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Word Count → ??? :: Non-manditory pack thread making certain events clear to all Salsolans! Relates to the current IF/SL Plot. Get involved, guys - this is going to be a big one! Let Salvia post a reply first please, then free-for-all <3

They went not to the Feasting Hall, where it was customary for the kingdom to meet. This was not a customary event, and required something different; A different beginning. Here, by the western coast, the air was sharp in the lungs and stung the eyes with salt. A living thing, it whipped about them in a frenzy, driven mad by forces of nature far removed from the Lawful civilization they had built.

It was a bleak reminder of the truth of things, Lokr thought as he stood by the stone altar where they had burned their dead and sent their ashes and spirits off to places unknown. The wind tossed his hair, black and too-long (he looked more or less like a man who had forgotten at some point to take care of himself; Time was flying by, unchecked), so that it slashed at his white streaked cheeks in repentance. High on the bluffs that overlooked a grey and choppy ocean, they could see the kingdom of Salsola stretch away to the north, the east, the south. The stone ship and its spirits watched on, seemingly unmoved.

The two figures waited here as white-winged gulls wheeled like vultures above them. Slowly the people came to them - The heads of each noble house, and the common folk, and even the few lowborn and Outsiders yet to truly earn their place.

Lokr felt removed from himself. It was a strange sensation; The sea at his back crashed and gnashed its foamy teeth, but beneath this, it sang to him. Salvia said something, her voice low and private, and the words were almost snatched away by the call of the ocean before he could hear them. But hear them he did, and as he had in this time and all times before this one, Lokr heeded them.

A different beginning, he thought as he stepped forward to address the kingdom of Salsola. He cleared his throat, and set his shoulders, and promised himself that this would be the last time.

From somewhere in the milling crowd beyond, Elphaba's red eyes slid across the many faces, looking for O'Riley. In her hand she held a small crumpled note; In her heart, a fire burned terribly bright.

"You've all heard the rumors by now," He said without ceremony, even though this was a holy place. The reason they had congregated bore no worship and welcomed no hesitation. "Three members of the noble houses, heinously attacked; One, a child - Just a child!" His tongue felt very heavy, and he thought of what Salvia had told him of the attack on Krios and felt freshly ill, "Another a vicious and ungodly crime that no Salsolan ought ever to fear." His eyes roamed the crowd, looking for Helena or the two she had taken as her mates.

Breathing shallow, Lokr rose his voice again to shout over the wind. There was an echo of flame within him, a shadow of the dragon he had once been; A great and terrible ire. It was so easy to turn sorrow to anger - And only anger would win this war for them.

"Inferni have betrayed the old trade Pact and severed the alliance; They have turned against the honorable agreements set in place by our predecessors. They have sent their kin against us in cowardly and feral ways, coming for our young and our vulnerable. Well, no more will we suffer the waylaid wrath of heretics and battle-mongers. Our enemies have all fallen before us, and so too shall they. We are at war!"

His lips twisted into a snarl. Battling emotions that he could not name, not even if given a thousand years in purgatory to consider them, Lokr turned his back on the congregation and cast his eyes out to sea.

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The faces that looked back at her, washed out in the gray light, seemed different than they had during the last war. It had been an old foe then, but this new threat was even worse. Inferni knew their size, their location, their names – Inferni knew more than any proper enemy would ever be able to learn, and Salvia hated this fact.

Standing tall and silent, the blonde woman listened to Lokr's words rise on the wind. He spoke plainly, full of anger, and when it seemed the Lord Commander was overcome by his emotions she finally lifted her own voice.

This is not an enemy that lacks information, Salvia announced, looking from face to face. Nor will they fight as Boreas or our other enemies have. Be smart, and do not allow yourselves to be caught alone – we've already seen that it does not matter to them who it is they attack. Pay careful attention to our eastern borders. If you see ravens, assume they are spies, she added, and put one of her hands on her hip. We cannot allow ourselves to become complacent.

It was strange, to be at war again so soon. It felt like no time had passed at all since the last one.

If you cannot fight, ensure that you aid the Family in any way you can. We are strong, she reminded the crowd, her voice rising. The wind tugged at her hair, and smelt of the sea. See to it that no one forgets this.

