this meeting made the darker daughter feel.. sick a bit. War was never a route she would ever wish for anyone to walk down, even though it was clear that others didn't think so. Even so.. she listened. Vesper spoke to everyone that came. One of their own was dead because of their new enemy. Virue and Omar were the ones that were attacked.. and now one of them was dead. While she was still listening, the girl's head turned in the direction of her uncle. She could see it in his face. Omar.. her cousin.. his son. Her mother had almost lost her children.. and now the same thing was happening to Antioch.. perhaps something far worse.

As much as Faith wanted to speak up, trying some other alternatives to where the Aquila was planning to take this, it was not her place to say something.. no not here in front of everyone. She was not a fighter, she never claimed to be. She was a protector. No matter how loyal, she could not bring herself to agree with these terms.. and she was probably the only one in the entire clan who felt as such. There was nothing that could be done about it. All she could do was ensure that her family was safe.. and do what she could here. There would need to be more trips to the chapel. Maybe the Lord would help to guide her through this.

As the meeting came to a close, the daughter lowered her head, turning from her spot to disappear. The longer she stayed, the worse she was going to feel about the whole thing. She needed Hope. No doubt her sibling would listen to her. Hope was a fighter.. but family as well.. Would she see the sins the clan was getting ready to commit?

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While Vesper talked, Salvador read into the turning of their eyes, the flaring of their nostrils, the gritting of their teeth. He listened to the whispers of those involved surrounding him, and felt the uncertain shift of Dove at his side as the word war sank in.

As if aged by the word, the clan shifted from children under the guidance of scarred and seasoned men and women, made instead into a collective of equals by their shared anger and despair. He had seen it happen before, but he had never seen it happen so visibly. But too many of the clan were soft and untrained, and anger alone did not win wars. Salvador knew Salsola. His faint memories of the less fortunate Salsolans he had seen there as a child—pieced together perhaps to be slaves by adult logic—were affirmed by Vesper, and the Sadira’s detached mind wandered to long-passed times and faraway places of relevance only to himself.

The air turned hot with their spite and passion, with that old Inferni fire Salvador thought extinguished, and he looked among them impassively. He did not know these clanmen. He could barely call himself Lykoi, if that mattered anymore. But Sally had fought for lesser causes than this, causes where he did not have some perspective on both sides of the conflict, and he knew his dreadful sense of justice and morality would get the better of him as it always did.

He found Nazario in their crowd, reeling, mourning, steely. He saw a lanky pup with a mouth full of blueberries and knew that child was gone. He next found Dove, slipping through their ranks and away from him, and pictured her starved and sick and dying as he had found her after the last war. That child, no doubt, would soon return.

He let her go. He let Nazario go. He turned his eyes to Vesper, reading her scars, and he found himself in a place of dead and ashes, just then, and was lost to a memory that started not unlike this one.

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with a bag full of bones
I know the place you left still won't leave you alone...

Eire had not been with Inferni too long, but it had been recently that it started feeling like a home. And now this. All this happening to her home. One of her clanmates, Omar, shot with an arrow right through the heart. Eire had no opinion of Salsola and very little knowledge of the pack before now, but the events of such a gruesome death, attacks, and threats were starting to shape and mold her mind into hating them.

Eire’s dark crimson eyes narrowed at the news, and she folded her arms over her chest. Omar was dead, and anyone else could follow. Vesper. Vicira. Magpie. Oriole. Anyone. Even her, but Eire was less worried about herself than her pack mates. She didn’t want to see any more Infernians go down with this conflict.

”If there’s anything I can do to help, Vicira, tell me,” Eire voiced, stepping forward out of the crowd. These were the kinds of things she was trained for her whole life - fighting and killing the enemy.


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War. War. No, no, no. Not again. She’d only started feeling better since the worst of summer passed. War, the Aquila declared. Already someone had been killed, a name she knew of and a face she would never see again, and their war had merely begun. How many more would be wounded? How many more would be dead or missing? How many would be left behind like Dove had been, forever wondering if their beloved were lost or waiting to be found?

