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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Each dead bird tallied up, day after day, and when still no message came the Boss grew impatient. She talked it over with Stannis and later Lokr, who proved himself as distracted as ever – war made him frantic in some ways and too focused in others, Salvia thought.

When she finally could no longer stand the silence, Salvia gathered her husband, her brother-in-law, and a boy just barely a man. This posse traveled east, taking the northernmost trail near the mountain. They spoke very little, alert and conscious of approaching enemy territory. By dusk, with a half-full moon visible against the horizon and insects and birds still circling the tall grasses, Inferni's skull-lined borders loomed in the distance.

After some talk (which was very little, and mostly orders given from Salvia) she left the group behind. The low light provided ample cover for a wolf colored like the field, and Salvia – on four legs, unburdened by trinkets or any sign of her origin beyond her own body – moved with lithe, fleet-footed steps. She sniffed at places where others had been, seeking the trails which were freshest. The death of the ravens would draw them out.

Emboldened by the absence of these birds, Salvia crossed the border and began tracking a scent whose familiarity woke old, long buried memories.

A small shape, startled by her approach, shot off into the growing dark. Salvia froze.

Gatito? A voice called, sounding tired. Te oigo, vuelve.

Salvia's dark tipped ears pricked up. She hesitated only a moment, watching the figure move, then spoke.

Molcaxitl, she called, and heard a sharp intake of breath.

When the wolf rose, she could see the woman very clearly. It had been years since the coyote had been sent away, and she looked much older, but there was growing horror on her face that seemed familiar to Salvia. With slow, steady steps, she began to move forward.

You...you're not supposed to be here. You shouldn't be here, Molcaxitl whispered.

Inferni shouldn't be taking what doesn't belong to them.

P-please, we have—


The coyote's ears flattened against her head. She took a step back and began rubbing her hands together nervously.

Ever the predator, Salvia showed her teeth.

You used to be one of us before you came here, you remember that? You served my mother—

She hurt me.

It was hard to say who looked more surprised – Molcaxitl for speaking out of turn, or Salvia for being interrupted. Yet now words began to flood out, as if they had been waiting for years to be voice aloud.

She made me do things, bad things, and she...she had a man...

And when she beat you, Salvia pressed, still standing very still. Did I not stop her? Listen, I know you must not like this fighting – no one wants war – but a child was taken from us. He and his brother are here, we know that. Tell me where they are.

I don't—

Yes you do, the wolf insisted.

I-I can't.

Yes you can.

The old woman was trembling now. Twilight had come slowly, and the light dimmed around them. Stars were appearing overhead, but neither canine seemed to notice. They were staring at one another, and Salvia was waiting for the former-slave to break. She could taste the notes of fear in the air between them, with her mouth open and her gold teeth gleaming.

Molcaxitl, shaking, whispered: No.

She fell under the weight of the tawny wolf when it sprung upon her, and died as her final scream – of fear or elation, or something of both – echoed across the darkening fields.

Salvia abandoned her kill and ran, no longer concerned about being seen.

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Optime | October 13th | cNPC: Scuttle (+970)

[SL/IF] War

IF members, feel free to PP Shikoba following after y’all after Salvia

“What’s that one?” She raised a paw to point in a very vague, general direction amongst the growing cluster of stars in the inky, late-evening sky. Her legs were sprawled out as she laid on her back, her spine curved in a position that would have looked most uncomfortable. For whatever reason though, the coydog seemed most content amongst the crisp blades of grass. The heat from the day’s sun still warmed the earth that she’d chosen to lay upon.

“Hmm?” Her companion grunted distractedly from his work.

Scuttle scowled at him and rolled over onto her belly. “It’s dark out, ‘Koooobaaaa, and you promised you’d teach me how to recognize some more stars tonight,” the child complained loudly, golden eyes narrowing on the object in his grasp. “I thought that one you had earlier was your last one!”

Shikoba gave the Quintus a sidelong glance before refocusing on attaching the fletching to the arrow shaft that he’d been working diligently on. “It is. This is the last batch I’m gonna do tonight.” Scuttle audible huffed, laying her head down on her forepaws as she glared unhappily at her guardian. “Oi!” He waved the unfinished arrow at her offensively. “I’m still keepin’ my promise, keep yer damn britches on.”

“I don’t have any britches—”

Their harmless argument ceased as they heard a scream, one too close for either’s comfort. Shikoba was on his feet in an instant, the arrow quickly cast from his grasp and amongst the handful of others he’d made in the small firelight. Scuttle too had risen, her usually smooth coat blemished with a raised ridge of hair along her spine. Her tail was tucked despite how tall her ears stood, and it was clear that the young coydog was more scared than curious about the frightening cry.

