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Pack Thread: Manhunt for Raine

POSTED: Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:26 pm

The Lune led the sheep back from the pasture, the ewes bahing in aggregation at being forced back into the barn. Rambo was none too pleased as Luca gave him a push forward with his paws, causing him to charge forward to get away. As the last of the sheep entered the barn he guided the ram into his separate stall by the horns, much to his displeasure, before shooing the girls into theirs. Once they were sorted and as happy as one could be after being forced into a stall, he decided he would take Ulrich out for some exercise.

With quick feet he moved towards the stables, nodding to those he passed with a small smile. Pulling the stable door open he instantly smelt something off. His ears perked and he froze in his spot, nose twitching. No. It couldn’t be. Forcing his feet forward his nose guided him straight to the sources, a small splash of blood. The strongest scents let him know whose blood it was, and his stomach turned. “Myra...” He spoke, his mind sliding the male’s scent that accompanied it. “Myra!” He called, exiting the stables and nearly running into the white body of Honrin.

Flustered the Lune waved a hand of dismissal, “Not now.” He grumbled, as he shoved his way past. He was a on a mission. The sight of the dark girl behind Honrin, however, brought around an entirely different emotion. Across Night’s chest were two slashes. “For Fenris' sake, what happened?” He nearly growled at the pair, who instantly began to speak. The words out of their mouths were things he did not want to hear and they all focused around one man: Raine. Worst of all this man was trying to slip away with his baby. The Lune roared a thunderous snarl. “GET ME RAINE! NOW! HE HAS MYRA!” He growled at all near by, raising his head into the air he echoed the statement. He would have that man brought to justice, he would not lose his little girl, not so soon after Lyris.

OOC: Everyone interested please post having your character head out on the search ONCE. Remus is pre-planned to catch Raine, Nuki and Corrie will play that out. Please interpret the howl as something loosely along the lines of "Bring Raine here now, Myra is missing". 300+ words


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POSTED: Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:22 pm

Lupus --> Secui | cNPC: Mako (+322)

Judging from the text, I’m guessing it’s near the later half of the day with Luca putting up the animals?

Life seemed to slow down a bit with the onset of winter. The chores she routinely did were lessened in degree due to the cold and snow-covered terrain. Teagan was sure her apprentice didn’t mind the extra downtime after rigorous training sessions. As much as she might have felt that the girl needed to be pushed harder, Teagan was not cruel—despite what Minerva might think of her. She recognized the Reticent to still be a child.

She had released the apprentice for the day, however, where she was begone of one Cavalier, she was flanked by another. Mako seemed to have a sixth sense for when she was free of her student or other duties, always seeming to find her one way or another. Teagan allowed it for reasons even she didn’t know. The pair of them had set out in their Lupus forms into the wintery forests beyond the Fort. They had been in the middle of discussing Minerva when the howl of the Lune rang out across the realm.

Both stopped, their hot breaths billowing out into the chilly air as they listened to the message that the urgent, anger-fueled howl conveyed. Teagan felt her heart turn as frigid as the wintery world around them at the mention of her younger sister. The hair along her spine stood and she felt blood pump warmly in her ears. Tail flagged, her paws moved before she had even realized, lips curling into a protective, angry snarl as she tore through the underbrush. She shifted as she went, taking to one of her rarer forms. In her wake, Mako followed after the warrior princess.

The man would be dead if she caught him between her jaws!

When the pair managed to cross a scent trail belonging to the wanted Cavalier, they both let up a howl as they changed course.

Let him know that he was being hunted.

Teagan Stryder

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POSTED: Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:23 am


As was so often the case, the wolfdog stood guard at one of his most popular posts at the gates of the fort. He was privy to most comings and goings of the day when he was here, but his shift had just begun. He usually arrived to work in the early morning, coming out before the sun, but this particular day was different. He had kept at the gates until late last night, covering one of his colleague’s shifts and guarding the post for sixteen hours straight. Certainly if he had complained, his superiors would have arranged relief for him; but Howland never complained about his duties. Other things, sure, but never his duties. So he had started his post at the gates late, well after the stallion Dravyn pounded off with Raine and the unconscious princess on its back.

