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Setting Location Form NPCs
  • Location: Stables, Cour des Miracles
  • Date: 24 January (backdated)
  • Weather: Cloudy, cold
  • Time: Evening
Optime Fern

-- Wayne is gatherin' his horse to go back home -- maybe someone can stop him for a chat? CdM members strongly preferred.

Creator by konikfryzyjski!

After all of the excitement of the tourney, Wayne found himself with a migraine and a desire to go back home. He supposed other Cavalieri might stay for the ball, or further explore the Kingdom they'd been welcomed into for the second half of the events, but he didn't want to intrude upon the Court's hospitality, and he knew he'd just feel awkward at any other social events or meandering around the territory like a fool. And so, after spending a little bit of time chatting with one of the tourney representatives of the pack (the golden young man, Skoll, he'd met once when the kid was just a pup), Wayne headed to the stables to collect his horse.

Fern whinnied to him as he approached, her large chestnut head lunging from her stall, dark eyes fixed warmly on him. He brushed her flaxen forelock out of her face and rubbed her nose, smiling more than most wolves ever saw him smile. Ready t' go home, girl?

The man retrieved the tack he'd left upon putting Fern in her stall, and led the draft horse out a ways from the stables, where he started putting everything on. He set an old blanket and the saddle on her back, keeping the stirrups run up until he would mount her closer to the borders. For now, he fastened the bridle and took her reins loosely, pulling her along with him as they plodded onward to the edge of the Kingdom to leave.

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Word Count→334 :: OOC

“Yes! Yes! I’m ready to go home… ohhh…” A voice echoed from somewhere in the back of the stables, sounding rather distraught, and ending in a moan. She had been waiting for an hour for someone to happen by the stables to help her, for once again Soraya the Cow had her pinned up against a stable wall as she idly chewed her cud. The cow wasn’t trying to hurt her or anything, it was more like it didn’t notice her there between her flank and the wooden boards whilst she chomped down on the meal Orin had given her. Embarrassingly enough, this was not the first time this had happened. Luckily, Soraya the Cow had yet to crush her. It was almost like some kind of cruel, sly game.


The sound of the horse’s hooves made Orin start. Maybe whoever it was hadn’t heard her. “No! No! Wait! Don’t go! I’m over here! I’m… the cow… stuck!” Soraya made a hideously indignant noise, and Orin squeaked. She was terrified that her near savior was going to walk on out without helping her. Of course, Soraya the Cow would let her go... eventually... but she never knew how long it would take. Really, it was her fault for always being tricked into this spot in the first place.

“Soraya, move!” She demanded, and the cow just snorted and chewed. “Can you hear me? Are you still there? Just, coax her forward a little bit and I'll be able to slip out, please?”

She had only meant to check on the cow briefly to make sure that her stall wasn't a mess and that she had plenty of feed, then planned to go off in search of friends. She had no one in mind in particular, but there were a lot of visitors in the Court right now thanks to the tournament, and life was never lacking excitement these days. But this... this was not the kind of excitement she meant...

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-- omg you've probably already been told this, but Orin is AMAZING (also this post sucks but at least you didn't have to wait tooo long maybe? D:)

Creator by konikfryzyjski!

The draft mare's hooves fell heavily on the snow and grass, crunching it and perhaps shaking the earth in the minds of any small burrowed creatures nearby. She didn't take more than a few steps by her Labrador handler's side before her ears flicked back, however, and she let out a snort that -- while Wayne didn't know a lick of Low Speech -- was a clear way to get his attention. He frowned and followed the direction of her ears even as she peered at him, wondering what she could be hearing.

He got his answer.

The rather worried call of another Luperci was followed by the sound of a cow, and Wayne tugged Fern back around with him as he approached the stables again, obeying the other's plea for him to stay. He wasn't quite sure what to expect when he reached the stall the voice had been coming from -- but it wasn't this. In spite of himself, Wayne twitched his lips in a slight grin at the sight of the white wolf pinned to the wall by the cow's side. Said bovine seemed reluctant to actually move.

Hold on, Wayne drawled, and figured it was good he was a cowboy; she'd gotten lucky. He glanced at the woman for a moment, looking for signs that went beyond discomfort for pain, but she didn't seem to be literally crushed. Adjusting his hat, he approached the creature and gestured at it. C'mon, bessie -- Soraya, he corrected. Fern helped with a few encouraging, mild noises as she shook her head, reins slapping against her chestnut neck. Get goin'. Wayne reached as if to grab the cow's head, hoping that she'd at least shy away so the pink-haired woman could slip free.

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OOC Thanks for spreeing! I'm going my quickest, but as I'm posting from work I'm just a little slower than I'd like to be right now. <3 Still, I'm on it!