Quickly dousing the fire, Shikoba took off towards the sound. Scuttle was hot on his heels, though, more out of the need to linger near him than truly wanting to run head-long towards the source of the scream. Her paws trembled with each hasty step, fearful of whatever may lay at the end of the blind trail Shikoba blazed for them.

It didn’t take them long, the call, unnervingly, coming from the coyote side of the border. When a still, shadowy figure appeared in the pale moonlight, Shikoba brought them to a screeching halt. He held a hand out, stopping Scuttle from passing him. “What? What’s wrong ‘Koba?” The Coydog asked quickly, trying to maintain a brave tone.

“Stay here, kid.”

Her eyes danced from him to what lied ahead of them. Was that…a body? Scuttle gulped, feeling her heart race as she stared at it, unmoving, unnatural as it was. All the sudden, she could smell the irony stench of blood wafting in the air. Memories of her parents ghosted in her eyes until a familiar scent and figure broke her from her stare.

Shikoba had knelt down in front of her. “Oi,” Shikoba called to her, a forced, reassuring smile on his lips, “Don’t look at it. ‘Member what I told ya’ ‘bout bein’ a scout and workin’ in pairs? Turn around, and keep my back covered ‘kay? I’m gonna go check it out.” She nodded faintly before doing as she was told.

When he was sure she wouldn’t turn around, Shikoba steeled himself for whatever gruesome scene they had walked upon. With heavy strides, he reached the figure; a woman, and one he instantly recognized as one of their own. The gold ring in her nose made her instantly identifiable.

It was Molcaxitl!

Her once vibrant eyes were wide open, but were largely lacking in any hint of life in their dead stare into the growing darkness. Blood streaked her earth-hued pelt, staining it into a dark, blackish hue it the dim starlight. A massive cavity had been torn into her throat, and her crimson blood had spilled quickly from it like water would in a pail with a hole in it. Shikoba placed a hand on her body, finding it to still be warm despite it having obviously expired from their world.

Anger sparked in Shikoba at the sight of the woman’s abandoned body. He turned his head up and let out a sharp, summoning howl. One of their own had been slain, and the stench of a wolf hung in the air amidst that of blood and the Clan. The Whiplash looked around the immediate area, searching for whoever might have done this cruelty. Others gathered not moments after he’d let up his call, likely having heard the scream and come running as Shikoba and Scuttle had.

“Someone killed her,” he told them quickly, rage hot on his tongue.


He turned sharply to Scuttle’s bark, finding her gaze trained steadily in a particular direction. “What?”

“I saw something huge over there before it crossed into the brush! Pale fur, and not a coyote or Clover!”

Shikoba turned his eyes sharply on the others that had shown up to the murder scene. He wasn’t sure about the rest of them, but, he knew what he was going to do next, and that wasn’t going to be waiting around until Inferni’s brawn showed up. He unfastened his tomahawk, equipping it in his hand before looking to his charge. “Go back to the Mansion and see if you can find someone higher up, Scuttle.”

Scuttled nodded quickly, turning and putting on a burst of speed to complete her important task.

With his main priority running back to safety, he looked to other Infernians once more. “Let’s hunt,” he suggested, his teeth barely kept behind quivering lips.

They will pay!

Shikoba Whiplash

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OOC: Goliath and Ichabod are in Secui form. Tl;dr they show up then chase after Salvia lol, this was a pointless post.


The hare squealed between Goliath’s teeth, and his broken tail flagged as he looked to the cousin who’d startled it out of the brush. The lanky coyote was panting, his orange eyes gleaming and tongue drawn over dry lips, as he padded up to the Bellum and gave their little catch a sniff. It was speckled with white here and there -- marks that told of winter as much as the cold October wind that cut through their southeastern coats.

Hunger was as pressing a need as defense, though; hunting could not wait for war's end, even with more skirmishes taking place beyond the borders, black birds turning up dead. It helped to take one's mind off such a thing, but the Scintilla coyotes' minds weren't ever entirely tuned out to the threat of war. It was as much a part of their life as the need to kill to eat. It defined them as people, or at the very least defined the pasts that led them to this moment.

So when a yowl echoed through the woods, the soldiers jumped to attention and ran toward the strangled scream, abandoning the hare in the dirt.

A secondary howl summoned them and another, and Goliath stared at the corpse with subdued melancholy before his tattered ears pricked at the little coydog's bark. The hair rose on Ichabod's spine, and the soldiers exchanged a look. Nothing more need be said.

