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POSTED: Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:29 am

Word Count → ??? :: hi guys, this is the Last Supper thread that we announced in last month's Newspost - as always, Last Suppers have mandatory IC attendance. if you don't think you'll be able to post, or you don't want your character to attend for whatever reason, make sure to message us to avoid any IC ramifications. We have a couple of announcements to be made this supper, so enjoy the drama and have a good time! ;> Please let Salvia post next - beyond this, there is no posting order.

Three weeks of relatively ill weather and poor hunting precipitated the Supper; They were doubly thankful now for the stores of meat that remained from winter's bountiful hunts, supplemented by the individual efforts of the Cazadors and their ilk. Careful planning would assist the meats in being stretched even further than they would when eaten raw - The citizens of Salsola took well to more civilized meals. The addition of tubers and plants into their primarily carnivorous diets allowed for thick bubbling stews and rich glossy gravies pooled into rustic grain breadboats. Warming bone-broths accompanied dark pitchers of sweetened wine set down the long table, ready to be poured into the eclectic variety of goblets, mugs and chalices nearby.

Arbiter Helena offered her assistance early on in the day and the two women worked side by side for some time. The Lykoi had suitable recipes for the hare and venison haunches they'd defrosted for the event, and seemed happy to instruct the more skilled slaves in their prep work. With morning growing late, Elphaba dismissed the young mother so that she might have time enough to wrangle up her growing family and get them suitably presented.

There were few slaves to attend the dishes, and as the afternoon dragged on the Hierophant oversaw many of them personally. She was no chef - the kingdom would do well with one of those - but Corrine was an excellent hand with herbs and flavor, and so she was allowed greater freedom than normal in preparation of the feast.

Elphaba watched the slave-woman as she worked; Her luminous red eyes missing nothing.

Any flicker of suspicion was unnecessary. Corrine was dutiful, and knew her place.

As evening fell, it was Elphaba who lit the grand pyres and torches of the Feasting Hall. She took a quiet delight in the ministrations, enjoying the way the spark leaped from her flint and the little flames voraciously grew. The fires cast a warm and welcome glow out against the dusk chill, their light flickering in a lively welcome as the darkness of night closed in around them.

Like a crotchety old hag, Winter was stubborn in relinquishing the land - Just when they thought spring had come, she chided them with a bitter frost, or they woke shivering in the night. But time waited for no one, not even the seasons. Soon enough, the land would burst violently with verdant growth, and the days would grow longer to accommodate it.

Because an ornery chill still clung to the air, Elphaba wore a fine ermine half-coat over a simple grey woolen qipao dress, laced down one side with little polished bone buttons. The fur collar of the coat tickled against her pale cheeks as the young woman held her hands out against one of the many fires to warm them. For a long while she listened to the crackle and hiss of the flames, and thought of what it was she had decided to do.

Salvia's arrival drew her from this solemn reverie, and the Hierophant went to take her place at her grandmother side, leaning over to brush her lips against the older woman's golden cheek respectfully.

Together, they would patiently await the Family's gathering. Hidden beneath the thick folds of the pale cloak, Elphaba's fingers pinched and drew a small circular symbol, over and over.

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POSTED: Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:53 am

The day before, Salvia had butchered and prepared the pig she and Thora had caught. It was laid out now in great heaps of tender cooked pork which had been piled on great flat serving trays along the table. They lacked the amount of slaves needed to properly conduct these, she had realized, but poor weather had delayed their contact from coming into port and the pack had, by and large, functioned without them.

At some point, when she was satisfied that the work would be done, Salvia left things to Elphaba. She did not overly prepare herself for these events, but styled her hair into the half-up and half-down fashion in which she favored and donned an old dress whose touches of green were bright beneath the long shaggy bear cloak around her shoulders. Repetition showed stability, and these familiar things were meant to encourage that.

They had plenty to celebrate, she thought.

Having arrived, Salvia greeted her granddaughter and expressed briefly her pleasure with seeing things prepared. She had doubts about the girl, but Elphaba had worked diligently in her new position. The people had not seen to dispose of her, which was a more promising sign. Salvia was the Law, but her influence could not save the unworthy.

She returned to the doorway and howled her summons, but returned to the inner parts of the Feasting Hall to await the remainder of Salsola to join them.

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Maybe all of these things made me who I am

A Last Supper so soon on the tails of the midwinter gathering did not inspire much confidence in the woman, as it came after her foolish son found the bow and spoke to Elphaba. But neither the Hierophant nor Boss had come to speak with her on any of the matters, so she assumed it was either alright, or they would publically shame her at the meal.

