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MANDATORY Pack Meeting

POSTED: Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:04 am

Oh dang, a mandatory meeting since some dramatic events have unfolded! Everyone should reply to this thread at least once. Please allow Alaine to reply first.

She marked the coming of winter by the gray-white color of the sky. These days it felt like it was cloudy more often than not, and those few filled with sunshine were oddities. It did not often break through this cover, which seemed to so regularly cover the sky – as if it meant to make them forget what its true color was.

Salvia was a wolf, though, and she favored this approaching season. It would mean better hunting, and (with any luck) less conflict in their lives.

This seemed laughable, given what had just unfolded.

The blonde woman had spent long hours with her granddaughter in the aftermath. She talked with her, and to her, and made clear what had happened had set a new precedence upon them both. It was the first time she had seen Elphaba realize this, and was glad for it. With what she had done still fresh upon her, the young woman was still green and untried.

They would listen, Salvia had told her. If they did not, she would make them listen.

It was midday, but with the sun setting so soon this was still early. Salvia had prepared herself with a meticulous need – putting her hair half-up in its chieftain's tail, donning her bear-fur cloak – and when she had gathered Elphaba and her husband. Together, they traveled to the Stone Ship.

Here, under the pale and colorless sky, Salvia called for her pack.

Alone or in groups and pairs bodies began to emerge from the surrounding forests and trails. It seemed to go on forever, and fierce pride rose in the Boss' chest as she watched these numbers swell. Salsola had prospered in spite of all it had face. Neither disease, war, disaster nor treachery had seen fit to undo this grand kingdom, and she knew – selfishly, without a doubt – that this was her own doing.

A place would not prosper under a leader who did not believe in it.

When the stream of Luperci finally slowed to a trickle, and then nothing at all, Salvia stepped forward and waited for silence.

My Family, she trumpeted, lifting her voice so it could be heard. It has been too long – the war is over, Salvia said, though this information had spread the day Vicira surrendered to her. I want to dispel any rumors; the coyotes have undone their previous agreements with us by seeking war. We have taken our dues, and we now take our proper ownership of the Bay Horses.

She paused, and her expression turned frosty.

However, the Queen's voice carried a new edge. This was not a war without loss. Our people have fallen, and been wounded, and this should not be forgotten. More importantly, the reason for this war should not be forgotten.

How strange, she reflected, these words would sound to her ears.

Lokr Revlis was the cause of this war, she announced plainly. He acted foolishly and without thought for his people, and took the first life in this conflict. He did not stand beside us and fight, and more than that, he used this war as an excuse to hide his true actions – betraying his vows of family and Law. These acts are unforgivable. They put us all at risk and cost the lives of our comrades.

The sea of faces had changed, and she felt the swell of emotions as they threatened to rise and surge forth.

From this day forward, Lokr Revlis is named Pentiti. He is a traitor to his people, and is to be treated as such.

Before anyone could speak, she lifted her hand for silence. Then, with a sweeping gesture which Elphaba stepped into, the blonde woman went on.

For her actions in exposing this criminal, and with my blessing, I now appoint Elphaba Revlis in his place – she will serve us as Hierophant, and as my second-in-command.

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Word Count → ??? :: hello everybody it's still me, Alaine, only this time my vessel is MUCH more dangerous than little 'ol Lokr - enjoy, Salsola! ;>

She had seen her father do this countless times, but it gave the young woman no comfort to reflect on him; For nothing that he had done was worthy of such a feeling. And so Elphaba relied only upon herself, and the solace and strength her grandmother had fostered within her.

It felt very lonely, standing behind the golden Tigress in the space to her right. One by one they came from the land, some cloistered in small groups, and all of them whispered and rustled and spoke so that their voices were a susurrus of sound like the running river. She returned the stares that lifted to her coolly, wearing the face that her mother had taught her to wear: The one that says, I am Where I'm Meant to be. I am Who I'm Meant to be.

They did not fall quiet until Salvia rose to address them, and then it was all-at-once; A hush great enough that she could hear her pulse racing in her ears. I am not afraid, Elphaba told herself, her spine so straight that she almost looked like a sapling pine. She'd worn her hair out for this occasion, brushing the length until it was glossy and smooth, a thick dark curtain that fell over her shoulders and down beyond the curve of her hips - It made her look older, more like a woman grown.

