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When she had heard just who had been caught, Eire knew she needed to see her. The other prisoner mattered little to her, but Helena was nothing but nice to her in the past and present, and it confused her as to why Inferni would just turn its back on a former member like that. While Helena had knowingly joined Salsola, was it to be ignored that she wasn’t a former member, formerly loyal to Inferni? Perhaps Eire didn’t understand the logic behind it or maybe she didn’t have the entire story.

All she knew was that she was going to see her sister.

Packing about a dozen strips of dried meat and a container of water, Eire quietly made her way to the caves. She didn’t know if it would be looked lowly upon if she was caught visiting Helena, but she would rather have been safe than guilty. She entered the caves as if she belonged there, but seeing as the coyote who was watching the entrance to the dark canals towards the back was dozing off, Eire flitted passed them quietly, allowing the inky darkness to envelope her form wholly.

A few feet in, and she realized she should have brought some sort of light source. The small amount of light that spilled through the open dimly lit the ground, glinting off the uneven rock surface, but everything else was pitch black.

Shifting the bag on her shoulder, Eire stretched her arms out in front of her, expecting to feel the rock walls or something. She felt nothing but the cool, damp air of the caves. Helena? she whispered harshly, hoping the woman was close enough to hear her.

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Helena Troy Lykoi
With the lights out, it's less dangerous

She rested her head back against the wall, the rough rock was hard and uncomfortable as a backrest and Helena sometimes had spasms in her lower back and shoulders from the unyielding stone. The cigarette smoke had lingered, leaving an acrid taste in the back of her mouth. Redtooth had left, Helena could not retake that scene and hide away the words she had said; it was somehow more real now than it had on that cold, rainy night.

More footsteps on the floor, the clicking of claws and for a moment Helena thought that maybe they were coming to execute her after all for her crimes. She braced herself, still and cold in the darkness. She wouldn't scream or cry for mercy, that was beneath her as a Warden of Salsola.

A voice came from the darkness as did a scent and Helena's breath rushed out in a relieved sigh.

"Eire." She heard cautious scuffling and guessed that the woman hadn't brought a light, maybe that was for the better.

"Over here." She called out softly, trying to lead Eire with her voice. Helena was jammed into a tiny alcove in the back of the cave, after they had tied her all up they didn't post guards as much as in the beginning, she obviously wasn't going anywhere.

"Speech". Thinking.

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