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One of the first to arrive, Indra had not jostled for position among the most ambitious of the Family; instead, she lingered in the background, one shoulder pressed against a cold pew. Ros stood to the side, his face the picture of solemnity.

While waiting for the upper echelons to gather, she had not reflected on the carnage of the past – the Boreas Conflict, the tensions between the Court and the Coyotes – nor had she sought to anticipate the future, musing on who among them might fall in battle.

Instead, she considered the faces of the Boss and the Lord Commander.

It seemed to her that Salvia had always stood as a timepiece for them, a year of her life marking a year of Salsola’s progress. She was growing gray here and there, but remained an epitome of strength and furious greed. There was an echo of this in her sister, Elphaba… at least insofar as the greed was concerned.

Subconsciously she looked to her sister, a piece of parchment clutched furiously in one pale hand. It struck Indra as strange that even Elphie could somehow make war look fashionable.

And then her attention turned to Lokr, who looked older than his years would suggest. She scarcely recognized him with his too-long hair, and his hungry, lean green eyes.

When the crowd had gathered like an angry, churning storm, her interest waned. Instead of absorbing the information as it was given, she ran a constant translation from English to Gaelic under her breath, one head tilted toward the boy from the Emerald Isle.

Salvia’s last word still hung in the air when she leaned away, and the distance between them grew obvious.

If you are strong, why should it be said? It is sort of like saying ‘I am the King,’

Indra raised one shoulder and let it fall absently, scanning the crowd for those she knew, assessing their reactions, their feelings. Once, she made eye contact with her mother, who was plainly unhappy about something.

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He had not forgotten the half-eclipse, nor the signs he’d read in the runes—of conflict, betrayal, dark plots and a bright victory. “The shadow came from the east,” he’d said, and seen the flames creep along his floor and die out.

When the Mafiosi gathered the pack, the Crone was prepared for the announcement. He remembered the brokenness in Helena’s eyes, her keen loss.

Well-groomed, scented with incense, Loki looked the part of a spiritual leader confident in the guidance of the gods, touched by their magic. He donned the cloak with white leather feathers on his shoulders, the blue serpent tangled around the arm scarred not so long ago by the past war and Calla’s etchings. Sycorax was sluggish in cooler weather like this, and Loki wondered if he might hibernate like the smaller green snakes around his property, or if with the fire-heated stones and steady food he provided the reptile he might stay awake. He wondered what omens might come if the serpent slept.

Though as he stood there he looked distracted, and glanced for Krios and Helena with sympathy and worry drawing his mouth into a soft frown. He’d children of his own to protect once again, though they were at the tower, babysat by Corrine.

Loki had secrets still, and had to guard these even when the pack rallied for war.
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Ved himmelens ende

Loki had convinced her to leave the pups behind with Corrine but Stjarna still felt uncomfortable with the notion. Why should someone else be watching her children? Did Loki not trust her to be with them? Did he think the Gods would strike at her and the pups would get caught in the crossfire? It was entirely possible. Loki continued to suffer because of her. And now there was this new tragedy. One blight after another had struck upon Salsola since she had returned. If she left would all of the tragedies cease?

She stood not next to her husband but at the back of the gathering instead. It was not her place to be next to him, that was the spot for the Seer and other members of the Faction. She wasn't even a Witch to be able to gather around him. She was nothing and mattered little other than to temporarily soothe the ire of the Gods. And well, she couldn't say that she was particularly interested in what this meeting was meant to announce. It just further proved how much of a nothing she was. She wasn't a fighter nor was she a healer. There was nothing that she could possibly contribute.

Her arms were wrapped around herself and she stared at the ground, trying to make herself look as small and inconspicuous as possible. She had attended because she had no excuse to remain behind. It would look bad upon Loki if his mate didn't show for such an important meeting. But her discomfort at the talk of conflict was obvious. They had all suffered their fair share of war and on the heels of one came another. Had there been anything that could have been done in order to prevent this? What would Loki lose this time?

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Helena Troy Lykoi
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It had not been so long at all since she last stood here. That day had been warm and the ocean breathless and only a few sunrises ago. Smoke had risen from a small fire that burned in the morning's light, for the mourning living. The Crone had sent her children to the other-world with prayers and a solemn gentle kindness that she had not expected but was grateful for.

