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POSTED: Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:39 pm

Kalypso had had enough. She was a patient woman when it came to ambitious things, but she had a hard limit on when she no longer tolerated someone else’s bullshit. It had been tested and pushed, while the stories of what was happening around her swirled into a list of grievances that compelled her to put together their crimes in her head. Anything on paper was far too incriminating, and Kalypso was not quite ready to scream that she was a wman prone to conspiracy.

Instead, she thought about the individuals who seemed interested on quelling the fire that the usurper had lit in their lives. There were more than a few disgruntled folk who were not keen on Mistral or her pushy minions, some with genuine problems with these people.

Quietly and in secrecy, she whispered invitations to those who were likely interested in subverting the woman and who would be amicable to her own intentions in the future. Or might be interested. One thing at a time, she thought to herself.

She took a place that was distant enough from Mistral’s home, but iconic enough to draw some in. It was also out in the open so that spies might be more readily seen in the distance. The Fairy Lights, aptly named during the summer, but desolate during the barren winter season. Prey may have been abundant, but flowers were decidedly absent from the field. Kaly had not yet seen it in its spring floral glory.

She stood on the edge of the ruined gazebo, the steps before her covered in a layer of snow with visible footprints in grooves. Wrapped in a cloak-like shawl, Kalypso wondered if the group would even hear her out.

To the crowd that had gathered on the still evening, she looked them over a moment. Her voice, though confident, was softer than it would have been during a proper speech or declaration. She was not about to let her voice be carried into the wind if she could help it.

”I’ve asked you all here today because we’re all uncomfortable with our newest residence, and feel that perhaps our safety has somehow been compromised.” Her voice was not shaken, her words more metaphorical than she would have liked. ”I think it would be mutually beneficial for all of us to begin working on improving our skills to defend ourselves. In the event of trouble, of course.” Her grin was toothy. Trouble could have been anything. ”Naturally, I would want those who are already skilled to teach those who are lacking.”

She skimmed the group. ”Any questions?” asked the islander. Her words were brief and somehow to the point despite the vagueness. Honestly, she had nothing much to add without being completely open. Instead, she hoped that some of those that came would have queries for her to answer.

Please assume that your character has either been recruited directly by Kalypso or by very selective word of mouth. Those who are interested in joining Kalypso's underground group are encouraged, but not required, to post here. Please assume that after this, training begins in earnest though secrecy is encouraged between participants c:
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How long had it been now, since a false queen sat upon the metaphorical throne of Cour des Miracles? It felt entirely too long to the restless Dawnbringr, who stole into the night with nary a whisper to a single soul nor sound to be made as far as she could help it. There were others, she knew, who were as unhappy and angry as she was with Mistral's false claims to Queendom, but Thyri remained silent to protect not only herself, but those with whom she associated. In the weeks since the usurper's appearance in the Court, the Chevalier had fast lost trust in her friend, Reblin, and she did not want to incidentally put others in harm's way should the perky youth overhear her and take it upon himself to warn the tiny wench or her minions.

Since meeting the younger woman on the training grounds, some time ago now, hope — though dangerously dimmed some days more than others — had burned obstinately within her fierce heart. However new or young the tropical woman was, Kalypso Savoy commanded a sense of something — be it determination or resolve or savagery, Thyri knew not — that she deeply respected. So when Kaly whispered of a meeting, the shieldmaiden had known from the very beginning that she would be there to help represent the rebellion.

With the crunching of frozen snow betraying the sounds of her departure, Thyri slipped away from Chien Hotel and padded toward the Fairy Lights. Held clenched in the fists of her pale hands, the Dawnbringer held her Dane axe. Though she had tried to maintain less dangerous weaponry — even after the appearance of the false queen — she had long since accepted that violent encounters were likely and serious action was required to survive. As a result, Thyri had taken to bringing her Dane axe with her wherever she went, always hoping she'd never need to use it but always prepared to prove how much she knew.

As she arrived, it was ultimately lost on her how many were already present or how many arrived after her. All Thyri noticed was Kalypso, standing on the edge of the gazebo that — not so long ago — she had rested in shortly after joining the ranks of the Court. Stopping a short distance from the decay of the gazebo itself, Thyri set the butt of her axe into the frozen ground and waited patiently. After a time, when the gathering of Courtiers slowed and the silence stretched, Kalypso spoke.

And Thyri listened. She listened more intently than she could remember ever listening to anyone else — leader or otherwise — before. After only a moment, she nodded and lifted an arm. "I offer to help teach others," she offered boldly, looking from Kalypso to glance broadly about the crowd. "If anyone needs lessons." As far as Thyri was concerned, the more people who knew how to properly fight, the better.