Standing tall and with a straight spine, he swelled with pride and saluted his Lune when Luca rode past him, and nodded his respect. Not long after that, he heard the cry come from inside the fort. Howland bristled, his hackles standing on end as he spun around and ran towards the call. He soon arrived at the stable where his King stood, his pike in his hands as he rushed to his leader, taking up a protective stance near him while the frightful news was told.

Howland stiffened, peering at his fellow Knights as they came to the clarion call of their leader. How could this happen? He cursed himself. If he had not traded shifts, he would have been the guard at the gate when Raine stole off with Myra and they would have known hours ago when it happened, not now after the depraved fiend had put miles between himself and Casa. Howland couldn’t hold back the audible growl of anger and disgust that rumbled in his chest.

His yellow eyes flicked to see the calico form of Teagan as she took in the news then set off on her quest. He paused just a moment to look up at his lord. “We will bring her back alive, my King,” he promised. “She will be alright, and the bastard will pay.” With that, he made an abrupt about-face, following after Teagan’s path and disappearing out of the fort hot on the scoundrel’s tail.


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POSTED: Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:14 pm

A massive creature padded alongside a palamino horse and the rider. He was big and bulky, his shoulders a foot below the horse's withers. He was in his Secui form, a positively monstrous specimen with red eyes and a benevolent gaze. In his thick halfing mane were feathers from cardinals and magpies as well as some necklace chains woven into his mane. White bandages were wrapped around his forelimbs and he carried a satchel. He wore two necklaces: a corded key necklace and a corded sea glass necklace. A magpie perched on his shoulder as he walked.

The rider was a jackal-looking male. He was average height for a jackal and had the fur of a side-stripped jackal. He was lean and long-legged and had a bushy tail. His eyes were bright green and he wore a lot of clothing since his fur was too short to withstand the Nova Scotia cold. He wore a pair of goggles that was pushed up to keep the bangs out of his eyes. He also wore a black and blue outfit. He also wore a black scarf and a necklace with multiple keys.

Iorek and Riley were walking out to do some patrolling. Riley had brought Dorian along since the gelding needed to stretch his legs. The man had his bow and a quiver of arrows as well as his scimitar and knives. The beast was in his most formidable form but brought along his satchel just in case. The pair of Luperci and the horse walked down the path, heading to the border when they heard the call. The brown jackal stopped the palamino and the wolfdog jumped a little.

The massive medic had never heard such an angry howl and it took him a few moments to fully process the meaning. Raine had Myra? Raine had been a nice guy and had rescued the bear dog but the Lune seemed to be very mad at the man. He didn't fully understand why Luca was so mad about the wolf having Myra. And the feral nurse looked up at the archer who was notching an arrow and looked angry too. Wh-What? Wh-Why i-is th-the L-Lune s-so a-angry a-at R-Raine?

I ting' Raine kidnapp'd Myra. The tailor said and then regarded the brown behemoth's confused look. It was sometimes adorable but it the wolfdog thought this Raine guy was nice, he would have to break the news that if this guy kidnapped the princess, then he was in hot water. Raine sto' Myra, I ting. E' took 'er, maybe to hur' 'er. The Rockateer said.

And that statement, that possible truth made the hulking hybrid bristle and caused his hackles to rise. Myra was his friend and now Raine took her? He took the little princess and he could have hurt her? His protective instincts kicked in, especially the ones from his guard dog blood. The oversized healer let out a snarl and then lowered his muzzle to the ground, his eyes blazing with anger. He teased out traces of the male's stink and with a snarl, the large Luperci chased after the scent.

The green-eyed Cadet saw the immediate change in the scarlet-eyed Officer as he processed the news and then saw him tear off after what he assumed to be traces of the bastard's scent. He urged his horse after the beast and the monstrous halfling tore through the forest in hunt for the kidnapper. The man was amazed how the wolfdog had gone from his normal self to that in seconds but he knew that the beast did not like the idea of his pack-mates being harmed. The malachite-eyed Cavalier and the crimson-eyed Cavalier raced through the forest, hunting for the wanted man.


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POSTED: Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:25 am

'Raus!' means 'Out!' in German.300+

Aniki had just finished putting Peachblossom in his stall when a furious but pained howl ut through the air. Her ears perked up and her lips curled back into a snarl when her Lune had finished. She had known something was off about him! Every time they were together she had that weird feeling that he wasn't acting like he actually was. He had a mask on, that perfect mask. He acted too perfect most of the time, so much so that she hadn't wanted to believe it at first. Then they had met, and she started to notice that flashes of fury that crossed his face. The flashed of cruelty and sick pleasure.