The four impossibly tiny beings held no fur, or in truth any defining features but the promise that they had encompassed would have been endless. They would have been Sons and Daughters of Salsola, they would have belonged in a way that she – a once Outsider – would do only after years and years had passed by.

Till's hand against the small of her back was a steadying presence, for the woman looked very much worse for wear. Her arm wrapped tightly in stark white bandages and numerous scratches and teeth puncture wounds abounded on her neck and chest and face. Physical injury compared naught to the void inside where their lives had been cradled with warmth and such dedication.

Now she learned that she and her tiny bairns was not the only victims. The Warden's eyes caught acidic green as the Lord Commander looked to her. Helena's free hand resting so poignantly against her now empty midriff, still containing of its slight bulge, would speak of the loss. Her jaw tipped, head high and did not break away from his cat's gaze.

Stones piled in her heart, heavy and crushing, as war was declared. Many among Salsola held family ties to Inferni, Helena thought of her half sisters. All three of them were now to be her enemies. The bond was stretched taut and it was agony to consider what might be done, the red woman had a choice to be made; Family or the Kingdom.

The brilliant Lykoi eyes roamed, looking for some admission of guilt. She did not think a lie would cause that male to run so far and attack her, somehow a grey boy was dead and Inferni believed Salsola to be blamed.

"Speech". Thinking.

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He was among the first to arrive and watched as the masses trickled in one by one by two by three until what seemed like the whole pack had gathered in what felt like a strange place, but for its purpose the stone ship was far more appropriate than the feasting hall, a place where good things were supposed to happen.

This was not a good thing they were about to discuss. As always word spread quickly and what the Beast wasn't told specifically he had heard easily enough from the biting whispers that whipped through the pack like an errant breeze. War was on the horizon once again, nipping at the heels of one won in what felt like only a short time ago, and this time it was not an old enemy or a new one, it was an ally.

Scorpius wrinkled his flews at the thought that they had fought side by side only a handful of moons ago. He bore the scars of that hard fought battle and would not shy away from another, but it vexed him to think he would have to take up arms against foes who were supposed to be friends. Still, the coyotes were radicals and racists and not at all above turning against their own, so it didn't surprise him that at the end of it all it had come to this. Though, the thought only filled him with more anger.

Blood reds moved to settle on Lokr’s face when his voice rose above the din of the collective and all sound seemed to cease, then to Salvia's as she concluded their announcement, but instead of looking to the crowd to observe their reactions his gaze swept to settle upon his mate off to the side. She stood away from the crowd, her arms wrapped tightly around herself and in her usually bright and jubilant eyes was the dark cloud of worry and fear as she stared back at him, shaken, but still trying to be brave.

His features did not show his concern and instead a growl bubbled up in his throat but no sound escaped him. He was angry, they all were, and this was no place for unchecked aggression. There would be plenty of time for rage later, plenty of enemies for his anger. For now, he simply waited for further instruction.

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Optime | aNPC: Heine (+603)

Trouble had befallen the Thistle Kingdom once more, and the electrifying tension that Heine had felt in the air had made the more primal instinct in him antsy. Problems always seemed to find the Crown and its subjects in the colder months of the year; the men that thought leaving bodies and attacking Salsolans on their own borders in their tantrum of not having what they wanted, the Red Star falling in the ocean beyond, the war led by wolves from a far-off land with a long overdue grudge. Each had been more chaotic than the last, and, now, there were rumors that War stalked the grounds in Drifter Bay.

He’d begun sharpening his tools and bulking his stock of arrows, and the actions hadn’t gone unnoticed by his ever-watchful daughter. Paired with the whispers and hearsay, Kamari knew that whatever was coming, it was bad. So, when the meeting was called for the pack to gather, the young Kaiser was surprised when her father let her come with him. Perhaps he felt she was old enough, perhaps he was too distracted to properly argue with her, or, perhaps he thought it best to not keep her in the dark of the world beyond the Thistle Kingdom. Either way, the pair made their way to the sea-side bluff where many others had gathered.

Heine stood with his back to the brunt of the wind, helping to somewhat shield his daughter from being buffeted too badly. His hands rested on either of her shoulders. Kamari pulled her hood tight around her to help block out some of the ocean spray and wind from blowing her hair every which way. Through special cuts in the hood, her ears stood out against the elements, their long height allowing the tips to sway a bit when a particularly stiff wind tore through the crowd. The father-daughter duo stood towards the edge of those gathered, angled so that the short Kaiser child could see and hear the Mafiosi when they commanded everyone’s attention.

