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Pack thread - Raine Hanging

POSTED: Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:35 am

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Night had fallen upon the Cavalier land, and with is a strange tangle of emotion. The Lune struggled with this decision. He had watched his grandfather, a man much kinder than him, choose to execute syndicate scum in the past, an action Luca had been all to vocal in supporting, and even in such a clear cut time of war the action of taking someones life caused outrage and pain in some members. It was easy to believe that Cavaliers were strong, virtuous providers of justice but behind that facade were clouded confused morals in the gray. Perhaps another leader would have simply killed the accused the moment he could wrap his claws around his throat, others would have exiled him, leaving him to make his choices elsewhere, but Luca could not bring himself to be either of those. No, he had to try to be better. He had listened and now he would see to it that the will of his members was done.

In Brita’s case, however, things were not as clear cut as Raines, and that was a source of anxiety for the Lune. It was obvious that the woman had a deep bond to the monster, and that she had been conditioned to do and say whatever he wanted her to do. In all honesty Luca was not sure if he had made the right choice in having the woman sent away, but once Raine’s fate had been made she had not shown a single ounce of wanting to begin a new life. It was possible she could have been rehabilitated, but with over thirty members in Casa to mind, he could not put anyone of them in jeopardy. Knowing how some of the members felt, he knew he would have some backlash coming his way.

For now though, he had an easy job. The monster, Raine, had been in the custody of the guard as they waited. The Lune had ordered his hanging at nightfall both to give the beast time to think on his fate, and to give his members times to take a breath and regroup. But as the sun began to set he began to prepare. Silently he dressed in his best before going to collect a strong rope from the barn storage. As his hand wrapped around the tool he closed his eyes and silently prayed to Fenris he was making the right decisions. With the weight of his choices on his shoulders he marched outside of the Fort and found a big tree near the Silent Meadow before calling for the pack to join him.

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Optime | Near Silent Meadow; night | cNPCs: Mako (+652)

Takes place after the trial [M] thread.

After the decisions and opinions of the gathered court had been tallied and considered, her father had dismissed the pack before the final acts of their chosen decisions could be enacted. In the time in-between the trial and the eventual hanging, Teagan and Mako had decided to spend the time with grooming the small collection of horses Teagan had come to own with her mother’s passing. The Stryder was able to vent and voice her anger that she hadn’t allowed herself to before the mass of her peers. Her ever faithful companion had listened dutifully, offering words of comfort or understanding when they were needed.

Teagan had berated herself for not making any effort to know the still-mysterious male better. He had been within the pack for many months now, and, she had not bothered to become familiar with him at all, always stuck in her antisocial ways and training. Perhaps, if she had, she might have seen the signs, might have been able to connect Arlen’s mysterious beating to the vile creature, perhaps, if she had figured out as much, she might have saved Night from being raped too, and, Myra from losing her tail.

The Ridley had argued with her about the subject though. Raine had manipulated everyone. The odds of her finding out any sooner than the rest of the pack had would have been marginal. There was no one to blame other than the Nightshade himself. He had played them, all of them, until he had finally made the mistake that had gotten him caught.

While his words did not rid her of her guilt for her siblings’ losses or the unfortunate happenings to the orphan, Night, they did lessen the pull of them on her heart.

When it came close to nightfall, the pair had put the horses away and gone their separate ways to clean up for the execution. Teagan had donned her fox-fur-lined cloak about her shoulders, and had even gone so far as to attach her sword to her belt. The event ahead of them would be as much of a ceremony as any other. The pack had ruled to end a life, and, though that life was of a twisted, snake of a man, it was still a life, and would be respected nonetheless.

Mako had met her at the Fort’s gates, and the pair of them made their way towards the Silent Meadow when the Lune’s summoning call carried out into the night sky. They were amongst the first few to arrive, something planned purposely by Teagan. After all, she had been the first to make this ruling on the damned man.

It was only right that she be amongst the first to see it through, to show that she did not have any misgivings for the heavy decision she had made for the criminal.

The Sworn had held little regret for her choice in what to do with the vermin that had been caught in their midst. The demon and child rapist, Raine, would meet a death he was long overdue for for the crimes against Casa di Cavalieri’s youth, as well, for any other poor soul he happened to sink his filthy claws into.

As for his sister, the decision had been less clear cut. There were a few that foolishly believed they could rehabilitate the brainwashed, broken, woman. Banishment had won out though. Better the woman come to terms on her own on where she wanted to go in life than it be forced upon her to love and remain loyal to a pack that had killed the one thing she had been groomed all of her life to care solely for.

The warrior princess’ canary eyes shifted to her father with the rope in his hand. Mako stood beside her like the shadow he always seemed to be.

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His job was a bittersweet one. Howland Reeves, the well known grumpy guard of Casa di Cavalieri, had the honor of protecting the pack from the monster during the last few hours of his life. After the circus that was the trial, their king called for a recess so everyone could cool their heels and begin licking their emotional and physical wounds- but no wound could truly begin healing until the bastard was destroyed and this world was rid of him once and for all. The decision to end someone's life was a grave one, and it was a heavy burden to bear even when the right decision seemed so simple, as it did in this particular case with the fiend's laundry list of offenses: slaver, rapist, child molester, torturer, kidnapper... the list probably went on to feature charges that hadn't even come to light yet. But still, even so, the decision would weigh with untold gravity upon their Lune's shoulders, even with the entire pack behind him telling him he was doing the right thing.