Vesper called them slavers, and Dove attached fast to the word. She’d known former slaves in Juniper Peace, escapees with a permanent terror in their eyes and a strange unfriendliness bred into them, though never intended. Salsola and Inferni were allies in their latest war, and enemies now. How was Dove to know River Lark was not among their numbers, enslaved? What about the kind, sweet Katinka—what was she?

Sally had led her to believe her brother was dead, but she clung still to the faith that he might live. At once she resented the Sadira, and fighting back tears formed from fear and instantaneous resentment, the pretty little Reverie held her breath and backed her way out of their crowd. She needed space, and she needed time. She needed to gather her wits together and prepare herself for conflict, for asking questions, for protecting the wounded, for facing others like Katinka, or like herself.

Salsola was no Boreas. Dove had fought beside Salsola’s warriors. Regardless of her role, she could not quiver. To quiver in this war, she feared, meant certain death.

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Cartier listened to what was being said but there was little that he agreed with, perhaps surprisingly so. Normally Cartier didn't go out looking for a fight but it was his family that had suffered. He didn't take that sort of thing lightly. It could have just as easily been his own child and not his nephew instead. They have already brought the fight to us by killing one of our own. Omar was just a child still. They had no right in ending his life. If it is a fight they want then it is a fight we will give them. Cartier spat out the words when his sister preached upon patience. There was much more he wanted to say but he bit his tongue instead. Those words weren't meant for a public gathering.

If you won't stand beside me then I will go alone. Not that he would do much good in a fight in the state he was in but his intentions were clear. He wouldn't abide by his nephew being so mercilessly slaughtered. Let him be punished if they saw fit to do so but could they really blame him for wanting justice for his kin? Certainly Antioch had to be feeling the same way even if he wasn't voicing it.

Or perhaps Cartier had simply felt on the outs with his family for so long that he felt he needed to prove himself all over again. And if he should die trying? Well, he was on the outs with his family. He could succeed or he could fail but the outcome would prove to be the same, though at least he would have tried something in the end.

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Word Count → 000 :: Out of Character text

Avarice hadn't been part of the Clan long and so to learn of trouble in the area was concerning for him. He had been told that this was meant to be a safe place for those like him but to hear of two attacked, one killed, made it seem like a not so safe place. He glanced over to Hubris to see what the larger male thought of all this.

Hubris had his arms folded over his chest as he listened. His face was a stoic mask that didn't give any of his thoughts away. War wasn't something that he was accustomed to and fighting hadn't been something that he'd ever had to do. And as to who this Salsola was, he had absolutely no idea.

Avarice glanced over into the crowd as a voice spoke up after the female's had spoken. This voice seemed to absolutely demand war. Avarice shook his head and focused once more upon the Aquila to see what she thought of this outburst.

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how pure, how sweet the love beneath it

She had heeded the wailing call of their Aquila, of her aunt, and watched on with a deep and unsettled worry - the tension ran thick through the air as murmurs stirred through the gathered Clan, beneath the stern and terse words of their passionate leader. Another war - had Inferni truly needed another war? The question ran thick and sluggish through her mind, and her brow stiffened. Nonsense. Salsola had made it's move, had shown their crimes and must be made to pay for their traitorous blood. The anger broiled on her blood, made her shake as a hand rested curled fingers against dark lips, the adrenaline of it making her shake as she hugged herself with her free arm to contain herself, her emotion, though the trouble stirred on her surface. One of the youngest - the newly shifted, shouldered past her, and blue eyes stared after him, his own anger rubbing off on her as she cast her eyes back forward.

She was not built for fighting, but dammit, she would be. A sympathetic eye cast towards their Bellator, and her jaw quivered.

Briarblack would fletch one hundred arrows - more, if needed, for her companions, for her Clan, to ensure that no other Infernian would be taken from them so soon - to ensure that no one would feel the pain that Antioch and the grieving Versace felt now.

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