Word Count → 456

Much to her relief, the sound of the retreating steps halted, and a moment later they began to grow louder again as whoever was out there came back. “Oh, thank you,” came her muffled gratitude.

The chestnut cow looked upon the golden lab with supreme apathy in her eyes, although Orin would insist that it was laughter at the cruel prank she was playing on her. The tiny, trapped wolfess could not see her would be savior behind Soraya’s fat flank, but when she looked down and when Wayne came close she could just made out the blond foot paws. As far as she could tell, she didn’t know the person, but how many people did she recognize by their feet? Anyway, Wayne had a drawl in his voice and she was sure that wasn’t the voice of anyone around here. Yet the fact that it was a stranger come to her aid did not worry her, because she knew there were many visitors from Casa di Cavalieri right now.

When Wayne called Soraya Bessie, it was almost like she knew and made an indignant noise. “Eee… Don’t insult her! That’s not going to work. She needs to think you have food. She thinks with her stomachs.” Yet maybe it was the careful way that the cowboy dog had approached, or perhaps it was the reassurance from the mare, but Soraya the Cow eventually took one small half step forward.

This released some of the pressure on Orin and gave her just enough leeway to drop down to her knees – because she couldn’t go anywhere else – and rather absurdly crawl out from under the cow on all fours. She wasn’t even looking where she was going and bumped into Wayne’s knee, and when she stood up she was awkwardly close to him. In fact, when she raised her head to see who had come to her rescue, they nearly bumped noses.

“Ohh! Thank you!” She yipped excitedly and threw her arms around Wayne’s shoulders, capturing him in a tight munchkin hug, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. (Unless, of course, he dodged aside, in which case she would just swipe the air and stumble.) Soraya the Cow mooed behind her, and she looked over her shoulder and shot her a nasty look. “Be quiet, you.” She barked at the cow. “That joke is starting to get pretty old, and I don’t like it anymore.” Not that she ever liked it when Soraya trapped her in the stall. Soraya the Cow didn’t bother to apologize.

“Thanks for saving me,” she was grateful again, but this time held her hand out to Wayne for a shake. “I’m Orin. Are you one of our visitors from Casa?”

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340 No problem! <3

Creator by konikfryzyjski!

The short white wolf squeaked something about not insulting the cow, and Wayne stifled a chuckle at the other's word choice as he peered at the chestnut creature. He somehow doubted that the herbivore would understand everything he was saying, but it was easy to view any critter that didn't cooperate as a demon out to get you -- or out to get this dye-haired wolf in particular, he supposed. His rather uncertain tactic seemed to work well enough, though, and he was glad that he didn't have to wrestle the creature out of the stall -- which he was more used to needing to do. He didn't know this Soraya-cow though, and he did know she'd easily be able to trample and hurt him.

The cow stepped forward slightly, not exactly trouncing eagerly off to the fields, but it seemed to be enough to free the Courtier. She crawled forward underneath the heifer and smacked into his leg before popping up suddenly -- and Wayne had to jerk his head lightly so their muzzles wouldn't bump painfully against each other. He was just starting to wonder what kind of wolf he'd rescued when she burst with thanks -- and proceeded to cling to him and kiss his cheek.

The younger mongrel made a weird half-coughing sort of pathetic noise at the display of affection, and his cheeks burned awkwardly even as the woman turned to address the cow rather smartly, telling her that the joke of pinning her to a stall wall wasn't funny. Wayne tried to smile and adjusted his big old hat, before taking her hand (with thanks at this familiar and friendly but not so fluffy sort of gesture) and nodding. That I am. He paused and smiled a little more easily, his face changing from its usual squared-off grouchy look into something brighter. Wayne McCoy, stablemaster over at Casa -- an' what might yer name be, pretty lil' lady? Oh damn it, where were these words coming from?

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Word Count → 449

She perked up (if it was even possible for her to get any perkier) when he called her a ‘pretty little lady’ and quick, spritely giggles erupted from her. If she wasn’t so fluffy in the winter some pink might have shown on her cheeks from her blush, but alas the only sign that the flattery had gotten to her was the giggling, and the fidgety movements as she swayed, and the grin on her face, and just about every other tell tale sign anyone could have displayed. Okay, so it was pretty obvious, but it’s not like Orin was trying to hide anything anyway.

“Pleased to meet you, Wayne. Like I said, my name’s Orin,” she repeated. Apparently he hadn’t heard her the first time, but that was okay. “Orin Takekuro, to be exact.” She gave a nod to punctuate the words.

