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Coaxoch Ulrich

The deafening silence is my crown


Coaxoch did not actively seek her approval like a dog to it's human, but part of him was curious to know if she had been at least remotely surprised about his independence from his family. Her face did not tell him much, only peering back at him with those bright, bloody eyes that shown like rubies against a face that had been as pale as his own. Sometimes, this marking upon her face had reminded him of his family, of himself, his father and Dirge, for they all had these pale masks that were almost untouched by other colors. These pale colors also mostly surrounded their eyes and maw, much like Elphaba's own. It was strange, to think that these markings were common enough to be found in bloodlines that were largely unrelated. Coaxoch did not know of how new the House of Revlis was, nor did he know that he and Elphaba would be distant cousins of sorts, should the Lykoi name had been kept by Lokr's father.

When her ears perked at his mention of potions, he too flicked his ears and took a deep breath as if he had been holding it for so long. She asked what kind of potions he was brewing in the depths of the Blackwoods, and he looked at her with a proud smile passing his maw. "So far I have been infusing some wines with hallucinogenic mushrooms. I finally found a brew that didn't taste like cat poop so since I finished that, I have been working on some poisonous potions...." he told her, knowing that it would still be interesting for her, for her kind loved to poison their enemies, and if there was anything that was valuable, it would be a poison that acted under the guise of a sweet and tasty wine, able to choke it's victims within minutes of ingestion. "I don't like testing it on canines, because a lot of the poisons would result in death, so I use rats and raccoons mostly. " he told her as a tidbit, a cover up to show that he was uninterested in poisoning any of The Family. "Anyway, I was hoping that my brews would help to help the coven someday, maybe it could be something like Loki's brews, though..maybe a bit tastier on that part." he spoke with a laugh as he mentioned the Crone's earthy brews. Coax had tried it once or twice, and this had been what had inspired him to start making potions and brews.

"I would have brought some of the wine with me if I thought you would have liked it. I did not see you try it at the Last Supper prior, so I was unsure if you liked it or not. " he told her, motioning at her gifts that he brought to her. He nodded to the boar leg though, and smiled still. "I hope you enjoy the meat though. Boar is pretty tough to take down with one arm." he spoke, chuckling softly at his mention of it being hard to get his 'hands' on a boar. He'd been pretty lucky with that one, this was certain. He'd been more accustomed to hunting raccoons and smaller animals that bigger ones often gave him trouble, but he had been proud to be able to be blessed by the Red God enough to get a lovely gift for his lovely Heirophant.

When will they find out

That at some point there is no return?

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With a curious head tilt, she listened as the young man detailed his potion-making endeavors to her - They were lengthy and profound, suggesting that he'd set himself to the task quite some time ago. This pleased Elphaba. Any individual who was willing to take the risk of experimenting with illicit and volatile substances was only as worthy as their patience, their careful practitioning. One foul step and a poison-maker would be as like to drink their own medicine, something that rarely ended well.

Even so, there was a small part of her that grew reserved at the thought of Coaxoch making wine into poison; After all, he'd brought two bottles of concoction to the previous Supper. Now that she had more information, this seemed rather ominous.

Her pupils narrowed ever so slightly as she watched the young man from beneath a curtain of sharp bangs and dark lashes.

"The Crone has a knack for making palatable potions," She agreed, thinking deeply on this, "Though his brews are for elevation of the soul, translucency of the spirit; For walking in a different realm. Not for death." The mushrooms that grew on Salsola's Isle were cultured for this purpose; In ritual and in sacrifice, they took the mind to another place. She wanted to know how he'd purified the substance so much that it made the separation of soul from body permanent, but did not ask.

Leaning forward, she reached out imperiously to tuck a wayward strand of blonde hair out of the bright blue of his eyes. Her touch, as with all things about Elphaba, was undeniably possessive.

Reclining back, she hummed thoughtfully. "I can only imagine - but I've long been a believer that the mind is mightier than muscle alone. We work smarter, not harder; That is why we've survived two wars. You are cleverer than most, Coax, I know that; You should focus your mind on its strengths, rather than your body's weaknesses."

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Every filthy bird and makes us drink
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She had commented on his poisons and potions, while also speaking of Loki's own "palatable" brews. Coax chuckled lightly at her words only because he knew that Loki's brews were hallucinogenic, but they were far from tasty. Coaxoch had been rather proud of his own brew that he had brought to the Supper, having found a good mixture of sweetness and hallucinogenic. I strive to be a master of both poisons and spiritual brews. I don't strive to be the Crone's successor, but I do want to be part of the coven, should you and the Crone would have me. he told her, as his bright eyes of spring turning to actually look her in her bloodied rubies that were embedded into snow covered stone. He turned his eyes away lightly as he leaned forward with an elbow connecting with his thigh. He didn't know if Elphaba would enjoy having both himself and Till within the coven, but it seemed like the only step that Coaxoch could take. Coax could try to go for the Milite job, but he knew better..He would consider becoming a Mercante as well, but he did not know how well or how far his father's connections could help him, nor did he particularly find an interest for it outside of personal gain.

Elphaba touched him again, and he found himself with a little avoidance of the touch, and he pulled away lightly, with his ears tilting back lightly on his blonde crown. The touch had been one of ownership, dominant and with a newly found power. Coaxoch did not lean into this touch, and rather, his jaw fell slightly agape as his eyes turned back up to her. Her touch was fleeting, but when she leaned back and spoke more, he decided then that he needed to cut his hair again. He had let it grow for too long, and her possessive touch only reminded him that he needed to keep up with hiss growing hair. He tilted his ears back up to listen to her words of compliments and advice. She seemed wise for her age, and maybe she would be a good leader. Coaxoch still didn't like the idea, but for just a split second, he believed that she might not just be a crazy witch leader, and instead maybe she could be a somewhat benevolent leader.

Coaxoch found his hand come to his necklace that the Boss had given him upon his Cueponi and he chuckled lightly. Do you think the Boss finds that same cleverness within me, or am I just another pawn on the battlefield? I do not find that it had been the best thing to send a one armed man onto the field, even if I did hold my own. he told her with a spark of mischievous find his bright blue eyes. He had almost committed treason in the last battle, and would have likely been cast out as Pentiti should his father's horse not cut him off as he did. The Bull had been the one to save him then, and while he hoped that no one else had seen such things transpire, for it had not been a particularly fun time for Coaxoch. He did not, and would not be likely to return the favor, for the Bull had been in Salsola for some time and still was a lowly Associate, and therefore, meant less to him than that of if the male had been art of The Family. But maybe she knew that I could handle it, with my 'clever' nature. he spoke with a small laugh.

It's strange how some luperci pick up on that sort of thing. Never thought that you or The Boss would think much of a Bastard's son. he wondered if they truly thought of him so fondly, or if he was just another pawn in their Game.

The poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.

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