We All Fall Down

Lyris' Funeral

POSTED: Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:44 pm

A hurricane of emotions filled the Lune. Anger hot in his head and chest burned eager to blame everyone around him for his loss. Sorrow built heavy rocks in his stomach, making him feel like he was being pulled to the ground. How could she be gone? In the blink of an eye Lyris had faded from this world and there was nothing that Morty could have done about it. At least that’s what the healer kept saying to him in a meager attempt to sooth the golden lion’s emotional response which blamed the healer for not making Lyris well before the birth. What good was a healer when they couldn’t do their job? Of course, his anger was miss directed but at the moment, in his emotional state, Luca could not reason any better.

He had spent most of the day by his mate’s side, privately processing that her body was no longer one with her spirit. Only briefly did he leave her side in their garden den to deliver his newborn son and daughter to Jace to feed. Their birth was to be scared with the loss of their mother, a pain they would not remember but he and his elder children would. What would have been a time for celebration in their family was now painted red with mourning. They did not deserve the emotional roller coaster that surrounded their birth, they were innocent in all this, and so Luca opted to remove them from the scenario for now. Jace would care for them for the first moon and then he would begin introducing them to the pack.

When the day was coming to an end he knew what needed to be done, and although he loathed what he was about to do and his heart ached begging him to give her time to come back home, duty pulled him from her side to prepare a final resting place. Silently he found Isaac and Howland, informing them of the news before the trio, with aching hearts, began their work chopping and collecting planks of wood. When all was said and done Luca sent them to the members of the pack, to inform them of the Queens fate. As the sun set he left the meadow to collect his bride, carrying her one last time through the Fort, her lupus form dwarfed in his claws.

In the privacy of the woods he cried, his tears falling onto her snow white body. Laying her down on the bed of wood he gingerly covered her body, whispering his final ‘I love yous’ as he shielded her from the sky. Eventually Isaac arrived by his side, reaching out to touch the Lune’s arm in silent sympathy before calling for the pack to gather and say their goodbyes. Wiping his muzzle to make it slightly dryer he waited for members to begin arriving, stones in hands for the ceremony, accepting condolences as they did. This time the Lune did not speak, he couldn’t out of fear that his voice would crack and he would begin sobbing again, he was hardly able to bear the look on his family and friend's faces. Instead he stepped forward, laying down a stone for his mate, before retreating from the circle of packmates, heading further away from the pack to feel his pain in privacy, someone else would stand vigil, as his heart could not bear the task.

OOC: Dated sunset Nov. 12th. Ceremony info is here. Feel free to assume minor interactions with Luca as your character arrives. 500+ words


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There were two new bright faces in the midst of Casa, two little fuzzy bodies yet to speak, yet to open their bright little eyes and yet to experience any of the cruelties that life had to offer. They were Remus' newest siblings, his along with the rest of his siblings, and yet he found no joy in their birth. All through his mothers pregnancy, Remus had wondered what his siblings would be like, silently hoped that they would like him, silently hoped that he could teach them many good things, and that they would look up to him and smile, and now Remus did not hope for any of that, now, in this moment, he had no hope at all to give, for himself or for his pack mates. His family.

Remus felt sorry that he had spent much of his mothers final days within the foreign land of Anathema, he felt regret that he had not been here by her side to keep her company for as many moments as life could offer him, for once again, the boy faced life's cruel reminder that it could be taken away from anybody without a moment's notice. Remus was a healer, he had seen his mother, she was so strong, she was the last person that Remus had ever thought would die, but then again, Uncle Enzo had been strong as well, like a mountain that had crumbled before his very eyes. In that way, he and Remus' mother were alike now.

The boy was not particularly brave, nor was he particularly strong. He was young and had been full of youthful brazenness and idiotic courage, but he was filled now with nothing but sorrow and regret for the loss of a person who he had never shown anything to but anger for much of his life. Lyris had been strict with him, she had kept Remus on a tight leash for much of his life and lashed out at him when he was reckless, and he had resented her for it. But Remus knew now why his mother had been the way that she was for all his young life.

She hadn't wanted to risk experiencing the pain that Remus was now feeling, she hadn't wanted to lose someone that she had loved with all her heart, as Remus had loved her. The boy dearly regretted having never told his mother how much she meant to him, and now he would never get the chance to, she was gone, as Lorenzo was gone, as his grandfather was gone, and Remus understood now, for the pain of losing a loved one to death was a pain worse than any injury could provide.

The young Knight stood with his eyes downcast, his ears pinned stiffly to the back of his skull, and as he raised his watery citrine orbs he could see the figure of his father, carrying the woman who had given him life, now devoid of it. She looked so small, frail, and peaceful in death, and the boy, despite his best efforts not to cry, felt his chest tighten and a lump hardened in his throat. Earthen grey claws clutched the small stone that Remus held in his hands, his lips tight and curled downwards, glaring at the ground once more as he watched his tears fall to the earth, where his mother would be put to rest for eternity.