The Lord Commander started them off, confirming the word that had been spreading throughout the Kingdom. Kamari could feel her father’s grip tighten at the mention of a child being attacked. No doubt, his thoughts went to the twins. If their enemy was so ruthless to go after the young and innocent, it was clear that they would stop at nothing to obtain what they wanted.

After a brief pause, their enemy was officially named, and Kamari snuck a questioning glance up at Heine. Weren’t they allies with the Clan? Had they not fought alongside each other earlier that year? For what reason did the Clan having in attacking them after what they’d done to help them? There were so many questions that bubbled in her mind. It didn’t make any sense.

Her father didn’t spare her a glance though, his slate gaze shifting to the Boss as she took over. Precautions were given, orders to be vigilant and wary of their surroundings. The Kingdom was at war, and Heine felt his heart hasten at the mix of protective anger that swelled within him.

Kamari let her eyes fall to the back of the Salsolan ahead of her. Her fists tightened around the fabric of her hood as her lips formed a thin line. Even as a child, she understood the gravity of the situation. She been in her mother’s womb the last time the pack had had a major conflict with Outsiders. This would be her first real taste of danger.

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:o [ 356 ]

The Banshee had arrived ahead of the Scout and waved him over to the edge of the crowd where she stood near the Jagermeister's mate. Serene was already unsettled and took solace in the company of the stronger more confident female, who stood with her hands set on the edge of her worn leather belt, eager to hear what was going to be said. She said something he didn't hear when Duncan finally found a comfortable spot near the two females, his piercing glacier blues sweeping through the crowd, picking out familiar faces and lingering on the newer ones momentarily.

He had admittedly been detached from the pack as of late, so much so that he wasn't entirely sure what the meeting was for, only that grave and urgent news was about to be shared. The whispers of war had reached him but why and with whom were still details he was lacking, details he should have already had -- working at and beyond the borders so often -- but he was needlessly distracted. There was no excuse, and it bothered him that he had been so careless, but lately his attention was focused inwardly, his mind lost in its own thoughts.

The Boss concluded the announcement the Lord Commander commenced, the two leaders crushing all rumors with an enraging truth. Former allies were now enemies, former battle companions now combatants. Salsola was at war with Inferni.

He wasn't sure what to think. His gaze moved from their leaders to the Capo, to the Faction, and eventually to the rest of the pack, reading the many reactions in the absence of forming one of his own. His face was blank, unreadable, even as Vesta growled audibly and Serene retreated into herself. He found those familiar faces again, even lingered a moment on Indra as she exchanged words in Gaelic with her companion, before his gaze fell to the earth and he tried to focus himself, tried to rationalize everything. At the end of it all, his eyes rose back up with certainty, his face now flooded with a determined frown. It was time to fight again.

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A sea-salt spray planted an acrid kiss on Khael’s lips as she stood with her companion near the edge of the gathered Salsolans, one large ear lazily cocked to heed the words of the Lord Commander as he spoke of assault, betrayal, and at last war. Their allies to the east had, over a series of stormy nights, become their enemy—declared such by attacking the Family’s innocent children.

Khael shifted her weight, and reflected that her paws were numb; she should have wrapped them before traipsing through the cold mud.

She only looked up from contemplating her feet when she heard a soft whimper rise then die, muffled, in Katinka’s throat. Ember eyes swept over the lovely wolfdog, and she wordlessly reached out to slink an arm around the girl’s shoulders, one hand rubbing the soft fur Tink could leave exposed even in the cooler weather. The girl glanced at her momentarily through her lashes, her ears miserably pinned against hair frizzled with the wind, but reached up to pat the jackal’s fingers in thanks.

“The Tigress is right,” the dark woman murmured in her faintly Egyptian tones, her voice flat and loud enough only for Tink’s ears. “Salsola is strong.”

She wanted to say more, wanted to say “do not worry” and “I will protect you,” but she had already lingered too long. Her hand slid from Katinka’s shoulder and disappeared into the opposite sleeve, where she pressed cold digits together and rubbed to keep them a little warmer. Gods, she hoped this war didn’t last long.

Khael didn’t want to fight in the snow. It didn’t suit her.
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