The grey weather dampened the gathering, pressing in on all of them with insistence.

Salvia started speaking and the words were familiar; They were words the two women had spoken to one another, over and over in so many different ways, in the longest morning Elphaba could ever recall. If she opened her lips she felt she could whisper them in time, predict the way in which the Boss would tell this story, this event that would subtly change the Kingdom forever.

All the while Elphaba stood, and the people saw her in her father's place, and they stared.

From this day forward, Lokr Revlis is named Pentiti. He is a traitor to his people, and is to be treated as such.

They swelled like the grey sea, choppy and volatile. In the ocean of faces Elphaba saw many things; Horror, confusion, anger, sorrow. She looked for her mother, or her sister, but could not spot them - Or perhaps she wasn't really looking for them, didn't want to see their faces just yet, not until she was ready to face their grief.

At a gesture from Salvia and the sound of her own name, the witch stepped forward into the chasm her father had left behind.

"My people," She said, tasting the words and finding them soft; She tried again, louder. "Salsola, my Family; My sorrow is your sorrow, my anger your anger. What my father did was of great surprise and horror to us all - But to none more than myself."

Once the words had started, they came easily she found - As though she had been born for this. Her red eyes settled indistinctly on no-one, nothing. "We are a kingdom of Law. Though my flesh and blood, I could not abide this infidelity, this lie in continuum. Now it is ended, and a great wound left behind; One I aim to heal. A woman of the Blood, I accept this responsibility, and I pledge myself to serve."

She spoke with the conviction of true faith, and felt a warm resounding agreement in the depths of her soul.

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Calla Valentine
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Word Count 000 ✦ Sorry for the rambly. ;-; Accompanied by Chester, Julius and Helena.

The days had grown shorter, the nights longer. With each cloudy day that passed, she could taste moisture on the wind, the snow that would eventually fall and blanket the forests around in a thick coating of white and alabaster. She had never been a fan of the cold and that hadn't changed just because of her new status, her mateship with Till and Helena or the two beautiful boys she'd been gifted by the gods. Both were growing up so fast. Things were finally coming together in this little life she'd made for herself.

Shielded from the cold by the cover of her fox-fur cloak and distracted by the playful growls of her children, the Apprentice had nearly missed the sound of Salvia's call. Both of her boys, however, were far more interested in the sounds of the Boss' howl.

It had not taken them long to get ready and presentable, each whine from the boys about the cold weather and the desire to stay back in the warmth of their home stuck in her ears as each member of her family, one by one, entered the area permitted them. Immediately, she offered her respects to The Boss, a nod of her head since she was not sure of the circumstances of the meeting. In her rush to ready, she had been thoughtful enough to bring one of the largest of the bones that were wrought from her hunting trips, though admittedly it couldn't rightly be called that when all she did was trap.

Both boys had been promised them if they were good, if they listened and were quiet while the boss, and whoever else, spoke to the Kingdom's patrons. In the end, after Julius' whining, she had given both of them one in the off chance that it kept them busy while she listened.

The moment they found themselves in the thick of the members of Salsola, her eyes skirted the room, searching for the familiar face of her other mate. Though she did not know where Till was during the scramble to get ready, she knew that he would be here too, him and his other children. She was eager to join up with them.

When Salvia finally addressed the clan, Calla listened closely to the words that greeted her ears. Shocked, surprised, it was hard to keep still under the uncomfortable news. Saddened by the news of a traitorous Lokr, she curled her arms over chest but remained vigilant in her own way. After all, memories were hard to be rid of and Lokr had never treated her badly, only warily when she found her role in Salsola. Her eyes found Elphaba and, deep inside, she was at least happy that the new second in command was one of her own, a witch.

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Optime | Stone Ship (+934)

Kamari’s dad, mom, and twin brother are present.

Don’t mind this >_____> Just the usual Songbird rambling.

Heine had been in the midst of correcting Kamari’s fletching work when the summoning call had reached the family home. The two had shared a glance. The war was over, or so the rumors had told. With Mafiosi’s careful planning, they had hurt the coyotes more than the fire-born Clan could dish back. Did their leader call upon them now to confirm the rumors? Or was there a new development in the autumn war? The father-daughter pair quickly packed up their work and moved it into the house, fetching Kamari’s mother and brother before the family headed out towards the source of the call.