They pursued the wolf.

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come get lost in the static

Eire had been with the ravens when the unearthly, terrifying scream broke out over the air – even startling the ravens and setting them off in a cacophony of squawks and cackles. There were no other clues other than the sound, pitch, and dying fade of the scream that put Eire right on edge that she found herself jumping down from one of the trees she perched within and running as fast as she could toward the sound, shifting from Optime to Secui partially from urgency and partially from fear. It wasn’t long before a heavy scent of blood tainted the air around Inferni. Someone was attacked.

When she had assumed the form in which she aimed for, her claws dug into the earth, propelling the lithe, stark-faced Hybrid forward until she nearly collided with the small group of Infernians that gathered there. The scent was the strongest there, and Eire peered around Shikoba, Goliath, and Ichabod, wondering which of them were bleeding – though everyone was in good shape.

She broke through the lot of them and found the scent’s source – a quiet woman she had only been acquainted with lay dead, struck with the same stiffness and ghostly stare as her father had when he died, except this woman had been killed. Eire’s crimson eyes studied the crimson that dripped lazily from her wounds, staining the grass beneath her unmoving body. She would never breathe again. She would never laugh again.

”Who’s to blame for this?” Eire growled, whirling around. As if it had been pre-planned, her ears perked at the sharp bark from the younger girl Shikoba had sent away. A tawny shape had been seen in the bushes. There was their culprit – and they were near.

Perhaps a little angrier than she should have been, Eire pursued the murderer with her clanmates.

Eire's in Secui form // vague, holey post. (300+)

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Aiming at Shikoba if we're keeping order? If not, whoever's first. xD
And sorry this is long! My starters always are. Replies will shorten up when the action starts~ [ 490 ]

When her summons came he followed without hesitation. Unadorned but not unarmed he brought the weapons the gods had given him, tooth and claw and brain and brawn, the tools he had mastered long before any sword or any poison. For what they were going to do he did not want to be burdened by weapons or armor. If a quick getaway was going to be needed -- and was something he suspected was necessary -- he wanted nothing encumbering his escape, nothing restricting his movement.

Inwardly he questioned why she chose to bring the whelp and not Itachi or Vesta or even her nephew, the pale son of the Ghost. Whatever her reason it was not his place to question it, only trust that Salvia's decision was, as always, the right one. Neither she nor Lokr had ever steered him wrong thus far and he was content to keep on believing that, regardless if it was true or not. Scorpius was no fool, he knew his unflinching loyalty blinded him, but he had yet to do anything he didn't want to do or didn't wholly believe was right, and that was good enough for him.

As someone notorious for speaking as little as possible the Beast particularly appreciated the predominantly silent journey and accepted his orders with a firm nod and something akin to an affirmative grunt, a sound that said more than any words needed to. He understood why she wanted to go alone but he didn't like having to wait, and when the cry rang out over the coyotes' claim -- so sharp and clear and so full of emotion -- he was silently grateful for the sound.

The shift from lupus to his hulking halfling form was quick and smooth, one he'd done many times before and would many times again. After giving his pitch black form a good shake to loosen his shifted muscles, his hackles bristled and flews quivered as the Hellhound readied himself for what may come. The sound of heavy footfall grew nearer and nearer in the distance beyond the trees and red eyes narrowed, his head dipping low to protect his throat as a growl began forming in his chest. Within moments the golden shape of their monarch erupted from the trees and bound past them hurriedly, the plan already going smoothly, but there was so much more to come.

His dark form lowered slightly, ready to sprung forward and lunge at whoever or whatever came next through the trees, his senses focused forward on the frenzied crashing of coyote pursuers drawing near, trying to discern how many there were. It didn't really matter. However many may come they didn't know what lay ahead and that was where the Salsolans had their advantage. Steeling himself Scorpius took in a deep breath and once the sandy colors of his first target came into view, the monster released a guttural snarl and pounced.

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Krios should have stayed home. Any sensible person his age ought to, but he was obstinate and insisted on going, mostly to prove to everyone, including himself, that he was capable of participating in this fight. It was a fight he wanted, a battle he hoped for, and a war that he had helped to spark by merely being a victim. That was what he hated; the idea that his being a victim was a catalyst, because he was simply too weak to do the right thing and end his assailant there and then. He needed to train, to learn, and this would be one way to show that he was not actually useless.

He did not plan to be in the middle of the action, not with a still very slightly tender leg and bruises. Instead, he was armed properly this time. His bow was strung and ready, a very full quiver of arrows against his back, and there was a long knife on his thigh, for the inevitable moment when he would need to use it. His hands ought to have been shaking on the weapon as he held it, but there was somehow something oddly comforting about it.

