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The woman's immunity to his charm was a frustrating thing for the hybrid, reality never seeming to align with what his imagination was able to conjure up. There was the small relief that antagonizing her had only gotten sarcasm thrown back at him, instead of a rock, but still far from the thanks he'd wanted.

Once back on his feet, Inca did his best to look sure of himself, and even grinned a bit wider at the snarl that his words had managed to stir in the woman. Where the snarl did little to dampen his satisfaction, Teagan pointing out his fear had an obvious one. Inca's ears folded atop his head before he could stop them, more than a little embarrassed by how poorly he'd taken to riding. It was the first, and if he had his way, last time atop a horse.

His less confident gaze shifted away from the woman, his arms starting to cross, before wincing from his wound. ”I've never ridden before. Okay? Felt like I was going to fall off... Doesn't mean I was afraid.” Inca half mumbled, refusing to just admit that she'd guessed right, but doing a very poor job of denying it.

Inca listened to her speak again, his brows furrowing with the expectation that she'd accuse him of stalking her again, but his expression softened a bit when it seemed like actual interest. He remained silent for a moment or two, long enough for her interest in his bloodied wound to remind him that he'd need to find someone to take care of it. ”Nothing really... hunting if I found something to hunt, talking if I found someone to talk to. Apparently getting cut to ribbons, to even the odds...” Inca responded, his words vague not from a desire to hide something, but from genuinely having no plan for the day.

”Not really nearby, no. I'll need to go back home... Worried an 'Anatheman' might not make it?” Inca continued, his eyes going from Teagan, back down to where Rahmbo had got his claws into him. It looked bad to Inca, and made him feel a bit queasy, even if he had no real skill as a healer to know for sure. Whether something minor, or something serious, it hurt, and that pain only got worse the longer his heart was no longer racing, and with more time to really notice it.
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Don’t fret over how quick this reply is! I’m just doing Teagan posts today<33

It was clear that she had hit the proverbial nail on the head with her remark regarding their ride on Apollo. His bravado took a definite hit, and the Cavalier might have let a cruel, satisfied smile grace her lips if her parents had not raised her better. It was satisfying enough to see the hybrid taken down a notch, she needn’t rub her victory in or gloat. It was unbecoming of a Knight, and something more of what she would have considered closer to an Anatheman’s level.

Even so, she couldn’t help the amused exhale she gave to his weak defense of his earlier actions. “Would you care to ride Apollo again then? Just to prove me wrong?” Her canary eyes were sharp and daring. She knew the stallion would not listen to Inca’s commands anyways, so, she had no fear of the Anatheman running off with her horse. He would hopefully notice that she was calling his bluff, and, if he was smart, would wisely admit defeat regarding the matter rather than further damage his already poor image in front of her.

“You picked a bad time to wander through that neck of the woods then,” she commented with a soft huff. At the very least, his reply sounded sincere, and, it didn’t appear as if he had been purposely following her again. Their meeting once more had, from the looks of it, been purely by chance.

To his suggestion that she cared what happened to his hide, Teagan couldn’t help but snort. “As if. I’d rather not have our packs at war over your pathetic ass though.” She moved then, opening one of Apollo’s saddlebags so she could rummage through it. “How far is Anathema from here?” She asked, picking out a lesser quality fur pelt and tossing it towards him. “Use that to help staunch the bleeding.”

The pelt would be an unfortunate loss for Mako, however, it was for a good cause. Teagan knew painfully little about healing, however, if visiting the pack’s medics had taught her anything, it was that stopping the blood flow was one of the first steps. Water would also be nice to help wash it, however, she didn’t want to waste the time searching for a water source when they could very well find one along the way back to his home instead.

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