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Salsola Information Portal

  • Interested in joining us? For a basic overview of Salsola, see the Active Pack Summary.
  • Take a look at our Pack Wiki for extra information and recent character updates.
  • See Game Stats for our statistics.
  • Be sure to check out our website — our Rank information might be especially helpful!
  • If you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM the leadership <3
Display Information

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The Boss Elphaba Revlis Witch
The Erilaz O'Riley Eternity Informatore & Cazador
Sotto Capo
The Crone The Director The Gamekeeper The Ambassador
Brocade Valentine Vedetto & Milite Helena Troy Lykoi Conserje
Faction Tiers




Cleric Emissary Jagermeister Bursar
Kamari Kaiser Sapienza & Vedetta Mate to Krios Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi Witch & Cazador
Alchemist Paladin Admiral Partisan
Idrieus Eternity Historiador & Libro Guardiana Mate to Grievous
Seer Enforcer Shepherd Quartermaster
Bard Striker Equinest Proctor
Krios Revlis Vedetto & Milite Mate to Kamari Grievous Eternity Mate to Idrieus Andrew Greygrief Creatore Mate to Narcissa
Acolyte Guardian Beleaguer Treasurer
The Apprentices
Julius Valentine Collettore Clementine Salcedo Mercante Morgana Revlis Witch
Eden de le Ulrich Witch
Inner Ring
The Arbiters The Henchmen
Evelyn de le Ulrich Collettore Coaxoch
Symre Rask Witch Aidan Blacksun
Narcissa Greygrief Mate to Andrew Khael Mwinyi Lykoi Milite Mate to Katinka
Sanguine Valentine
The Wardens
Katinka Holt Mate to Khael Isabella Heiwa
Central Ring
The Tradesmen
Pandora Nocturne Witch Spartacus Simone Ulrich Argive Hemlock Veleno
Jaketta Einar-Nocturne Witch Cleome Valentine Mirte Haumann
Nickodemus Sparhawk Igor Kotovo Velimir Voronin
The Confidants
Sebastien Stone Lithia Napier Bogdan Kotovo
Maelyx Nocturne Sionann De Le Poer Torin de le Poer
Dirge Trombetta-Ulrich
The Family
Greed Lykoi Mors Einar-Nocturne Twila del Morte
Khalifa D'Angelo Pontifex Troy Lykoi Oiseau Troy Lykoi
Baie Troy Lykoi Saint D'Aabt
Rufus Troy Lykoi Keturah Lykoi Raito Ulrich-Lykoi
Kineret Lykoi Morrow Larue Atlas Greygrief
Tesla Greygrief Renly Greygrief Impreza Greygrief
Outer Ring
The Associates
The Serfs
Micheal Corrine Pauva Kaimkillen
Indentured Servants
Elphaba Revlis Odalis
Aidan Massacre Silas del Morte
Lithia Napier Totem
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Co-Ranks (Jobs)
  • Jobs Information · Claim a Job
  • Hover over names for job description
  • Italicized title indicates that the job is a Fluid Job - one made by a player specifically for their character.
Domestic Defense Depository
Witch (unlimited) Cavalleria (x5) Artesano (unlimited)
Till, Elphaba, Morgana,
Jaketta, Symre, Pandora,
--, --, --, --, -- --, --, --
Ancella (x3) Collettore (x2) Cazador (x5)
--, --, -- Julius, Evelyn Till, O'Riley, --, --, --
Creatore (x1) Informatore (x2) Conserje (x1)
Andrew O'Riley, -- Helena
Curandero (x3) Interrogante (x1) Mietitore (x1)
--, --, -- -- --
Historiador (x1) Mercante (x3) Pescador (x3)
Idrieus Clementine, --, -- --, --, --
Reclutador (x2) Milite (x5) Signorino (x1)
--, -- Krios, Brocade, Khael, --, -- --
Segno (x1) Sapienza (x1) Vaquero (x3)
-- Kamari --, --, --
Chiromante (x1) Vedetto (x5) Boticario (x1)
-- Brocade, Kamari, Krios, --, -- --
Cocinero (x1) Veleno (x1) Libro Guardiana (x1)
Helena Argive Idrieus
Consiglio (x1) FLUID JOB Mandriano (x1)
-- -- --
Costurera (x1) FLUID JOB FLUID JOB
-- -- --
Profumiere (x1) FLUID JOB FLUID JOB
-- -- --
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See our wiki for complete information.
Game Scores
Kamari Kaiser 930 816 points transferred from Heine, -700 perm icon, -50 residence purchase, -300 titles
Lithia Napier 783 830 points transferred from Sapient, -50 residence purchase
Clementine Salcedo 593 148 points transferred from Indra, -50 residence purchase
Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi 479 -150 points for personal slave (x2)
Idrieus Eternity 379 -50 for residence
Sebastien Stone 346 points transferred from Krokar
Twila del Morte 328 297 transferred from Absolution, -50 residence
Brocade Valentine 312 all points transferred from Hyacinth
Elphaba Revlis 266 -50 for residence, points transferred from Lokr
Krios Revlis 230 -100 title edit, -100 title edit, -100 title edit, -600 perm custom title
Cleome Valentine 162 +75 adoption points, -50 residence, -150 personal slave
Narcissa Greygrief 154 ---
Argive Hemlock 139
Andrew Greygrief 80 -50 for residence
Khalifa D'Angelo 41 555 points transferred from Alejandra Sanctus, -50 residence, -600 custom title
O'Riley Eternity 32 -50 for residence, transferred from Salvia
Evelyn de le Ulrich 25 +75 adopt a Salsolan, -50 for residence
Eden de le Ulrich 19 -50 for residence
Pandora Nocturne 6 -50 residence
Julius Valentine 5 -50 residence
Sanguine Valentine 1 -50 residence
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