It had been a gift, something valuable, from someone who believed he was capable of doing damage. Since his gifting, the youth had practiced nearly daily with it, sometimes a few times a day. Repetition was the key to learning, and he was obsessed with getting good with the tool. It had been so meaningful to him and he took it truly to heart. It was an almost manic sort of drive, but it slowly paid off. His aim was decent and his draw strength was enough to at least get an arrow flying, though he was by no means a quickshot, wild archer, or whatever other phrase could be said of an expert bowman.

But Krios knew well where the point end ought to go, having killed more than a few rabbits and minks. He had hoisted himself up a rather sturdy tree, out of sight in the yellowing foliage. His back was pressed up against the trunk as he eyed around, legs carefully tucked up, balancing with ease in the crook of several branches. He had just enough room to pull his bowstring while making it difficult for an assailant to come grab him, while still being close enough to the ground that he could roll upon landing. It seemed smart.

Noise came crashing and he tightened his grip on the weapon. He settled the arrow in the now familiar spot, pulling it as he aimed forward. His arm struggled with the bow, which despite a The familiar figure came crashing first, his attack stayed as their Boss ran past. The dark figure of the other man came rushing toward another stranger, while he eyed his target. Too much risk, he figured, with his aim being of below-average skill. Instead, the youth aimed for the other figure coming up, breathing softly as he let loose, hoping to hit the coyote coming to into the fray, though his strength was weak. Honestly, he was surprised that he had even managed to let it go flying, though his arm now ached and felt wobbly. Perhaps he ought not have come, but his confidence levels refused to let him ignore this.

aimed at Eire, or whoever isn't the one Scorpius is attacking cx he is not toooo likely to hit anything other than the ground and weakly at that, but it might be scary??

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She could still taste blood in her mouth, and as she ran it fell from her lips. Spittle streamed in the air behind her, left behind like the dirt and grass torn up in her wake. Salvia knew the ground of the Waste and Drifter Bay well, having lived most of her life in the area, and looked for hidden pockets left by burrowing creatures or larger, greater forces.

Yowling cries sounded behind her, warning her of pursuit. This was what they wanted. She had expected to gather something useful out of an interrogation. Part of her had hoped that they might glean the location of Inferni's captives, for it infuriated her to imagine that they were being held, being corrupted by the coyotes. Salsola needed all of its members, and she was especially concerned for their young healer...and what the absence of two children might do to their Crone.

Weakness capitalized upon other weakness. Faults would form if left alone for too long.

She barreled past Scorpius hiding spot, barely seeing his dark shape amongst the growing gloom, and ran towards where her husband waited. Stannis looked eager – anxious even – for her return. He made a singular questioning noise that she dismissed with a growl, and then he was off.

The doggish canine had spent time in Inferni as a visitor, and could claim his father as a former leader, but his only loyalty was to his wife. Stannis hurried towards the noise of battle and soon struck out for the smaller one of the four legged coyotes, rushing in with all the knowledge he had learned from his warrior-father to strike and retreat.

Salvia, elsewhere, grew monstrous in the low light.

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Optime --> Secui (+590)

Shikoba vs. Scorpius. Didn’t make any assumptions that it’s SL because I wasn’t how it’s supposed to be revealed that it’s SL that’s attacking?

Upon seeing his allies in their four-legged forms, and knowing their target would likely outrun them otherwise, Shikoba sheathed his tomahawk and shed the belt from his person in a hasty fashion. The others had already started to move by the time he had tossed his beloved gear onto the ground. If he had had his mustang with him to cover the ground, it would have been one thing, but, with their fleeing perpetrator in the fleet-footed form of either Secui or Lupus, he had no choice. They needed to catch them before they could escape with their crimes.

It took him a moment to shift, and the others had had a good head start by the time he had finished. Shikoba put on a burst of speed, his slender build as a scout allowing him to quickly eat up the ground between them. The crisp, autumn wind cut at his face as he flew across the terrain. He could smell the murderer’s scent as the Infernian party tore after their retreating figure. Female and certainly not a coyote or of the Clan. The stench of fresh blood still clung to her trail as well. The pale-furred female was definitely the culprit.

They drew closer and closer, until they could clearly see the form of the fleeing woman. It was only a matter of time before she was caught, apprehended, and questioned for her perceived crimes. The chaos and memories of Inferni’s last war was what allowed for the coymutt to push himself into the lead, his fangs and claws itching to sink into her like Eidolon’s would a hare on the open prairie.

