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Teagan’s Vigil for her Brotherhood promotion!

The air was chilly the night of her Vigil. The warm pools of water created drafts of billowing fog above them, the clouded vapors curling whenever a soft breeze would filter through the area. Leaves floated here and there in the various pools, like little boats, carried wherever the ripples in the water would take them. Near the pools, the air was warm and comforting, however, even they could not thwart off the cold wind when it blew.

Teagan’s lone figured perched on a large stone that stretched out into one of the hot springs. Her cloak was wrapped about her shoulders, the edges spilling out behind her on the warm rock that she sat upon. A clean tunic had been worn for the special tradition as well. And, though she was supposed to be alone, her trusted sword that Mako had forged for her laid beside her.

Her father had informed her of the duties expected of her that night. She would be following a tradition long since taken by many Cavaliers before her, her mother and her father among them. Teagan would watch over the steaming pools, her thoughts to be filled with what this next step in her life would mean to her.

At first, the Stryder hadn’t known where to start. She knew what her knee-jerk answer to such questions would be, something schooled and repeated from her youth, words spoken like a mantra, for they were what she lived by. Such a thing was too quick, too easy though. She was there to think and reflect, and her thoughts wandered as she stared at her stoic reflection in the warm pool below her.

The individual that stared back, their canary eyes were cold and sharp, the neutral line of her lips was void of warmth and feeling. There was a time in her youth, she knew, where those eyes had been filled with mischief and joy, where those lips pushed forth more smiles than they had scowls. It was a mark of how her life, in the short time she had lived it, had changed.

She had overcome many hardships for someone so young, had had many close calls, and had nearly died at only a year old. She had traveled the known world of Nova Scotia, seen the burned lands of her great grandfather’s time. She had seen darkness in a world she had once thought was filled with nothing but light. She was not a naïve little girl any more, but a woman who proudly wore her warrior status.

Scars marred her skin, telling of the most drastic changes that had altered the young woman’s life. Her shoulder bore truth of a darker world beyond her family’s home, that tore her innocence from her and started the path down which she had come. Her chest, hidden away from the eyes of others, told of how she had spoken with Death, and had won the right to keep the life within her breast.

They made her who she was, but they were not alone. Family, friends, allies, they had all helped carve the clay from whence she had started from.

Her world had consisted of only her parents and sister at first, and had only steadily grown from there. Like a sapling slowly budding into a tree, her world stretched outwards, growing taller and stronger as she added more and more to her world and who and what fitted within it. She had family, a few friends, her packmates, her mentor, her animal companions, they all held a roll, a place, in the Stryder’s inner realm.

A roll and a place that she strove to protect.

Training and growing ever stronger, that was all Teagan had ever wanted; to protect and keep safe those that were dear and precious to her. Her shortcomings in battle, her near-death experiences, they had only shown her the kinks in her armor that needed mending. Her fights, every swing of her blade, they all gravitated around a central focus: ensuring that her loved ones would stay out of harm’s way, to protect her home, and to raise a weapon where another could not.

She had fought to protect Indi from a lecherous and sick hound. She had fought against Syndicate to keep her home free from their influence. She had fought the Ragdogs for the injustice they dealt upon the farmer family and for Mako’s freedom.

Becoming a knight, it meant to serve others, to protect the weak and those she loved. Becoming a knight meant to not fear the whisper of Death when it came for her. Becoming a knight meant standing up for her beliefs and what was right.

Becoming one of the Brotherhood, it meant to teach such beliefs to others.

Tomorrow, she would be one of the higher-ranking members of Casa di Cavalieri. While she would always be a student, it was time she stepped up and took on the role as a teacher of the pack’s core beliefs and culture, just as her elders had once done for her. She would make her vows, and she would protect and nurture her home.

When she had finished her reflection, the Officer had left the warmth of the pools and traveled down into the frigid Mines of Oath. Where any other might have chosen the first sliver of fluorite they found, Teagan took her time, her warm breath billowing out before her nose as she worked under torchlight, sifting through the chunks she’d freed from the ore vein. Three small stones were taken when she’d left the mine just before dawn.

She made a detour, as she knew she would not be expected until the first of the sun’s rays touched the morning sky. Her feet carried her before two stone-encircled graves. She knelt and bowed her head to them in respect.

“I…” Her tongue felt suddenly dry as she spoke. Too long it had been since she had spoke with either of them. She swallowed, her nerves steeling as she cast her gaze upon their unique grave markers. “…I hope I make you both proud of me, Grandfather, Uncle.”

Teagan would be walking in their footsteps now.

Teagan stood then and procured the two extra stones of fluorite that she had brought with her, the pair the most vibrant and richly shades of purple that she could break from the ore vein. As she had done on the night of their funerals, the Stryder placed a stone amongst the rest that encased the deceased’s once earthly bodies.

A gust of wind blew as she turned to leave, playing with the edges of her cloak and the ends of her hair. Despite the chill of the autumn morning, the wind had almost felt...warm.

Teagan Stryder

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