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POSTED: Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:47 pm

WC: 442

Silverbell was ready to be done with this. She was afraid to walk around the pack lands because Mistral’s goons might bother her, and she was worried that at some point she was afraid that she would come across Mistral herself. Bell definitely did not want to do that. She wanted them all to just leave already so they could get back to feeling safe in their own packlands.

When she heard about what Kalypso wanted to help teach them to defend themselves, Bell knew right away that she wanted to be part of it. Of course, self-defense could be useful for a great many occasions, but sadly the most pressing need was to be safe in her own home. The most experience Bell had with weapons was a quick lesson on archery from Linden. She had thought of asking him to teach her some more, but before she could, this came up.

Bell arrived at the Fairy Lights at the appointed time where a few canines were already gathered. She listened as Kalypso spoke, nodding in agreement about feeling that their safety was compromised. Even if she did not end up being very good at fighting, Silverbell wanted to at least be able to protect herself long enough for help to arrive. She glanced around at the others gathered, unsure of what skills they all had in the way of fighting. Bell was also unsure of what exactly she wanted to learn. She supposed she would have to know what the options were first.

When Thyri volunteered to teach, Silverbell looked over at her and then remembered her weapon of choice was an axe. Well, maybe she had other skills, too, because Bell doubted she would be able to get her hands on an axe. Or lift one. She was so used to doing less physical things that learning to use any sort of weapon seemed daunting to her. Sure, she could use her teeth and claws if push came to shove, but she doubted that it would get her very far right now.

“I would like to learn,” Bell said looking from Kalypso to Thyri. “I’m not sure I could use an axe, though.” There was a very light hint of sheepishness in her voice, leaving open the opportunity to suggest other things.

If the pack decided that they were going to do something beyond teaching and learning to actively take back their pack, Bell did not know how much help she would be since she was almost entirely inexperienced with weapons. But she would try. She just did not want to end up being a hindrance.

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POSTED: Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:47 pm

[WC: 230]

The incident with Piper and her brother had left Gaia shaken. She had never thought there would be a real need for her to fight, and even now wanted a world where she could go about in a peaceful manner. Other people liked to fight. Other people were made for fighting. She could swing a staff and a wooden sword, certainly, but that wasn't enough. It would not have saved her father, nor prevented her sister's children from being taken from their home.

To fight meant that one had to be prepared to hurt someone else, and Gaia wasn't sure she was capable of that.

But Kalypso had asked her to come, and Gaia wanted so badly to know what was going on that she had put aside her personal doubts. She felt small and unsure of herself among the crowd, using only a cloak to protect her from the wind. Never one for garments, she still thought that this season was particularly cold and was glad for the buffer provided. It felt warm, wrapping herself up, and helped to make her feel safe when she feared she truly was not.

She pulled this around her and looked between the faces gathered, glad for so many familiar ones.

I want to learn too, Gaia said softly, though her heart did not feel as if it could be committed to violence.

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POSTED: Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:16 pm

Paloma had heard whispers – but little more – of Courtiers attempting to undermine mercenaries. She had heard of things gone awry, of things being damaged. If there was one thing Paloma couldn’t stand it was reckless destruction. She felt guilty, too, because she had joked with Kalypso about the Hotel falling down around the pack’s ears – and now it felt as if it was being torn down, brick by brick, by people who had no right.

Paloma was no great hero but she was faithful to her new home. Despite her misgivings about the Court’s solemn and stubborn habit of clinging to old haunts, Paloma had no support in her for what Mistral had brought to their door. She had no sympathy for the little dog – and if she could have a hand in bringing her down or in preparing others to do so she was damn well going to.

The invitation had arrived quietly and Paloma was alert as she stalked out to the Fairy Lights. This was a section of the territory she had neglected somewhat, preferring the forest and the stables. It was something of a wasteland in the coldest season but Palo could see its promise given warmth and new life come Spring.

The dog’s ears were turned back against her head as she listened to Kalypso. In spite of any previous reluctance to make a move, she found herself nodding. The gathered Courtiers were young, and she hoped some would be able to offer their skills. The rest she was happy to provide pointers to.

One of them, a pale, mottled girl, spoke up, dubious that she could wield an axe, and Palo offered her a gentle smile.

“How about daggers? Smaller – you need to be in closer quarters with your foe– but if you’re quick you can use them well.”

The dog's eyes wandered as she spoke, as if she might've been making a throwaway comment. You never knew what eyes might be on you.