A frightening snarl was the only warning he had before a black mass descended upon him. A heavy mass slammed into his rear torso around his hips, sending the Whiplash sprawling in the dirt as his back end went one way and his front end was forced to follow. His claws dug into the dirt, allowing Shikoba to right himself. Shikoba shook his head clear as he turned his attention onto what had hit him; a huge monstrous beast with bright, crimson embers for eyes. The sight might have birthed nightmares in a lesser Luperci.

The rustle of nearby flora and snarls told him that there were others.


“It’s an ambush!” He yelled with startling realization, hoping his allies would be able to change gears quick enough to be ready.

Shikoba himself was forced to leap away as the dark creature came after him again, fearsome fangs gleaming in the moonlight. He barely made it, as the beast hadn’t given him the common curtesy to patiently wait after being knocked down. Judging from the stench of it, it was a male wolf, though, more accurately, it could have been a bear, and Shikoba might have believed it. This guy was gigantic, and, being smaller and lighter, the coymutt knew he didn’t stand a chance in a full-on brawl against the beast.

His best chance lied in quick and precise attacks.

So, Shikoba turned, aiming to skirt around the monster’s heavy forepaws and move to its rear where he attempted to nip at one of its ankles. It was a testing tactic, one to gauge the range of his attacker. The Nizhoni male knew full well he wouldn’t stand a chance if he was caught by the creature’s jaws so early on. He needed to figure out how to get the upper hand.

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POSTED: Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:18 am

There were signs, but Goliath read them too slow. Pursuing the tawny figure was in the forefront of his mind, and his breath rattled with each leap, already raw in the chilled October air. As a group, an arrowhead formation of coyotes shot into the wild grasses and overgrown brush near the bay, they chased.

Then a monstrous figure leaped from the shadows like the Devil himself, and a doggish canine rushed in after, colliding with Ichabod who let out a yelp. An arrow was loosed in the dark.


Goliath snarled and became immense at once, no longer a crouching figure streaking through tall golden grass. He puffed up, all hackles and puffed jowls, and in his true height he looked so obviously not coyote his own comrades would have done a double take. The height and broadness he’d been mocked for his entire life was his boon in the midst of battle. The gentle giant became decidedly not so gentle.

The murderer -- he needed to find her. If she had run home, he would double back and help Ichabod, who was fighting like a wildcat jumping in and out, ferociously trading blows with the dog in a manner very unlike the drills he was used to. Goliath pinned ears against the sounds of his cousin’s yips and growls, running into the underbrush.

He found her, almost fully transformed. She was his size now.

But while Goliath was big he too was quick, and he hoped to rush in, to lock jaws around something soft or loose and shred her before she could turn to him.

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POSTED: Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:59 am

come get lost in the static

Her clan mates took the lead, Goliath, Ichabod, and her, and then Shikoba, but they all realized what kind of situation they unknowingly ran into at the same time. Eire froze, skidding to a stop to try to make sense of what was happening now when a large black form flashed before her. She tensed, readying herself for an impact that never came. Instead, she heard snarls and yelps to her right, and crimson eyes looked to see Shikoba being attacked by the beast.

Where were her other friends?

Ichabod was a few feet from her, fighting with another canine. Goliath ran past her, disappearing into the brush. Everyone had engaged in battle, and she was standing there like a dope. Eire growled in frustration, pushing her hind legs off the ground when a blur and a whoosh brought an awkward yelp from within. Eire fell backwards, sidestepping to find that it was arrow that fell dangerously close to her form. Too close.

She looked around wildly, carefully lingering on each of the fighting bodies to make sure no one would surprise her. Goliath was still nowhere to be seen still. She worried for that. The tawny wolf they had seen was nowhere to be seen either. Where had she gone?

Eire had every intention of looking for Goliath, but an upwards crack in the tree caused her to look upwards – a place she had not known to look beforehand. Her crimson eyes settled on the form of a boy, not much younger than she was. A snarl grew upon her lips and a rumbling reverberated through her being. In his hands was a bow, and soon to be, another arrow.

Eire launched herself toward the tree, lunging upwards toward the knobs and low-hanging branches. In her Optime form, she’d have been able to find the right footing to climb up, but in her Secui form, she was too top-heavy. Her claws dug long, deep scratches into the tree’s bark, but she didn’t make it past the mid-point of the tree, not close enough to grab a leg or an arm if the ranged shooter.

She dropped down to the ground, staring up at the boy in the tree with a snarl.

”You’re lucky, Salsolan. Now come down here and show me what you’re made of!”

edited: rewrote it some, same things are happening though. Fixed my assumption of Krios being on the ground. (300+)

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