blood lust in a holy war

POSTED: Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:22 pm

Things were different.

Her cousin was dead. She had never been close to Omar, but he was her family, and now he was gone. It left her feeling a bit hollow, as if organs had been removed from the cavity of her chest. It made her wonder what would happen if she lost her Meemaw, or her Oreo, or her papa and daddy. What would that feel like, to lose someone who was so important in her young life? Would it feel as hollow?

The leaves had changed, and that was what she stared at as she ruminated on these questions, hugging herself with her jewelry-clad arms. It was getting colder again, especially near the water. She'd started to don a scarf, just to keep the thinner fur around her neck and jaw in toasty warmth, much like the rest of her; she was blessed with a thick coat for winter, one that didn't keep out the chill of feelings.

Feelings were in excess these days. Her feelings about Redtooth. Her feelings about the now-dead Omar. It was all a cluster of emotion that clutched at her heart in an iron grip she found incredibly unsatisfying. She was a mess, in her own mind.

So she spent time alone.

A large foot pushed leaves aside as she stood, causing them to rustle. Rustle. Rustle. Golden and yellow and the more fiery reds, reds that made her think of blood. She didn't particularly like the reds. They were too warm. Her brow furrowed at the thought of it, and she crushed one under the pads of her toes. The world around her was silent.

[wc: ###] TL;DR. Outside the manor.
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