POSTED: Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:20 pm

She knew few among the Court, and even fewer than this could she call friends, but trial and tragedy had forged those willing into allies. True, the Court had taken she and Ask without question as they fled Inferni’s war, but Dove did not yet wield their level of loyalty. She could have fled the Court when it was usurped and struck off for the next opportunity, daring death and poor luck to continue to follow in her shadow.

But she didn’t. She was not loyal to the Court like the others due to inexperience, but opposed the reign of Mistral de l’Or just the same. The wicked usurper wronged the Reverie family before it had ever wronged the king and his kin (or so Dove thought). Mistral de l’Or introduced tragedy to Dove and her siblings, and tore them apart. Killed their sister. It was by shame of that tragedy that Dove lingered still in these faraway lands, fearful to go home, fearful that she had been shown the true nature of the world and could not turn a blind eye as she had in Juniper Peace.

Mistral de l’Or was her half-sister, by adoption. They knew nothing about one another, save their names—and who had murdered one Saffron Reverie, now well over a year past. When she looked upon the wicked queen, Dove saw the sprawled and dead eyes of her sister, and watched her wash away with the tide where Gust and River Lark released her body.

She’d never expected to tangle with the Trouillefou again. Dove welcome the opportunity.

The invitation by Kalypso had been subtle, but Dove accepted without a moment’s hesitation. She sent Ask away while they gathered in secret: Courtiers sharing in tragedy, in fear, in kinship, while Dove witnessed as an outsider. Her training as an archer had ceased with Basilio’s death and Ask’s entry into her life, and it was perhaps by the ache of vengeance. How soft so many of the Court’s women looked. Sophisticated. Pretty.

“I, um,” she said, knowing few, and forcing herself to be forward. “I haven’t been here long, but I have my own reasons to want to help. I’m not great with my bow, but I can show what I know.” She connected eyes with Thyri and Paloma. “I’d like to learn how to protect myself up close, too.”

Next, she turned back to Kalypso. “What kind of trouble are we expecting?”

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Their little group grew with those that she expected. She wanted these people here and they clearly wanted to be there. They spoke their support and Kalypso smiled as her little rebellion gained some muscle. She expected Thyri, she expected Paloma. She expected those of the blood of the deposed King to come running in support of anything that would overthrow the fat dog Queen and her reign of instability.

She listened to them voice their devotions, their agreement with her words. Pride swelled as support for it grew and she gained the confidence to know that this was a venture that would succeed if they did things right, smartly, for they were now growing in number, and those in the group were strong. They would swell, they would surge, and they would drown the usurper Queen in the blood of the righteous.

Kalypso let them speak until Dove looked to her, and the woman blinked at the former member of Inferni. She had fully expected the former coyote clan member to flee at the conflict, as she had done the same with Inferni. That she stayed was impressive, though Kaly raised her brows at her a moment before giving a decidedly overly thoughtful look.

"I think we should expect that things will.. perhaps get a little explosive when the fat dog realizes that the love she expects is far from hearty." Her grin was toothy as she gave a dark laugh. She marveled that Mistral came expecting the people's love and devotion when she had done nothing to earn it, nothing to show that it would do them any good. Kalypso would show her how it was done. She would show her that she was the one who had miscalculated.

"We will lay low until the right moment, but do not expect her to last until the spring." Her toothy look tightened to something far more threatening. "We need to plan, and we will return the Court to stability and peace," she added, full of promise, full of honor.

"Keep this between yourselves, try to limit speaking of it and what we are doing. The less we whisper, the less likely someone will hear." She looked to the female-dominated collective, meeting the eyes of her half-brother who nodded, then looked to his full-blooded sister. Alessan was rather short but he was a standout as one of the few men who had come. "Do not trust our spymaster. I fear he is complacent." Or a traitor, if her fears were well founded.


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POSTED: Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:39 pm


She remembered chasing fireflies around the ruins of the gazebo during some summer when she was still young -- still so ignorant as to the dangers of the world at large. Even the event that had collapsed the gazebo was something only alluded to, some story in the past, along with all the other stories of righteous warriors at war toned down (if barely) for a bright-eyed child. Other than her father's brush with the sea when she wasn't old enough to quite understand, Galilee hadn't experienced turmoil like this before.

Mistral's reign changed everything. No one had died, but the loss of a ruler's hand and the frightening sneers of the mercenaries made the threat clear. They weren't safe, and it would only get worse from here on out as the tensions finally broke into rebellion.

Galilee's heart was ready for it -- for the rebellion, for the reclamation of their home and security -- but she knew she was not.

