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POSTED: Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:45 pm

Festival of Luck

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After a long, hard winter, it looks like spring is finally on the horizon. And for the fisherfolk of Krokar, this means the time for trade and travel is upon us! This is open to all members regardless of chosen path!

Festival of Luck

To celebrate a new year of trading and traveling, we will be holding our Festival of Luck to help ensure future good fortune for Krokar this year. The festival will include a pack thread, where members will not only be encouraged to extend trade and good will to other packs, but also to explore and scavenge the lakes, rivers, and land. And, of course, enjoy good food and drink around a lively bonfire. This is Krokar, after all. ;)


As the heart and soul of Krokar, trade is of the utmost importance to help build and maintain relationships with other packs and to also give loners a little information about the pack. Leadership is encouraging all Krokarans to reach out to other packs and extend trade with its individual members. Those with a particular desire for the Trade path may find this especially worthwhile!


Another important aspect of the Krokaran lifestyle, exploration helps the pack find new trade routes, fishing spots, and places to go scavenging -- both within claimed packlands and in neutral territories. In order to help expand and diversify communal inventory, leadership is encouraging Krokarans to get out there, explore, and see what goodies the snowmelt might start to reveal!


  • March 11th: The Festival of Luck is kicked off with an announcement from leadership and a massive bonfire!
  • March 12th: Trade and exploration begins! Krokar members should start reaching out to individuals from other packs (or loners) for threads.
  • May 1st: Trade and exploration ends. Threads should be completed and submitted by 11:59pm EST of this date!

Wanted Items

Below are lists of items that the pack could use, divided into different tiers based on how the pack values them. If your character completes a trade for these, or manages to find them during and exploration endeavor, you get extra points, based on the tier. The trade or scavenging itself must actually be played out to claim the event points. Note: geese are -5 points! ;)

Tier 1
10 event points
  • Cloth
  • Jewelry
  • Beads
  • Seaglass
  • Clothing
  • Dyes
  • Animal glue
Tier 2
15 event points
  • Rope and twine
  • Wooden boards
  • Fishing supplies
  • Nails
  • Building tools
  • Pottery
  • Medicinal herbs
Tier 3
20 event points
  • Livestock feed
  • Medical supplies
  • Weapons
  • Quality leather armor
  • Horse tack
  • Working carts
  • Cart wheels

Important Notes
  • All members of Krokar may participate, regardless of their chosen path!
  • Please remember to refer to our Pack Relationships table for an accurate idea of Krokar's past interactions and current association with other packs.
  • When scavenging, please keep realism in mind. We recommend reading the materials page (and other topics in the realism section) on the RP Guide.
  • The inventory items listed on our wiki page can offer an idea what can and cannot be traded from communal storage. Please be mindful of the tags prior to trading. :)
  • Please remember to update the item quantities if you take from, or add to, Krokar's communal storage!


  • Members can choose to participate as either a Trader or an Explorer, not both.
  • Threads must meet completion rules to apply for event points.
  • Threads must be started on or after March 12th and completed by May 1st.
  • Players can only win once. However, depending on participation, we may waive this rule.
  • Members should post here once with their points and edit as they accumulate them.
  • Please use the form below when keeping track of your points:
Code: Select all
[b]Character Name:[/b] 
[b]Trade or Exploration:[/b] 
[b]Item(s) Traded or Found:[/b] 
[b]Relevant Thread(s):[/b]
[b]Points:[/b] List your points + brief description here.


These are event points only. See our Game Table for what you can claim for game points. :)

The following points are awarded when threads meet completion requirements. The item must also be acquired during play:

  • 20 points for completing a trade for or scavenging a Tier 3 item.
  • 15 points for completing a trade for or scavenging a Tier 2 item.
  • 10 points for completing a trade for or scavenging a Tier 1 item.

The following points are awarded for all trade or scavenging posts, even if the thread dies before it is completed:

  • 10 points for starting or joining a thread.
  • 3 points for every reply after your first for this event.


There will be two First, Second, and Third Place winners, one for Exploration and one for Trade.

  • First Place: Optime bust by Mandi of your Krokar character.
  • Second Place: Chibi drawing by Mandi of your Krokar character.
  • Third Place: Custom title of your choosing in Krokar's color fade.
  • All Participants: 100 game points for everyone who scavenges an item or completes a trade!

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