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The Nightstag’s ears perked forwards as the pine marten spoke, taking a pause from guzzling the milky beverage. ”Biff’s bar…” Calia mused out loud, almost thoughtfully. Almost as if one could be thoughtful when they were this far inebriated. Ragna was quick to add in her thoughts on the matter, delicately weighing out the pros and cons to trading with the Blackrusts. Almost painstakingly so. Just like a typical Wolverthorne, she was! ”Ehhhhh,” was Calia’s intelligent reply as she shifted her weight on the couch ”Maybe one day! Can’t hurt to try, after a-” This statement was crudely interrupted by a belch.

Much to the albino’s dismay, the Scout gave no indication as of whether or not she was joking on the matter of hearing voices. Calia gave a dramatic groan as Ragna merely gave a shrug, calculating Calia’s response with...was that amusement? But no, at second glance the Eklund’s stoic mask remained as impermeable as ever.

Irritated by Ragna’s vague replies to her inquiries, the albino retaliated with more probing questions of her own. Even when sloppily drunk, Calia was just as nosey as ever. Who had she traveled with? Where did she go? Such details were rather trivial matters, serving no other purpose than satisfying the Nightstag’s selfish curiosity. Calia’s brow furrowed in confusion as Glade piped up, saying something entirely unintelligible to her ears. However Ragna was quick to clarify her companion’s words, and the Nightstag leaned back, satisfied. Little did she know that Ragna had just expertly concealed the creature’s true meaning.

”Well, I’d imagine it so!” Calia nodded in satisfaction ”You can only go on for so long withou’ somebody to talk to. No offense, dear.” The later was addressed to the pine marten, who continued busying himself with the goat’s milk. ”Lord knows I went a bit stir crazy myself, on my own.” Calia delved into a peal of laughter at that, certainly not painting any pretty picture of her regained sanity. ”Before you know it, your talkin’ to goats n’ horses as if they can reply!” Calia’s laughter subsides to a bubbly giggling, still tickled at the silly notion of carrying on a conversation with one of her goats.

”That I did.” Calia confirmed with a nod ”Though I wouldn’t go through tha’ again, my dear. The ocean becomes rather...dreary after some time.”

The Nightstag’s eyes glazed over as Ragna asked her if she’d found what she’d been looking for. Something more. ”Course I did!” Calia blurted out suddenly as she shook her head. Boy, she was starting to get sleepy. ”I found a family of my own. One that wasn’t made from sharing blood.” No, the bonds she had with her fellow Mistwalkers were made of greater stuff than blood.

”Did you find your something more, dear?”

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That’s fine with me! xD

Glade let out a chittering laugh while Ragna resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the burp that bubbled up from the albino’s gut. Truly, if Calia had had an ounce of deadly, fighting capabilities and a less kind-hearted personality, she might have fit in perfectly with Ragna’s old warband. And her stark-white fur. She’d have to cover herself with mud or be a frontline fighter, otherwise, she would have been too easily spotted and recognizable for its flawless color.

The apology the Nightstag offered Glade when right over his inebriated head. He glanced up from his nearly empty bowl. The marten narrowed his eyes up at the ruby-eyed woman as he tried to make sense of the apology, the fermented milk dripping from his whiskers before he glided a tongue over them sloppily. He had no idea what Calia meant with her statement. Ragna, however, the only sober one of the three of them, did.

“It helps when you’re more of a loner type anyways,” she commented dismissively. If she had been Glade or Snorri, for example, she would have likely had to have joined a settlement or pack sooner or would have gone mad from the loneliness.

Calia confirmed her journey in life beginning from across the ocean, and Ragna nodded with agreement to the Nightstag’s statement. “I imagine you'd get restless after a while,” she commented. From what little she had learned of journeys from across the great, seemingly endless expanse of water, the voyage was a tedious one. Surrounded by undrinkable water, only a small ship to walk about and stretch one's legs. There was also the high risk of being lost at sea, never reach one's destination.

As Calia confirmed that she had found what she had felt she had been missing, the pine marten chattered something in his native tongue as he woozily stumbled to try to climb up Ragna’s pant leg. He fell twice before attempting a third, where he stopped and clung for dear life part way through. Sighing, the Eklund plucked him from her leg and deposited the mustelid into her lap. He proceeded to roll around, still chattering nonsense.

It seemed as if the alcohol was burning through the two’s system quick if their increasingly sluggish actions and words were anything to go by. Great. Perhaps she should have let them partake in the stew as they had drank. At the very least, she wouldn't have had to babysit two drunks.

It was then that the Nightstag turned her own question back in her. She hadn't considered such a thing before. Life before the Vale had always been about survival, before that, to destroy the enemy. What more had she ever wanted in life? She didn't know.

Frowning, she abruptly got up from the couch, depositing Glade unceremoniously into Calia’s lap. She wasn't about to get into this touchy-feely crap. “I believe the food is ready.”

Glade perked up, his head listing far to one side. “Yum-hic-yum!”

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