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Her scent is disguised.

It had been a few weeks since she had last come to the bar. Logic told her that visiting any more than maybe once or twice a month might make her too familiar of a face to the establishment’s customers. Less frequent visits meant her likelihood of seeing the same patrons there were slimmer, as well, gave time for “new” news to filter through the constantly wagging tongues of the bar-goers. The less rememberable she was to the Loners and other riffraff, the better.

The evening was calmer than usual compared to her previous visits. Perhaps the rain had something to do with that. Many would wait the spring rainstorm out or find other places to spend their evening than going out to the bar. Those that were there either drank their drink in silence or talked softly amongst themselves. Kamari feared that her time there that night would yield preciously little in new or useful information. Still, she’d taken up a seat, ordering a small, light beverage to keep her company for the time she intended to stay there.

Her cloak was still damp from her trek in the rain, but she had stubbornly decided to keep it attached to her person rather than taking it off. She didn’t want to ruin the furniture with water damage, and, besides, who knew when she’d need to make another quick exit? So, she sat there at the bar counter, quietly lapping at her drink every so often. Her large ears strained to pick up the hushed conversations being held there that night.

Hopefully, she might be able to glean something of interest.

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Sorry for the wait! TL;DR: Avi is sitting at a booth alone with her birds and a bottle. With this post, Avi has 500 posts!!
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Avinalora didn’t usually find herself with a bottle of alcohol in her hand but in this event, she felt that it was well-deserved. She had gone through so much in only a moon. Her birds had left, the three new recruits decided to join the small group of corvids that lived close to their home. That wasn’t the biggest thing since they had their own free will and she was fine with them leaving. But then her mate and child had gone missing and only one had returned. Maelyx was still missing and the two, Greed and Lux had gone to find her. And then the kicker, Tyler and Druzy had gone missing. And now the vixen was sitting alone in a bar and with a brown bottle in her hand.

The fox-tailed female was not alone. Adrian had accompanied her since she wanted to check out the bar and the two sisters had ventured out during the afternoon and had left the pups in the care of the group and Eclipse. The dark woman was at the counter, or at least that’s where the jackal saw her last time. The jackal also had her newest bird, now dubbed “Moira” sitting on the table. The bird was white and had red eyes, though it had been established that her vision wasn’t much better than her own and that the raven could barely fly. Onyx was also with her, preening on the table as well. The winter wraith barely noticed the world around her as she was deep in thought.

The ghostly jackal had a strong rule about not drinking more than a bottle to keep her wits. But it didn’t stop her mind from attacking her. She was fucking pathetic, sitting in a bar and drinking. She should be looking for Maelyx but the other two had already headed out to find the witch. It was for the better since the crippled healer would slow them down, even on horseback. Fucking useless. She had already accepted her limits when she had been more of a liability when she tried to fight in the Anatheman war. But she couldn’t help the others with finding her mate and the only thing the ice queen could do was stay behind with the others.

The moon-washed mother was filled with worry about the golden jackal. She had been missing for weeks and they had just gotten Jaketta back but the white wolf said that she hadn’t seen the woman when she found the darkling child. That was troubling to the woman as she worried what had become of the Nocturne lady. Did she escape from the dark woman? Or was she still trapped by the woman, or worse. The monochrome fox took another sip from the bottle.

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A few patrons came and went, and the continued sound of the soft rain against the building made it quite apparent that the customers that would frequent the bar would be far and few that evening. Apparently, the promise of booze was just not enough to warrant getting wet and cold over. Kamari’s thoughts were filled with various things as she bided her time, pretending to be—like many of the other adults there—more preoccupied with the drink in front of her than caring to socialize. Still, she listened, kept an ear out for any good rumors or gossip to be had.

At one point, a pair of dogs sat with a seat in-between her and they. They talked a little more loudly than the guests before their arrival, but, perhaps, it only seemed as much because the bar was quieter without the usual racket of drunkards yelling over each other. Unfortunately for Kamari, the two had little to be gleaned from their conversation. Her eyes shifted to look out across the rest of the bar, curious to see the current make up of guests since her last, obvious glance about.

There were a few new faces, but, there was one in particular that caught the hybrid’s eye. Sitting by her lonesome with a pair of ravens, the scarred face of the monochrome jackal was not one that had been easily forgotten. Kamari blinked, surprised to see her there. It had been a few months since she had last encountered the Anatheman woman, and the Kaiser wondered if it would be wise to approach her in such a setting.

Would she recognize her? Or would she chase away a seemingly random teenager coming up to her while she nursed a bottle?

In the end, Kamari chose to chance it. She had had nothing else to do that evening, and, she would rather not listen to more of the dogs’ talk about their dull and outlandish fisherman tales. So, she grabbed her mug and scooted off her stool, casually making her way over to the lonely table at which the raven-haired woman sat. “Avinalora?” She asked when she drew close enough to talk without having to raise her voice, “Do you remember me? Birch? I never imagined that I’d see you here.” Kamari offered the woman a smile and soft tail wag, though, the movement could hardly be seen with her cloak still about her shoulders.

Her cornflower blue eyes shifted to the birds that had been allowed to come inside with their Luperci companion. “Are these the birds you were talking about last time? The ones you said that you handled?” She had a mild distrust of ravens, stemmed mostly from the conflict with Inferni and her association of the two. The white one looked quite rare and unique though, and Kamari was sure to comment, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white one before.”

She did not sit down, and held her mug close to her as she stood beside the table. Kamari was still trying to gauge if her presence would be allowed, or, if the woman remembered her at all.

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