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POSTED: Thu May 17, 2018 9:36 pm

With the weight of remembered loss, Silvano sank down onto the couch. He said he was tired.

Stricken again with a sense of his father’s fallibility, his mortality, Pascal felt small and afraid. He studied his father’s broad, slumped shoulders, his tousled graying hair, the wrinkled path his scar ran across. He thought about a frightening beast in a castle, just beyond the next dog-eared page. He thought that he would not find such a happy end in this tale.

At his roots an animal who had been hurt multiple times and now found his support systems failing him, the wolf retreated a few steps back toward the door. The whites of his eyes flashed bloodshot as he rolled them to and from his escape route.

“I’m sorry Papa.”

His small ears bowed in his curly hair. He gave a lock a tug. “I will stay a few weeks. I’ll hunt and be at the library like normal. You just tell me if you need me. I wanted to make sure you were all okay.”
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We’re the only ones who know

He did not look at his son as the man spoke, especially since he did not want to see the fear and concern on his otherwise placid face. It was going to be too much for him, for that old man who thought he had very little left to lose after his children lost their respect of him. He was putting them through a world of misery, he could tell, if the way Pascal was reacting was any indication.

"I'll do my best to remember that," he said softly as his son made his way out of the room. The book that he had been reading lay ignored for a moment as he struggled against the sickening feeling of forgetting and remembering, over and over again. He was no comfort to Pascal, who needed someone to bring him comfort more than anyone, more than any of his children ever had. And Silvano was failing him, too.

Silently, he reached for his book again, noticing his hands were shaking somewhat, and sighed. The place he found in the book, he needed to reread again, eyes narrowing, as he fought the feeling of failure, even as he reread the same page once again.

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