She slammed her fist into the stable fence, face dark with fury. Then she punched it again and again and again. Her knuckles split and blood spilled out, but she shook it off, frustrated. She had been with him enough to notice that and she had never tried to at least inquire. She had just put her guard up when they were together (Which was often, they were usually together at the stables every morning and evening. Sometimes they played dice together with others.). She should have been more proactive. She should have told somebody about his mask. She should have gone to Myra and asked if everything was okay, and at least told her to look out for strange signs!

She opened the stable door again and smiled slightly when Peachblossom stuck his head out to look at her. She didn't ride him bareback often, but she didn't have time to saddle him. She longer she took, the farther away Raine got with Myra. She cursed fluently and stroked his neck, then clicked her tongue. "Raus!" He walked out looking confused. Well, as confused as a horse could look. He followed her out and she put one foot on the lower fence rail and grabbed his neck, then vaulted herself onto his back. She spun him around and galloped out of the fort, growling displeasure. She led him to the forest, weaving through the trees, searching for any sign of the pair.

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POSTED: Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:31 am

ooc pp of Rurik approved by Rath
Veri Secanti
Oh mercy me. All I see is a monster

Before the calm was interrupted, Veri found herself tending to her retired mount, Seeker. He still had as much life as ever before, his personality had not changed at all since he'd attained the injury that caused him to be put to pasture. Once he'd healed up, the stallion had proved that he still loved to run, buck, and otherwise carry on as if he were a colt.

The only difference being, now he suffered for it, and the Medic could tell when he'd been rambunctious the day before because his injured leg would be favored whenever the thoroughbred moved. Today was such a day, so she'd given him stable rest. At the moment she was also alone, with Alaric being watched by Damon and Isobel at the house. Possibly Rurik, if he was sober enough with no hangover.  

This calm was cut to the quick, however, when she heard the voice of her Lune calling out for her former apprentice. His call went unanswered, at least by Myra, but instead Honrin and Night approached Luca, both looking ill at ease. Sharp blue eyes took note of the slashes on Night's chest and immediately she exited the stall to investigate, jogging closer to hear the conversation better.

At first the explanation she heard from the white Denahlii male and the black female counterpart made no sense as they talked over each other, both trying to get the story out as fast as possible. The more she processed, the colder her insides got, and the more her canines became visible.

By the time Luca's order was snarled, she was already on her way back to Seeker's stall, only to remember that the stallion couldn't be ridden as hard as she needed right now. Elda was her next best option. Veri wasted no time sprinting to the mare's stall and preparing the larger mount for a ride, slipping a bridle onto her head and buckling it in place all the while her guts churned with fury. No one would know by her expression however, as smooth as it seemed.

Lyris would have given her a tongue lashing for how roughly she pulled Elda from the stall, but she didn't care. The door was left open as she swung up onto Elda's bare back from the ground and kicked the mare into gear. At another time the war horse in training might have balked but she sensed her rider's agitation, the fury that boiled beneath the surface, and instead decided to perform at her best.

Within seconds she was out of the stable where she abruptly pulled up to a trot. The slow pace agitated her more, but she had to reassure Luca. "He won't get away. I can promise you that. it was the darkest her tone had ever been while speaking to the Lune, and for a moment her expression matched.

Before he could respond, she'd already kicked Elda forward again, sending up clods of snow and dirt as she raced to her house, so anything he might have tried to say would be snatched from her ears by the wind. Again the Medic pulled up outside the front door and called out for her family. By then they'd heard Luca's howl and looked at her expectantly for instruction.

"Isobel, stay with Alaric. Damon, grab your sword in your teeth and run as fast as your paws can carry you to the border, there I want you to catch his scent, howl when you've got it and you know which direction he went. Rurik and I will come on horseback. Go! both children nodded and went about as they'd been bid. Damon was already in Secui so he simply grabbed his sword in his teeth and took off. "Rurik!

"We have a man to hunt!

As soon as the words had left her maw he was rushing outside looking surprisingly sober. His hair was a mess, but his weapons were all in the right place so she counted that as a win. No other words were exchanged just yet, she simply hauled him up onto Elda's back when he extended an arm and then turned the mare with a jerk of the reins.