The twins and their mother had donned warmer clothes to help keep them from shivering in the colder temperatures of the late-autumn season. Kamari wore her wool cloak, its hood pulled over her head and her long ears poking out from the ear holes. Her father had a thin, cotton cloak about him, more to fit in with his wife and children than because he was truly cold. The low-born family arrived in tandem with a few others of the Kingdom.

The Boss, her husband, and Elphaba stood center. It was a concerning sight in Kamari’s mind. Where was the Lord Commander? If the meeting hailed for all of the Kingdom’s subjects, where was he? Was he perhaps the reason that they were all summoned? Had something happened to him? It would explain why Kamari had seen so little of her teacher in the past month of the war…

The Kaisers huddled along the edge of the growing crowd of the Thistle Kingdom’s citizens, only one of their number able to stand amongst the higher-ranking members. Kamari looked curiously at the faces that entered the stones’ perimeter. There was a mixture of expressions, but none of which could tell her why the pack had been gathered.

When the area started to fill up and her line of sight of Salvia was lost, the jackal-hybrid glanced up and around at her family. With a nod from her father, the girl wove through the taller forms of her packmates so that she could stand towards the front of the crowd. There were quite a few that outranked the little Kaiser, however, with her obvious disadvantage in height, she hoped they wouldn’t mind—or, be too focused on the actual meeting to notice her lingering.

When it appeared that everyone had arrived, the Boss began the meeting. She confirmed the rumors of the Clan’s surrender, boasting of their claim to the once jointly-owned wild horse herds that thrived in the Bay area. It would have been something to celebrate…had the Tigress’ features not changed so suddenly. Kamari’s ears pricked at the shift in tone and the atmosphere around the Kingdom’s ruler.

For a moment, the Kaiser thought the Boss might say that the Lord Commander had been lost amongst the war, however, as it turned out, he was the cause of it. Kamari felt her brows knit together in her confusion, betrayal slowly gripping her little heart. He had been her teacher, had taught her the very laws that he supposedly broke! Of all of the Kingdom’s citizens, she had thought him the most loyal to the Boss and the Kingdom itself.

Yet…hearing Salvia’s words…the young Kaiser wasn’t sure if she hadn’t been fed a lie all along.

Her thoughts went to her mother, and her cornflower blue eyes went wide with realization. The Lord Commander had been Abeni’s master once, and, even after given her freedom, the woman had remained loyal to the man, arguably, more so than she was loyal to her own husband. Salvia named the Revlis a traitor to the Kingdom as Kamari turned to look where she knew her family stood beyond the crowd. What would her mother think of the news?

The Boss wasn’t done yet though, naming a new right hand, the first in its name in Kamari or her father’s lifetime within the Kingdom; Hierophant, and the title was given to the ruby-eyed daughter of the betrayer.

Kamari’s attention snapped back to the Boss, her eyes shifting to Elphaba that stood tall and proud by the older woman’s side. She looked like she belonged there, as if the position next to her grandmother had been her birthright. Elphaba, the new Hierophant, spoke to the citizens of the Thistle Kingdom, accepting the position and supporting Salvia’s decree on the Revlis patriarch’s banishment.

The little Kaiser wasn’t sure what to make of the whirlwind of news that had been given to them. However, she did know that she felt betrayal, a mere candle to the crimson-eyed Revlis’ flame, but, the feeling was all the same. Young and impressionable, she had eagerly ate into the story that had been woven and fed to the pack’s denizens.

When the Kingdom had needed him most, Lokr had been nowhere to be found. The Boss had spearheaded the operation, her grandchildren acting as better commanders in her right hand’s stead.

Elphaba had been the one to ride out on that fateful, windy night into the mountains and forests of the east. Elphaba had been the one she had infiltrated the Clan’s borders with. Elphaba had been the one set fire to the coyotes’ stronghold.

It had been Elphaba that had helped win the war.

So it would be in Elphaba that the Kamari believed.

Kamari Kaiser

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My power's turned on
Starting right now I'll be strong

OOC: Ok... so Salena can not sleep right now, so I might as well make a reply to this while it is still fresh in my mind. A wonderful surprise, congrats to you SL leadership! +800 words.