With all that had come to light, and the terrible state of mind the pack collectively found themselves in, Howland volunteered to guard Raine until his execution. It was his duty and would likely have been assigned to him anyway, but if he could take nothing else off of Luca's shoulders, he at least would not force the king to order him the task of spending these wretched hours with the monster. Mostly he did not even stoop to look at the man, but now he could not resist peering at him with narrowed eyes. How could someone even commit such atrocities?

The place reeked of fear. Howland was surprised the man hadn't yet soiled himself. Well, if he hadn't yet, he certainly would once his neck was wrung in the noose. Howland kicked a bucket toward him and it bounced off of the man's side. Someone would already have to touch his vile corpse. Nobody in Casa deserved having to clean up his leavings. Raine seemed to understand, but Howland wouldn't look away even to give him one last moment of privacy.

The Lune's call rang out and when Howland peered at Raine's orange eyes he saw the reflection of a man who knew his soul would soon be ushered to the burning pits of hell. Despite the honor he typically upheld, he could not help but feel a thread of satisfaction that this monster would get what he deserved.

Howland had remained in the courthouse with his charge. Now, he peered through the window to watch the gathering crowd. He wondered if anyone would choose to sit the execution out, or if everyone capable of coming would watch the grisly event.

About fifteen minutes after the Lune's call, Howland padded over to Raine and, without saying a word, wrapped his strong fingers around the man's bicep and pulled him to his feet. Raine was bound and injured, and the muscles around the stab wounds he had suffered had grown tight and painful. When Howland jerked him onto his feet they pulled and the man let out a gasp of pain. Howland felt no remorse.

Putting the condemned man in front of him, he pressed the point of his glaive into the small of Raine's back, and slowly, somberly, the cursed man limped forward, out of the courthouse and into the twilight. To Raine everything seemed enhanced. The clouds seemed darker, the few stars that peered through were brighter. He could smell the aroma of the surrounding forest and wilds, and as he moved into the crowd he could smell every cunt on each and every woman there. Even in death he served them. He imagined their imminent climax when the noose tightened around his neck... the bitches would moan his name.

Despite his twisted fantasy, he felt his heart begin to pound, his blood thrummed through his ears and his breathing became more rapid. Eyes shot from face to face. No! This is a mistake, Raine blurted out, and he ducked to the right in a poor attempt at fleeing.

Howland smacked him with the flat of his blade, tripping him, and in a moment he was at his side. Again he grasped the man's bound arm and now dragged him, kicking and shouting, through the dirt and the dust toward his Lune, toward the gallows, toward oblivion.


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She had only been in the pack for a month or two, and already something big was happening. The black she-wolf wasn't entirely sure what all had happened, seeing as it had happened before her time in the pack. However, by keeping an ear out, she'd come to understand some of it. Apparently a wolf and his mate/sister, she couldn't really tell, had done some terrible things.

She hadn't attended the trial, thinking it wasn't her place. She was new, and had been unaffected, so had simply taken the chance to wander, trying to get a feel for the pack's territory. Yet, even from afar, she could overhear the pack's cries of horror and outrage, carrying on the wind. It had taken all she could to keep from running in fear; what if she did something wrong? Would she end up there as well? She desperately hoped not.

And, it seemed, the vote had been unanimous: guilty, and sentenced to death. Well, one of them, at least. The other, from what she had managed to overhear, seemed to have been sent away. She wondered what had happened, and why the female of the pair had been spared. But it wasn't her place.

At the moment, she was simply sitting. A pair of pups had taken to playing under a tree, and she'd taken the time to watch them, wanting to make sure nothing happened. She didn't dare approach them, though; she feared being lashed out at by their mother. After all, most members of the Pack didn't know her yet.

Her ears perked, and she lifted her head, hearing a familiar howl. The Lune? Was it time to despense the damned's judgement. A hanging, she knew that far. The she-wolf stood, shifting painlessly into Optime form, standing and following the sound of the howl. As she approached, she wished she had something to wear. But all she had was her pelt, so she stood off to the side, looking at the Lune standing by a tree.

As she watched, a pair of wolves approached, standing ready. One resembled the Lune to a point, and she tilted her head. That was the Lune's daughter, was she not?

And then came the damned. He was led by a warrior, struggling against his binds. As she watched he began to cry out, before attempting to run. Her ears went flat against her skull, and she shuddered, watching him struggle. What had she gotten herself into?

Speech. Thinking.

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Fury contained her and fury spread like wildfire, like the spread of flames upon dry grassland to burn and consume. The Venomous gleaming eyes locked and stared upon the accused who's vile words had condemned him as much as children's tales. If not for Howland to also guard the savage female might have taken it upon herself to see that he suffered before his timely death. This was poured into her gaze and she was sure that the evil quivered.

Others came too, some in silence and some with twisted faces, others discussing among themselves. She was the rock and earth of the world which underneath bubbled magma, vicious and searing. Darkness filtered through her pelt as the sun settled itself below the horizon, shards and streaks of light flickering.

She did not speak to any, the weight of this nightmare pressing down upon her. Today a monster would die, but how many had suffered while he had lived.

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