A firm kick had the buckskin splash mount digging her hooves into the ground ferociously as the mare went as fast as her legs could fly. Only when the mated pair were out of the Fort gates did Veri turn over her shoulder to explain exactly why Raine was being hunted.

Rurik's expression darkened with rage just as Damon's howl throbbed in the air. Veri veered Elda in the new direction and gave her mount another nudge, asking for just a bit more. The mare delivered, her legs churning so fast they were a blur. Raine would be found, without a doubt. He had a whole pack of wolves, many of them as close as family, hot on his tail.

Veri Secanti

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POSTED: Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:04 am

ooc Amora threw this together for me so my text wouldn't be naked (she doesn't like how it turned out, but it does the job)
Rurik Ivanov
Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure degradation
Take a look, and you'll see, into your perdition

Rurik couldn't believe the luck he'd stumbled into. It seemed surreal to him, to watch the black form of Damon while the Secui male played with his son. Unbelievable, right? His son! The more he stared at the multicolored pup, the more his expression softened in a smile.

The first time he'd seen Alaric had been a rush of joy, awe, and...and love. The pure emotion had caught him so off guard he'd nearly been moved to tears. He'd played it off, of course. Jace had been nearby. But once he'd gotten home, the dark male had showered his mate with affection in an attempt to share what a revelation it was to love the tiny little creature he'd helped to create.

He couldn't help but dare hope that maybe, just maybe, he'd done it. That he'd somehow achieved what he never thought he could; happiness. A family. He swallowed back the lump in his throat and dropped his muzzle to rest across a forearm, his scarred eye continuing to watch his children play. Yes, children, plural.

Alaric was his by blood, but Veri had adopted Damon some time ago, and later had given birth to a daughter, Isobel. Although Isobel's conception was best left undiscussed. Still, he viewed them as, if not his actual children, then his wards, or charges. Neither of them had deemed it necessary to call him any paternal name, so he figured they felt similar to himself.

His peace, however, was brought to an end by way of an angry call from his Lune. His head lifted while his ears twitched, the raw emotion in the howl making his scruff stand on end. It wasn't a call to arms, they weren't under attack, but something was wrong. He gave Damon and Isobel a look, one that conveyed the need to be ready. Damon responded by getting to his feet and taking a stance above Alaric, keen ruby eyes fixed on the door.

While Rurik stood and donned his weaponry, there was a cry from his mate outside the house. It was a rally of the family. Her tone sent chills up his spine; it was sharp, broaching no argument, and frigid with an anger he'd never seen from her before as she barked orders at her two children.

By the time she'd made a call of his name he was hurrying for the door. The expression on Veri's face almost had him stopping in his tracks, but he steeled himself and let her pull him onto the horse's back. He still hated the creatures and believed they should be used for meat, not transport, but he had to admit; they were freaking fast.

His mate remained silent on why Raine was to be hunted until they'd passed the Fort gates, and then she explained over her shoulder, her words clipped with fury. Luca's howl hadn't gone into this much detail, so she must have heard from the source.

Rurik's fangs peeked from behind his lips, his expression dark as his thoughts began wondering at how he'd make the monster suffer for what he'd done. "Let's go catch us a monster," he growled chillingly, tightening his grip on Veri's waist when the horse was redirected toward Damon's howl.

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POSTED: Sat Dec 23, 2017 9:13 pm

Garrett Masquerade
Cast them out 'cause this is our culture

Garrett didn't know who this Myra girl was but he did know anger when he heard it and he did remember seeing a guy named Raine around. He didn't know, the guy didn't seem bad but he knew that people weren't just howled for for no reason. His own enforcer background began to kick in and he was ready to find this son of a bitch since if the Lune was ad at him, then he probably did something really wrong. The Masquerade bastard had been born into a family devoted to bringing people to justice and he would be damned if he didn't try now.

The dog warrior grabbed his tomahawks and the hybrid scholar grabbed his bow and arrow. Neither had horses, nor did they like horses or even know how to use them. But, they were good to go on foot since shifting would be to much work. He was fast, even on two legs and his agility would help him a lot. Spencer was also pretty fast and could keep up so the pair charged out of the Fort and in the direction everyone else was going. The brothers were ready to bring this guy to justice.

Word Count: 200+ Form: Optime Date: -- Time: --

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