War always brought about a bitter end. The winning side should feel accomplished for holding out the longest, for doing the most damage, for being the most ruthless. Well, what did that really get anyone in the end? Members of the kingdom still died, and in the blaze they had brought to Inferni's land, they were sure to have lost plenty that could not get out in time. They put the risk of murder of the old, the sick, and even pups on the line. But what should that matter so long as they were doing whatever it took to win? None of their young had perished after all. Being a pup of war, she knew what it felt like, to be so young.. and already walking the thin line of life and death. The Big Five could have easily killed her if she made even one mistake. Were they now becoming what they had fought so hard against not too long before?

Of course, Inferni was not innocent in the whole affair either. They certainly got what they deserved for messing with such a powerful force. Salsola was never meant to be taken lightly.

Cirsium had been absent now that the chill was beginning to settle in. The bear was falling into hibernation, and would not be seen again until the spring. Having stepped out of her home, Idrieus caught the sound of the summons in her ear. Blue gaze narrowed as her head turned. It was the Boss, but why call together everyone now? The war had already been over, and while they were still recovering from the event, it seemed... strange. Feet turned in the same direction of her head, pressing on. Her presence would be required to such a summon, as would the rest of the kingdom.

Upon arrival, the dog woman's eyes fixated on the ruby-eyed daughter to the Lord Commander. She stood as an equal to the Boss, while Lokr himself was no where to be seen. Where was he? She had not become unfamiliar with the presence of his daughter, as she had been the one who began and continued her training when it came to her combat skills. Elphaba had made a steady improvement since the first day her father asked her to be trained. But now what...

Taking a spot closer to the back of the crowd, arms crossed along her chest, head and gaze shifting over to the familiar leader as she began to speak. The horses were of little concern to her from the get go. It was something so silly to begin a war over.

Then it started to get more interesting.

Losses were inevitable when it came to war. There could be no war without both sides losing their own fair share, whether it be in their members or in their territory. But nothing could have prepared any of them for the news that followed. Lokr had begun the war, was absent from it, and was now exiled. Based solely on the words spoken to her people, Idrieus could not shake the feeling that something was missing.. something was being left out.. Eyes narrowed at this notion. Surely the kingdom would follow its Queen no matter what was spoken, but a calculated mind like her's was always thinking. So why then would they hide the reason why?

Gaze shifted to Lokr's daughter, his replacement now being given the chance to speak. It was in the Boss' graces that she be the next second in command of Salsola. The Apprentice was not too much older than her student was, and to be taking on such a responsibility at such an age. There was a small difference, and that was of experience. The darker of Lokr's daughters lacked this. She would need to think of things from every angle, take all matters into consideration, in a bit the same manner it took to combat. The question was, would Elphaba be able to do it? Just because you were of royal blood didn't mean the work would be any easier. Idrieus earned her royalty while Elphaba had been born with it. Who was really the one that ended up better off? She could learn for sure, but that in of itself would take time.

When a hush fell over the crowd, the dog woman's mind raced again, gaze shifting from one member to the next, watching their reactions. Confusion, anger, anything else. She felt none of these things. Rather.. it was once again a more of a loss to her. Artemisia had already fallen in the previous war, and Lokr had been the first to comfort her, to gift her with her royal name. He had been the only friend she had in the entire kingdom. Who was left for there to... feel something for. The women in the kingdom found their kinship with others, providing more of a future to Salsola, the men still could not be trusted.. but he could have been.

Finally.. her face relaxed, resolving that in this moment, there was nothing she could do. She was alone.. again.. Silence fell over her as she began to fade into the crowd, her head turning to the side.

Idrieus Eternity

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In the summer the sun had dimmed in Skoll’s teeth, and Loki had cast his runes and read fortune from them.

The flames from his candle and the shadow from the east, the threat of conflict and change, the sun rune blazing in spite of its partial eclipse foretelling victory — it had all been cast onto his table. It said, too, that there would be betrayal. Lies and deceit. And yet when the war began, and the scout kept his eyes peeled for danger within, he had seen none of this. Perhaps he had read the rune wrong — as merkstave isa could speak of ambush and plots in the dark, of blindness, and oh had they plotted to burn the coyotes and oh how Loki had been so blind to the threat at home.