Nervously, she prepped herself, her two children, and spent quite a lot of time making sure that Janik was presentable to the rest as it was his first Supper. They had pieced together an outfit that was modest enough to suit her and not enough material to make the man feel restricted, though it was doubtless that he did not much appreciate the pageantry that was expected of them. Ondine did not know what to say, only thinking of a vague potential future where their family would not be confined to the definitions of Salsola. One day, maybe.

Isabella was dressed, too, though more demurely than she was want to with her array of red dresses. Black with her usual adornments of jewelry in gold and silver, she still cut a stunning figure with her hair pulled back severely. There was perhaps an equal portion of white-gray hair mixed in with the brown and black, her muzzle also marked by noticeable white. Still curvy, hardly decrepit, she was the sort of aged woman who aged with grace.

Ondine, as always, was in her black, taking care to add blue to cut the severity. She was, after all, highly ranked, and had to show off even a little. The children, still unshifted, had simple things around their necks. Victoire had insisted upon a bangle on her leg, for all that it made walking a nuisance for her. She preened a little under her mother’s guiding hand, enjoying the grooming.

They came, some of the earliest, but Isabella had insisted on an early start, early arrival. Krios was not there, off to his own devices to get ready for the event. Ondine worried, but could do nothing, not when he had clearly wanted the independence from his family.

Elphaba and Salvia stood imperial as always. Isabella went before her, greeting both women. She greeted Salvia perhaps a bit more warmly than Elphaba, but Ondine made her way to greet them both customarily. The Seer kept her eyes carefully away from the Hierophant, unsure of what she knew, but she strove to at least be polite. The children could not greet them properly, so were shuffled off to their spots, likely to sit with their father, whose rank was closer to them than their mother and grandmother. She took her own place at the table, nervous and worried for what was to come.

PP okay'd by Vale

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POSTED: Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:36 pm

In the home he shared with Brocade, he bustled about in the rooms on the second floor so kindly given him by the man. He had his clothes in a pile on the bedding, having been torn between his favorite jacket and a nice, slick one he had gotten before he fully moved out. Eventually, he settled on his newer one, the dark grey thing that was tight in all the right places and embroidered in a whitish thread. It seemed quite clean cut, even for him.

Krios held up the cravat to his neck, shook his head, and discarded it. No, he wanted to look every inch the Arbiter that he was. Another notch on his belt and he was eager to move up even higher, though he was unsure what direction he would choose to pursue. Not that it mattered; he was as high as he could get without being a faction member.

He had hunted through the foggy nights, still feeling the bite from Kamari’s argument and the looks Elphaba left him. But he did not come empty handed. He practiced his knife skills on the rabbits he had caught for them, keeping the whitish pelts for himself. Through sheer dumb luck, he managed to cut the saddle meat into something that vaguely resembled a flower. The rest of it was a decided mix of cuts from failed attempts, but at least the first seemed acceptable with a couple of evergreen twigs stuck in to keep it in shape and look like leaves.

His family were already there. He greeted them with a smile, especially to his half-siblings. He pointedly ignored Janik. To the Boss and Hierophant he went, before placing down his offering closer to the front of the table, nearer to his mother. Smirking, he approached the duo with a bow then greeted them as he would any other member of Salsola but with a deep reverence added in for Salvia. He gave Elphaba a knowing smile, though said nothing before finding his place below his mother, who eyed him a moment.


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Of late, Neith persisted through a plane of utter paranoia, one that bolstered with the passing days.

Ask could return at any time and reveal his half-brother’s treachery. Loki or Stjarna or any other Salsolan in the right place at the right time could figure out the secret and return with news that would change the course of his future overnight. Ondine hinted at some matter of danger surrounding the birth of Krios and the identity of his father—and pointed at Elphaba for answers, of all people, the constant source of both frustration and infatuation stifled deep within the recesses of his chest.

When he arrived, he did not look upon her and think she did not fit there. Neith did not know what to think. It was Elphaba’s welfare that tethered him to Salsola, as Neith selfishly and foolishly thought herself the confidante she needed to succeed. Without her, surely he would have made his subtle departure months ago.

He dressed in his finest furs and slacks, and with a fabric tied flourishing around his neck, Neith trailed not far behind his mother and sister in arrival. He approached the Salsolan leaders and paid his respects, with smiles and all the necessary gratitudes and blessings, and found his seat among the Warden and away from his family.

He played their game; he blended in. But for how much longer? Funny how it was, that these Suppers had become such an exhausting experience. In the beginning, a younger Neith had thought them something akin to realms of the gods.