He wanted to make a scene, to scream, to cry like a child and hold on to his mothers lifeless body as she was covered over. He wanted to turn away, he wanted to go back to how life had been, he wanted his mom... But his mother was not coming back.

As the boy took his turn stepping forward, Remus gingerly placed his stone in the circle that had yet to form, tender and wet eyes laying over his mother's pyre, a saline tear drop fell onto the wood, and with it a piece of his shattered heart that would burn away with his mothers corpse.

He found that he could not speak, no sound would escape him, for if it did, Remus knew that he would cry audibly, he would break down completely, and he was barely holding on as it were. As Remus rejoined the circle of his pack mates, his family and friends, those that cared for Lyris, he met eyes briefly with his siblings, seeing anguish in all of their eyes, anguish that reflected in his own, and returned to his place. He could barely breathe, and his shoulders would not stop shaking with each laborious exhalation. In the eyes of the pack, Remus was a man, he'd passed his first blood, yet in that moment, he was nothing more than a boy who yearned for his mother to come and take away his pain.

Remus would stay there with his mother, he would stand by her, not yet ready to say goodbye, long after the ceremony had ended Remus would stand there with her, likely until someone came to pull him away.
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Optime | Silent Meadow | Backdated: Nov 12th | cNPC: Mako (+911)


She’d felt a rollercoaster of anger and nothingness for the better half of the day. Morty had delivered the news to her when she’d come back from a patrol with Apollo. She’d led with the news of Teagan’s new siblings first, perhaps because she knew that once she delivered the grave news she had for the Stryder, she would not be able to get such information into the conversation. The poor medic had received the wrath of the Lune and his daughter look-alike within a span of a few hours. And, while she had shown sympathy, it was not enough to spare her the initial go-to reaction that was Lyris’ daughter.

Teagan hadn’t—couldn’t—believe the Officer’s words, and her storming off had been the end of their conversation. It hadn’t been until the Sworn had ventured to the familiar den that she had been born in, when she had heard the soft whines and sobs of her father within, that she knew.

Her mother was gone.

The rest of the day, Teagan had spent very much away from the Fort, away from prying eyes and pathetic attempts to show sorrow for the family’s loss. She didn’t want their pity. She didn’t want their sad looks or hear their mournful lamentations. They may have lost a friend, someone they had seen as a leader, but her siblings had lost their mother, her father, his soulmate. In her hurt, her anger, her grief, their pain for the ex-Sola’s loss paled in comparison to the family’s.

They didn’t know, they didn’t know, they didn’t know.

Destruction on an already decaying world followed her in her aggressive moments. Destroy, obliterate, it was all she could do to keep herself from falling deep into the depressive hole that she knew her siblings and father had likely fallen into. She had to get it out of her system, had to get it all out before sunset, when she knew her mother’s body would be given back to the earth.

She couldn’t let her packmates see how much it hurt her to lose her mother.

When she returned to the central hub of Casa di Cavalieri, her facial features were as stony as ever, completely devoid of the raw emotion she’d unleashed on the forest beyond the Fort’s walls. She’d donned her cloak, hiding her cut knuckles behind the protective folds of the dark fabric that swallowed her visage. With Mako trailing worriedly after her, the pair made their way to the Silent Meadow, a place where Teagan had a growing, bittersweet relationship with since her first shift.

A few had gathered before their arrival, her younger brother, Remus, amongst them. Her father stood close to her mother’s still form, looking every bit as distraught as one would expect of someone who had lost their loved one. Had she been more of an emotional woman, she might have tried to console her grieving father. However, she had never been a very public Luperci, and she had closed off her emotions in preparation of the ceremony.

Blank slate. In control. She wouldn’t let them see how effected she was by this tragedy.

Lyris’ ivory fur had been cleaned, showing no signs of having given life earlier that day. With how sunken in her skin was though, it would have been hard for an Outsider to believe she had carried a litter to term. Whatever plague she’d caught, it had taken her, consumed her, stripped her of the once proud and strong body she had had. She was left a mere shadow of what she had once been.

Of all the things that would have been the cause for her demise, dying from illness and childbirth had not been how Teagan had imagined her mother going out.

When her father laid the first stone, it became clear that the Lune had lost any will to make a pretty speech for the pack this night. Perhaps it was for the best, for they all mourned for the loss of their Sun Queen. A few others placed their stones before Teagan was able to place her own.

“You brought them into this world with dying breath...we’ll take it from here. We’ll raise and protect them for you,” she whispered as she laid the bright, light-grey stone she’d collected for the ceremony. “May Fenris guide you to a place where you will not suffer any more.”

Your death will not be in vain, nor will your legacy be forgotten.

She retreated back, her canary eyes hard as steel as she watched the rest of the pack lay their stones and say their parting words. Mako came to stand near her when the bed of wood that her mother laid upon was lit. She paid him little mind despite his glances towards her.