So she came to the Fairy Lights, her ears lowered and her gaze furtive and uncertain, until she spotted some she recognized. She slunk over to them then tried to change her posture, standing tall, crossing her arms. She fixed her green eyes on the rich sea blues of the woman who'd gathered them.

"I'll fight," Galilee said. Her voice was bolder than she truly felt. Those standing closest to her might have seen the lump in her white throat. She swallowed it down and pressed on, adopting the same arrogant tone of voice her father used. "I'm learning, but you can count on me."

Thinking of Skoll made her glance around -- noting that not many of the adults in the Court, or at least the ones she'd really looked up to, were there. Skoll was absent, and Shiloh, Linden... Weren't they angry too? Or hadn't they been invited? She stared around more critically, thinking.

A white coyote prompted Kalypso to explain, and the wolfdog did with a grim smile on her face, speaking in euphemisms and vagueries. She told them that they all needed to plan, and to stay quiet about this -- which Galilee understood, as they didn't want word spreading to the mercenaries, but...

Her ears twitched at mention of the Majordomo, and she frowned. Then, after a few moments, she spoke up.

"What about my father? He would fight for us, if he knew."

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POSTED: Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:22 pm

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Late to the party, but hopefully can still help?

Gilmore almost didn't go. He'd been cooped up in the Library for a long time, replacing the vandalised bookshelves and just keeping to a corner in the hopes his little world wouldn't be interrupted by the new and unknown threats in the pack. The moments Gilmore had stepped outside, to go hunt or eat or just get some fresh air, he'd felt an ominous feeling around the pack. Things weren't right, and whilst Gilly was still in the dark, still in his silent world, he could tell things were getting worse. This new leader, that Gilmore had only seen in passing, clearly wasn't settling in well. Nor were those she brought with her. But Gilmore was stuck on whether this new leadership felt right. From what he was able to gather, this new Queen was supposedly expected, as if her usurping the throne was something bound to happen. Gilmore didn't understand any of this, so he could only compare it to his books, the ones that contained kings and queens and stories of hierarchies like that.

Maybe the throne was hers, maybe it was earned, but it didn't feel like it. True leaders united people, in the Lord of the Rings, the true King brought together armies of those who wouldn't dare fight with one another otherwise. Leaders brought unity, so the divide and fear that this Queen brought with her didn't make her a true leader. And with that reason, Gilmore decided to accept the invitation. He'd been in the library, as usual, hungry but unwilling to leave, when he'd noticed someone lingering by the door. By the time Gilly had looked up, the figure had disappeared. And the next thing Gilmore saw was a folded piece of paper left for him, with an invitation written on it to become part of a new change, that would fix the ruin their current leader was leading them towards.

Gilmore tucked the paper away into one of his books, took his things and took off to the noted location. He did not know why he'd be invited to this, perhaps his skill with a bow had been noticed, or his clear distress over the new change to the Court, but Gilmore wasn't going to let the opportunity pass. Whoever left him the note might just believe he could help, and Gilly wanted nothing more to assist his pack-mates, his true pack-mates. Despite his conviction, Gilmore was still shy in his approach, his tail tucked and head low as he approached the area, beginning to notice the gathering of others. He had no idea if he was late, or early, or what the others spoke of. One stood up in front of everyone else, speaking like a leader would, and the others were listening intently. Gilmore could see the spark of determination in the eyes of others around him, also noticing faces he recognised in the crowd. They all spoke up about something, gesturing to weapons or making suggestions. It seemed friendly, like teamwork. Gilmore wasn't sure on what was happening, and could only hope someone who knew his condition would clear things up for him later, for now he nodded to friendly faces, standing a little taller and clutching the bow at his side. "I-I'd like to help too." Gilmore said, perhaps too quietly, "I can use a bow... a-although I don't know what use I'd be."

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POSTED: Sat Feb 17, 2018 5:29 am

(000) Short, sucky little post. I really just wanted to have Ramona be here

”Let’s take down that sorry, sack of shit who calls herself our Queen,” Ramona confirmed from the crowd. If that wasn’t a confirmation, she didn’t know what was. It was a Ramona-agreement. ”I know a bit about using a sword and a bow that I could teach others, if they’re willing.”

Ramona turned to survey the rest of the others, allowing her eyes to linger upon those who had skillsets similar to hers, who she could learn from and who she could teach. Everyone who attended the meeting had shown up with their weapons… except Ramona. Either she would have to borrow one, or she’d just have to wing it. Perhaps someone who’d teach her would let her use theirs. Maybe.

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