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POSTED: Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:31 pm

Wear your finest, Khael murmured, and dropped the little blue quartz pendant to rest against the wolfdog's clavicle. Her fingers played with the bone-hook latch, lingering at the nape of the smaller woman's neck until she shivered.

I don't want to dress above our station, the blonde cowherd replied, fidgeting with a dark sash around her waist. It could be offensive.

The dark jackal considered this, then padded around to stand before the girl. A carrion-eating smile on her lips, she reached for Tink's jaw and guided cool eyes to warm. She held her there a moment, as long as she wanted, before she winked.

You outshine them all anyway.

* * *

Despite dallying to dress, distracted by glances, the odd pair were among the earliest to arrive at the Feasting Hall. Tink wore a deep, dark blue accented with the black sash and hints of gold, while Khael wore her embroidered kaftan. She doubted if they would really stand out in the end, with the entire Kingdom dressed in riches, but she wanted to make a good impression if eyes lingered. At least for Tink's sake.

They entered behind the Crone. Khael drifted by with direct gaze, but Tink lingered to speak to the man -- who looked so unlike the silver peacock he'd once been. He remained gracious and spoke very warmly to the Tradesman, who in turn cooed at the daughter who accompanied him, newly-shifted and demure. She was an odd thing with starbursts in her eyes, Khael recalled, but the creature did not interest her either.

Khael greated the leadership with due respect and no more. Katinka walked past, avoiding Elphaba's gaze even as she greeted her, and spared excess compliments and well-wishes to Salvia. She did not overstay her welcome and went on so the next Salsolans could fall in, coming to the table where Khael, grinning like the cat who caught the canary, gestured to the seat across from her.

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POSTED: Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:54 pm

Optime | aNPC: Heine (+402)

Kamari is wearing a saturated, green tunic, rabbit fur-lined bracers, and a pair of dark pants.

It had been strange, having two Last Suppers so close to one another. Throughout all of her youth, there had only been two other meals, one in the midst of winter, the other when Kamari had been too young to attend or remember. Her father had explained to her that such was not a common occurrence, at least, not in his time in the Kingdom. The Kaiser family had done well to prepare nonetheless, freshening up and wearing what little finer pieces of clothing and accessories they owned.

Kamari had gone on ahead of her family, feeling some odd sense of duty perhaps to arrive a bit earlier now that she was a Henchman. Her clothing was, yet again, rather simple, however, it was a touch more feminine than the boyish outfit she had worn previously. It wasn’t fancy or eye-catching, as to be anything that stood out would have been everything against what the little Sapienza would have wanted.

A pair of leather bracers adorned her arms, helping the jackal hybrid to maintain some warmth in the late winter-early spring temperatures. They were lined with rabbit fur, making every piece that had gone into their making a product of Kamari and her father’s own hunting, the labor in putting the pieces together done by Mirte. To complete her outfit, Kamari had adorned a pair of simple, darkly colored pants.

She looked every bit a commoner compared to the highborns that she would be seated amongst. Upon arriving at the Supper Hall, Kamari noticed that a few others had arrived before her, amongst them, the son of the Seer that she had been avidly avoiding since their last encounter with one another. When she greeted the Mafiosi, Kamari did so quickly, just as she had done during her first attendance of such an event. Upon greeting Elphaba though, the little Kaiser tried to not tarry too long.

Afterwards, she moved off to find a seat, doing well to avoid Krios without being obvious about it. Hopefully, if she were lucky, she would find herself seated across or around the other Henchman or Arbiters. She distracted herself while they waited for the rest of the Kingdom to arrive, letting her cornflower blue eyes rove over those that came in—her father amongst them—as well as the delicious smelling display of food that had been put upon the table.

Kamari Kaiser

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POSTED: Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:26 am

OOc note: Thora has styled her hair into a marvelous different Celtic braid style and this is the headpiece she's wearing. She is wearing an elegant gold dress. Here are the earrings and bracelets she is wearing.

Thora was once again on her way for her second Last Supper since she had joined the pack. The Celtic female looked marvelous, dressed all in gold which matched the color of her eyes. She was already beautiful, but her outfit she chose magnified her beauty even more. She did a look over on herself for a moment before she made her way to the location, now confident and ready, she hurried so she wouldn't be late. The young woman was once again eager to see old and new faces at the supper, wanting to recognize others of the pack. She realized that she would be sitting next to the family once again. Not that she had a problem with being one of the family rank, but she wanted more. Thora wanted to rise higher. In time she knew she would get where she wanted to be if she continued working hard and continue her progress. The young female made her way in, seeing that others have arrived before her, but not many. Satisfied that she wasn't late, she wasted no time in greeting The Boss and the Hierophant with kind words. With elegant steps she took her place with the other members of the Family rank, patiently waiting for others to arrive on the scene. Thora expected this to be a calm and peaceful event, and she was optimistic that the feast would go well. The young female silently studied the faces that were here for a moment before moving her eyes to the entrance to take a look at the other members of the pack who would soon make their way inside.

