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Secrets never did stay so for long within Salsola and gossip was rife among the ranks. So anything below that of a secret was often widely known by the masses and whilst most tidbits of information were inconsequential, sometimes she found out intriguing things that she hadn't realised she needed to know. Such as a carpenter right here in Salsola which she could barter with easily and who she outranked. Her lips twisted into a grin and the pregnant woman stroked her belly thoughtfully.

So, with Phobos following her as usual, and draped in her thick cloak she set out into the chill, moist air that promised a storm sometime soon. Maybe it would snow again, she pondered. There was still a small amount leftover from the last snow storm, gathered in the shadowy areas that the sunlight did not reach.

The black dog was her shadow and Helena wouldn't say that she was sick of seeing him, being accompanied like this gave her a deeper sense of safety - she was protected, and this was the most important thing. Since the Tower was so far from the other ruins, it did take her a while to reach her destination but that she did not mind at this time, the exercise was good for her.

She used the slow walk as as opportunity to observe the state of things on the edge of Salsola lands, against the ocean, before turning inwards towards the edge of the ruins and Duncan's home, noting that he was not far from the Boss' residence. As ever there was a small collection of papers and a writing implement stashed away in her cloak and she meticulously wrote down information that caught her eye, or things that needed to be addressed.

She rapped on the door in a brusque manner and waited for an answer. She did not know if the Confidant would be home at this hour but she hoped this was the case or she might have to send the slave to go and find him whilst she waited.

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His life had returned to stagnation. Since the war subsided and Salsola rejoiced in its empty victory he had, for a moment at least, drowned his weariness in mead and merriment. Although he did not dance the night away or croon into the early hours of the morning he didn't shrink away in the shadows either, and spent the night after the Supper watching, living vicariously though the mirth of his packmates in a haze of alcohol fueled fraudulent fun.

That was days ago though, and he was right back where he started, back to the emptiness of his home, the loneliness of his work, and the quiet of his existence. It was strange to think that the things that once brought him enjoyment had now become part of the many things that added to the insignificance of his life.

Still, he soldiered on, there was nothing left to do but carry on.

He had just returned from sentry duty along the northern border when a knock shattered the silence in his home. He looked up from his workbench cautiously at first, he never got any unexpected visitors, and his gaze narrowed suddenly involuntarily as his hackles raised defensively. Putting his carving tools away carefully, he brushed the wood dust from his shirt and made his way to the door, piercing eyes still narrowed as he opened the door and regarded his visitor with a blank expression.

"What?" He realized then that he was thoroughly displeased to see her and promptly softened his features, letting his shoulders lower a little out of their fairly noticeable state of discomfort. He took a breath and managed a small smile, twitching his ears a little as he did so. "Can I help you?"

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