“So you’re the stable master, huh? No wonder why you’re so good with animals,” she mused as she walked past him, out into a little open area. She opened a crate where she had stored some feed, and scooped up a big bowl, then walked it back over to Soraya the Cow. Here. Be happy.” She told the cow as she set the feed down. But she knew the cow would never be happy with the feed, she knew what she really wanted was to munch on endless fields of grass. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any right now, and they were all having to get by in the winter without it. She danced away before the cow’s lightning reflexes could trap her again. Soraya just kept chewing.

“I’ve been taking care of that lug for over a year now, and somehow she still always gets the drop on me. There’s also a piglet… okay well, he’s grown now, but he’s still my little Hamlet… I keep him penned over there in the winter time,” she gestured to a low stall. “But I’m no horse whisperer,” she lamented, as her eyes turned to the beautiful beast that Wayne had previously unstalled.

“I could really use a mount of my own, though,” she said idly as she walked over to the horse and invited herself to touch her flank. Really, she knew little about them. “Except… maybe not so big. Where did you get him?” Yes, she knew nothing. “I’ve been thinking about trading for one soon, but I don’t have the slightest clue about how to choose a horse or how much to pay. I’d probably get ripped off or something.”

“Oh! Wait, I’m sorry,” she said, turning back to Wayne when she realized she was probably inconveniencing him. “You were probably on your way out somewhere…”

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712 Gawd, Wayne is all kinds of flustered. AND THIS POST IS RAMBLY YOOOO.

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The small white she-wolf started giggling and wriggling when he complimented her, and Wayne grinned a bit crooked and sheepishly as he reached up to touch the back of his head, scratching at the roots of his dirty-blonde hair. He realized he really had no idea what to do in this situation, and that he should probably be scowling all grouchily and getting upset at the playful flirtation -- but, damn it, he wanted to learn to be happy again. This wasn't serious, he told himself, and barely resisted the urge to clutch at the gold wedding band hanging around his neck. He could flirt with a woman again without it being the end of the world, and it wasn't as if it meant anything other than friendship with this strange specimen of the Court.

The lady introduced herself as Orin Takekuro -- and her "like I said" caused him to feel his cheeks flush again. Right, he mumbled, and was sure he'd missed it in the aftermath of that stupid peck on the cheek. Pleased t' meet you too, he added, polite.

They finally got past the flattery bit as Orin mused about his co-rank and retrieved some feed for the cow. He smirked slightly as he watched her, shrugging his shoulders. My parents were ranchers in New Mexico, he said. Kinda grew up around animals; started wrasslin' them in the mud an' everythin' when I could shift. I'm best with horses, though. He could at least bond with and teach them; anything else was subject to getting lassoed and wrestled into submission.

He chuckled as the other spoke of being stuck with the cow, adding also that she had a piglet. He smiled, and thought fondly of the last time he'd feasted on pig, though if she'd named it Hamlet (hardee har har) then it was probably a pet rather than a bundle of food ready to be fattened up. Y'need t' watch out fer those things when they get bigger, Wayne warned, and touched the line of an old scar crossing his abdomen. Wild boar did this -- though yer lil' piggy is prolly well-behaved. He paused. Unless it's in cahoots with the cow, of course.

Orin confessed to needing a horse, using the big draft mare as an example. He smirked mildly and nodded, reaching over to pat the gentle creature on the neck. Her name's Fern, he said, not letting the correction influence his tone and embarrass her. Got her -- well, she was a lucky find, really. Must've had an owner who might've died or somethin' -- we found her out pregnant an' wanderin' a beach. He smiled and looked Orin's small height over again, even though he was painfully reminded of another small white-furred woman as he did so. Though you're right, don't think you'd need a bigg'un. There're some wild horses roamin' these parts -- but they're smaller beasts. That's a problem fer most members of my pack, but probably wouldn't trouble you none. He considered this briefly. Might be a nice challenge t' find an' try t' break one into ridin' for ya, he suggested. He didn't think he'd ever broken a wild horse completely from scratch -- that was nigh impossible, even for a master like him -- but he'd taught plenty of the wilder, inexperienced mounts that were now Casa di Cavalieri warhorses.

Orin burst out a sudden apology, and Wayne blinked before realizing that yes -- he had been heading off somewhere. He craned his neck to look over his shoulder at the territory beyond, where the borders lay unseen in the distance, and then glanced back at the woman awkwardly. He had really been raring to leave, but -- but he did sort of want to stay and talk more.

And so, he only shrugged and smiled reassuringly. It's nothin'. Didn't wanna stay fer some fancy ball, really; I feel a little outta place here, though that ain't any of your faults. But -- horses back home can wait a lil' bit longer. Been some time since I've chatted someone as nice as you outside of my pack.

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