When Salvia announced war’s end, the Crone stood — wearing his cloak without his usual flair and majesty, his hair lank with grief — and was unmoved. When the Queen spoke of their losses, his head lifted and he let his despair show.

Then —


In one breath Salvia named the Lord Commander Pentiti, and Loki shuddered. Unable to help himself, he looked to the crowd for their reactions — as if there he might find a clue about how he should be feeling.

He remembered a day long ago, when his firstborn daughters were still babes, and how contemptuous he had been when the charmless, arrogant Lokr Revlis had been appointed leader at Salvia’s side. He remembered the witches’ plots to shame him, and how one after another they had failed as Lokr found new allies. He remembered begging at his one-sided rival’s feet to continue tutoring his girls when his mateship with Artemisia had been dissolved, and the mercy he found there.

His brows pinched, and he looked back to the Boss when she spoke again.

Elphaba Revlis stepped into her father’s place. Hierophant. One of the Coven had the ear of the Boss — one above the Crone now. A mere girl.

He thought of what he had seen in the dark of the Blackwoods and wondered, for a moment, what this meant for them. The Crone in Loki thought that he might consult his runes and see what this meant for them. The Trickster in him might have smiled, knowing the girl’s secret and what his belief in her had meant.

The father in Loki bowed his head and remained silent, for he couldn’t care about any of these things now that his only son was dead.
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Maybe all of these things made me who I am

Ondine had her arms full of squirming children, who did not quite seem to understand the need for decorum and quiet. Isabella stood beside her and took one of the youths, who complained at the motion but was quick to settle into the arms of his doting grandmother. Ondine held onto her only daughter, who struggled to settle down and the mother bobbed the girl a little to sooth her. Her gaze shifted her mother, who shrugged at the unspoken question. Neith risked being late but at least Krios would bring the man with him, willingly or not.

They let Neith rest often and both of them understood the need he had for the peace and quiet of sleep. Krios was tasked with making sure his uncle was roused and brought to the meeting when the call had come for them to go.

As their Queen spoke, Ondine felt the first shimmer of relief. The war was over and they could all go about their business again. She had never had an issue with Inferni until they almost killed her firstborn son. Now she felt unsure of them. They had lost to the might of Salsola's war machine. Her own son had become a cog in it, himself. Neith had been party to it, victim of it as well. Ondine watched her family suffer for Salsola's pride.

Yet, when the truth of where their Commander had been opened up in the vaguest of terms, she felt her heart seize. He had been caught. She knew, he had been caught with his selkie woman. His own daughter had been the bringer of his end. Ondine's eyes shot at the girl whose blood was half of her sons and she felt fear. With Lokr in command, she had less worry for the status of her son. Now, she had every right to fear and had to plan accordingly. There would be consequences and she had to make sure that in the light of the situation, what sorts of sins she was willing to commit.

Information was valuable and she hoped to barter it for status, even if she hated the machinery that made the inner workings of Salsola tick.

Eyes down, Ondine shuddered, worried and fretting even in the light of the joy at the end of the war. When she felt her son's presence she turned to him. Would sacrificing more of herself be possible? Was there more to even offer?

Ondine has Isabella and Krios will come in with Neith.

Ondine Heiwa
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Perhaps by blessing of darkness within his prison, his typical headaches were an afterthought during his captivity. But as Neith returned to Salsola, so too had his migraines come back.

The fever had long since passed, and along with it the worst of his exhaustion. Enough weight was lost from his bones during his time in Inferni for the difference to be noticeable, but unconcerning. It should have returned to him by then, but his appetite was not what it should have been, stifled as quiet as his lips were on subject of his time away.

He told only those necessary. To both Ondine and Salvia he passed along accusations by Infernians that it was Lokr’s black arrows that cast down a life to spark the war, an accusation far too powerful to be hidden. Krios roused him from his furs and they walked in moderate silence to join their packmates, many of whom had collected scars and scowls he did not remember, and the announcement was made that their Lord Commander was subjected to exile.

Pentiti, they called it. Traitor. Neith looked upon the sunken eyes of Loki and Stjarna, and felt a painful heat in his chest.

Neith harbored nothing against them. He harbored nothing against Lokr. But he harbored everything against Salsola, locked in his chest. Pentiti.