POSTED: Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:00 am

Scorpius, Serene, Sidious, and Senua~ [ 476 ]

Hunting had been difficult in the weeks that preceded the Supper but what could be found of appropriate quality was quickly harvested or hauled in fresh for the feast. On top of what surplus remained from the winter hunts there was plenty to go around, and as usual the table was brimming with scrumptious delicacies and other delights; the Jagermeister would not allow anything less.

As always Scorpius arrived ahead of the bulk of the pack with enough time to exchange a quiet word with the Boss and the Hierophant before he took his seat near the head of the table among the rest of the Faction members. Serene and their offspring did the same before they settled further down the table. Older and wiser than they were during their first Supper, the pups were less interested in food and play and more in tune with what was going on around them, eager to learn all they could about such a special occasion.

Scorpius and Serene exchanged glances and greetings with those that cared enough to do so while the pups offered a jovial salutation to pretty much everyone, happy to see so many faces, new and old. The Jagermeister wore a simple and familiar outfit he had donned once before - a plain white long sleeved shirt under a deep dark red vest, an intricate leather belt, and plain black pants - all tucked beneath his black bear mantled winter cloak. Never a male suited to extravagance, Scorpius left all the glitz and glamor to the females in his life, and did not shine with needless trinkets and baubles.

With two Suppers so close together Serene had less time to procure a fancy new dress. Instead of going for lavishness she aimed for simplicity and donned a plain yet elegant deep blue dress with a luperci made golden brooch in the shape of the Hand of Eris pinned at her shoulder. She smelled pleasantly of springtime - lavender, chamomile, and other flower oils - and had her hair braided comfortably along her temples. The pups, still not at shifting age, were cleaned and brushed and clad in their special made cloaks from the previous Supper. They did their best not to put their paws on the table and sat calmly as they watched everyone and everything around them, curiosity evident in their prying young eyes.

When at last all members of the pack were in attendance and the din of voices settled low, it seemed as if all eyes knew to focus at the head of the table when the Mafiosi stirred. It was strange to have another Supper so close to the last and the suddenness brought with it both a sense of intrigue as well as dread. The only ones who knew for sure why they were gathered would soon reveal it all.

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POSTED: Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:09 am

Duncan and Vesta~ [ 424 ]

The Scout did not want to go to another Supper.

He blamed this mainly on his growing distaste for the needless extravagance of the Thistle Kingdom but also in part to all of his most recent failures. He had been demoted, again, and was still languishing in his regrets from the war. Nevermind that everyone else around him that he knew well enough to care about seemed to be racing up the ranks at every turn of the moon.

To say it left a bitter taste in his mouth was only the tip of the iceberg. Though he was genuinely pleased to see his packmates succeed - and in turn Salsola as a whole - at the same time he couldn't help the sour stone of acerbity settled in his gut knowing he was not among them. He wasn't entirely sure why that was - whether it was jealousy, arrogance, entitlement, or any other abhorrent emotion - but for whatever reason it made him want to stay as far away from everyone as he could, either closed up in his house or far off along the border.

It was Vesta who eventually convinced him to go, if only to save him from the further disgrace of not attending. The Tradesman arrived ahead of the Scout dressed in a simple yet lavish pale mint dress that accented her sea green eyes with her hair left wild and messy. She greeted the Mafiosi quickly though appropriately and then took a seat among her rank rather unceremoniously. A lingering glance was sent toward those she considered herself close to and a congratulatory wink was shot at the young Kaiser sat further up the table. Though a twinge of jealousy knotted in her gut, Vesta was truly proud to see her pupil rocketing up the ranks, even if it was ahead of her.

Duncan wandered in with the bulk of the crowd and tried his best to be as invisible as possible. He wore the same outfit as the previous Supper and did his hair up in his usual half ponytail. He looked to the Boss and the Hierophant but only nodded his greeting before he seated himself among his new-old rank, surrounded by more or less strangers and feeling wholly disconnected from everyone else. He did his best to hide his frown behind a forced smile that showed just a little too much teeth and made no eye contact, his usually vibrant glacier blue eyes instead dully boring a hole through the table in front of him.

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