Teagan stood there, watching the flames as they consumed her mother’s body. The pack dwindled one by one, and, eventually, the area became filled with mostly members of her immediate family. Only after standing in their presence for a little while longer, wishing she could express the bottled-up emotions she felt, did Teagan, too, turn and disappear into the night.

Like ice; calm, cold, unaffected. She wouldn’t let them see how broken she was inside.

Teagan Stryder

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This is the trinket, for those who are interested.400+

Aniki stood with the pack, holding her stone in her clenched fist. She hadn't known their Sol at all, but this reminded her of her family's demise, and she hated it. When she joined the pack, their Sol was already pregnant and she never met her. She roused herself from her thoughts when members around her started moving forward to place their stones down. She pushed herself forward and placed her stone down, grimacing when she saw how much larger it was than most of the other stones. Should I have gotten a smaller stone? They said to get one that was fist-sized, so I didn't think about it much. But are they supposed to be the same size? No, it shouldn't matter too much as long as they aren't gigantic or tiny.

Aniki shook herself and walked back to where everyone else was standing. She glanced at the Sol's family and felt both sadness and bitterness. They have family to turn to, that's good. It isn't anybody's fault that I had nobody to go to. Be glad that they didn't have to go through what I went through. Slowly, she felt the bitterness fade away until it was only sadness. She stood silently and looked at each of the members of Lyris's family. Her mate was trying to hold back tears, giant shoulders barely shaking as he watched the ceremony. His children was at the front of the group, many crying unashamedly. Only Teagan wasn't crying. Her face was like a smooth stone, as usual. Aniki didn't know her at all, and had only seen her a few times, but she always had a smooth face.

Aniki turned away and put her hand in her belt pouch and pulled out the small trinket she was planning on giving to Luca. It was a heavy metal cross thing, about half the size of her hand. She didn't know what it was for, but it was very pretty. The top was dented from when she threw it at the wall after her uncle and brother's death. Her mother had given it to her, but she was so upset she threw it at the stone wall. She smiled a little bit, remembering her mother going over to the trinket and picking it up, smiling sadly at her as she handed it back. Aniki squeezed it tightly and looked at the quickly forming circle of stones.

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The woods had always been a source of comfort for Sian. They were a place to retreat from the things which made her most anxious; a place to contemplate, safe from prying eyes. She came to them to be alone, and they were always waiting for her with open arms, ready to bolster her spirits.

There would be no lifting her spirits today. Though the Damaichu girl hadn’t known Lyris well, she was disturbed by the sudden loss of one of Casa’s leaders – not that it took all that much to disturb Sian. She was delicate, but tonight she needed to be stronger for Lyris’s close family if not for herself.

Sian could feel the weight of sorrow in the air as she entered the meadow. Her fingers tightened around the stone she’d picked – picked, not found, for she had searched for a good one. The stone was smooth, as smooth as she hoped Lyris’s passing into whatever came next would be; it was a soft and clear dove grey, like a Winter morning sky. It was heavy in Sian’s hand, and she hoped it would be good enough – though she knew that no offering could ever be enough. Not for Luca or her cousins or the pack who had to continue without their Sola.

Her ears were folded back, her tail hanging low. She didn’t need to watch the gathered faces to feel the grief which had soaked into the air. It hung there like a fine mist, invisible but unmistakeable.

Sian’s gaze lifted to the heavens where a sunset was playing in colour and light. It felt unfair that Lyris couldn’t see the sunset above her; it was a beautiful one, fit for a Sola.

When the time came, Sian moved forward with small steps to place down her carefully chosen stone.

“We won’t forget you,” she whispered before turning away from the growing circle of stones, taking her place back in the circle of sorrow.


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If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies

It wasn't quite winter yet, but boy did it feel like it. Already, Arlen's limbs were numb with cold and the world was near colorless. All around him, plant-life died, one by one. And now, so did a life that the boy had never thought he'd live to see the end of. His jade green eyes seem glazed over with the pain, jaws clenched around a rock as he limped towards the growing crowd. He'd chosen the form of four legs, the chosen form of the one he approached, for the independence it now provided him. A single hind leg was raised stiffly above the ground while the other three propelled him through his fellow cavaliers.

All around him, purple cloaks swished and legs shifted to let him past. He could feel their eyes watching, searching. They looked for signs of pain and weariness in the youth. They looked for tears. They wouldn't find them. His eyes, though red and swollen, were dry as the leaves in the trees. He'd done his crying earlier.

His red shoulder brushed up against his brother's gray legs comfortingly as he laid down his stone among his family's. A dead flower that had been lodge in between his molars, hidden by the rock he'd carried, fell down on top of it. Gently, he picked it back up and laid it by the head of the great white wolf who lay cold on the ground. For the first time, he looked at her. She seemed so small now.

"Hey Mama. I got you a flower."

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