At news of Elphaba’s succession, his mouth turned dry. Surely Salvia knew the witch was unwell, a friend of dead and impossible things. She couldn’t handle leadership. She shouldn’t.

What it meant for Salsola, he did not know. What it meant for himself, he did not know. But Neith cemented in his mind that if Salsola was to be safe enough for Victoire and Garsea—for he knew he could fake no more deaths—his continued involvement in her life was necessary, as someone with patience and context to understand her quirks and whimsicalities.

He did not know, but the intangible web wrapped to his limbs and fingers drew taut.

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POSTED: Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:36 pm

Elphaba had told him of the news ahead of time, as a courtesy to his occupation and what she had been paying him to do. He imagined she was rather excited about the whole deal too, even if a part of him pondered on the circumstances of her ascension. As he watched from the side, watching his charge and her grandmother give a rousing speech to the rest of the Family — of which The Bull only partially saw himself a part of, if only by coin and riches rather than a true commitment.

But with this announcement and Elphaba given the name of Heirophant, The Bull knew things would change in this. For the rest of the Thistle Kingdom and for himself. Most of all for Elphaba, only a young girl but thrust into a position of power all the same, under the careful eye of her own grandmother who sat at the highest seat. There was a lot of danger involved in sitting higher than everyone else in the tree. One mistake and you plummeted off your branch and down to one much lower — or even to the ground in death. This had happened to her father, the now exiled Lord Commander, but his was caused by someone under him breaking the branch he sat on and letting it fall past, for everyone to see, before he faded from existence.

Whether that would happen to Elphaba or not, only time would tell, but as long as he was around to swing a weapon at any who would cause her harm, The Bull figured she would at least manage in her position as far as physical safety went. The pressures of leading and power were, however, a very different story. He wasn't an expert on whether she would break or not, but he still wondered whether she was ready for it all, as young as she was. Still, if she asked for his aid, he would not refuse her.

Commissions are on hold for right now until I can free up my schedule a little more to work on them. PM this account or message me on Discord if you're interested, but keep in mind that they may take a while!

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Thora joined the crowd of people who have been summoned by The Boss. All were gathered in one big mass as silence fell to hear what the leader had to say. She has been her for not too very long, but already she had experienced her first war in the pack and learned much since she's been here. Internally reminding herself of her associate rank, she kept quiet so she could listen in on the superior female's words. Thora's hair was styled in a Celtic style braid, along with her Celtic jewelry and usual Celtic dress. As always she looked clean and presentable, especially in public and the eyes of others. Winter was beginning and it was cold, but Thora felt deep in her very being that the news that The Boss was about to give would be even colder. Hearing from The Boss that the war had let up brought great relief to Thora, even though she was just an associate. She took a short silent prayer to bless the dead and heal the wounded of those who partook in the war. Her ears pricked up as The Boss mentioned a reason for the start of the war. One question rang in Thora's head like a loud bell. What was the reason for the chaos?

Hearing that Lokr Revlis was the cause of the war was quite shocking, but Thora didn't show it. She was very good at hiding and shutting out her emotions, especially the negative ones. She remembered the male who was, or used to be, second in command. He stood next to The Boss at the announcement when the war began. She remembered what her sponsor had told her, you will never be able to leave without disgrace. Apparently it seemed Lokr had unfortunately had disgraced himself. What really sticked to Thora is that he took no part in the war, which for her, was unacceptable. Now that the man named Lokr was considered a traitor, it looked obvious enough that Thora no longer needed to be faithful or loyal to him. He was an outcast, which gave her more reason to disregard him completely. He started the war by carelessly taking a life, now he suffered for it. For Thora, this was a big lesson in loyalty to Salsola. As she looked on she noticed the female who stepped next to The Boss, the new second in command of the pack.

The cold winter air could be felt on the Celtic wolf's fur as the daughter of the now deposed Lokr began to speak. Elphaba's vows seemed promising and true as she spoke to the large crowd. Besides the war, this was a big changing event that Thora had witnessed since she joined Salsola. The face of Lokr has been locked in her head, just in case she saw the Pentiti again. Though she was just an asscoiate, she was going to put her trust in the new second in command of the pack. Thora's expression seemed neutral, but already she had a strong distaste for the traitor. An enemy of the pack, was an enemy of hers as well.

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